"Man there is no way in hell that I thought that I'd be getting together tonight with something as hot as you are man! Todd, you are one damn hot man! Tell you what. I think maybe the best way for us to get started is for you to kind of be the aggressive one, and you completely undress me. Let's let you kind of be the aggressor, and I will just kind of play as if you are taking advantage of me. Come on man, reach over here and pull my shirt off. Yea, pull, yea,-doing good! Take all my clothes off of me Todd!"

David was really playing the very innocent one, and although maybe Todd was not so aware of it, having Todd undress him was becoming a complete turn on to David.

"Yea, now slide your hands down along my chest, feel my tits, and feel my chest. Yea, feel me and kind of get used to feeling my skin. Yea, man, slide your hands up and around my back. Hug me! Yea, pull me toward you man, yea kind of pull me and hug me. Feel my bare skin against you!

You know, you are the man here that wants to do some stuff, so you play with me and get me all ready to be used by you and that fucking big dick you've got there! Yea, Todd, play with my body! You're the man, play with your boy! Do things to me man, yea,---- do things that you've been wanting to do to some guy!"

Completely unaware of exactly what was really happening, David's technique of having Todd play the dominate roll, was really working out very well. I was working out very well for Todd! He was getting hot with just feeling David's skin and feeling his own bare body up against David's skin, even though he had not yet taken David's cutoffs, off. At the same time, instructing and having Todd handle him in this fashion, was definitely getting David very hot and very bothered! His juices were definitely starting to flow!

"Yea, undo my cutoffs and let them slide down! Yea man, get me out of these pants. Right, yea, yea, slide them down!"

As Todd unfastened David's cutoffs, he discovered that David was not wearing any under briefs either, and as the cutoffs slid down just ever so slightly, David's rod sprang out, stiff and into full view. Todd gasped! He kind of moved back, but did not let loose of David, nor his cutoffs that he still had hold of.

"Oh man! Oh David you've got a big hard-on man! Oh my! Oh David I want to touch it! Oh man, -------Oh man, oh,---- I've never done this before! Oh man, I've never touched some other guy's dick!"

"Yea I know Todd! Reach out. Touch it! Put your hand on it. It don't bite! It won't bite you!"

So very, very slowly Todd did reach out for it, and he very slowly took it into his hand. He looked at David and said, "Oh my God man, Oh my God, I've got your cock in my hand! I'm holding you cock!"

"Well! How's it feel? Feel OK to you?"

"Oh yea man, it feels good! It's warm. Oh I never thought I'd ever get to grab some guy's cock like this! Oh man! Oh man, it feels so funny to have it in my hand like this!"

Todd continued to be rather amused that he was standing there with David's hard-on in his hand, as David suggested, "Hey! Bend over and kiss it! Give it a little kiss man!"

Without saying anything, but yet taking about three deep breaths first, Todd did slowly bend over and so very gently and so very slowly he put his tongue out and slightly slid his tongue along the side of the 7 inches of stiff meat that David was so anxiously presenting to him.

"Oh yea,-oh yes, that feels so good! Yea lick it some more! Let me feel your tongue on the side of my dick!"

Without realizing what he was actually doing, Todd suddenly sank down to his knees so that his face was right at the same height as David's dick, and he let the cutoffs fall the rest of the way to the floor. He then grabbed David's hips so that he could pull himself up close, in a much more comfortable position. His face was now positioned directly in front of David's hard-on dick!

"Yea man, yea!" David encouraged as Todd leaned his face forward and so very cautiously got closer and closer to David's body, and his raging hard-on that Todd was now so completely over taken with.

Todd managed to get himself into a rather comfortable position and finally, yes, he finally had the opportunity to play with, feel, stoke and even lick the dick hanging on another man. David simply stood there and let Todd experiment with this new endeavor, for a long as he wanted, and let him do whatever he wanted. David knew this was the moment that Todd had been praying for, for many years, and there was no way now, that he was going to mess it up for him. One or twice David did need to slightly move his feet so that he was in a more sturdy position, but at no time did he make any comments or make any motions that might indicate to Todd that they needed to do something else. For minutes and more minutes, Todd continued to squat there, directly in front of David's rod and rather worship it as if it was something from another planet or space. So very slowly he licked the side of the cock, and would actually stick his tongue out as far as possible and lick the bushy area around it.

Occasionally David would so very softly place his hand on Todd's head as a signal that everything was feeling good, and to keep doing whatever you want to do. David was encouraging Todd to completely enjoy his new found freedom worshipping the dick on another man!

Todd looked up at David and asked, "Can we go in your bedroom? I want to lay down beside you so I can feel all of you. Can we go do that?"

"Yea of course we can Todd!" David quickly replied. "I was just letting you get used to being that close to me and my dick. You looked like maybe you were pretty well enjoying what you were doing there, and I didn't want to stop you."

David stepped out of his cutoffs, which had been laying around his ankles, and with leaving them on the floor, where they landed, he helped Todd stand back up, gave him a firm hug, and an ever so slight of a kiss on the base of his neck and said, "Come on man, let's go back here!"

As they headed down the hallway, David reached over and turned the kitchen light off, and asked Todd, "You still glad you are here? You OK?

Everything OK?"

"Oh shit yes I'm glad I'm here and yes everything is OK! I have wanted to do this with some guy for so damn long now that it is hard for me to realize that I am actually headed for bed, with you. I want to lay down with you so I can feel all of you, but I've got to tell you man, you are going to have to take the lead and show me what to do. I know I've wanted to do this for years, but now that it is actually happening, I don't know what to do. I know it's OK, but I'm still kind of scared and I know I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

David gave him a gentle hug around the waist and said, "Don't worry man, don't worry! I didn't tell you anything to do out there in the kitchen and you sure did everything pretty well out there, so I'm sure you are going to be doing pretty well in here too. Here, let me pull these covers down, and then you lay down there and get comfortable."

Todd did lay down on the bed, and David laid down right beside him as soon as he took his shoes and socks off. Todd was on his back, and David laid down beside him on his stomach, and put his right arm up across Todd's chest.

"Oh shit man! Oh shit!" Todd expressed in a very comforting way.

"Oh David, I thought this day would never come. Oh man, please rub my chest, please! Oh man I want to feel your hands go all over me! Oh I've finally got a man doing stuff to my body! Oh man I've dreamt about this happening to me some day! Oh David, it's finally happening man, it's finally happening! Oh I've got a man playing with me!"

David did, as he had already planned to do, but Todd's instruction and request just happened to speed the process up a little. David started to slowly move his hand around on Todd's chest, and as the opportunity arose, he would slightly stop, put a finger and a thumb together and so slightly and lovingly pinch one of Todd's tits. Immediately David found out that was a very, very sensuous action for Todd! David knew from many prior experiences that some men like to have their tits played with, and some do not. He had found out that Todd was very definitely a man that loved it.

"Oh man, Oh man! Oh that feels so good! Oh man please do that again! Oh yea, pinch it tighter. Yea please! Yea, Oh I love that!"

Todd was experiencing one of his very first and true sexual pleasures of being with a man, as he so bluntly stated, "Oh man. I've had my tits squeezed before, but man alive, it has never felt like that! Oh shit man, oh man! Oh shit that feels so damn good! Pinch it harder! Yea harder please! Yea, let me feel it! Oh David that is so good! Oh man, I love that!"

As Todd was squirming and reacting to the tit action and painful feelings in his sensitive tits of the tighter and tighter pinching, David was finding out very, very quickly that what Todd had mentioned earlier, about maybe thinking that he really needs rough sex, was a true, very possible reality! The only thing, so far, that David had even done to Todd was to pinch his tits, and already Todd was begging for David to do it rougher, and rougher than what he was already getting. Already, before they had actually had any time to do anything else, he was begging for being treated very roughly and strongly! From his many prior experiences with a number of other bed partners, and some that ended up being floor partners, since they never quite made it to the bed, David already knew that this one, was just at the starting gates of experiencing some completely new and exciting feelings when it comes to his sex play. David could not help but remember the many number of guys, that when he had so very slightly touched their tits, they immediately asked him not to, because it hurt too much! And now, here is Todd, not only asking, but actually begging for it rougher and rougher, before anything else has even gotten started. David was rather shocked that for a man reacting as strongly and as passionately as Todd was over just having his tits squeezed, that he had not found some way, some man, much earlier to have his body treated the way, that was now becoming a very strong reality, that Todd needed to be treated! David knew that future times with Todd would involve the need of taking him to Randy' house where there was a much more completely stocked cabinet of some very rough items, yet some very fun items, if a man is willing to be used on the rough and tumble side! He already knew that Todd was one of those men, ----he just had not had the opportunity to walk that path just yet!

David's idea of letting Todd be the aggressor was now starting to fade into fantasy. Todd's eager pleading for David to get rough with his tits was getting David way too turned on to just lay there and let Todd explore. David flipped himself up and on top of Todd, and with one hand he was pinching Todd's left tit, and on Todd's right tit, he was biting.

"Oh yea man, Oh yea! Oh bite that man, yea, oh yea! Oh yea! Oh yea, Oh yeaaaaa!" David's excitement of being bitten was becoming a complete and definite turn on to David. Suddenly David was realizing that he had not had any man in bed with him for a very long time that was as acceptable to some good, roughing it up action, as this guy was. David was remembering back to the last guy that was even anyplace close to asking for the rough stuff that he had played with, and it was a man that had been roughed up for probably 8 or 10 years, and even he did not beg for it as much as Todd already was.

Grabbing onto Todd and hugging him up tight around the chest, David moved from tit to tit biting and hearing Todd beg for "More man, yea, yea, bite it some more! David, bite it tight! Please bite me tight!"

Todd's reaction to this new play was becoming a complete surprise to David. No man, experienced or not, had never been begging for the pain that he knew Todd had to be feeling as he bit, and he bit tight, on each of Todd's tits.

After almost exhausting himself in the biting actions on Todd's, rather flat tender tits, which David decided certainly would not stay very flat and very tender much longer if Todd continued to have them sucked on and bitten on in such a vigorous way, David started his "face slide" down Todd's chest and gut line.

With both hands firmly grabbing the sides of Todd's upper body, David started sliding down toward Todd's belly button, and as his tongue found it's little cavity of space to slide into, David decided to see if some biting action on the edge of Todd's navel was as eagerly accepted as the biting on his tits had been.

As David slightly bit on Todd's navel, he heard the magic sound of Todd expressing another complete acceptance and encouragements of, "Do it more! Oh yea David, do that again!"

With his face now completely buried in Todd's stomach area, his right hand slid down the smooth side of Todd's body and managed to locate the sack of balls that Todd was so proudly hanging under he's raging hard-on. David's question of wondering just how much Todd would want those balls played with and just how much force he was willing to accept on them, was quickly answered.

As David grabbed a hold of that bag, Todd almost let out a scream of, "Oh God yes! Oh yea man, squeeze my nuts! Oh yea--oh yea! Oh man, -- I've wanted some guy to grab my bag and my nuts for years! Oh yea, yea,-please squeeze 'em! Please, oh yea, oh let me feel you pull my bag!

Squeeze 'em tight!"

Todd's excitement of having David touch him, bite him, grab his bag and pull on it and at the same time squeeze his nuts, was somewhat of a surprise, but was most definitely a complete shock of joy to David. David was getting to experience some new feelings, playing with Todd, as much as Todd was by being played with.

David moved his face down to cock/face position, and while holding the base of Todd's cock with one hand, and squeezing Todd's nuts and pulling on his bag quite firmly, he opened his mouth widely, and took his first great taste of Todd's 7 inches, and the almost 2 inch wide, uncut sausage meat into his mouth, and immediately forced his face down on it, as fully and as completely as he possibly could.

Todd felt David's mouth encompass this dick and immediately let out, with and an almost childhood yell of excitement! "Oh my god, oh my god,-ohhhh my god!"

Actually throwing his arms in excitement, and thrusting his mid section up into David's face, Todd was beyond the point of excitement! He reached down and grabbed David's head and without even knowing what he was doing, he was forcing his dick and David's head together in a secure and locked embrace.

With his mouth more than fully filled with the "meat of the day", and his face locked up against Todd's body, David was having difficulty in breathing and he had to force his release, from Todd's firm grip.

As David managed to break free from the suffocating grip, he looked up at Todd and managed, "Oh man! Oh shit man, I almost suffocated there.

Todd your dick more than fills my mouth and there is no way in hell I could get any air there, ----and man you had my nose locked up against your gut so tight, I just couldn't get any air through my nose, either! I'm sorry I had to push off of you. I needed some air!"

"Oh shit man I 'm sorry! Oh man-your mouth on my dick like that was so damn good-oh man I wanted to put my dick down in you as far as I could go. Oh David, I wanted all of me to just slide inside of you! Oh man,-----I have known for years and years that it must feel great to have some strong guy suck on your dick, but oh man, I never ever though it would feel that good. Oh David can you suck on my dick some more and let me feel that again! Oh shit man, I have never felt anything that felt like that before. Oh why in the hell haven't I been getting sucked off by guys for a long time now? Oh shit man, I wish I had done this a long time ago! Oh David, I love this! Oh why didn't I find some guy when I was real young to do this to me? Oh man---Oh man, put my dick back in your mouth, please, please! David, bite on it! Yea please!! Let me feel your teeth on my dick! Yea, man, yea-------oh yea I love that! Oh that feels so good to me! Oh David bite the skin on the end of it! Yea, yea Oh I've wanted that done to me for so long! Oh I knew that would feel great! Oh yea! Oh yea, bite it harder,----- yea, bit me man, -----bite me!"

David pulled his face back far enough so that he could get his teeth on the foreskin of Todd's dick, and after pulling it out as far a he could tug it, he then bit the skin so very slightly, listening for any signal that his biting was becoming just a little bit too much. The negative comments never came! Just suggestions of a complete acceptance and a begging for "more." Mentally, David was wondering just how much pain this man could and would take. "Shit man. I know if this was my dick, I'd be telling me to get the hell off of it, and quit biting! How much pain does this guy take?"

After biting the foreskin for quit some time, actually longer than David knew he personally could have taken it, and listening to Todd continue expressing his pleasures of having it bitten, and how good it felt, David pulled his mouth off completely, reached up with both hands and with sliding each thumb in under the loose foreskin, then pinching it with a finger, he pulled and spread the skin out into a bowl shape as far as possible. Then returning his face to the proper face/cock position, he started licking the inside of Todd's foreskin as completely as he could!

"Ohhhh yea---ohhhhh yeaaa," David heard Todd lovingly moan as he started to give his rod that type of intimate care and love that every man deserves.

After his session of treating the inside of Todd's foreskin some very delicate attention, David quickly released his hold on the skin, and once again took Todd's full 7 inches down and into the depts of his throat!

Once again Todd let out some very loud and very strong expressions of pleasure.

David had now decided that it was finally time for Todd to experience the joy of having a man's mouth work his system to a complete and exciting explosion, the likes of which he has never had before!

The fast and forceful action was now in place, with David's face and mouth working on that dick as strongly and as forcefully as possible, while having his hand completely wrapped around the top of Todd's bag, so that his nuts were forced into the bottom of the bag, and the skin around those balls was pulled up good and tight! David was pulling and grabbing, and Todd was pleading for "More, yea more!"

David was not just sure which Todd was wanting more of, -------the cock getting such a sucking, or the bag being pulled as tightly and as strongly as it was. To cover all bases and make sure Todd was getting what he wanted, he sped up the action on Todd's big, major, cock, and at the same time squeezed and pulled his bag even that much stronger!

Suddenly Todd's body started to stiffen up and his ass started raising up off of the bed.

"Oh my God David, I'm about to cum! David-I'm going to cummmmm!

Oh shit David, oh god man,---I just came man, I just came man,----I came!"

As soon as David could manage to swallow everything that had just been dumped into his mouth and down his throat, he attempted to tell Todd, that yes--knew he came, he was having problems of swallowing all of it fast enough.

"My God man! Holy shit man, do you always dump that much cum when you cum? God Todd, you are a fucking cow when you dump your cream!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Really David, I didn't even know I was ready to cum yet, and all of a sudden, I lost all control of,--everything I guess. Oh man! I know my arms were flying weren't they? I know I was doing some stupid stuff that I never do. David, that climax was so damn hot that I know I must have been jumping and hollering and stuff. Wasn't I? Oh man, you pulling on my bag like that was unbelievable man. What a great feeling! Hell if I had ever known about that and how it felt, I'd been tying my bag to a bedpost or something and pulling on it when I jerked off! Man, I've never felt that before! Wow,-what a climax! God I love to have my bag and nuts pulled on like that! Man, what a feeling!"

Todd's excitement of being treated, in David's mind, like a "Real Man" was very exciting to him. He truly appreciated the fact that he was in bed with a man liked it on the rougher side, even though, and especially since, it was Todd's first time with a man.

Re-composing himself from all of the mouth actions and the heavy breathing that he had just accomplished, David sat up straddling Todd's legs and told him, "Well man, I know for sure that you are probably totally wiped out and exhausted after all of the energy that you just shot out of the end of your dick, so just lay there and relax. I'm going to scoot up on you, and after I get up there with my crotch right under your chin, I'm going to let you see what my dick tastes like, and let you see what a great feeling it is to have a mouth full of meat, some meat that did not come from your local supermarket! You ready for this man?"

"Oh yea man, I am. Oh David I want to suck and chew on your dick!

Yea, yea please scoot up here and let me have your dick. Oh my God, Oh my day is finally here! I man I can't believe it! I finally get to take a guy's cock in my mouth! Oh David, fuck my mouth, please! Push your dick down in my mouth David!"


Wade Wright

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