David, a single gay guy, 34 years old, had purchased the house about one year earlier, and the time had finally come for him to,-----finally, get rid of the terrible old 1960's shag carpet, that completely filled the house.

The bathroom had been re-done, the kitchen was finally finished, and the last remaining inside project was the terrible orange carpet that he had hated so badly ever since he bought the house.

David had done his fair share of "shopping around" to find exactly what he wanted, and at price that he felt comfortable with.

The day had come for the installation crew to come and do the final measurements so that the correct amount of carpet was ordered.

Yea--special order---not just some old carpet that was already in stock.

David had decided that after living with that damn orange shag carpet, the kind that you actually combed, he wanted to have something that was very unusual from the norm.

The doorbell rang and David quickly answered the door and then asked his friend Joe, ----that was on the phone, to hold on for a moment and that he would be right back.

Two installation men were at the door. David let them in, and quickly told them, "All of the three bedrooms, the hall, the family room and the living room. OK guys? I've got a guy on the phone, so unless you need me for something, I'll get back to him. OK?"

"Yea right. No problem, the lead man replied. "All we need to do is measure, and then we will be out of here."

"OK Thanks!" David answered and returned to Joe on the phone. The phone conversation continued, and the installation men made their way through the house, doing their measuring.

As the men finished, David and Joe were still talking. The lead installation man came into the den where David was at, and told him that they were done, but needed to know some information about getting the installation all set up.

"The carpet will be here in one week, one week from today. When we install, will your wife or somebody be here so that we can come in and maybe do it on Thursday?"

"Well, I'm single," David answered. "So I guess I will have to be the one that is home when you are ready."

"Oh there is nobody else that just might happen to be here so we don't have to bother you during the business day?" The installer inquired.

"Uhhh---no, it's just me, so I guess we will have to schedule it when I am here. Or I'll just plan on taking a day off whenever you guys are ready."

"Oh, OK then." The installer replied. "Uhhhh say,---- how about, then, if I stop by here Monday or Tuesday night after work to see what schedule works best for you then. OK? I'll just stop by, by myself, if that is OK with you, and then we can decide when to do the work? OK?"

David very confusingly replied, "Well yea--I guess if that is what you want to do."

"Yea, I'll do that. You aren't going to be busy then on, let's say Monday night then, is that right?"

David was getting really confused, but did answer, "No, I won't be busy, I'll be here."

"OK, I'll be here at 7:00 Monday night then. OK?"

"Yeaaaa---OK." David answered, but rather bewildered as to just what this whole thing was all about.

"Wouldn't you rather just give me a phone call instead of driving all the way out here?" David asked.

"No! No! I'd really rather stop by if I might. It will just be me! I won't stay too long, but I think it would work better if I came out.

We like to really take care of our customers in kind of a first class way.


David finally said, "OK! I'll see you then."

The installer guy went on out to the truck where his helper had been waiting for him, and David returned to his conversation with Joe on the phone.

"Joe, did you hear all of that while I was talking to him? I have no idea of what in the hell that was all about. Why in the hell does he need to come here to do the scheduling. Hell man, we could have decided right now when to do it since he knows for sure when the carpet will be in.

Man I am really confused of what in the hell that is all about."

David and Joe both decided that neither one of them could figure out just what in the hell that was all about, but if that is the way the guy wanted to do it, then that's what David would do. He told Joe, "Shit man, I really can't figure that one out. I'll talk to you later and let you know how it all comes out. All I can say right now is that I sure in the hell, hope that carpet is in when it is supposed to be. I'll talk to you later, man. Bye."

David finally finished his conversation, hung up the phone and headed down the hall to the bathroom, for obvious purposes.

As he walked past the bedroom door, he almost yelled out---"Oh Shit man! Oh shit!"

He immediately ran back to the phone and called Joe.

"Joe, it's David! Joe my God Joe! I think I know why that guy was so set on coming out here. He kept saying things about how he would be all by himself, and you know he asked me about my wife being here and all that shit, man? Joe, I have two dildos laying out on the bed stand. I forgot they were out there. Joe, he saw them. Joe, he is all hot and bothered about those dildos, I bet!"

"Oh shit David!" Joe replied. "David, what did that guy look like? Can you describe him? David, I bet he wants to come back and play with you! He saw those dildos and then he went though all those questions about the wife and all that stuff, he knows you are gay. David, I think he wants to come back and play!"

"Oh shit Joe, what do I do?"

"David, what did the guy look like. Is he somebody that you might want to play with?"

"Joe, oh shit man, I don't remember looking him over that much. I was busy. Oh shit man! Joe I don't know. There were two of them. He was the older guy. I'd say he was probably in his early thirty's. Not bad looking, ---I mean I didn't want to throw up when I answered the door. He had a uniform outfit on, so I couldn't really tell about his body too much, but hell man, I did not know there was going to be a quiz later about him.

Shit Joe, do you really think that is why he insisted on coming back out here?"

"Straight forward David, --hell yes I do! He asked too many funny personal questions that he really did not need to know. He was probably making sure you did not use those dildos on your wife, and he now knows you do not have a wife. He also knows you live there alone, so he now also knows that those dildos are yours. He has you figured out, and he intends to play with you. What night is he coming back, Monday?"

"Yea, Joe, Monday. Oh shit Joe, what in the hell do I do when he gets here. How do I act. What do I do. Act like nothing happened? Shit Joe, his helper must have seen them too. Hell man, both of those guys saw my dildos laying out there. You know Joe, now I do remember hearing him tell the other guy to go to the truck, and that he would be out in a minute. He did kind of chase that other guy out before he started asking all those questions."

"Well Dave, why were they out on your bed stand?" Joe asked, rather inquisitively.

"They just kind of got used last night, and I just forgot to put them away after I washed them this morning. We got up a little later than we intended to, and so I got a little confused in getting everything done and helping him get out of here. No, no---. Nobody that you know. Well, I don't think so anyway. He is a damn good top, so since you know every top in the county, maybe you do know him. No, ---all I know is that his first name is Steve, and no I did not get around to asking him his last name. So I will find out later-OK? Hey man. Last night my mind was not exactly on what the guy's name was, -OK? I had more fun things on my mind, and stuck up in my ass than to worry about names!"

"Well, I guess about all I can say right now is, thank goodness you did have the presence of mind to at least wash them. Can you tell by the way they are laying on the table, did the carpet guys move them any? Are they just like the way you laid them down?"

"I don't think they were moved any, but when I saw them laying there I kind of freaked out and ran back here to call you. Hey man, what in the hell do I do now?"

"Hey David, I'd say maybe you have a playmate on the leash, if you want to go for it. From everything you told me about what this guy said and asked, I'd say he's all game. I guess now it's just wait until Monday night! Right?"

"Yea, Joe, I guess you are right! OK man. I'll figure out what to do before Monday evening, I guess. Hey, maybe after I see him again, then I will decide if I want to do anything or not. Hell, I just might make him let me know, that he saw them, before I do anything. At least that way I will be able to see just how anxious he is for fooling around, can't I?"

"Hey all I can say right now is, why you? Why not me? Nothing exciting like this ever happens to me? I need some fun too, you know!"

"Hey man, the only reason nothing like this ever happens to you is because you are sharp enough to put your sex toys away before some guy come into your house and sees 'em. Hey Joe, I'll talk to you later man! I got to try an figure out how I'm going to handle this. Bye!" David hung up the phone, and rather started pondering his next move, as far as his Monday night visitor was concerned.

The rest of David's Wednesday went by, as did Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and it was now Monday! The Monday that David had been anxiously, kind of, looking forward to, but at the same time rather worried about not really knowing if things really were as he had decided, or maybe totally different than he has assumed.

The house had been fully inspected this time. David made sure no tail-tell items had been left laying around. Since the dildos had been out and used again, the night before, he had made sure to re-store them in their correct hiding space immediately after they had been cleaned.

His, now favorite 'top man', Steve, had visited again Sunday night and David had asked Steve to please make sure he, David, did not leave the toys out in plan view again. Steve found David's description of the carpet man's return quite interesting and fully informed David that he wanted a full and detailed accounting of whatever happened after the carpet man arrived, and before he left!

Seven o'clock on the button, and the front door bell rang.

David quickly looked himself over in the hall mirror to see if he was making a proper appearance. Not that he could do anything about it at this time, since the man was now on the porch waiting for him to open the door.

David's anxiety over the past four or five days had gotten him mentally, completely in the mood for whatever exciting things just might happen, even though he did have to admit that he really could not remember just what this man looked like. Nor, even how he was built. Right now, David was hoping that his slight memories of this man had not been up-graded just due to his excitement of thinking maybe, maybe, something was in store, and his questions of just how this was all going to come to the surface, so that things could happen, if they could and should!

The original "casual" business attire that David did originally have on, --he had decided was way too stuffy. Way too stuffy if he wanted to make any type of a "fun person" appearance to this man of "mystery".

After making three or four decisions about his attire, he had finally decided that a neatly pressed pair of Levi cut-offs and a simple white T-shirt with gym shoes would look very appropriate for a man that was just simply home for the evening. Not dressy, not too way-out, sexy, but yet just leveled to the point that cut-offs are advisable for showing off some very nice muscular calves. And of course, the T-shirt is such a standard piece of apparel, very widely accepted in almost all environments, but thankfully it did manage to offer a very nice presentation of a young man's rather strong muscular upper body and the biceps that bulged and hung to the side of the shirt.

David yelled, "Coming!" And then reached for the door and opened it, to, once again, get a more conscious look at this man that he had mentally played with for the entire last four or five days.

"David, hi! How you doing man?" The visitor asked as David opened the door and for a slight moment, a slightly little too long of a moment, simply stood there and let his mouth hang open.

"Hey, I'm doing great! How about you? Come on in!"

David invited the, 'carpet man" in, as he had recently been referring to him, as he had told his friends about the funny little visit he was expecting and the reasons behind it. As he did, David realized that if this was the same man as the one there last Wednesday, he certainly did improve his appearance by dumping the baggy uniform clothes that David was sure he had on last Wednesday. David did admit, that he had not really paid too much attention to the man last week, but now he was certain that it had to all be due to his rather, un-flattery attire on that day.

As David extended his hand for a hand shake, he did muster enough courage to ask, "Uh, you are the same guy that was here last Wednesday, right?"

"Yea, I am! I'm Todd. I'm the same guy. Why? Am I hard to recognize out of the crappie uniforms they give us? Got to admit,--- just as soon as I can, I dump that stuff and put some of my own clothes on after work. I guess when they ordered uniforms for me, somebody must have thought I weighed in at about 50 pounds heavier."

"Yea I guess so!" David replied with a smile. A rather broad smile! "I'm sorry Todd, but yea, I do admit that I really did not pay to much attention to you or what you looked like last Wednesday, but if I had been told to go find you someplace, I do admit that I would never have picked you out of a crowd, as the same guy. Yea, Todd, I guess maybe they don't have the best uniforms for you! Anyway, sorry, I just needed to make sure I was talking to the same guy!"

Todd's present attire was much more becoming to him, and his 29 year old body. The body of an obvious former athlete, or perhaps still a current one, since everything was certainly looking very fit and proper to David!

As the two men entered the living room, with David in the rear and definitely checking out the ass on this guy, Todd started to explain,

"Mr. Stanley, we did get confirmation today that the carpet will be here Wednesday."

"Uhh, wait Todd. Please don't refer to me as Mr. Stanley. As I've always said, only the undertaker and the tax man can refer to me as Mr. Stanley. I'm not that damn primp and proper! Todd, please call me David! Don't make me feel uncomfortable with all the formal customer approach crap. Let's just be friends. I mean, after all, the day you guys lay it, we will be spending most of the day together anyway, so let's just be Todd and David, OK?"

As David expressed the statement, "the day you guys lay it", made him mind wonder just slightly as he then remembered that ass he had just checked out and was wishing he could "lay it"!

"Thanks! Thanks David! I do appreciate that a lot! You know we service people do have to maintain our respect for our customers, but when somebody like you lets us take the guard down, it sure does help a lot. I appreciate that a lot! Like I was saying, we got confirmation that the carpet will be here Wednesday. Is Thursday workable for you?"

"Yea. Yea Thursday is OK. I've can sign up for a personal day, for that day so that I can be home all day, so yea, that's OK. What time will you guys be here?"

"If 8:00 is OK with you, we can be here at that time."

"Yea 8:00 is great! How long will it probably take? All day?"

"For this size of installation, we will plan on all day. May not take that long, but if not, then we'll be out of here earlier."

"OK, whatever."

"Uh, David, there is one thing that I do need to kind of discuss with you first though."

"OK? Yea?"

"Well David, I will have the guy with me that was here last week, Jimmy, and I'll also have a couple more younger guys to help move the furniture in and out. What I need to talk to you about is,----well---this is kind of maybe a little touchy,---but hey, we are both men and I don't think I'll offend you any if I mention it."

With anxiety in his heart, just hoping the right subject is about to be approached, David asked, "Yea?"

"Well David, last week when Jimmy and I were here, I saw some dildos on your night stand. I don't know if you kind of always let them lay around or not, but can I ask if maybe you don't have them out? Poor Jimmy, he's already about to climb the fence in asking everything about what he saw, and I'm not so sure I've got all the answers for him, and I know damn well that if those other two see something like that, I've got big problems on my hands."

"Oh God Todd, I'm sorry! Right after you guys left, I went past the bedroom and saw them laying there and I almost freaked out myself. I'm sorry! All that stuff will be well hidden. Don't need to worry about it happening again! I got a little careless and I'm sorry. So this Jimmy.

What's he asking? Did they really freak him out or something?"

"Hey, David, can I get real honest with you?"

"Yea sure Todd, of course. I'm the one that asked the question."

"David, I'm not sure if they freaked him out more, or maybe me!

David, I have a dildo at home that I use on my girlfriend, but David, it sure as hell is not the size of either one of those! David, I've never been around anybody that I knew that owned one that big. David, can I get real blunt with you and ask if you use that whole thing?"

As David sat there realizing that the, wished for, highly anticipated, conversation that he had dreamt about maybe happening for the past four or five days, was actually now in progress! He shyly replied,

"Well, yea. Yea I do. Todd, you do know I'm a gay guy, right?"

"Oh yea David, I know that! You kind of told me that last week when you told me you were single and no wife. When you told me that, and I had already seen those dildos, in there, I kind of pretty quickly put two and two together. That's why I wanted to come back here tonight, if possible. I wanted to just get gutsy and up-front and ask you about them.

See, Julie, my girlfriend, and I have looked at some like that in the toy store, and we've always wondered just who, and how they use them. David, is this alright if we talk this stuff? I'm really querious, and I feel like maybe you and I are enough alike, well except that you are gay and I'm straight, but anyway, enough alike to talk about this stuff. Is it OK?

Can you tell me how those big ones are used?"

"Well, I've got to admit Todd, that I've never really had anybody just come right out and ask stuff like this before, but hey-like you say, we are enough alike that I guess it's not too off base to discuss this stuff. You've got the guts to ask, I should have the guts to answer."

"Wow! Thanks David! David, I've got to admit that I really did feel like I was putting my neck out on the line doing this, but I just knew you were the kind of a guy I could ask this stuff about and not have you get all mad. That's why I never talk this stuff over with any of my straight buddies. I tried once, but hell, all I got was a lot of crap from them all trying to act like they knew what in the hell they were talking about, when I don't think one of them had any idea of what in the world he was saying. I can talk to gay guys a whole lot easier about sex stuff than I can the straight guys."

"Well, thanks! I consider that a complement! But, Todd, I've got to remind you that I am a gay guy, and for me to sit here and talk about using dildos, either on me, or on someone else, it's a little different for me than for you. I'll be talking and remembering what two gay guys do together, and Todd,----you are not some slob. I know since you are straight, maybe talking about some outrageous sex actions with a guy is not a turn on for you, but sitting here talking about asses and dildos and looking at you sitting there, all hot as hell, in your tight Levi's, well that is something else. I'll try, but Todd, I've got to admit, I'm getting all hot and bothered inside already! Us gay guys get hot for sex just as quickly as you straight guys do! It's just with us, it's for sex with some hot hunky guy, wearing hot, tight hugging, Levi's like you are wearing, instead of with some gal that runs around with almost nothing on. I do hope you are smart enough to realize that gay guys like to make it with hot looking guys, and when the subject is sex, you've got to expect the gay guy to get all hot and bothered just like a straight guy does! Especially if he's talking to some hot looking guy! Todd, I'll talk about this stuff, and tell you how to use those dildos, but if you see me eyeballing you and probably specifically your crotch, you better expect it! You don't look like you did the other day with that messy uniform outfit on. Todd, tonight any gay guy would get hot over you even if not taking sex!"

As Todd listened to David talk about how gay guys get all hot and bothered too, he reached down, rubbed his crotch slightly and looking directly at David said, "I've never made it with a guy before. Are you saying that maybe I'm hot enough looking to you, that maybe you would like to have sex with me? Is that what you are saying?"

"Oh shit Todd! You need to ask that question? Is this all a come on, or are you suggesting that you want us to do something? What's up here Todd? Let's not play games!"

"David, I have never been so damn straight forward in doing something or asking for something than I am now. These last few days, after I got so damn cock sure of myself when I told you I needed to come over here to set up the installation, I have been shaking in my shoes wondering if I would actually have the nerve to tell you why I was really here. David, when I saw those dildos laying there, I decided that I wanted you to show me how to use one of those big dildos. Julie has been wanting to get one, so she can do my ass with it, and David, I need to know if I can take something like that up in my ass first. David, can we see if I can take something like that up in my ass?"


Wade Wright

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