"Mark, Mark, you in here?" Todd hollered into the restroom of the carpet warehouse where he and Mark were picking up a load of carpet.

"Mark, you in here?" Todd again hollered as he entered the restroom and went around the corner to see if Mark was there. He had lost Mark, and since the truck was now ready to get loaded, he was trying to find him so Mark could check the order and make sure the right stuff was loaded.

Going into the restroom and rather checking out the floor of the four stalls, Todd finally found some feet in the last stall. "Mark, that you? The truck's ready to get loaded. Come on!"

"Hey Todd, I'll be right there, give me a minute."

"Well, hurry up, I need you out at the truck!"

As Todd stood there for only a moment, rather wishing Mark could hurry up a little, something very weird seemed to be going on. Suddenly Todd realized that Mark was not in that stall alone. He just saw two additional feet hit the floor, and those feet were facing Mark!

"Mark open the door! Open the door!"

With Todd's hand on the handle, pulling the door toward himself, so that once it was unlocked from the inside, it would come open, it suddenly did!

Pulling the door open, Todd looked inside of the stall to find Mark seated on the toilet, and an additional man, somebody he did not know, was standing there, facing Mark, with his pants down to his knees. Mark's pants were down to his ankles, but rightfully so, since he was the one in the position to use the toilet, if anybody intended to.

"What in the hell is going on in here?" Todd firmly asked as he looked at both Mark, his 22 year old, co-worker, former high-school football star, and the additional occupant of the stall,---a stud, of unknown name right then, but none the less, still a definitely hot looking stud! A man of about age 40 or 41, about 6 foot tall, and a guy that definitely had the build and the looks of somebody that must have been the owner of a workout gym someplace. And, a stud with a stick that was just as definitely as admirable as all of the rest of him. And, a stick that was still hard, looking very, very, hard!

"What's this? What's going on in here?" Todd asked as he managed to look the man over. He didn't allow any emotions to show, but he sure did like what he saw! The body and the dick, both!

"I don't know!" Mark answered. "Todd, I don't know! He came in here when I came in, and he told me he wanted to get sucked off. I don't know who he is. He made me do it!"

"So guy, what's your name?"

"Hey man, what difference does it make to you who I am. I didn't tell him I wanted to get sucked off! He asked me if I wanted him to give me a blow job, I said `Yea', and I was taking it till you came in."

"Hey Mark, go on out to the truck, get our order sheet out of the cab and check what they're loading. Make sure we get the right stuff! I want to talk to this guy for a minute! I'll be out in just a minute! I want to see just what he has to say about this."

Mark quickly stood up, grabbed his pants, pulled them up and headed out of the restroom and toward the truck.

After Mark left the room, Todd looked at the man and asked. "Wait here just a minute! He asked to give you a blow job, right? Is that what you're saying? He's the one that brought it up?"

"Yea, I am! I was in the hall and when he walked by, he looked at me and just asked, `Want sucked off?' Then he ginned and nodded toward the restroom. I figured hey, why not! And he would have finished if you hadn't walked in!"

"So where you from? You from out of town too? You here picking up carpet too or something?"

"Yea. I figured what the hell, I'm from out of town. I figured he's from out of town, so I figured, go for it! You his boss or something?"

"No, I'm not his boss, just a co-worker! One that did not know my co-worker was that available!"

"What you mean, that available? Sounds to me like maybe you'd take care of that mouth of his too, if you had known it was available! That what you mean?"

"Yea I kinda guess that's what I'm saying. I had no idea, no idea at all!" Then sticking his hand out for a hand shake, Todd added, "Hi, I'm Todd Underwood. Got to admit, I sure do like the looks of that rod you got there! You let many guys get to it like that?"

Extending his hand out for a hand shake, he replied, "Hi, I'm John Benson. And hell yea, as often as possible! You're kinda drooling over it yourself! Wanna finish what your buddy started?"

"Yea, I wanna do one quick suck, just enough to taste it and feel it in my mouth, but I'm afraid somebody might come in and catch us, so let me do it real quick!"

After about an hour's worth of silent riding back toward home base, Todd finally said, "OK Mark, let's talk about it, OK?"

"No, I really don't want to! He lied! He said I asked him, and he was the one that said he wanted me to do it when I came into the restroom, and I know you believe him, and not me, so no, I don't want to talk about it! Forget it, just do me a favor and don't tell anybody back home what I did, please? I don't want everybody thinking I go around sucking off guy's cocks, OK?"

"Hey Mark, I need to tell you something!"

Rather angrily, Mark asked, "Yea,-what?"

"I sucked him too!"

"You what!? You sucked him too!? Todd, you shitting me man!?"

"No, no I'm not! My greatest shock, when I found you in there with him, was that I had no idea you were up to that, or let me tell you,---I'd had you doing me a long time ago! Yea, after I sent you out to check the order and be with the truck, I admitted to him that I did not know you did guys and then he asked me if I wanted to suck it too, and I thought, hell yea, man! The dick he was swinging there, hell yea!"

"Todd you're kidding me, right? You really sucked on him? Did you?"

"Hey Mark, I'm not gonna lie to you about something like that! I finally decided I needed to tell you, so you'd know I'm sure not going back to the company and tell everybody what went on back there. Yea, I will admit, at first I thought maybe I'd just keep it a secret, that I did him too, but after thinking it through, I finally decided that I'd be a total fool if I hid it from you, ---that I do guys, cause man, if you're into it too, I want some time with you, ---if you agree!"

"Oh shit man, please Todd, please don't be lying to me! Please Todd, you're not starting to just making fun of me are you? Please Todd, don't lie to me!"

As Todd reached down with his left hand, grabbed and then jerked on his crotch, he looked at Mark with a very wide grin, and he continued, "No Mark, no lie! I've looked at you before, and I've looked at you in a lot of different ways, ---so to say, ---and I will admit, I'm glad this happened today! If you're willing, I want us to spend some good private time together as soon as we can, OK?"

"Yea we can, yea! Oh Todd I can't believe this! When you caught me in the restroom with that guy, I thought I was dead. I figured you'd go back to the company and tell `em what happened, and then I'd just plain get fired. Oh man, thank god that's not gonna happen, is it? I mean, you're not gonna tell anybody, right?"

"Hey guy, you think I'm gonna go back and tell everybody I found you sucking on some big dick in a restroom, then I chased you out so I could suck on it, and then have him stick it up in my ass for a second?"

"You what? What did you say? Todd, did he fuck you too?"

Grinning rather "smirkishly", Todd answered. "Yea, but just for a minute or two! I sucked on him, and while I was doing that, he just said,

`Oh man, I'd love to see what this feels like rammed up in your butt!' I didn't say a thing. I just stood up, pulled my pants down, spit some saliva on my hand, smeared it on my ass, and bent over, grabbed the toilet bowl and he put it up in me! Wow! What a great feeling! I kind of guess he liked it too! He grabbed my waist and in just about 45 seconds, he was giving me the cum he had planned for you! Sorry bout that man! I got it up in my butt instead of you getting it down the throat. Got to admit, I'm starting to feel pretty guilty of interrupting you and him. Guess I gotta make that up to you somehow now!"

"Hey man, from what I'm starting to find out about you now, which I of course never knew before, there is gonna be plenty of chances for you to make that up to me! I will make damn sure of it. God man, I can't believe this! Todd, I've watched you for a long time now, and I've wanted to play with you but hell man, I sure as hell never guessed you for one of the guys that would do it! Oh yea man, yea, we're gonna have some good times together. Yea, I want at that body of yours man, yea I do!"

Looking over toward Mark, Todd grinned a big grin and said, "Good, I'm sure glad to hear that!"

"Hey, I sure as hell never knew that you played around with guys, and I sure as hell never even thought of you as maybe a guy that even thinks about it! Damn man, I might have been missing out of some good stuff here. Hell, it's not, ---might have been, I know damn well I have been missing out! Shit man, there have been so many times when I just wanted to grab you and strip you to see what you've got in there! Damn man, wish I could have watched that guy fuck your butt! Shit man, that would have been a real turn on for me! Todd, how often you play around with guys?"

"Not a lot, I guess. Well, maybe as often as I can. See, I just started doing the gay stuff not too long ago. I wanted to for a long time, but it was just a few months ago I finally got something going. See,-now if I had known about you, you could have taught me what I wanted to know a long time ago."

"Oh shit man, I wish I had known too! Todd, I've always thought you were a hot looking guy. I'd have done you a long time ago. Oh man, I can't believe this! Hey Todd, there's a roadside rest up here about another ten or 15 miles. What you think of the idea of pulling in there and if it's not busy, letting me see your dick and maybe sucking on it some, OK?"

"I'm game man, I'm game!"

"Hey five miles more, you see that sign Todd?"

"Yea sure did Mark! I been watching for it just as much as you have been. I've been sitting here with a ragging hard-on ever since you suggested we stop here. Hope like hell it's empty and nobody's here. Hey, know what we ought to do?"

"What? What'd you mean? What you talking about Todd?"

"That guy you were sucking off in the restroom? His name is John Benson. After I sucked on him for a minute and then he stuck it up my ass for a second or two, we discovered we both live south, down I-65, he lives down in Tennessee, and so decided to exchange cell phone numbers just in case we happen to get kind of close again sometime, and I think we ought to call him and see where he's at right now. Interested? If he's pretty close here, might be fun to see if he'll stop for a few minutes, what you say?"

"I say hell yes! Shit yea! I want some more of that dick if possible! How'd he feel up in your ass? He's pretty big, ain't he?"

"Yea it's big and it felt damn good! If we can get him to stop, you wanna see if you can get fucked by him?"

"Hell yes! Shit yes! Call him and see where he's at. See if he's close by here or not!"

Todd pulled the truck into the roadside rest area and expressed his pleasure that it was almost totally empty. There were only two trucks in the truck section, and only about four family cars over in the car section.

Todd made the call to John, and then reported to Mark. Hey man,-good news! I kind of think, real good news anyway! How you feel about staying in Indianapolis over night?"

"What? Do what? Why?"

"He's already got a motel room reserved in Indianapolis. He didn't plan on driving back all today. He's by himself, and he said he don't like to push it too much, so he's stopping in Indianapolis for the night and then going on home tomorrow morning. He wants us to come and stay with him at the motel? What you think? You know damn well it's not sleep he's thinking of! It's sex, man, it's sex! He told me he's horny for some of both of us! And you heard me tell him how I wanted to taste that rod again, didn't you? What you think?"

"Yea man, but what we gonna tell the company? We can't just come in about 18 hours late and act like nothing happened!"

"No I'm gonna call and tell Tom that we got a late start back, and instead of driving after dark, we decided we wanted to just stay someplace in Indy and finish the drive tomorrow. We don't have any installations scheduled for tomorrow anyway, so if we don't get home till bout noon, no big deal. I'll just tell him that since this was our idea, we'll pay for the room and it won't cost the company anything for us to stay over. What you think?"

"Do it man, do it! Yea, let's do it! You gotta call that John guy back and find out where, and tell him we're gonna do it?"

"Yea, I gotta call him, and then I'll call Tom and tell him we'll be home tomorrow. You need to call anybody and tell them you won't be home tonight?"

"Yea, I need to call Shane and let him know. He's my lover, but I never mention him around the company or anybody from there."

"Oh shit man, what's he gonna think about you doing this? This gonna piss him off?"

"Hey, you ain't gonna tell Tom the real reason we're staying over are you?"

"No, no, of course not!"

"Well same thing with Shane! I'll tell him later. Beside, he needs to find out about you sometime anyway, since I want a three-way with the three of us. Me, you and him! What you think?"

"He hot as you? Well-he don't need to be, but just the idea of getting in bed with two like you, is a major fucking turn on to me! Sounds hot as hell! Yea, of course I want to! Fuck yes!"

Todd made the required calls, the one to John and the one to the company. They decided to just hang tight there at the roadside rest since Todd found out that John was behind them on I-65, and he should be able to join them at the rest stop in about 45 minutes or so.

Tom at the company told Todd that he was glad they were staying overnight, since they were having a very nasty rain storm, and he was glad Todd would not be driving in it. Tom was glad they were staying over, but it was for a totally different reason, than why Todd was so glad!

Mark called his partner Shane and reported in about the layover.

As he got off the phone, he looked at Todd and said, "Well, that sure as the hell did not upset Shane any! I already knew he had been wanting to go spend the night with Coach Frank anyway, and he told me that he was gonna see if he could do that tonight , since I won't be home. Coach Frank is a hunk of a body that we met about six months ago, and we visit back and forth all the time now, but neither one of us have hit the hay, so to say, with him yet. So anyway, Shane is really hoping he can go visit him for the night. Sex! I can just see those two in the bed together. Well, as long as they stay in the bed. Knowing Shane and Coach both, they will probably be out of the bed and fucking on the floor within probably ten minutes. Both of those guys are like wild bores when they get active.

Well, anyway that's what coach has told us, and as far as Shane goes, I know from first hand experience you need to almost wear body armor when playing with him!"

"God he sounds like fun! Yea, now I really do want a three-way with you two. You get active like he does?"

"Well, I don't think I do! He tells me I get pretty wild, but I don't know. Guess maybe you'll have to find out for yourself, won't you?"

"Yea, I will and I like the idea! I'm finding out pretty fast, I like sex more on the rougher side and not the `willow-mellow' way. I can have that with Julie."

"Hey, I've been wanting to ask you bout that, ---now that I found out you play the guy thing. She know you're doing guys? You told her?"

"No, I ain't told her, but I think she's starting to get ideas something is not quite right. I'm not begging for sex anymore like I used to. She's even asked me once or twice if I was doing it with somebody else, and then she kind of laughed and accused me of probably doing it with some guy! I really had to bite my tongue then from telling her the truth.

I guess the day will be here pretty soon when I'll have to be upfront and honest and tell her! I'm telling you Mark, sex with her just ain't the same anymore. Getting a chance to play with you tonight has got me all turned on and flustered, but the idea of being back in bed with her again, is just not exciting. I've found my true desires, and know it! How bout you? Ever fucked a gal?"

"Yea, once! Only once! I was drunk as hell, and some other gay guys bet me fifty bucks I wouldn't fuck this gal that was at one of the dance clubs. So I wanted to show them, and so yea I did! I was real sorry later! To me it was not worth the fifty bucks! I think I drank up the fifty bucks later that night just trying to forget what I had done. We did it out in the back seat of the car, and I swear after we got done, she told every person in the club I had just fucked her! Man, I was embarrassed!

Now, if it had been one of the hot guys that was there that night, then I'd have never cared! And there were some damn hot looking guys in that club that night! I've always wished I'd taken some guy out and fucked him, just to see what his girlfriend would have said! Never went back to that club after that night! Decided I needed to just stay where the guys were at!"

Just then, Todd stated, "Hey Mark, here comes John!"

"Hello men, how you doing?"

"Hey John, pretty good! Now better since you're here too, though!

Like I told you on the phone, Mark and I are really looking forward to this! Thanks man, thanks! Like I told you earlier today, I had no idea about Mark being a guy's, guy, and of course he didn't know anything about me either, so ever since we kind of cleared the air, we've both been anxious to get at each other. Until you suggested our staying over for the night, I was really wondering just how soon he and I were gonna be able to make a connection. Now the idea of he and I, and you too, you sure can't ask for anything better than that, right Mark?"

"Right you are man! John, ---glad to actually meet you! We never really met earlier today. Kind of got to really know each other, but never even exchanged names. Now I'm happier. You are one hot looking stud. I thought that earlier today, and now I'll get to see all of it, not just your dick! Got to admit that when Todd came into the restroom and then made me leave, I was pretty well pissed, but now it's turning out OK, in fact,--- it's gonna be better than OK!"

"Well, I never got to see, up real close, just what you're carrying in your pants, like I really wanted to, so now I'll not only get to see it good and close, but I'll get to taste it too! Come on guys, let's head for Indy and really get to know each other better, OK?"

Then looking at Mark, John asked. "Guess maybe you've never had your dick stuck up in that tight ass of his yet, have you?"

"No, I sure haven't. Until just a little while ago, I didn't even know I could ask him if he'd let me do it! He told me you rammed it for a quickie today. Like it?"

"Oh yea man, oh yea! Slammed my rod up in that tight little hole and he made me cum like a fucking grisly bear. I'm anxious to get back at it again. Trust me man, you'll like it, you'll like it! Hey, I'm getting way too horny. You guys ready? Let's get to the motel, I need some ass!"

After John gave Todd the motel address and managed to do a quick grab and feel of both Todd's crotch and also Mark's, he told Todd to just pull around to the back of the motel, park in the back lot and he'd meet them there just as soon as he got checked in and found out exactly which room number they had.

Just about an hour later, the two trucks pulled into the motel parking lot, made sure the back doors on each of the trucks were securely locked, John got checked in, and the three men were finally in a room of total privacy.

"Oh shit man, I've been wanting this ever since the little session in the restroom earlier. Come here Mark, drop `em and let me suck on that stick for just a minute. Let's all do some initial funning around with each other for about 10 or 15 minutes, then go grab some supper up at the restaurant and then get back here and spend the rest of the night doing the good fucking and sucking thing! I haven't been in bed with two guys, at the same time for way too long now, and I'm gonna enjoy this!"

"Hey man, I want in on this!" Todd added as he watched Mark slide his pants down and John squat on the floor, putting him mouth right at crotch level. "John, take your pants off so I can get under your crotch and suck on you while you're sucking on Mark."

"Oh, hey yea!" John enthusiastically stated. "Oh shit man, yea!

Yea that sounds hot! Suck me man, suck on my dick! Oh yea man! Oh yea man! Oh,you suck so much better than my wife does, ---yea suck me hard man, suck me! Suck me hard! Come on men, let's do some fast sucking, and then grab us a fast bite of supper. I wanna get back here and use both of you guys like I ain't used two guys, for a hell of a long time! Yea, I need this!"


Wade Wright

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