David was sitting with his crotch right at Todd's chin, and with one great big assed grin on his face, David raised up, pushed his rod down, aimed it for Todd's anxious mouth and pushed it in. His position was not the best for combining a dick that wants to head north, and a throat that is definitely headed south.

After just a moment or two, David pulled his dick back out and told Todd, "Hey man. This position is not working so well. My dick is not going down in your throat this way. Scoot down in the bed. Let me turn around here and we'll do the good ole 69 thing."

Todd scooted down, David turned around and got himself into position so that his dick and Todd's mouth had a precisely placed happy union, just perfectly placed so that David could just move his dick ever so slightly and let Todd take it in as quickly or as slowly as he wanted.

Quickly was the mode of action when David laid his head down on Todd's already once, exhausted dick of death. It was not completely soft, but yet it was not as rigid as it had been only moments before when Todd let fly with all of the cum that David thought perhaps maybe three guys should have been involved in, due to it's abundant supply that he attempted to swallow!

Todd's actions on taking as much of David's dick as possible was much more quickly accomplished than David had expected. Knowing that Todd had never had a man's dick in his mouth before, let alone even handling one in his hand, he did not expect Todd to immediately go for the whole thing, right at once. Wrong! Once again, Todd was surprising the hell out of David in what he was willing to do, and the way he was willing to do it!

Taking David's cock was being done the same way Todd had begged for getting his tits pinched, tighter and tighter. No hesitation! He was in a position now of having a man's stiff rod pushed into his mouth, and he had decided that there was no way he was going to imply that maybe he either did not want to do this, or that maybe he shouldn't be doing it at all.

Todd was finally in his glory, and he was going to take advantage of it, and not miss one opportunity of doing everything that he has dreamed about doing for the past number of years. He was finally getting cock, and he was finally giving cock, and there was no way he wanted this to stop! He knew this action was really letting him know that he really was a gay guy, since this sex was so much more exciting and a hell of a lot hotter than with Julie, but now, he was feeling like tonight, for the first time, that he had just become a true man! He knew that his natural being, required rough and tumble sex for him to really enjoy it, and this was what he was getting with David. With Julie, is was just the lay there, fuck, climax, roll over and go to sleep. With David, it was contact, feeling, roughing, slamming, pocking, pinching, tugging, squeezing, biting, and every other feeling and emotion that he knew he had not even yet experienced.

It had not been mentioned yet, nor talked about even, but as he laid there taking David's meat down into his throat and realizing that he was finally doing what he had always been destined to do, he fantasized about the men he had read about that were tied down, totally restrained and controlled, as they had their mouth fucked or their ass fucked. The whole idea of being restrained and not being able to move, giving himself to some other guy to use, to his complete desires, either in his mouth, up his ass or in whichever and whatever fashion that playmate wanted, was definitely a hot, exciting, turn on to Todd. He had been wanting to feel that unexplainable feeling of total submissiveness for a long time, and tonight he was getting really close to the whole idea of just giving his entire body to David, without having any say about what was going to happen.

With this tie down, and total submissive idea in his mind, his entire body got active. His head started jerking up and down trying to get more and more of David into his mouth, and at the same time his midsection went into overdrive, giving David's mouth a rod that really needed to be sucked on, chewed on, and bitten on, again. David knew something was happening that was making Todd so animated. He knew Todd was getting excited about something more than just what was happening in the bed right then.

Todd pulled off of Todd's dick, looked back at Todd, and asked,

"What's up man? What's happening?"

Without actually even thinking about what he was saying, Todd blurted out, "Tie me up man, I want to be tied up and have you fuck me!"

David was shocked, but gained a very big grin on his face as he uttered a quick, "OK." Shocked, he was, but willing,---he was that also.

"God, this guy is no fucking virgin at this shit!" He thought to himself.

"If he is, he sure as hell has been hiding his true self, from himself for way too long. This guy is a fucking tiger in bed with another guy! Love it! Love it, but just fucking totally unexpected!"

David then got up, looked back at Todd and said, "Can do man, definitely can do! You are sure, though? You want me to tie you down and play with you, right? Todd, I don't want to do stuff that is going to make you decide you've gone too far! You sure you want me to tie you up and fuck you?"

"Oh God yea, David, yea I do! Man I've got to admit that I'm even surprised that I even said that, but yea--I said it and I meant it. While I was sucking on your dick, ---which I swear to God was the hottest damn thing I have ever done in my entire life, I got to thinking about some stories that I've read about the guys that get tied down, and how they couldn't do anything except just lay there and take whatever the other guy decided to do to them, and all of a sudden I wanted to be tied down by you an have you use me! Probably face fuck me! Oh David, is that sick or anything? I mean, is that a normal thing for a guy to want? Man, I've got to tell you, I hope like hell it is OK, cause if not, I'm one fucking bastard because I want it! And I want it bad! I want you to fuck around with me anyway you want! Oh David, my God, I never thought I'd get this damn hot when playing with a guy! Man, this is way more than I ever expected it to be! Shit man, why in the hell didn't I find someone to fuck around with me like this a long time ago! Oh David, yea, I'm yours. Tie me up! Use me, do stuff to me! This is way too fucking fun, man! I love this! Will you tie me up and do stuff to me? Play with me and make me feel like those guys did that I read about? Oh yea David I've wanted to just give myself to some guy for so long now, yea I want this! Yea, I want to know that,----well,-I don't know, I know this is weird, but I guess I want to know that I just let myself be all played with by some guy! You will, won't you please?"

"Shit yes Todd, hell yes I will man! Damn, you don't have to ask me twice! Todd, when I have you tied down on the bed, I'm going to fuck your ass, I know I am! With you tied down, that is going to make a ragging maniac out of me wanting to do stuff to you, so you do know,----- you are going to get my dick rammed up in your ass, right?"

"Oh yea I know! I know right now, I know I am probably the dumbest guy in the world for just saying yea, I know, and telling you to do it, but David, I want to be like the guys that I have read about and know that I can get fucked in the ass like those guys can! Just don't tear me up too bad when you fuck it, OK? I know it's going to hurt like hell, I already know that! But I am so fucking horny for doing stuff that I've never done before that I'm willing to let you do whatever, just so I can say I did that! I know other guys can get big dicks stuck up in their asses, and David I want to know that I can do that too! Fuck me, yea tie me up so I can't get up and out from under you, and then fuck me! Oh God David!

Those dildos you've got! Oh man------ oh shit man! David, will you fuck my ass with one of those long ones please? Oh God man, I almost forgot about those things. David, I want you to fuck my ass with that long one, please?! Oh man, how could I forget you've got those. Shit man, they're the whole reason I'm even here!"

"OK man, I'm willing if you are! Turn over on your gut man, and spread your arms and legs out!"

As Todd flipped over and got himself in position to be tied down, face down, David retrieved four leather straps that were in his bedside drawer, and starting with the wrists, he tied each wrist and then each ankle to the bed frame. He then checked with Todd that everything was OK and nothing had been tied too tight, to where, either his wrist nor, his ankles were hurting.

"Oh no man! No, I'm fine. Got to admit feeling pretty weird here though. I've never been tied down by somebody to where I was completely helpless, and of course totally naked and bare assed, let alone knowing that I'm about to get my ass fucked and played with this way. God man, I hope like hell I am not out of my mind for telling you I wanted this.

David, do all gay guys act like I am? Do all you guys like to be tied down and played with like this, or am I just fucking crazy?"

"No Todd definitely no! In fact a big no! No you are not crazy, but no, I've got to admit that most guys don't ask to get tied down the first time they have gay sex. I've got to admit that having you begging for this, the very first time you've played, and especially for your very first ass fucking, this is really way off of the wall of normal. I've never had any guy even imply he had ideas of getting tied up to get fucked before, let alone some virgin assed guy! Todd, you are really one of a kind, I guess. You still game for this, or since you're all tied up and can't move, are you wanting to change your mind?"

"I'm wonder just how fucking crazy I am man, but I said I wanted this, and I'm not going to back out now. All I ask is that you remember I'm just a normal guy, and I've never had anybody do anything to my ass before, so just please don't tear me up? Please make sure I can take it before you force your dick up in me, OK?"

"Hey Todd, I already know you can take it! When a guy can get a fist rammed up in his ass, I know a guy can get a dick rammed up in his ass."

"Yea-I know David, but I've never had a fist rammed up in me!"

"Yea I know. I didn't mean this ass, I didn't mean your ass, I just meant in general. What I was trying to say is, ----your ass might feel pretty closed and tight right now, but just give us a little time, and we will get it open. OK? Lay there and try to relax, man. I'm going to start doing some playing back here, and just pretty soon, we are going to have your ass so full of my dick and then one of those big dildos, you will not believe what your ass can really take or do. You just lay there and try and relax that ass.'

As David told Todd to just lay there and relax that ass, he positioned his face right above Todd's two very lovable butt bubbles, and with ever so slightly spreading them apart, he placed his face right down in the middle of them, and started giving Todd some tongue licking and some ass sucking, as of course, Todd had never experienced before.

"Oh man-Oh shit man that feels so fucking good! Oh man, are you actually licking my ass hole? Oh I've never felt anything like that before! Oh David,---Oh my God man! ---Oh shit man, that is so fucking hot! Oh man I never thought about some guy doing that to me! Oh wow! Oh shit! Oh man, that is hot! Oh man, I can't believe you actually have your tongue in my ass! Oh shit man, this is great!"

After giving Todd the feeling of his life by licking and kissing not only on his butt, but down, and as deep in it, as far as he could push his face, David then told Todd to just lay there and relax, that he was going to smear some lube on his ass, and then stick a finger or two up in there.

"So you just lay there and remember, I've done this to other guys before, and they're all up and walking around, so your ass is safe. Yea, I admit, you are going to have some feelings back here like you've never felt before, but by the time we are all done, you are going to be one happy guy that you let me play with your ole butt hole."

"Oh man, I hope so, I hope so. With you playing around back there and feeling your fingers going in, I'm really wondering just how fucking crazy I am tonight! But oh man, if it feels anything close to what it felt like when you were licking back there, I'm all game man, I'm all game.

Scared shitless, I admit, but I'm the one that asked for it, so man, now I've got to be man enough to do it! Oh shit man, I know that when I told you I needed to come back over here to schedule the carpet thing, I knew then why I wanted to come back so badly, but oh man, now I'm really wondering just how fucking crazy I am. Please don't hurt me! Please!

Please go slow, David!"

"Hey, you lay there and you let me take care of this end, and everything will be OK. Understand me man? You sure as the hell are not the first guy to get his ass fucked and played with, and tonight, sure as the hell is not going to be your last time of doing it. Yea, it's different and something that you've never let somebody do to you before, but by the time it's all over, you are going to be making sure you can get it again!" As Todd managed to lay calmly, ---well as calmly as any guy can that knows he is about to have stuff stuck up in his ass, and an ass that has never been played with like this before, David started a little finger action. He started with just one finger. He wanted Todd to feel the movement of just the one finger and see what something flexible could feel like stuck up in there. As he had the first finger inserted, he then massaged the inside of Todd's ass.

"Oh man! Oh shit man, that feels so damn good! Yea man, finger me!

Yea do that man, yea!"

Todd was definitely feeling the good side of having a guy's finger up in his ass feeling around and rather playing the good game in there.

David pulled the one finger out, and replaced it with two. An even more excited reaction came from Todd! "Oh my God David, Oh my God that is great! Oh shit man, oh shit!"

After having the two fingers inserted, David then removed those two, and replaced them with the tips of four fingers, two from his left hand, and two from his right hand.

"Oh shit man! Oh man, what you doing down there? Oh man that feels funny. David, what you doing?"

"I'm just kind of spreading stuff open a little back here, that's all. You just lay there and let me get this back door all open and ready for my ragging hard-on rod, because I am just about ready to take your ass hole virginity away from you. I'm just kind of pulling you ass hole open a little, so you just lay there and let me do my thing, OK?"

"Yea,-OK! Yea, it just feels so funny though! Yea, OK, yea. You going to tell me when you are going to fuck me? You going to tell me when you are going to ram my ass with your dick?"

"Yea-sure I will and it is right now!"

Suddenly David let loose of Todd's ass, adjusted his position and as he was telling Todd that he was about to get it in the ass, he put his cock meat right at Todd's back door and started in.

"Lay still, I'm starting to fuck you man! You are finally going to get a dick up in your ass. Lay still!"

"Oh my God, oh my God I can feel that! Oh David go slow!"

"I am man, I am! Oh-there! There, I just went in! You OK? I just put my dick in your ass! Todd, baby boy, you can no longer say you've never been fucked in the ass! You have now got another man's dick up in your butt hole!"

"Oh God man, yea, -I'm OK but just lay there a minute please. Oh David it did hurt for just a second when I felt you push in me! Oh man, I've really got your dick up in me now, don't I? I have been fucked now, haven't I?"

"Yea man, yes you do, and yes you have been! Your time of saying I've never been fucked in the ass before is now time gone by. You've got a guy in your butt. You just lay there. Since I'm in now, now it's just see how far up in you I can go. You just lay there and enjoy this, because that is exactly what you are going to do. Once the dick slips in past that first muscle, then it is feeling good time all the rest of the way!"

Todd quickly did realize that getting fucked in the butt was probably even more exciting and thrilling than he had even imagined it would be, whenever he managed to finally get it done. Now that the time was finally here, the idea of being completely restrained with the leather straps, submitting himself so completely to another man and having no self control over anything that was happening, feeling David's body laying fully nude the entire length of his own nude body, and of course the ever important part of knowing that another man has his dick up in his ass, and the great, great feelings that dick was delivering, was creating a much greater sense of enjoyment, than Todd had ever thought could be.

Laying there, having his body pounded on by a man that had gotten more and more excited as he started fucking this virgin ass, Todd was finally getting what he had prayed for for years! He was being fucked! He was finally getting fucked!

"Oh my God man, fuck me, -fuck me hard! Ram it, ram it, ram it!!!

Oh, David I'm finally getting fucked! Oh man fuck me hard! Let me feel your big dick up in me man---yea fuck the hell out of me! Oh David make me remember this always! Make me feel it more than any other guy has ever felt getting his ass fucked! Oh David make me part of you!"

Todd's excitement was more than David could handle.

"Oh man, I'm going to cum!! Todd, I'm about to cuuumm! Yea Man, oh man, here it cummms! Oh fuck man, oh fuck! Oh man you are getting a whole bunch of man juices shot up in your ass! Todd man, you have just gotten cock cum shot up in you! Oh yea! Can you feel it? Can you feel my juices up inside of you?"

"Oh yea, yea I can. It's warm, it feels real warm up in there!'

As David completely, and thoroughly shot every bit of his warm man juices that he had, ---which he had been building up for a few days in hopeful anticipation that this night might turn out something like this, he was totally exhausted and fell lifeless down on Todd's back.

With Todd being tied down four pointed, both arms spread out and tied to the bed frame and both legs also being tied tight, David laid across Todd as if he was tied down on top of him.

"Hey man, how you feeling?" David quietly asked as he enjoyed the feeling of Todd under him and yet the feeling of his dick still stuck up in Todd's tight, hot, ass.

"Oh man I can't explain it! David, this is feeling something that I never expected. David, I love this! I did not know it could be this good! Of all of the stories that I have read about a guy getting fucked, none of them ever really made me really understand just what it really felt like! Oh please don't ever pull out of me or get off of me. I want to lay here like this forever! Oh why in the hell was I ever scared of getting a dick rammed up in my ass? Shit man, there ain't nothing better than this!

Oh crap I wish I had been doing this for years and years now! David, I'm not going to want to have sex with Julie anymore. She's not going to be able to do for me what you just did for me. No way man, no way!"


Wade Wright

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