"Todd, I've got to admit, I sure as hell have never had some guy be quite as up-front on something like this, as you are! I've got to admit you've got guts, man. I know when I was younger and wondering about gay stuff I sure as the hell never had the guts to just tell some guy that I wanted to see if I could get some big dildo, or anything else for that matter, stuck up in my ass."

"Hey David, don't make this rough for me please! Like I told you man, I've been shaking in my shoes ever since I lied to you and told you I needed to come back to schedule the installation. David I've never been this gutsy with anything before, so I guess I really did want to at least talk to you about trying this, even if you said no. David, please don't make me think I did the wrong thing, please!""

"Todd, you've never done any gay stuff at all? You told me earlier that you've never done anything with a guy before, is that right?"

"Yea it's right. There was once, about a year ago, that I almost did, well I guess would have, but then things did not work out right, and I never got the chance again, or maybe never got the nerve again."

"What happened about a year ago when it almost happened, and then things did not work out right? What happened then?"

"Well you guys have a -what, do you call it--- a bathhouse, down on South Brooker Street, right?"

"Yea there's a bathhouse down there. Not mine, but yea, there's one down there."

"Yea, I didn't mean it was yours, I meant you gay guys have a bathhouse there. Right?"

"Yea Todd there is. What about it?"

"Well about a year ago our company, the carpet company, sold them some carpet and I helped install it. When the owners of the bathhouse ordered it, they explained to my boss about where it was for and what the place was like and told my boss that they did want a professional installation so that it was done right, and did he have installers that could work in that kind of a place for a day without having problems with where they were at and who they would be around. Mr. Stenner told them that he would get together a special team to use and that he knew it would not be a problem. He told them that for the size of their order, he would go out of his way getting the right guys together. Well anyway, for about a week he kind of kept asking me things like, 'Hey Todd. If you found out that you were doing an installation for a gay guy, would that bother you any?' Or maybe he'd ask me if I had any gay friends.' Or stuff like that.

I was starting to think maybe he thought I was gay."

"Well it does kind of sound like he was checking you out, doesn't it?"

"Yea I sure thought so. Anyway, on that next Monday night just as I was getting ready to head home, he told me he needed to talk to me. He told me about the guys buying the carpet, and how he was putting together a special crew of guys to install it. I was the only one from our company that he was using. He did not think the other guys, ---they were all married and older guys, would be so agreeable to do it, so he had found three more guys that he trusted, and their companies had said he could hire them for a day, and he wanted to know if I was interested in make some pretty good extra money that coming Sunday, by helping install at the bathhouse. Hey, it was more than twice my normal pay, so of course I said yes! Mr. Stenner told me to keep my mouth shut about it since I was the only one from the company that he was using, and the carpet was being delivered directly to the bathhouse early that Sunday morning. He did not particularly want this situation to be a topic of discussion around the company. So anyway, it was all done kind of secret, like."

"So Todd, you are one of the guys that installed that new Royal Blue carpet a year ago? You helped do that?"

"Yea I did. Yea, I helped. I was one of the guys there that day!"

"Well shit man. What a deal! How weird! You a straight guy, installing carpet in a gay bathhouse! How did that go?"

"All of us were straight guys! But we all new what the deal was before we agreed to do it. We were told the bathhouse was not going to be closed, but that the members would be told what was going on that day, and to respect us since we were there to work."

"You are kidding! I heard after it was installed it was definitely a different day around there that day. What happened?"

"When we got there they had a sign up telling the members about the installation. Part of it was pretty funny. Like one thing on it said something like, 'If a man is found on his hands and knees, remember he is installing the new carpet, he's not waiting for one of you guys to mount him!' Another part of the sign told them to have at least gym shorts on while around us, and another told them that when we were laying the hallway carpet, that they had to go around the other way and not try stepping over us.' " I really think whoever wrote that sign had a pretty good sense of humor. I found part of it funny."

"Yea I heard that was a pretty fun day there that day, too. I'm damn sorry I wasn't there. So, how and what happened?"

Well the bathhouse guy, owner I guess, had already told us that they would give each of us a lock and a locker if we wanted to bring anything with us, like snacks or maybe gym clothes if any of us actually wanted to maybe hit the hot tub or the weight room before we left. I took swim trunks and of course some snacks to munch on once in awhile. We did not need to take lunch. They, the bathhouse guys, ordered and paid for lunch for us! And it was not just sandwiches. It was full big meals, from the dining room of the Hillway Hotel! I mean man, they treated us nice! I had steak that day for lunch. And then I also had pork chops for supper.

We ate good that day!"

"Well shit! Now I know where my membership money goes to! Feeding the straight guys! Oh well. Better that, than a lot of places it could be going to! So-follow on-you told me that you almost did something once, and then this bathhouse thing came up. Associated, I guess?"

"Yea, yea they are. I'm sorry, just trying to explain how everything happened."

"We were working in there, laying the carpet, and some of the members would come by and see how we were doing and of course make comments and just have some fun. The day really was kind of fun. Some of the guys would kind of "accidentally" drop their towels while walking past someplace where we could see them. Some of them had some pretty big hard-ons too!

We were there all day since we had the whole lounge area place, the hallways, the offices and I guess it is some kind of a meeting room. Well anyway, about 2:00 in the afternoon I saw some really nice looking, very nicely attired tall black man come in with his gym bag in his hand. He had to go around where this Tim guy and I were working. He nodded at me as he went by and I just kind of nodded back. I did think he was pretty nice looking and from the way he looked as he walked by, I thought maybe he was probably pretty well built, too."

"Did you have on your baggy uniform pants like you did out here last week?"

"No, no! I forgot to mention that Mr. Stenner asked me to not wear my uniform pants since this was going to be kind of a different deal, and he told me to just wear something that I was comfortable working in.

Hey,-cut offs man,-- cut-offs! I think that should be the uniform all of the time anyway, so I was more than glad to just wear my own clothes."

"Todd, what did you have on for a shirt?"

"Oh at the time that black man came in, I didn't have a shirt on.

Right after we had lunch, some of the guys there in the club starting goofing around with me and this Tim guy, and they bet us we wouldn't take our shirts off and work without shirts, and after one guy offered me a ten, and then another said he'd match it, I decided hell, for twenty bucks, I'll work without a shirt."

"Did that Tim guy take his off?"

"No, nobody offered him any money, so it ended up just being me."

"Well Mr. Todd, if you had cut-offs on and no shirt, I sure as hell can understand why the tall black man nodded at you! He had eyes on you young man!"

"Yes, I know! Well, yea I kind of maybe guess maybe he did. He kept coming around wherever I was at and he'd stop and talk a little and then he'd move on. He just had a towel wrapped around himself most of the time, and Oh David, ----he was well built, damn well built! But then later he came by, when I was working kind of by myself in that conference room, or whatever it is, and he had a real, real tight pair of very short, white shorts on. Not the street type, well maybe if on some smaller guy, but on him, the material was stretched tight, real, real tight! Those shorts were so damn tight on him, I really wondered if he had borrowed them from some smaller guy, just so that he would have some really tight, hugging, shorts on. Man, they looked good, but I'm not so sure he could have worn them out on the street though! David, that was the first time that I ever looked at a man, or some part of a man and wanted to reach out and touch him. He was showing me a hard-on that he had laying sideways across his leg. That damn thing was at least nine or ten inches long. Damn man, I had never seen one that damn big, even in some magazines that I've looked at. David, he was making me want to feel it. I had never ever felt that way about a man or a guy's body before, but David, that day I really did want to see what his dick felt like! I was on the floor on my hands and knees working on that carpet, and he just stood there right in front of my face! My eyes and his dick were right at the same height. David, I just sat there and stared at it! He never moved! He just stood there, and I think he was wanting me to reach for it! And David, I wanted to! I knew I couldn't, but man, Oh how I wanted to feel it! He knew damn well that I was almost in shock looking at it. He kept watching my eyes when I was looking at it. I think he really knew I wanted to feel it! I know he had to have jerked on it before he came in there where I was at, cause it was so hard! David, he had a major hard-on standing there right in front of my face! Man that damn thing was big!"

"So Todd, what in the hell happened? Did you feel it or anything?"

"No, hell no! I never got to! I think, no,---- hell no, I know I was really, really wanting to though! He kept making comments about how there were some rooms available if I could take a break, and it was all in fun, but I know that if I had dropped my tools and stood up and followed him, he would have taken me into one of those rooms. Oh David, ever since that day, I've wished I could have gone in there with him. I really do!

I've always wondered just what would have happened if I had gone in there with him. I've always tried to maybe just imagine what I could have done or learned that day! I wanted to go follow him so badly that day! I think he is one of the reasons why I finally got up enough nerve to be here tonight! Ever since that day, man, I've wished I would have pulled those tight white trunks off of him and let that great big rod he was showing me, come flying out! David I really know now, how much I really wanted to feel his dick. I wish now that I had grabbed it! Man, I do! David, his dick was just about as big as that biggest dildo you had laying in there the other day! When I saw that dildo, all I could think about was that guy and his great big dick that he was showing me! That's when I decided that I was going to tell you that I needed to come back out here. If Jimmy hadn't been with me that day, I would have told you then that I wanted you to teach me some stuff! I was really sorry he was with me!"

"Todd, maybe it's working out better this way! Ever since I found out that I had left those dildos laying out, I've been hoping something like this was going to happen when you got here, but all I could do was maybe hope, since I couldn't even really remember much of what you were like. I sure as hell did not remember you being this damn hot! You are hot, guy, you are hot!"

"Thanks David. I feel better now, knowing you think that!"

"Oh God Todd, what happened with you and the black guy? Did he just leave then or what happened."

"Hey that job took us until almost midnight to get finished and of course he had to leave way before that. When he left that room where he was standing there right in front of my face, he reached down once and grabbed hold of his dick, but even though he pulled it out in front some, those shorts were so damn tight on him that he really couldn't pull it out very much! When he did that, he looked at me, right in the face, and put a great big smile on his face, and then he licked his lips. David, I know damn well he knew he was getting me all flustered and shook! Later, he came in where I was at after he got all nicely re-dressed, and he just handed me his business card, smiled, turned and walked away. He didn't say anything. He just smiled at me when he handed that to me. I couldn't do anything but stand there and kind of wish things had been different.

David, I really didn't want to see him go. I watched him walk away as long as I could see him before he had to turn a corner."

"Well Todd, the card! What about the card?"

"Oh I still have it. I've never had the guts to call him, but I've kept the card hidden at home."

"Hidden!? Hidden, you mean from your girl friend?"


"What else do you have hidden from her, besides that card?"

"Oh just some magazines that have some pictures of some hot guys in them, and a friend gave me a brochure once of some bondage stuff, that I kind of like looking at, and kind of thinking about being used on me sometime, and once I got hold of one of the local gay papers that have all the bar addresses in it, so I kept it. That's all. Just that stuff!"

"Todd, why in the hell haven't you ever called this black man?

Obviously he wanted you to call or he would not have given you his card!

Shit man, from what you have described to me, if you aren't going to call him, give me that card! I sure as the hell will!"

"Oh David, I've wanted to so many times, but every time I get the card out, I freak out and just can't dial it! I don't know! I know I've wanted to, but I guess maybe I'm afraid that I might have miss understood that guy that day at the bathhouse. Maybe he really is not interested in me. Hell David, it's been so long now that he probably wouldn't even know who I am!"

"Todd, ---Oh Todd! The man gave you his card! How could you have misunderstood him and what he wanted? He stood there right in front of your face with his raging hard-on, and then before he walked away, he tugged on it, once again right in front of your face, and then he licked his lips! How could anybody misunderstand that? He was really hot for you and he was hoping you would actually go to one of the rooms with him! He has no way of contacting you. He wanted you to call him! Call him, and when he answers the phone just remind him that you are the carpet installer. I am damn sure he will immediately remember. Now you do still have his card, right?"

"Yea, David, I do! You really think he will know who I am?"

"Hell yes Todd! First place,-----if you were working in there that day with no shirt on, I know damn well he will remember you. Right now you are standing there, well leaning there, with a shirt on, and I can't see everything that I'm wanting to see, although I do intend to see it all very shortly, and I can tell you man, you are one hot dude dressed, so I can imagine just how excited that guy got if he walked in and found you in there with no shirt on! Come on Todd, pull that shirt off, let me see what the big black man got to lust over that day!"

Todd stood up from leaning back on the kitchen counter, that he and David had found as a rather convenient conversation space, and he pulled his polo pull-over up and off of his head.

"Oh shit man! No wonder that man wanted you in a room! Wow, what a fucking hot chest, man! OK Todd,---the rest! You came out here tonight to find out about dildos, and I'm sure you already know, you're sure not going to find out anything with Levi's on. Give Daddy the whole show!"

Standing there in the kitchen, now without a shirt on, but otherwise fully dressed, Todd took a deep breath as he heard his host instruct him to finish taking everything else off."

"Oh God David! Oh shit man, this is making me so fucking nervous, man!"

"Hey I know that Todd, and I like that! I kind of know what you are feeling right now, and I am enjoying watching you go through it. I know you are nervous as hell right now, standing there, in my kitchen, in front of me, and being told to strip it all off and present yourself completely naked to another man. Todd, I know you are nervous as hell right now. This is something that you have never done. Hell, not even in a doctor's office. When he wants you to strip, he hands you some little hospital gown that hardly covers your butt, but then he leaves the room while you get everything off and get re-covered again. Hey man,--not this time! This time the man gets to stand right here and watch you take everything off, one item at a time! I get to watch you go back to just like you were when you were born! Naked! Totally naked and presenting your completely bare assed body, to some other guy, for him to look at and touch, and that being some guy that you hardly even know! Right? I know you are nervous Todd. I want you to be nervous. You are going to remember this night for the rest of your life, and I want it to be a night well worth remembering! I want you to remember how damn nervous you were the first time you were giving yourself to another guy and the first time you were finally feeling some other guy's ass and his dick. Todd, guys only get one time, for it to be their first time, and the more nervous and exciting it is, the better it is. Not only tonight, but every time you look back at it."

"Oh David, right! You are so right! David I knew it could probably be kind of a stupid for me to do something like this, but man, I've been wanting to do something with a guy for so long now, that I just decided that I had to do whatever it takes to get a chance. David, I've got to admit that the way you are giving me instructions, is really a turn on to me! It's letting me know I'm with a real man. One that can take charge and bark orders! David, I like that! Oh David, I am so fucking nervous and excited, but the way you are making me do stuff is telling me that I did do the right thing by coming over here and telling you I wanted you to show me some stuff. I knew nobody was ever going to come to me and just make me do the things you are now making me do! Oh David, I've been trying to find somebody like you for a long time now, and thank goodness I guess those dildos were my signal that I finally found someone."

As David spread a broad smile across his face, he asked. "Well, I guess maybe it's going to be more than just dildos tonight, right?"

"Oh yea if we can David! Please, man I need to do this! I really do!"

"Well good Todd. I'm damn glad now that I left those dildos out!

Now, let's see the goods here man. Kick those shoes off and get those Levi's off so I can take a good close-up look at your manhood! I can tell already it's at attention, so I guess you are real ready to let me take a good, close-up inspection of it,---right? No other guy has ever played with it, right?"

"Oh no David! No guy has ever do anything with my dick, or even touched it! Oh shit man, I am fucking nervous and feel like I'm about to pass out! Oh shit man! I never expected to be this damn nervous about letting some guy look at my dick and know you are going to grab hold of it!

Of shit man, I'm getting real horny man. David, I'm getting really horny!

God man, this is more exciting than the first time I fucked a gal! Oh God David! Are you going to suck on me tonight, too?"

The sight of David standing there still full clothed and Todd now almost completely naked, but with a major bulge showing in the front of his Levi's, would have been a great photo shot for any gay magazine. David was now in complete control, and Todd's statement of how he was so glad David was giving him straight forward instructions, just gave David that much more authority in his voice, as he told Todd just what he was to do. David knew that Todd was now at his mercy.

As Todd kicked his shoes off, unbuckled his belt, and un-fastened the top button on his Levi's, David stood there and thanked God that for once in his life, doing some stupid mistake like leaving those dildos out in the open was really paying back, big time!

David gasped as Todd dropped his Levi's to his knees and his 7 inch long, and almost 2 inch wide, uncut sausage meat stood at military attention for a complete "company" inspection! Todd was not wearing any briefs, and when the Levi's went down, the dick came flying out!

"Holly shit man! My God, look at how God damn thick that rod of your is! Oh my God Todd! What a fucking rod you have got! Oh my God yes Todd! Hell yes I will be sucking on you tonight! Hell yes I will be! My God I wonder how much of that I can get in my mouth! Man I feel my throat getting choked up already! Shit man! I had no idea you were hung like that! Hell man if I had known that earlier we sure as the hell would not have been standing here in the kitchen talking this long! Todd, do you fuck gals with that thing?"

Todd looked at David and rather shyly, answered, "Yea. Yea but some of them make me go real slow. Well, yea I kind of guess they all do except for one gal that I fucked up in New York City once, and I really don't know what all she was into. I know she kept begging for more and more, and she kept yelling for faster and faster! I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could, but it never was enough! David, she is the only one that I ever got to fuck that way, and I've read some stuff where guys like to get fucked real hard and fast with a big dick up their ass. That's one of the reasons why I want to see what fucking a guy is like and what getting fucked in the butt is like. I want to find me some guy that will let me fuck him good and hard, like I did that gal up in New York that time. And David, maybe that's the way I'll want to get fucked once I find out what it's like! David, seriously, that's one of the reasons that Julie wants to get a big dildo and use it on me. She says she wants me to see what getting something big and thick rammed up in me real fast, feels like.

She won't let me fuck her that way. I tried a couple of times and she made me quit. She thinks that if she rams my ass with a big dildo then I will quit trying to fuck her fast and hard, but David, what I really want is to find me some guy that really likes it up in his ass like that, so I can just fuck the hell out of him and have him ask for more! Julie's so sure I won't like it when it happens to me, but from some of the stuff I've read, I think I might like it!"

"Todd, you might. You just might! Some guys like it rougher than they can usually find it, and you just might be one of those guys!"

"David, you know I told you about that bondage stuff I have that brochure of. That stuff turns me on too! I want somebody to use that stuff on me some time! David, I really think I'm probably one of those guys that likes it up the ass good and rough. Maybe I just like sex too rough to have sex with a gal! David, maybe I really need to just have sex with guys so that I can get really rough and get treated back real rough!

David, I've really got to find out if I'm one of those guys! I've got to find out if I'm really like some wild animal and the rougher it is the better it is."

"Todd, you just might be, and if so, that's OK! Everybody does not have to be the same, nor do everything the same!"

"I'm really tired of just jerking it off when I want some fast rough sex. David, is what I've read right? Do some guys like a big cock rammed up in their ass as hard as they can get it? Is that for real? Do some guys really like that? David I want to find me some guy that I can fuck really hard enough, that it wears me out, before he tells me to stop.

And maybe he can be the same guy that fucks me and my ass as hard as I can take it! David, are there guys like that? I haven't even been fucked yet and David I already know I want it rough! Can you do that for me tonight?

David can you get real rough with me tonight so I can see if that's the way I am?"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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