"Jason, hon, I'm going over to Sherry's. Make sure you find out from that carpet guy exactly when they expect to come install the carpet.

Make sure it's not next Tuesday. I've got the sorority meeting here that day. OK?"

"Yea, OK Nancy. How long you planning on being gone?"

"Probably till about supper time. I'm helping Sherry with some new receipts she wants to fix for Dean, so probably until about then. You wanta go out for supper tonight since I'm gonna be gone?"

"Yea, OK. Hey, tell Sherry I said Hi, and tell her to have Dean call me to see if he can play golf Saturday. Bye honey!"

"Well, she's finally gone." Jason said as he entered the bedroom where Todd was measuring. "Hey, when do you guys expect to be coming, to install the carpet, ---any idea?"

"Well as far as I can tell right now, it should be next week, maybe Thursday or Friday. We need to make sure it gets here first, before we can do a firm scheduling. That OK?"

"Yea, just don't plan on Tuesday. My wife just told me that day don't work."

As Todd looked up to reply to Jason's statement, he was very surprised to notice, well actually more like look straight at Jason, standing there and rubbing his crotch. "Yea-uh, we'll call and do the scheduling once it arrives, OK?"

Todd was rather un-nerved as he realized that Jason was not stopping his rubbing and was obviously wanting Todd to see what he was doing.

"My wife's gone for the afternoon. Want to have some fun?"

Shocked, Todd replied, "What? What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, ---wanta play around some. I know you're into guys. Saw that gay mag laying in the back seat of your car when I came walking in beside it. You're a hot looking little stud, and I'm horny for some good tight ass, and from what I can see from here, you've got one."

"Whoa, whoa. Uh,--I'm working here! Hey man, you're hot and yea guess maybe I forgot to hide that mag, but sure didn't expect anybody to be looking in my car. Mr. Sampson, I like the idea, but I can't. I can't play around with customers, and besides, you're a married man!"

"Yea so I'm married, and you are working! So big deal! Come on man, let's go in the bedroom for just a little while. Then I'll help you finish measuring. Come on man, I need some ass and I want yours!"

Looking up at Jason, since Todd was down on the floor measuring the floor inside of a small closet, he took a good long gaze and liked what he saw. Jason was, in his thinking anyway, about 37 or 38, about 6 foot tall, a big chest, a small waist, looked to be in damn good athletic shape.

That statement was becoming more and more obvious, since Jason was now almost naked. As he was strongly suggesting to Todd that they go into the bedroom, he had already removed his shirt, exposed one damn good pair of pecks, covered with a fine layer of light brown hair, and was now removing his pants, to expose a big hard dick that did not have any briefs hiding it! He was not waiting on Todd's acceptance before showing Todd just what was available for the taking. Jason's dick was stiff and hard, and it showed just how anxious Jason was for Todd's ass.

"Your name's Todd right?"

"Yea. Yea it is."

"Hey Todd, you want this don't you?" Jason asked as he flipped his dick back and forth directly in front of, and very close to, Todd's face.

Todd unknowingly licked his lips as he watched Jason's hard-on flip back and forth.

"Come on man, come on! Let's go in the bedroom and have some fun.

You know as well as I do, you want this. I can see it in your eyes! Come on. It's just you and me. It won't take us long. Hey, so I'm married.

Doing her just ain't as much fun as doing somebody like you! Come on man!

I need that butt of yours for a few minutes, come on! "

Todd continued to sit there and continued to ponder just what he should do. His smarter side told him to just keep working, and his hornier side told him to go for it. Looking at Jason and the body he was now fully showing, was making it damn hard to turn him down.

"But what if she comes back home for some reason? We could get caught!"

"No, we'll go down to the basement workroom. We can fuck down there. Besides, I got some vice grips down there and I like for guys to put them on my tits for me. Willing? Wanta to do that for me? I like to feel them pinching my tits and hanging there. They feel so fucking good and I like for guys to put `em on me. I can put `em on myself, but it just plan feels better if some other guy puts `em on me. Come on Todd, come on!"

The mere idea of clamping some vice grips onto Jason's tits was way too much for Todd to turn down. That was the clincher!

"Really? Really you want me to clamp some vice grips on you? Is that what you said?"

"Yea! Yes I did. Todd that feels so fucking good! I love it and I love having guys do that to me! Come on man, let's go!"

Still not being so sure he was doing the right thing, Todd got up and followed Jason, and his tight solid bare ass down the stairs, and into the basement.

Once in the basement, Jason then led them through another door into a small room that he referred to as the workroom. "Hey, this is my workroom. Won't tell you what type of work I usually do in here, but it kind of looks like a workroom, right?"

Looking around, Todd answered, "Uh, yea! Yea looks like a workroom, but that's not what you usually use it for?"

"No hell no! Now listen,this is just between you and me, and for god sake don't let Nancy know any of this, but this is more for what you and I are gonna do in here than for any work. Hey, the tools are all for show. Except for the vice grips and those polished poles over there. Once in awhile when my dick just ain't long enough to suit some guy, so those poles come in handy! Come here man, let me pull those pants of yours down and get that cute little butt of yours out here so I can do my thing in it!

My dick is good and hard and real ready to do some good pounding in that ass!"

Jason moved Todd over toward the workbench, and unfastened his belt and the buttons on his pants. He pulled both the pants and Todd's briefs down just far enough so that by laying Todd over the top of the workbench, his bare ass was now standing out there for Jason's admiration and use!

Jason reached up into a cupboard and pulled out a small can of Crisco and fingered some up into Todd's butt! Todd could then feel the tip of Jason's meat head hit the rose bud of his ass.

"Oh yea, yea, yea that feels good! Yea, do me!"

"Oh shit man, you have got one tight little ass hole back here man, ---it is tight! Man that is making my dick really feel good. Damn man, you have been fucked before, right?"

Letting his head rather hang down as he truly enjoyed the feel of Jason forcing his thick dick up into the narrow hole, Todd uttered, "Yea.

Yea I have, ---some. Not too much yet, ---but yea. Hey man, your dick feels good back there, you doing OK?"

"Hell yea, I'm doing OK, if you are. Seriously man, I'm filling your ass hole up a hell of a lot more than any of the other guys I've rammed it up into. You sure you're OK and not hurting too much?"

"No, I'm OK. God yes man, ---I can tell you've got my ass filled, though! I can tell that! It's full and yea, of course it hurt some, just pushing that damn thing up in me is of course gonna hurt me some, but I guess I like the hurt. Just keep pushing man, keep pushing! I want to know I took all of it! Yea, man, it's feeling good going up in there!"

"OK man, Ok! You want the rest of it? You want all of it?"

"Yea , yea, yea! Yea man push it up in me. Yea it's feeling good ram me! Ram my ass!"

"With that instruction, Jason did! He rammed Todd's ass with one major shove and a ramming push!

"Ouch! Oh shit man, ----oh shit! Oh God man, oh shit! Oh God I've got it all now don't I? I've got it all!" Todd just almost screamed, ----loud!

Suddenly from across the room, Jason and Todd heard, "Jason, what in the fucking hell is going on in here? Jason, what in the hell is happening!? You fucking him!?"

Instantly, and without warning, Jason pulled his dick out of Todd's ass, and immediately turned around to find his kid brother standing there in the doorway.

"Jason, what in the hell are you doing? Who's that?"

"Oh shit Dean, where in the hell did you come from? How long you been standing there?"

"Well just for a second, but definitely long enough to see you ramming that pole of yours up in that guy's ass! What in the hell is going on here? Jason, are fucking this guy? Shit man, you are totally fucking naked! Jason, what in the hell man? What in the hell is going on here?

You are fucking some guy down here in your basement? When did you start doing this?"

"Hey Dean, cool man, cool! Hey, I just wanted some ass, and this guy was measuring for the carpet and I saw a gay mag in the back seat of his car, and since Nancy was over at your place helping Sherry, I decided to take advantage of him. That's all man, that's all. Just some quick ass and a quick shoot off. Really man, it's no big deal!"

"So this is really what you built this room for, uh? Gay sex sessions! You know Jason, when you built this little room down here, I really wondered just why in the hell. I thought, you know, ole Jason really don't need some special work place down there, ---now I know why!

Look at the stuff you've got hanging around handy down here. Chains, ropes, some wood that kind of looks more like paddles to me, some stuff stashed in the doors and drawers I assume? Just what would I find if I opened some of these doors? Dildo? Butt plugs? Hey, looks like I don't have to look for the Crisco do I? Everything's good and handy, ---right big brother, right?"

Todd had quickly stood up and turned around after Jason so quickly removed himself from Todd's ass, and he was now standing there listening to the excited and confused interchange between the two brothers. It was very obvious to Todd that Dean knew nothing about his older brother's interests and desires of fucking a guy's ass. As he stood there, he questioned immediately if he should try and pull his briefs and his pants back up and try and make a run for it, or just stay cool and see if everything was gonna be OK between the two brothers. Being as scared and alarmed as he was right then, Todd questioned how in the world could he even slightly hope that everything was gonna be OK, --- just because he now, found Dean to be even a hotter looking guy than his older brother was. Todd thought,

"How in the hell can I even think about wanting to play with Dean, when this whole situation could get very, very nasty between these two brothers, and I would be right in the very middle of it? How in the hell can I lust over some guy that just might blow his top over this whole situation of just finding his brother fucking my ass? How in the hell can I even think that way?"

"So who is this guy, anyway? Where'd you find him?"

"Hey Dean, he was measuring the house for the carpet. He's just the guy from the carpet store. I'm the one that suggested this! I saw his mag in the car, I looked at his ass when he was bending over upstairs, and I got horny man, I got horny. Come on Dean, haven't you and your buddies ever fucked some guy's ass before? Come on man, I'm sure you guys have fucked some guy somewhere, sometime, haven't you?"

As Todd was listening to this interchange between the two brothers, Jason, fully nude but no longer showing a hard-on, and the younger brother Dean, that Todd was wishing was fully nude and showing whatever he was carrying in his pants, he could not fail to imagine just how great it would be to get a chance at the younger brother and his dick, or his ass, or any part of that body that Todd could touch and feel! He guessed Dean to be maybe 33 or 34, and just like his brother at least six feet tall, and obviously a person that has spent his share of time in a gym with the heavier weights held above his head, and from what Todd could see, a crotch that promised good things! As Todd looked at it, even during his fears of not knowing just how much trouble was still gonna happen down here, he kept wishing for just a small chance to see just what was packed inside of that crotch. It looked full, and it made Todd wish for it, and want it!

"Hey Jason, let's not worry about me right now! How often you get guys down here, in your little playroom, as I now understand what is really is for? What once a month, once a week, everyday? Yea, just how often you get to use this place?"

"Hey Dean, knock it off man, knock it off! No fucking big deal man, no fucking big deal! Yea, I like ass! Good solid strong ass! Ass like this guy's got! How in the hell did you get down here anyway? I didn't know you were even here?"

"Hey, I came into the house and couldn't find you anyplace, and since your car was outside, and the other car too, I figured you were around here someplace, so I decided maybe downstairs in the, ---oh yea---workroom! Hell man, by the time I hit the bottom step I knew something funny and different was going on down here. I don't know just how fucking big that dick of yours is when it's good and hard, but from the way you were making this poor guy scream, it must be a fucking ass full."

Then looking directly at Todd, Dean asked, "You OK kid? You OK?

You were screaming pretty good when he fucked you, you OK?"

Todd looked at Dean and answered, "Oh yea! Yea I'm fine! I know I kind of yelled louder than I should have, and it did hurt for a moment when he finally slammed it up in me, but yea I'm OK. Thanks for asking though!

Hey, please don't blame your brother for this! Really, I could have told him no, but I like to get fucked in the ass, and hell, look at him! If you knew you liked to get fucked in the ass and some guy that looks like him, or like you too, asked if he could fuck you, do you think you could turn either one of you guys down? Hell no! Hey man, he was not all to blame.

I agreed. Don't be mad at him, I sure ain't!"

"Well hell no! I'm sure you ain't mad at him. You're the one getting fucked by him. If you like getting fucked of course you aren't mad."

Now, getting probably more courage than he even realized that he had, Todd looked at Dean and asked, "You ever fucked some guy's ass before?"

"Yea, have you?" Jason quickly entered. "I asked you, but you never gave me an answer! Now Todd's asking, you ever fucked some guy's ass?"

Very lowly, very soflty and quite calmly Dena replied, "Yea once.

Yea, once but only once."

"Oh so little brother has fucked some guy before then, right?"

Quietly, Dan replied, "Yea, but like I said, only once."

"So little brother tell me about it, tell me the how, the where and the when. See, fucking some guy's ass ain't so weird and unusual is it?

You done it before, haven't you?"

"Yea, once! Just once!"

"Well-so tell me bout it brother, tell me! Who, when and all the good stuff!"

"Hey it was like maybe two years ago. Mike and I were out on patrol, and stupid Mike backed into some guy's car in the parking lot of a restaurant. We knew we were gonna be in big trouble with the department if it had to get reported, even though it didn't do anything to the cruiser.

We talked to the guy that was driving and he knew we were gonna have trouble if they reported it, so we made them a deal."

"Them? Wait, them? Who's the them?

"OK! Him and some other guy that was with him."

"OK, a deal! What deal? Shit man, this is getting good! OK Dean, what was the deal?"

"We asked them if there was anything that maybe we could do for them to keep them from reporting it since it was so minor and we agreed we'd pay for the repair, too. We didn't think about them maybe being gay guys. They talked for a minute and then they told us that if we'd each fuck each of them, we didn't even need to pay for the repair, since they said they didn't think they'd be getting it fixed anyway. They said, just a quick fuck, and if it was OK with us, maybe suck on our dicks for a second or two so they could proudly proclaim that they had each been fucked by a cop and had each sucked on a cop. They said if we'd agree to that, they totally forget about the little accident and never report it."

"Well shit man, what a fucking deal! Sorry for the pun! What a fucking deal! So I assume, you and Mike went for it then, right?"

"Yea, we agreed we'd fuck each of `em, and let `em suck on us, if they'd forget about reporting the accident. His car wasn't really hurt hardly any, anyway, and Mike and I sure didn't want it getting reported to the department, so we agreed to do it. We looked at each other and kind of agreed, `Hey, what the hell, it's their asses not ours, could be fun!' We agreed neither one of us had ever done this before, and hell, maybe it was our time to find out what some guy's ass felt like with our dicks stuck up in it, and maybe shooting off up there, too."

"Oh so little brother fucks a couple of guys in exchange for them keeping their mouths shut about the car thing, right? I got that right?"

"Yea, yea, you got it right. But that was the only time!"

"Yea, but wait here a minute! You told us you only fucked once.

What you mean is you only fucked once, but you fucked two guys that time, right?"

"Yea, right."

"Well, so tell me! How was it? You got sucked off, too?"

With this interchange going on, Todd was starting to get his hopes up that maybe Jason was starting to get his kid brother, who, it was now apparent, was either a city policeman or a state trooper, to maybe open up a little and hopefully, ---oh yes Todd thought, "Hopefully, Hopefully,"

would want to fuck another ass,---again. Again and real soon! Todd was fully hoping that maybe `older brother' was really into getting `little brother' to join them, so that he couldn't say anything about his brother's actions down in the basement!

"So, tell me. I mean tell us, how'd it go? You fuck those guys?

Get blown off by those guys?"

"Yea , yea, yea! Yea, we fucked and they sucked!"

"So little brother, just how was it? Good? Like it?"

"Yea, yea, yea! Yea it was good. Yes, I admit it was good. I'd never fucked a solid tight ass like that before, and yea, I liked it. Felt good pushing on something real solid and firm. The one guy, he liked it real rough I guess, cause he kept yelling for me to slam him harder. That was the first time I'd ever been fucking when she, well this time it was a he, he was screaming for me to slam him harder. That was different. And yea, it felt good. I guess that's what you were doing to this guy when I came in wasn't it?"

"Then looking at Todd, Dean asked, "You like it rough and hard too?

You like that guy I fucked that night? You like it slammed up in you real hard too?"

"Yea, yes I do! Yea the rougher the guy can do me, the better I like it. Your brother was doing me real good before we had to stop. He was slamming me good!"

"So I kind of guess what you are saying is, you want him to get back in you and slam you some more, right?"

"Oh yea, really, yea. Please, but, if you liked doing that other guy that night, I'd like for you to use me too, and see if my ass feels just as good as his did! I'd like that! I want you to slam my ass too!"

Then looking at Jason, Todd asked, "Is that OK? Is it OK if he fucks me too? I mean if he wants to. I really wish he would, I'd love to have both of you guys fucking me. Please!?"

As Jason looked over toward his brother to ask if he was interested, he realized that Dean was standing there and unconsciously rubbing his crotch.

"Well little brother, from what I see you doing, I guess I really don't need to ask you if you want to join in or not! Kind of looks to me like you're supporting a woody as we talk about how some guys like it good and rough in his ass. Come on Dean, strip down. Let's fuck this guy and make all of us happy! You've fucked a guy before, well,---really as I now understand it, two guys, and so this ain't gonna be nothing new for you, just giving you the chance to do it again."

"Oh shit man, shit! I shouldn't be doing this, I shouldn't!"

"So why not? Hey man, all of us guys need sex as much and as often as we can get it, and so once in awhile it's some guys ass instead of our wives. Loosen up Dean, I'm not gonna tell anybody! Come on man, get your clothes off."

Then turning Todd back around toward the workbench so that he could continue his previously interrupted fucking session, Jason asked Todd, "Hey man. You like to suck cock too? Since I'm gonna be fucking your cute little ass back here, how about if we get Dean to jump up there on the workbench and while I fuck your ass, you can suck his dick. You'll like his dick, ---little brother's got a big dick! Wanna do that?"

As Todd was truly trying to turn around far enough to watch Dean get undressed, so he could see what Jason was taking about when he mentioned Dean's dick, he exclaimed, "Oh yes! God yes! Yea man that sounds great!"

Dean finished getting undressed and following his brother's suggestion, he jumped up on the workbench and spread his legs around Todd's upper body so that Todd could place his face right in Dean's crotch.

As Dean was moving into position, Todd let out an, "Oh my God! Oh shit, what a fucking dick you've got man! What a fucking dick! Oh God I hope I can swallow all of that! Man oh live! Oh Dean man, what did those guys say the night you fucked them with this dick? Oh shit could they take it?"

As Dean positioned himself right in front of Todd's mouth, and aimed his nnine and a half inch dick into Todd's mouth, he replied, "Well, one of them took it pretty good, but the other guy, he had a lot of trouble. He told me he had never had one that big stuck up his ass hole before, so it took him some time to take it. Got to admit, today, that's kind of one of my curiosities. I want to see if you can take it OK or not.

That other guy that night, he took it pretty good, but he made some comments about how big it was too. I guess maybe I just never realized that maybe it is bigger than most guy's."

"Holy shit man!" Jason entered. "My God Dean! Ever since you've been a little guy, all of us older guys have always made comments about how much bigger you are than the rest of us. Haven't you ever wondered why guys always wanted to go skinny dipping with you. Shit man, they all wanted to see that dick of yours. Seriously man, with the dick you've got, I'm surprised that you don't have it stuck down some guy's mouth all the time. Seriously man, don't other guys make comments or approach you, like maybe, when you're in the restroom taking a piss? Come on man, I'm sure other guys make comments, don't they?"

"Yea, yea they do, -once in a while." Dean replied as he felt rather cornered to be honest since his older brother was being honest about how the older guys had always wanted to see his dick and was jealous of its size. "Yea, I've had some guys that asked me if they could suck it."

"Really, really Dean? Some guys have asked you if they could suck it?" Jason asked, as he continued his slamming and ramming of Todd's ass, and as Todd managed an inch at a time of getting more and more of that dick down and into his mouth! Come on man, tell me, tell me about getting asked. Ever let any of them suck you off?"

"Yea, hell yea I guess I might just as well be honest with you now that you already know about Mike and me fucking those two guys. And, as I sit here with about three fourths of it stuck down this guy's throat. Yea, I get asked a lot when in a public restroom, unless I've got my uniform on.

I've never had anyone ask when I'm in uniform. I sure have watched a lot of guys that I thought maybe were gonna, but nobody ever did. I'm not sure what I'd do if I was in uniform and a guy asked. Guess it'd depend on what he looked like and what my mood was."

"So man, how often do guys try to hit you up?"

"Oh, probably a couple of times a month. If I'm out of uniform, of course, that's when I get offers."

"Hey brother, ever have another officer hit up on you? Ever let another cop take it from you?"

"Yea, once in Atlanta at an officers convention. He knew I was a cop too, but he told me that we were from different towns, and my dick was just too fucking hot to leave alone, and he asked me to come up to his room with him, and he told me all I had to do was stand there, and let him suck.

I figured hell, I hadn't had any sex for about five days anyway, and it was gonna be another three days before I got home, so I decided getting a blow job was better than just jerking it off! So yea, I went! And I was damn glad I did! He was one fucking good sucker. I swear he could have made a living being a professional sucker! At one time I thought he was gonna suck my whole body down his throat."

"God man, he must have been good! You cum for him?"

"Hell yes I did! I even went back to his room the next day and asked him to do it again.

"Oh shit man! Dean you and me talking about guys asking you if they can suck you off is really turning me on. I am just about ready to unload all of my cum up in this kid's ass. I am so fucking turned on right now that I am about to explode! Todd you ready man, you ready? I'm gonna load you, I'm gonna load you! Oh shit man, -------I'm cumin man, I'm cumin man!"

"Oh God Jason, I'm cuming too! Jason I'm loading him too! Oh shit man, oh God I just let everything fly! Hey guy, you OK? Oh Jason, ---I didn't known I was so close, but I guess when I started telling you about that cop in Atlanta, I guess that got me all hot `n bothered, and besides, I think this guy started sucking on me stronger then too! Hey, you OK?

Hey kid, you OK?"

Not wanting to take his mouth off of the cop's enormous dick, Todd managed to shake his head "Yes" and utter a small "Yea." It wasn't until then, at that time, that Todd finally realized that Dean obviously did not know what his name was, and he had been referring to him as "Kid".

Suddenly that was a hot turn on to him. He liked that! He realized that he was hardly any younger than Dean was, but the fact that Dean was calling him the "Kid" was a major, for Todd. It made him feel like he was taking care of, maybe his "Daddy," or at least someone quite a bit older. He liked it!

"Oh shit man, that took it out of me!" Jason announced as he leaned forward onto Todd's back and rested there for a minute. "Man, I have not shot off that hard in months and months. I guess this tight little solid ass and the way we were talking about you getting sucked off in Atlanta really make me do it! Shit man, I'm fucking exhaused! How you doing Dean? How's he doing on that dick of your?"

"Oh shit man, he is doing great! This kid knows how to suck a cock! I mean it! I think he comes in a close second to that cop in Atlanta that did me. I don't know how long this guy's been sucking dick, but he must have started as a young kid. He sure knows how! Damn that felt good!"

"Well hey man. He wanted you to fuck his ass today. You gonna be able to do that since you came already?"

"Well as far as I'm concerned, I'm still willing. Hey Kid, you still want me to fuck that butt of yours?"

Still sucking and not being willing to pull off of Dean's dick until he had to, Todd emphatically nodded "Yes" and attempted to rather yell "Yes."

"Hey he wants it! You gonna come up here and let him suck on you while I do his ass? Feel up to that?"

"Yea I can do that. I kind of think he probably already has figured out I've already cum once, so I doubt I'd do that again, be if the wants to suck me, I'm sure willing."

The two brother switched places, and after Jason cleaned his dick off so that Todd did not need to suck on shit juices and Crisco, he positioned himself on the workbench and let Todd take his dick into his mouth.

As Jason took ahold of the sides of Todd's head and aimed his dick in, he said, "Hey guy, not as big as little brother's, but it's all I got."

Even though Todd had his mouth full of a dick that was totally hard and stiff again already, Todd managed to utter, "Big enough, big enough!

It's big!"

Dean positioned himself back at Todd's rear door and as Todd was taking Jason's rod into his mouth, Dean said, "Hang on Kid, here it comes!"

Getting one dick stuffed down his throat from one end, and then taking Dean's pole, all in one push, up the other end, almost raised Todd up off of the floor! He uttered an, "Oh man, oh man!"

Both Dean and Jason asked him at the same time if he was OK. Just as emphatically as he could, Todd indicated a very big, "Yea, Oh God Yes!

Fuck me men, fuck me!"

That was a very clear indication to both of the brothers that Todd was definitely getting what he wanted, and that made both men go after him with vim and vigor! Dean started fucking his ass like he had never fucked before. "Oh my god man, Oh my God this is great! You OK Kid? You OK?"

He literally yelled as he pounded Todd's ass like a fucking sledge hammer going in and out!

"Oh shit man!" Jason was almost yelling. "Oh shit man! I didn't think I'd get all excited again after I just came, but hang on Todd, I'm gonna cum, oh man, I'm gonna cum! Here it is, I'm cummmmmmin man, I'm cummmm again!

"Oh shit man! Oh man, I'm cumin too! Hey Kid, get ready, I'm about ready to load you back here again! I'm gonna mix my cum with brother's cum, and you're gonna have some of both of us up in there! Hang on man, here it comes! Oh man,----I'm cummmmin, I'm cummmmin!"

Todd realized that he was now the center character of a gay story that could not be written. Of all of the gay stuff he had read so far, he realized that no person in any story could have lived the experiences that he was getting that day, in that basement `workroom', as it was called.

Two fucking hot brothers, and one a cop that any gay guy would jump off of a cliff for, had just taken him, and used him, from both ends, and had used him for all he was worth. Each man had loaded him both in the mouth and in the ass! He laid there with his face in Jason's bare lap, and with Dean spread out across his back, still with Dean's oversized dick stuck up in his ass, and he realized that what he had just experienced was, way beyond, what any normal gay guy could ever hope to experience during any of his lifetime. Todd knew that when he left that house that day, he'd be taking a hell of a lot more with him than just the room measurements! He was taking some of Jason, and he was taking some of Dean. And he was taking memories that could never be duplicated! As he was walked out of that basement, that day, he felt like he was not only himself, but partly Jason, and partly Dean, too! And he liked the feeling, ----immensely! He knew he could measure up with the big boys now, really, in a very big way!


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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