Still laying on top of Todd, David lowered his head down beside David's ear and softly whispered, "Which dildo do you want first?"

"Oh my God David, Oh shit man, you gonna use one of those on me?"

"Well yea man, yea. I thought you wanted one of them up in you!

Isn't that why you came over here tonight?"

"Oh yea David, yea! Yea it is man, well anyway, it sure was a good way to let you know I wanted to do something, but man after that fucking I just got, you think I can take a dildo up in there now? You think I can do that?"

"Hell yea man, hell yea! Your ass just got fucked, not cemented shut! Hell man, you let me run that 15 incher up in there and you may never want me to take it back out!"

"Oh David, how many dildos you got? I saw two the other day. Is that all you got or you got more?"

"Tell you what young man. You lay there and hug that bed and let me use that ass hole of yours and I'll just start with the smallest one and move up the line. OK? Hell, ---tell you what. Think I'll fuck your cute tight little butt with a dildo, then use my dick in there, then put in another dildo, then fuck you again and just kind of do that for awhile, until you tell me you and your cute little hole have had enough for one night! OK? OK if I do that?"

"Oh shit man, yea! Oh David, that sounds so hot to me! Yea do that! Yea, do that!"

With Todd's emphatic insistence that David do use the dildos, then use his own dick and then another dildo, David reached over to the bed stand and took out the smallest and skinniest of the dildos he had available. It was 15 inches long and only about four and a half inches around.

After smearing some Crisco on the dildo, David aimed it toward Todd's ass and said, "OK man, dildo number one! Just lay there and relax.

Seriously man, this one is so skinny, you probably won't even hardly feel it going up in you!"

Todd laid there, still fully tied down with both arms stretched out and tied, and both legs stretched out and tied. Anxiously he asked, "Oh David, how long is it? David how big is it?"

"Hey Todd, like I said men, it's skinny but it's long enough that we'll be able to let you take a little bit of length, just to prove to you that you've got a deep asshole back here. Lay still there and just let me slide this up and in, OK?"

Calmly Todd said, "OK," and so slightly, and even without realizing what he was doing, he attempted to push his butt up in the air as if to say, "I'm hungry, my butt's hungry and I want that! Put that up in me!"

David started the slide into Todd's ass. Todd simply laid there and made no comments other than a couple of pleasant "Ahs" and a few "Yes".

David could tell and did know that Todd was easily taking this tool up in his ass, and was taking it very quickly!

"Yea man! Yea man! Yea, I can feel that going up in me. Yea that feels good! Hey man, how much's is up in me? David, how much you put in me?"

"Well Todd, this one is 15 inches long, and right now I've only got enough left out of you so that I can keep a hand on it, so I'd say that right now you have 12 or 13inches of dildo up in you! How's that sounding to that tight little ass of yours?"

"Oh my God David! David, you serious? David I can't have 12 or 13 inches of that up in me, do I? Shit man! I can't have that much up in there, do I?"

"Yea Todd, yea you do! Surprise you? Didn't think you could do that did you?"

"Shit no, hell no! David, you sure! Really, ----- I have something that long up in my ass? I really have 12 or 13 inches of that up in me right now? Really? Oh my God man! I can't believe I've got something that long up inside of me!"

"You sure do man! You sure do! Tell you what. I'm gonna put my finger right here, on the dildo, where your asshole is at, and keep it on the dildo until after I pull it all out of you and then show you how much you had up inside, OK?"

David did. With his finger firmly planted on the side of the dildo, he then slowly started pulling it back out of Todd's ass. As it came out, and Todd's little butt hole slid back shut, David leaned forward with the dildo in hand and said, "Hey Todd, look. Here, this is what was up in you, and this is where your asshole was when I started pulling it back out! Pretty impressive, right? You've got one hungrier asshole than you thought, don't you?"

"Oh man, really, really? I really had that much up inside of me?

David, I couldn't hardly feel it! Shit man, I thought sticking something that long up in your ass would hurt like hell! David, I felt it , kind of up in there, but not like it was that far up in me! Really man, really I had that much up in me?"

"Sure did, and now it's time for my little massaging of the ole ass hole. Remember, I said I was gonna use a dildo on you, then fuck you for a minute or two, the use another dildo?"

"Yea yea! I remember! Yea fuck me man, fuck me and fuck me hard!

Yea David, your dick in me feels so fucking good man, so fucking good! Oh yea man, Oh yea, fuck me!"

David took advantage of his position in Todd's butt hole and did as Todd was begging. He fucked him good and hard, and good and rough!

"Oh God David, yea! Oh man that feels so good!"

"Hang tight Todd, I'm gonna cum! Man Oh man, I can't believe this!

Oh shit man, I thought I just unloaded in you a few minutes ago. Oh God Todd, -------I'm cummmmmin man, ------- I'm cummmmmm!"

Much to his surprise, but with great pleasure, David dumped his man cream juices up in Todd's ass, again! "Oh Todd, God man I can not believe I came again so fast. Shit man, I guess playing with you like this has got me really hot and horny! Man, it's been years since I've cum twice, that fast, that close together! Shit man! Let's get another dildo stuck up in your ass and see if I get still more excited this time too."

After regaining his breath some, David again reached over to the bed stand and took out another dildo. This one measured 18 inches long and was a little thicker, measuring five and a half inches around. David greased it up well and also smeared some additional Crisco on, and up into, Todd's ass.

"Here man! Here's your next one!" David reached down and after sliding a couple of fingers into Todd's ass and moving them around for a minute or two, he pulled his fingers out and started the tip of the dildo up and into Todd's ass.

"Oh yea! Oh yea! Yea, I can feel that one. Hey David, go slow.

Yea I can feel that one. That one's a lot bigger then the other one, right?"

"No not really. Not too much! Just lay there and relax your butt and let me move this up and in you real slowly. Now if it does get uncomfortable, let me know, but I think you'll take it all OK. Yea, here, let me do you."

"Oh David, yea I can feel it! Go slow, but yea, keep pushing man, keep pushing! Yea, I can feel it. It feels good! Yea push, push! Oh David, yea I feel that going up in me. David, that feels good! Yea, man, I like this, yea I like this!"

Without any need of asking Todd how he was doing, David continued his slow and careful imbedding of the dildo up and into Todd's ass.

"Oh David, how much have I got up in me? David how much I got up in me?"

"Well, let me tell you man, you are taking it pretty fast. How much you think you got up in there?"

"Oh David, I don`t know. What, three inches, maybe four? That much?"

"Oh hell yea man, hell yea! You think you've only got four inches up in you? Serious?"

"Yea! Why? Have I got more than that up in there?"

"Yea-man, yea! You sure as hell do! You have four inches up in there, but the only thing is, there's another seven or eight more with it.

Really Todd! Right now you've got just about 12 inches of this thing up in your butt! Can't you feel it up in there?"

"Yea I can feel it, but I didn't think it was that much! David, this feels good to me, really! David, I'm kind of wondering if I'm normal or not. Seriously man, I love this! I thought something that long up in my ass should hurt like hell. David, it feels good! Oh David, just knowing I'm all tied down to the bed, I've got you back there playing with my ass, and I've got that much dildo stuck up in my ass is just making me crazy man, just crazy! I love this! Yea man, yea! Play with me, ---play with me, ---play with me! Oh yea man! Play with my ass!"

Being very careful, yet very playful, David played with the dildo, by pushing and pulling it in and out, ever so slightly, so that Todd could experience the great feelings of being very deeply fucked, ---true, ---by a dildo, but none the less, ---getting to experience that very deep feeling of intrusion, way up inside of his body.

After about ten minutes of David letting Todd enjoy the new feelings of now having something stuck up in his ass, and actually managing to put in an additional two inches more of the dildo, he told Todd that he was going to start pulling it back out, and once again he'd show him just how much thick, dildo dick, he had taken.

After slowly and rather playfully removing the dildo from Todd's ass, David once again said, "Hey. Look! This is what you had up inside of you!"

Holding out the dildo so that Todd could turn his head and see it, David held his finger tip at the spot where Todd's asshole had been, just before David removed it.

"Oh shit man! Are you serious David? I had all that up in me? Oh crap man! All that?"

You sure did man, you sure did! Your ass is one fucking hungry hole! I can just about tell you right now that the way that ass of yours is acting, you are one man headed toward getting fisted one day, soon.

Seriously Todd, you are taking these so easily, and especially for being your first time getting anything up in your ass, I can tell that pretty soon, you are gonna be looking for more and bigger stuff to take up in there. Every guy that is now a fister or a fistee, had to start out somewhere, and I think you are making a pretty good start today!"

"Hey David, that one you just took out of me. It's got two heads on it, right? One on each end?"

"Yea, it does. It's a double headed dildo! Designed for two guys, or well two people, ---guess a gal could be involved, anyway, to use it at the same time and each person takes part of it and then they let their butts come together while there are both getting fucked in the butt! Never done that with some gal, but sure have done it with a number of guys, and it's fun! Course, with you, right now, I'd be afraid you'd take all of it and leave me with about one inch or so!"

"Oh yea, ---right! I don't think so, but if you say so, man! Just the idea of doing that sounds fucking hot to me! Can we do that sometime?

Never thought about doing that, but I like the sounds of that! Yea man, that sounds hot!"

"Sure man, sure we can sometime. I like the way you play! I'm kind of looking forward to a lot of future play with you if you want!"

"Oh shit yea man! Hell yea! David, you're teaching me and showing me stuff tonight that I never thought I'd ever get to do. Yea man! Yea I want to do a lot of future playing! I love this!"

"Well how's you ass feeling now? You wanting more? Or, are you feeling done, after taking that one up in there?

"No I'm not done! No! I mean, ---David, if we can do some more, I want to! But hey, it's not up to me. But--if-----you want to, I'm still game! I'm living man, ---I'm living!"

"Hey if your ass is up to it, so am I! Hang on man, I'm gonna poke you again and let my little ole dick have some fun in that hot ass of yours, then we'll go for the next dildo. OK?"

"Yea, yea, OK! Yea fuck me! Oh David, I can't believe this! Oh man I am so fucking glad I got up enough nerve to come over here tonight.

Really man, I've read about guys doing stuff like this, and I've wanted to do something like this for years. Oh David, thanks for helping me do this stuff. Thanks man, thanks!"

David aimed his dick, and immediately took his desired position down deep into Todd's ass.

"Oh shit man! Oh God David that feels so fucking good! Oh man!

You'd think after having that other dildo stuck up in my ass that my ass would be standing wide open, but oh man, your dick feels so good up in there! Fuck me man, fuck me!"

David did! He took advantage of one eager, anxious and hungry ass.

He humped and pumped Todd's butt as if there had never been anything up in there yet that night. After about six or seven minutes of ass pounding, David suddenly laid down on Todd's back and said, "Ok man, it's time for something bigger than me up in there. Todd, I kind of think maybe we need to untie you and have you turn over onto your back before you take this next one. We need to get you into a position so that you can kind of squirm and move around a little if you need to. This one's gonna take a little more concentration and maybe some teeth gritting to get it up in you where we want it."

Cautiously Todd said. "OK. Ok." He was not just so sure of why David had suggested that, but he was definitely doing anything that David suggested, or said they needed to do.

After getting untied and turned over onto his back, Todd watched David as he reached over to the night stand, and removed another dildo.

"Oh shit man! Oh God David! You're not gonna use that one on me, ---are you? Oh shit man that one's fucking big! Oh my God David, I don't know if I can take that one or not! God man it's big! David, how much bigger is that than the one I just had in me? Oh fuck man, that one looks so fucking big!"

"Well, the last one was about five and a half inches around and about 18 inches long, and this one is seven inches around but only about 15 inches down to the balls. If we can get all of this up in you so your ass is up against those balls, you will really like that! With this much dick up inside and then having someone pushing up against your ass with these big balls on this thing, it feels great. But first, we need to see if we can get this up in you. Ready? Still willing? This is one of those dildos you saw the other day when I left them laying out! Hey man, it's because of this baby that you're even here, so you better take it and love it! OK?"

"Oh God man, it looks so fucking big now! Really David, you really think I can get that up in my ass?"

"Got to be honest man, I really don't know, but in a minute or two, we'll find out. I'm gonna play with your ass a little and just finger it open a little more so we can get this one started up in there. Lay still and just relax. I'm gonna grease you and this dildo up real good."

Just as soon as David got some grease on the dildo and on Todd's ass, he fingered Todd's ass and attempted to open it up a little wider, by slightly pulling it open with his fingers, and he then started the bigger dildo in.

"Oh shit, oh my God! Oh David, it feels so fucking big! David you sure it's not a whole lot bigger than only seven inches around? The other one was five and a half, right? Man, only an inch and a half bigger shouldn't be that much bigger, is it? Oh David, I don`t know! It feels so fucking big!"

"Relax man, relax! This one is bigger and it's gonna stretch your little ass hole a little more. Let's take it slow and see how much of it we can get up in there."

For more than five or six minutes, Todd forced himself to just lay there, he kept taking big deep breaths, and tried to keep his ass relaxed and take as much dildo as he could, each time David pushed on it.

"Doing good man! You're doing good! It's going slow, but we're making head way. Feeling pretty full in there, isn't it?

"Oh God yes! Yes it does! Oh, I can't believe how much bigger this one feels, as opposed to that other one! David, this one is really stretching me, I can tell. How much you got in me? Tell me, how am I doing?"

Todd, you are doing good! You are doing real good! I'm serious, you are taking this thing a hell of a lot faster than I've ever seen any guy take it for his first time, and especially since tonight is the very first time you've ever had anything stuck up in that ass. Todd, you are one anxious asshole. I'm serious! You are gonna be getting yourself fisted sooner than you think. The way your ass is anxious for whatever I can give it, that's showing just what you have in store for you in the future!"

"David, how much is up in me? How's it going?"

Todd, you've got just about three fourth of it up in there. You're taking it like a pro. You feeling up to trying to take the last three or four inches, so you can see what having those balls pushed up against your ass feels like? You doing OK?"

"Oh yea, I'm doing OK! Never, never thought I'd ever be taking something like this up in my ass, especially tonight! Oh man! When I came over here, I never expected anything like this to happen. Really, I don't know what I thought would happen, but man, I sure as hell never thought I'd be doing this. Yea David, I want to see it I can get the rest of it up in me. You think maybe I can?"

"Hey man,-right now-knowing how fucking anxious your ass is and has been tonight, I'm about ready to get my Ram Truck and drive it up in there!

Yea Todd, lay there and let me keep working on it! You'll take it! You're doing good! Once we got in past that one spot that gave you some problems, it's been free sailing all the way since then. Yea it's been going in a little slower than the other ones, but I've been watching your face, and I could tell every time how happy you were when it slid in just a little bit farther. Every time it moved up in you, you broke out in a big smile!

Yea, I know you feel like it's been a challenge, but seriously man, you have taken this thing fast! Lay still, take a big deep breath, let me push it the rest of the way!"

"Oh David, I've got it all don't I? Are those the balls I feel pushing on my ass? Did I take all of it? Oh David push on it! Oh yea man, let me feel those balls pushing on my ass! Oh David that feels so good! Yea--I did it! Yea-I did it! I did it, didn't I?"

"Yes Todd, yes you did! You need to be pretty fucking proud of yourself! Pretty fucking proud! You do better than most guys I've played with that have been getting fucked for years! Todd, you do good!"

After some good pushing and playing around so that Todd could really take a good advantage of having the big balls now slamming up against his ass, and having the shaft of that dildo pushing up against everything inside of him, David asked if he was ready to let his ass rest for the rest of the night. Todd said that he really didn't want to, but he also knew that whatever time it was, regardless of how late it was, or even how long they had already played, he knew he wouldn't be ready to stop.

"Oh slow, yea slow! Yea pull it out slow! Oh man! I can feel it coming back out more than I felt it going in. Yea slow, slow, slow! Oh David, what a fucking feeling! Wow, shit man! I felt my ass slam shut when that came out! Oh what a fucking feeling! David, I think we have done about enough for one night, but man, please tell me we can do this again, and again real soon! Oh David, I can not believe what we just did!

Thanks man, thanks! I guess I might as well admit it right now, I'm into doing guys, and letting guys do me. Sex has never been this great before!

David, thanks! Man, you have shown me the real me tonight! Now I know what great sex is like, and I like it! Oh David, I just hope I can show some guys how to have some great sex just like you showed me tonight! Man, oh man! Boy am I gonna have some fucking trouble being in here around you trying to lay carpet in a couple of days with my co-workers here and me trying to act normal. Oh God David! Please don't have anything sexy on!

Please keep your shirt on and please don't wear any sexy looking shorts!

Oh David, don't make me want to jump your bones that day! Oh fuck! I know I'm gonna have some real trouble trying to keep my mind on laying carpet that day!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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