Still laying under the hot fucking man that had just pounded the hell out of his ass, and in conclusion, dumped a major, major cum load into his ass, Todd asked, "Mark, Mark! What did you just say? Did you just say trooper and cuffs? Mark, are you an officer?"

"Yea, guy, yea! Kind of failed to tell you I guess, ---you were getting your ass pounded by one of the state's finest, didn't I? Your cute tight little ass has just been fucked and pounded by one of the guys that all the gay guys are always trying to figure out how to get bed. Well, Todd my man, you've just been loaded with some of the state's finest juices! And yea! I do intend to do this often. If you're just getting into the gay stuff, you sure as hell are one fast learner! Seriously, I have not fucked any guy's ass, or beat his body that hard in years, any yet you kept begging for more. You are one hot ass! One hot ass! I can't believe how hard and rough you want it done to you! Man I gotta say, you sure as hell can take it! Man, can you still move?"

"God Mark, ---you're a state trooper? Man, I can't believe this!

Yea, I know! I know all gays are always wanting to make it with a cop.

Man, I can't believe this! I've just got the fucking hell of a lifetime, and by a hot fucking state cop! Mark, you sure as hell aren't the only one that wants to do this some more! So do I! Shit man! The way you fucked me and pounded my ass, I could feel you way up inside of me! Yea man, yea!

I want to do this everyday too!"

Todd, seriously man, I can not believe some guy that just got started getting his ass fucked, can take what I just gave you. Size, action and load, all of it! Man, I sure can see why that other guy said your ass is headed for getting fisted pretty damn quick. Shit man, I think if I could have put my fist, and more, up in there at the same time I had my dick in there, you'd been yelling `Thanks." Mark, I'm not sure what your limit back here is! I'm not sure you even have a limit back here! Us cops like to think we're the big and tough guys, but I haven't been in any cop's ass yet that can take what I just gave you!"

"Mark, in any cop's ass yet? Mark, do you fuck some of the other cops? Man, seriously, do you and some of the other cops fuck each other?"

Still laying there, his dick still stuck up in Todd's ass, although not as far, now that it was starting to deflate, Mark replied. "Yea man!

Yea! Us cops, we need sex and fucking around just like everybody else.

We're all buddies, and when one of us finds out that one of the new guys is into doing the guy thing, well then we kind of just get `em included into our little ring of gay cops. Cops that do other gay cops! Todd, we've got our little groups that we can stop by and visit, all over the state. You let me keep fucking you like I did today, and then maybe we can do ourselves a little out of town tripping, and see if you can take it from some of the other guys as roughly as you took it from me, or maybe, see if a bunch of us together can make you yell Uncle!"

Flipping his head as far as he could, in an attempt to look at Mark's face, Todd excitedly asked, "Oh Mark! You mean you'd take me to go fuck around with some of the other cops, and maybe let them fuck me too?

Oh, Mark, is that what you're saying?"

"Yea sure! Why not? Some of the other guys have brought some playmates with them once in awhile to kind of share with the rest of us, and so sure, why not? If you keep begging for the rough and wild action that you like up in your ass, then maybe we just need to have more than one guy standing by to take over when I get all wiped out!"

"Oh Mark, this is unbelievable! Oh I can't believe this! What, ---within just about two minutes, I find out that the guy that just fucked the hell out of my ass and has still got his dick up in there, is a State Trooper, and now you're telling me that you'll let me go with you and get fucked by some more cops? Oh, this is way too wild to even think is possible! Oh man, just thinking about that is getting me all fucking excited again. Mark, come on, man, come on! Can you fuck me some more?

Please, please!"

"Sure I can, sure! This tight fucking ass of yours, hell yes! Lay still man. Here goes! Hang on!"

Todd did. He spread his arms out like they had been previously, and firmly planed his feet on the edge of the bed, knowing that as soon as Mark raised up just slightly, his ass was going to get rammed and slammed, pushed and crushed, probably even harder than he had been done before.

For ten minutes more, Todd's body laid there and flipped and flopped on the bed as Mark used every bit of his energy and strength in actually trying to get Todd to kind of suggest that he had taken enough.

It never happened! But Mark's climax did. Once again, suddenly Mark pushed into Todd's butt as far and as hard as possible, and with his head laying on the mattress right beside Todd's head, he said, "Oh man, oh man!

Here it comes man, here it comes! Oh Todd, I can't believe I'm unloading another load of cum this fast. I have not shot this much cum so fast, in years! Oh Todd, I love having sex with you. You like it so fucking rough and wild, and man, so do I! You are going to let me keep fucking you right? Right? I mean, today's not our only time, right?"

"Hell no it is not the only time! My God Mark, this is heaven for me man! This is heaven! I think I'm the one that needs to be afraid this won't happen again! Yea, I'll let you use my ass anytime you want. And remember, you told me a little bit ago, that you'd take me with you when you go to fuck around with some of the other cops, right?"

"Hey man. Let's both quit worrying. I kind of think maybe you're as excited about doing this stuff with me, as I am about using you and that rough, tight, little ass of yours! And yea-------yea I'll take you when I go see one of the other guys! Fact is, be kind of fun for me to kind of show you off to them and let them see what I found, and also what I have available for me to use all of the time."

"Oh good! Thank goodness! Yea, I like being with you, letting you use me, fuck the hell out of me, and it sounds real exciting, the idea of getting to go with you to see some of your other buddies. Oh man, just thinking about doing that kind of makes me feel like if we do that, ---then I'd kind of be something like the toy boy, to be used and shown off, right?

You'd let them fuck me too, right? I'd kind of be the toy for them to use, right? You'd tell them to fuck me, right?"

"Yea right! I didn't want to put it that way for fear that might be kind of a turn off to you, but since I guess looking at it that way is kind of exciting to you, yea, I'd take you as the toy for the night! That be OK? Like that?"

"Oh shit yea! Yea, I like that idea. Got to admit, I never thought of doing something like that, but man, what an exciting thought! Yea, the toy for some state cops to play around with and fuck my ass. Oh Mark! God man! Oh yea, I wanta do that! Yea I do! How soon can we do that?"

"Well, I don't know right now, but I'll get something set up and get a couple of guys lined up and tell `em I've got someone that needs some good rough, real rough ass action. Hey, any problem if one of the guys is a big, very, very, well hung black cop?"

"Oh my God no! Hell no! Why in the hell would I have a problem with that? Oh Mark! Of course I've never been fucked by a black man, but I've read and heard they can really fuck the hell out of a guy with the big dicks they have. Oh yea Mark, do that! Yea, get that set up, please!"

"Ok, ---but as excited as you are with me just mentioning this, maybe I shouldn't do that. If helping you get fucked by too big of a pecker back here, you might not want mine in you anymore!"

"Oh, no chance of that! No chance! The way you fuck! Hey regardless of whatever else I get stuck up in there, or how big some other guy's rod is, I'll always want you and yours! Believe me man, believe me!

The way you fuck me is the way I like it. Yea I really do! Hey, Mark, what time is it? How late is it? I need to call the company and have somebody come get me yet. I sent the truck on with Joe and told him, I'd call for somebody to come get me when I was done. Sure did not know how fucking exciting my afternoon was gonna turn out to be, though! Wow, what a great day!"

"Another idea! What you need to do yet tonight? What if you just called the company, told `em you've got a ride, and you'll get your car later. Then we'll have some supper, and then oh ----maybe-----get some grease out and see if that ass of yours is really ready for a fist or not!

What do you say? Interested?"

"Oh my God yes I am! Oh Mark, seriously? You mean it? You want me to stay, and then let you see if I can get your fist up in me? Is that right?"

Think that's what I said! Yea, think that's what I was kind of suggesting! Want to? Wanna see if this cop can get his fist up inside of that ass?"

Oh yes man, oh yes! Oh I can't really believe you are asking me to stay and do that! Oh Mark, hell yes! Let me call the store and tell them I'll get my car later. Oh Mark----this is gonna be great!"

Todd called the store and told them that he had a ride, not to worry about him getting his car, and after the call, Mark suggested that perhaps they run through the shower and kind of freshen up a little from all of the previous sex actions, and then move to the kitchen for a quick sandwich and a beer. Soon as they had eaten their sandwich and finished the beer, Mark then suggested that they head back to the bedroom.

"Hey Todd, you want some more fucking before we start the hand up in there, or just want to get going on the hand thing?"

"Oh man, fuck me, fuck me! Shit man, I gotta be fucked again first. Mark, they way you fuck me, I gotta have it again."

Without fanfare, Todd hit the bed, arms out, legs spread and his ass up in the air just waiting for Mark to do his slamming and banging into his ass. Mark, grabbed a little grease, smeared it on his dick and went in without even mentioning that he was ready. Once again, Todd got it rough and tough for about ten minutes.

"I'm gonna get this ass good and open and anxious so we can see just how much of my fist you can get up in there!" Mark told Todd as he repeatedly pounded Todd's already hungry and anxious ass. Once again Mark's body went stiff and rigid as he again grabbed Todd by the chest and pushed his dick up into Todd's ass as far and as hard as he could! "Oh shit man, oh shit! Oh Todd here it comes man, here it comes!"

Once Mark had managed to regain some of his strength after, once again, another hot climax into Todd's ass, he reached over to the night stand, took the dish of Crisco that he had brought into the bedroom after the sandwich, and he told Todd. "Oh man, this is it! All I want you to do is lay there, trust me, let me do my thing back here, and just relax your ass. OK? Can you do that?"

"Oh God I hope so! Oh Mark, I want you to do this so much, but oh man, I am so fucking scared right now I don't know how to just lay here!

Oh Mark, if it hurts too much, can I ask you to stop? Oh Mark, my God man only a few days ago I had never even been with a man, and now, all of a sudden, I'm gonna let you try an put your fist up in my ass? Oh man am I fucking crazy or something? Oh man, I'm scared, I really am!"

Letting Todd express his fears and concerns, Mark decided, was definitely good for Todd. Mark knew that if he tried to shut him up, that would only frustrate Todd that much more, and beside, he felt that the more he let him talk, that was using up some of the bent up nervous energy that he simply knew Todd was filled with right now. Mark remembered the first time he had taken a man's hand up in his ass, and he remembered well how fucking scared and nervous he was. Now, it was Todd's turn to be scared and nervous!

Todd spread eagle out on the bed, and Mark could hear him repeatedly keep taking big deep breaths. Mark said nothing. He felt that right now it was more important for some good silent time, and to let Todd attempt to get calm, and at he same time, allow Todd the fun and excitement, as frightening as it might be, realizing that he truly was just about to get a man's fist, pushed up into his ass.

Getting everything neatly arranged so that everything he might want or need was handy. Mark put on a pair of surgical gloves, and he then spread a rather good amount of Crisco onto, and into, Todd's ass. Even this action made Todd jerk and move. Even this little amount of ass action felt good and made him push his ass up in the air some, as if to say, "Here it is, come and get it!" Slowly Mark worked the Crisco into Todd's ass by slightly pulling on the edges of the hole, and sliding first one finger, then two fingers in, both pushing Crisco as they went.

"Oh man! Oh Man, yea, that feels good! Oh Mark, yea I can feel your fingers up in there! Yea-yea! I like that! Oh that feels so good!"

"Good! I'm glad that feels good! That'll help get this tight ass of yours all good and open. You lay there and enjoy this, OK? Your ass will feel real good, real good!"

Slowly Mark used one finger to do some deep protruding, and then he added another. Once again slowly he massaged the interior of Todd's butt, and once again he heard Todd exclaim how great that felt up in there.

As Mark continued to service Todd's asshole, inside and out, he encouraged, "Hang on man, it's gonna get better!"

Without Todd even realizing it, Mark added a third finger. He was now using three fingers up, and in, as far as possible, and also an additional finger from his left hand to encourage Todd's butt hole to slightly open just a little more. Slowly and gently Mark continued to work on the hole, and occasionally he would encourage Todd to "Just lay there and relax. Everything's Ok back here! Still anxious to feel that hand up in there?"

"Oh yes, oh yes! Oh God I think so Mark, I think so! But I'm still scared, I really am!"

"Being scared is part of the fun! Just relax and let me do my thing! Everything's gonna be OK!"

Slowly and carefully Mark continued his quest of gaining total access to Todd's insides. Slowly he worked Todd's ass, now with all four fingers, and slowly he pushed and twisted to gain additional depth. Todd was accepting this very easily for a first timer. He was letting his fister know that he was truly enjoying this, even though he still admitted to being scared.

Using all four fingers on his right hand, in addition to some additional help form the other hand, he now slid his thumb in place so that it was now a process of just getting that hole open far enough to let his whole hand slide in. He knew the process would be very time consuming, and he had let Todd know that if they were successful in accomplishing this, it was not going to happen `all of a sudden'. Todd was well aware that if getting a fist up in him was possible, it was going to take a very experienced top, some time, some patience, some anxiety, some desire, and an ass hole opened farther then it had ever been opened before! All elements were necessary if they were to be successful. And at this point in time, it did look like everything was perfectly in place, except for maybe the wide open ass hole. That part of the equation. Mark was definitely working on.

"Todd, you're doing good man, doing good! How you feeling?

Everything OK?

"Oh yea, it's OK. My ass feels really full and really spread open, but man, I still want to know that I took your fist, so please, keep pushing! I can feel every time you move your hand and when you push on me stronger. Every time you push, I wonder if it's gonna just go on in me!

Can it do that? When you push, will it just go in?"

"Well that's pretty hard to answer. Yea, I gotta push to make it go in, but I don't want to let you think that it will just automatically fall in. You're gonna know it pretty well when it's about to go in. Todd, your ass is gonna feel real pressure when my knuckles get right there.

Then when my knuckles snap in, you will definitely know you have my fist up in there. Now when my hand goes up and in, it is gonna hurt for a moment.

That's just cause we managed to spread that muscle just enough, for a moment to let my knuckles slide in, so when that happens, just lay there and be calm. Todd, don't try to shit my hand back out! Let it stay there and let your ass close around my wrist. Seriously man, it will quit hurting in just a moment. As soon as you realize you have taken that hand, you are gonna have a smile on your face. Then you'll probably beg for me to put it in deeper and deeper."

"Oh I don't know! Man, right now I just know that if I can get it up in there, I'll be glad. The deeper and deeper stuff, I don't think so!

Right now I just want to get your hand up in there so I can know we did it!

How we doing? Are we gonna do it?"

"We are doing good! Real good! You do have one hungry ass hole back here man! They are right! Your ass is hungry and ready for some wild assed action! You just keep laying there and let me do my thing back here!

We're making progress, we just need to take it good and slow!"

As if these two men had known each other for years, and had planned this session for a long time, Todd continued to offer his bare ass to Mark's hand, and continued to beg for more, more, and more. Todd wanted to know that he had been successful on his first attempt of getting a man's hand put up in, his ass.

Mark continued to work on this hand virgin ass, and continued to be amazed at how fast Todd was taking the spreading and the pressure, of the true fact, that he was actually getting fisted! He pushed, turned and actually just played with Todd's ass as he continued to watch more and more of his hand slide into Todd's butt.

"Ouch ouch! Oh Mark, what's happening? That hurt's now! Wow, what going on?"

"What is going on is you are just about to take a fist up in your ass. Lay still there and try to relax. This is where I told you about my knuckles. Well we are there! Todd, I can not believe how fucking fast we have gotten to this point. You sure you never had a fist up in here before?"

"No, no! No, the only thing I've had up in there is a couple of dicks and those dildos that Dave used on me! That's all, seriously man, that's all."

"Well let me tell you man, as fast as we gotten this little butt hole to open up for my hand, I guess right now I'd like to see just how big of a dildo did that guy use on you! Hell-right now, I'm kinda surprised he didn't fist you that night!"

"Oh Mark! Oh Mark! Oh shit man I can feel your hand! Oh man it is really pressing on my ass! Oh Mark, Mark, -----is it gonna go in?"

"Lay still. Let me grab you and hug you! Lay there, I'm getting close! Real close! It's taken us some time here man, but I'm getting close! I can't believe that you are actually gonna take a hand your very first time trying. Hang on man, hang on, it's about to slide in! I can tell, ---it's just about to go in! Oh, ---here it goes, ---hang on man, ---hang on!"

"Ouch oh shit! Ouch! Damn man that hurts! Oh God Mark that hurts! Oh my ass, oh my ass! Oh Mark, that hurts!"

"Lay still, lay still, lay still! Don't move! Just lay there! My hand went in! Lay there! Relax! Don't try to push it out! Just lay there!"

"Oh my God Mark! Oh shit! Oh God Mark! I've got your hand up in me, don't I? Mark, your hand is up in me, isn't it?"

"Yea. Yea it sure is. You doing OK? Just lay there! I'm gonna hold my hand really steady for a minute to let you relax on it! You OK?"

"How in the hell can somebody be OK that just did that? Oh man!

Yea, I'm Ok but shit man, now I think I know what a woman feels when she pops a kid out! Oh Mark, I'm OK. Oh I can feel all of your hand up in there now. Yea, it quit hurting, but man, I was afraid you tore my ass open. Wow! Whoa, what a feeling! Yea, -------we did it and I like it!

Hey, can you move your fingers around in there so I can feel them? Oh man, that is great! Oh shit yea, keep that up! I like that! Oh yea, yea. Oh man, feels like I got me some kind of a little critter up in my ass when you move your fingers! Oh Mark, that feels good! Really different than anything I've ever felt before, but man, I like it! Oh Mark,--I've been fisted! Wow! I can't believe this! You like feeling my insides? This good for you? You glad we did this?"

"Hell yea I'm glad! Shit man. I knew your ass was gonna feel good on my hand, and I sure as hell was right! You got a copper up inside of you man, a copper! Bet you never thought the first guy to stick his hand up inside of your ass was gonna be a state copper, did you?"

"Oh hell no! Oh Mark I've seen so many pictures of cops with their night stick held up against some guy's ass, I would have figured if I got it from a cop, it's probably be his night stick he rammed up in my ass. Oh shit man, wait till I tell David I got fisted by one of our State's finest.

Hell, even without being a cop, to me, you are still one of the state's finest. I wish I could step back and just see you laying here on me, with you hand stuck up in my ass! Oh man, what a picture that would be!"

"How's your ass feeling? Feeling OK?"

"Yea man, it's Ok! Feeling full as hell, but feeling good that way! I am weird, ain't I? Shit man, it's only been like two weeks since I got my first fucking, and now I'm into getting fisted. Guys don't usually move that fast do they?"

"You know Todd, maybe some do! You're not 17 or18 anymore, and I guess you and your body were just real ready for this type of action, and it just took you a little while to finally find it and get it going for you! I don't know, maybe internally you are making up for lost time!"

"Oh shit man, I will say one thing, ---internally right now, my internals are feeling really full, and I feel like I'm making up for a hell of a lot of lost time. Oh yea man, I wish I had done this years ago. I wish I had started this when I was still 17 or 18. Mark, does a guy's ass get used to getting a fist up in it, so that it will kind of automatically open up right away for it. Does it get easier each time you get fisted?"

`No. No your ass will slam shut once I pull out of it! Sure each time you do it you're that much more anxious for it. Tonight you weren't sure of what was gonna happen, so you were scared. Next time you'll know what to expect, and you're just gonna be anxious to get that hand up in you, as quick as you can, so you can feel what you are feeling, right now.


"Yea, I guess. Yea, I think I do. Oh Mark, more your hand around in there! Let me feel your hand pushing on my insides. Oh Mark, that feels so good!"

Mark continued to fist, and play in Todd's ass for probably 15 or maybe 20 minutes more when they decided that maybe enough for one night was enough.

"OK man, lay still! I'm gonna pull it back out and yea, you are gonna feel it, but not like when it went in you. Lay still and relax!

Here goes! Lay still!"

"Ouch oh shit man! Ouch! Oh Mark, shit man! Damn I could feel your knuckles pop out. Oh man, what a feeling! Yea, I felt it when your hand opened me back up to come back out, but it didn't hurt like when it went in. Yea, I can tell my ass slammed shut. Oh man, feels like it should be standing wide open! Wow! Oh Mark, thank you for doing that!

Really man, thank you a lot! I can't believe I got a fist up in my ass, and shit man, I got it by one of the hottest looking cops in the state!

Wow! What a trip! Thanks!"

"Hey, it's not all me! If you weren't one of the hottest looking guys running around town, there's no way I would have even suggested this!

You are a pretty hot stud on your own!"

"Mark, thanks for that! Now, all I need to do is go find that other guy, that you thought I was earlier today, and tell him how damn glad I look like him. It sure paid off for me today! But believe me, if I ever find him, I sure as hell am not gonna tell him what he missed. I'm too fucking greedy! I'm not gonna share you, if I can help it!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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