"Joe, take the truck back to the warehouse and get it loaded for tomorrow. I've got to check out this west wing of these apartments and see what we need to order, and I'll call and have somebody come pick me up, ---whenever I'm done. I have no idea right now how many units need to be looked at, nor how long it's gonna take, so I'll just call when I'm about done and have you or someone come and get me."

Having given Joe, his helper, the game plan for the rest of the afternoon, Todd grabbed his clip board, the master key for the apartments, his measuring tape and a few other items that he knew he would need, and sent Joe on his way.

The North Cove Apartment complex was a new project for the carpet company. It was an older set of apartments, about 80 or more in total, and the carpet store that Todd installed for had won the bid to take over the carpet and tile maintenance, under a contract agreement. This was Todd's first occasion to visit the complex and determine just what was necessary at this particular time.

Checking his "vacant apartment" sheet, Todd measured and checked out probably 10 or twelve apartments when suddenly he realized that he was being watched by somebody in the apartment across the hall. The door was standing open, but Todd did not remember it being open when he was looking for apartment number 223.

Looking over toward the common hall, Todd saw and nodded to a rather quite attractive man, about age 40, 41 or so, that was very interested in watching, apparently, every move Todd made.

As Todd nodded to him, the man came out of his apartment and came across the hall to where Todd was down on his hands and knees measuring a small offset area.

As the man came into the apartment, he said, "Hi, I'm Mark. I live across the hall over in 224. You the new maintenance man?"

Todd rather sat up, kneeling on his knees and setting back on his heals, extended his hand out for a hand shake and replied, "Well no! I'm not the maintenance man. I work for the carpet and tile company that will be taking care of the flooring. We just took over the contract, so I'm here getting some measurements and finding out which apartments are needing some attention. I'm Todd Underwood."

As Todd spoke, he noticed that his new acquaintance was making no effort to step back any. Having reached out his hand for a friendly hand shake, had rather dictated that the man step up close, to reach Todd's hand. Now that they were done shaking hands, Todd realized that this man's crotch was still placed very, very, closely right in front of his face.

Not a real unpleasant situation for Todd, but he did think it was rather unusual since it was now forcing Todd to strain looking so directly up, to talk to the man.

"Need something to drink? Kind of hot in here ain't it?" Mark asked, as he looked so directly down at Todd, still kneeling on the floor in front of him.

Multitudes of questions and comments were suddenly running through Todd's head. "Why is he standing so close to my face? Why did he come over here? Is he Ok or is he acting a little weird? Is he built like I think he is from what I can see from down here? Is his crotch kind of standing out a little more than it did at first? God, does he smell as good as I think he does? Shit man, is he kinda smacking and licking his lips when he looks down at me? God, look at those legs! Stacks of steel!

Oh man, his crotch is getting bigger and bigger, I know it is! Damn I wish he was standing back a little so I could just look at his crotch and not have him know it. Oh shit man, is he, yea he is, ---he's touching his dick! Oh man he's sliding his finger over his dick! Oh shit man, I know damn well it's getting bigger and bigger! Oh shit man, he's actually making his dick get bigger and bigger just standing there! Oh man, is he trying to come on to me? Oh man, would I do it with him, -------------oh hell yes I would! He is a fucking hot looking man, fucking hot!"

As Todd finally failed to keep his eyes off of Mark's large protruding basket, (against all of his attempts to keep himself under control), Mark again so slightly slid his finger across it, and Todd replied, "Hot,-oh yea, yea, it is, isn't it? Yea, you have something? If you do, I'd appreciate it!"

"Yea, I've got some coke and some lemon lime stuff. Which you prefer?"

"Oh hey the coke sounds pretty refreshing to me right now. That would be great!"

"Ok come on. It's in the frig, over at my place. This damn apartment is too damn hot to stay in, anyway! Cooler's on over at my place." And having said that, Mark reached down and after placing his hands under each of Todd's arm pits, he lifted him up from the floor as if he was taking care of some small child. Todd was stunned and somewhat shocked, but at the same time, horny as hell and confused, not wanting to do or say anything, ---if there was something headed his way with this hunk, ---but at the same time, not really knowing if playing his hand was really the right thing to do. Was this hunk actually trying to set things up, or was Todd starting to loose reality, just because this guy was looking very, very delightful, and was suddenly making Todd once again, realize that he was now much more anxious to see some hot and hunky guy, especially one that is hardly dressed or covered up, than to see some almost naked gal that is trying to show everything to everybody!

Stunned and rather shook at the aspect of actually being picked up from the floor, Todd stood face to face with Mark and each man looked directly into the eyes of his, now, face to face, acquaintance. Todd said nothing, but he did, silently and completely, admire the return look and the solid facial expression coming back to him, from what he was suddenly realizing was probably the most beautiful man within miles and miles. As he stood there, completely mesmerized, all Todd could mentally process was:

"Oh, -- what a beautiful face, what a beautiful smile, what a beautiful expression, what a beautiful body, what beautiful eyes, what beautiful legs, what a beautiful crotch, oh yes, -------oh, what a beautiful crotch!

It had felt like hours that he had been kneeling down on the floor, with that gorgeous, beautiful, crotch directly in front of his face, although he had felt so terribly restricted from looking directly at it. He knew he had failed in keeping his eyes from going directly at it, and he knew this hunk of a man had seen him look directly at it, especially since Mark had so lovingly slid his finger across it as Todd admired it so closely. Now as he stood there, merely within inches of this man's beautiful face and his grinning smile, he wondered if he dare reach-out and put that bulge of a crotch in his hand. Oh how he wanted to! He wanted to feel it and squeeze it so badly, but yet did not know if he was starting to `just loose it" over what was there, or was this really a possible, `man meets man'

situation that he just did not yet have confirmed. Oh he wanted this statue of a man to just rape him there on the spot. He needed to know for sure, if something this good, actually would do something with him. Todd wanted to just yell, "Rape me, rape me! Fuck me please! Do me! Please let me know you will do me!"

"Hey, it's hot in here. Let's go get that coke for you and help you cool down some." Mark firmly stated, as he turned toward the door and Todd numbly followed.

As Mark walked toward the door and Todd was following behind, Todd simply could not believe what he was being asked to follow, nor what he was actually doing, ---following that hunk over, and into his own apartment.

As Todd admired and attempted to accept the sight walking in front of him, he could not fail to register, that beautiful, beautiful sight, deep into his brain.

As Todd attempted to walk without falling all over his companion, Todd kept running through his mind: Six foot one or two, neck that has to be at least 17 or 18 inches around, a back shaped like the "Y" of two roads taking off in two different directions, a waist that is smaller than my own, and sitting right up on top of two butt muscles that are simply droplets of solid gold! Oh God he is so hot! He is so fucking hot!"

With each step, Todd could watch Mark's butt muscles move and contract, tighten and loosen, only so very slightly hidden under the very thin, light weight, cotton shorts that Mark had on, ---well almost had on.

So tight, so short, so thin, so showing of everything he had inside, that Todd actually wondered why he had any shorts on at all. "What a tease! Oh man, what a tease! Oh if I'm wrong about this man, I'm in deep shit and trouble! Oh man, no straight guy can look this hot to another man, can he?"

As they entered apartment 224, Mark stepped aside, so that Todd could step in front of himself, and he then closed the door.

"Hey, let's keep the cool air in here as much as possible, OK?"

Mark stated as he closed the door, and immediately threw both arms around Todd and pulled him close for a full, powerful, deep throated kiss.

Todd was shocked. Actually more than shocked! He was stunned, flabbergasted and more than bowled over, in attempting to realize, of just what was happening. He knew his dreams of a few minutes ago were now coming true. He knew this hunk of a man was not some mirage. He knew, he could feel him, and that he was real. And, this man of unbelievable sight was starting to make serious, serious love to him. He knew he had not done anything to make this happen, so he knew this man, of magazine picture status and quality, was in complete control.

"Oh Todd! Oh, I've wondered what your name was for weeks now! Oh Todd, I've wanted to grab you and hug you and kiss you like this ever since the very first time I saw you! You are such a cutie man, a real cutie! Oh Todd, I am so glad this has finally happened! It has taken way too long!

Hey man, get stripped, I want you naked and in my bed with me, and I want it now! I've wanted that ass of yours since the very first time I saw it!

Damn it looks tight and hard!"

Still gripped tightly with Mark's enormous arms around him, and with Mark's now very excited crotch being pressed up against him, which was making his own dick grow, Todd attempted to ask. "Mark, wait! What do you mean ever since the first time you saw me? When? Where? Mark, this it the first time I've been here. I've never been here before! What do you mean?"

"Hey honey, down at the Boot and Belt Bar! Man, I have drooled over you for months in there, but with Bobby with me, I had to just let it go! When I saw you in here today, man I knew it was finally my time to let me tell you how fucking hot I have always thought you were, and I will admit, I shed my clothes as fast as I could, just so I could let you get an early, easy, sight, at the major hard-on you give me! Oh Todd, come on, let's go in here and let me roam that hot bod of yours. Come on! I want to feel you man, come on!"

Still being gripped tightly, Todd was now trying to pull his head back a little farther and ask, "Mark, --the Boot and Belt Bar? Where is that? I've never been there! What are you talking about?"

Suddenly Mark let loose of Todd, stepped back, looked sternly at Todd and said, "Todd, the Levi Leather bar over on Second Street. I see you in there all the time. You're always there by yourself, but Bobby is always with me, so I've never gotten to meet you. Well, --- that is until today! I've asked around some, and everybody said they thought you were single, and when I found that out, it just made me that much more horny for you! Come on man, get stripped, I want some of you!"

"Mark, I've never been in a Levi Leather bar! I don't even know where it's at. Mark, that's not me! I've never been there!"

"Oh come on man, you're the guy I see in there like every Saturday night, right? You are that guy,----aren't you?"

Rather uncomfortably the two men stood close to each other, but no longer hugging as they had been just a few minutes ago.

"Mark, no, no, I'm not that guy! I'm sorry but no, I'm not that guy! I don't even know where that bar is. Mark, I've never been in a Levi Leather type of bar."

"Oh God man, Todd, I am so sorry! Oh man, I must have really screwed up this time! Oh Todd, really, I thought you were that guy that I see there every Saturday night. Todd, you don't drive a red Mustang?

Really, that's not you?"

"No Mark, it's not me, but let's not get ourselves all out of shape here. Mark, everything is OK, really it is!"

"Oh man! I've never screwed up this way before at all! Really I never have! Todd, I am so sorry! Yea man, I thought you were that guy and I wanted to play with you. Oh God Todd, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me, please forgive me. Hey, don't think all gay guys are this messed up man, please don't think they're all like this! I'm sorry!"

"Whoa, man whoa! Hey man, let's talk here! Don't get all upset Mark, slow down! I'm not the guy you thought I was, but right now I'm glad! You hugging me and giving me that kiss, it is by far the best damn thing that has happened to me for days! I probably want you more than you want me. I've only had a couple of times with guys, but I'm learning, and please, ---I want to play. Can we? I know I'm the wrong guy, but please man, you are so fucking hot to me that I sure don't want to walk out of here now! No way, man, no way! Please, please! Just a few days ago, before I finally got together with a guy, and then found out what gay sex is really like, then I might not have been so anxious, but now, --- please, ---please! I want to, and I need to have sex with you!"

Mark rather stood there and looked at Todd with a look of bewilderment and confusion on his face, and Todd then reached out and grabbed the hot looking, protruding crotch that had so recently been directly in front of his face. "Please Mark, please", Todd pleaded as he slid his fingers under the elastic waist band, of the very showy, sexy, hot, shorts, and started to pull them down.

Continuing to look at Mark's face, and pleading for some type of an OK from him, Todd continued to slide the firm hugging shorts on down, and allowed Mark's stiffened rod to come flying out, and just almost hit him in the face. Looking at it from only about three or four inches away, Todd looked up toward Mark's face and saw the man looking back down with ever so slightly of a grin on his face. Todd accepted that, in fact he would have accepted anything right then, as his signal to take that rod and eat it!

Mark stepped out of his, now on the floor, shorts and placed his hands on Todd's head. "Oh yea man, oh yea! Yea suck it man, suck it!

That feels good!"

Standing in his kitchen, Mark was now getting sucked off by some younger man that he thought, just so slightly earlier, that he knew who he was, but now had found out he had played up to the wrong guy. Shaking his head slightly as if mystified, Mark was enjoying the mouth action on his dick, and at the same time wondering if this should be happening at all.

"Hey Todd, hey you did tell me your name is Todd, right? I feel so confused right now. Todd, stand up here a minute. I really did think you were that other guy from the bar. You must have a twin in town man, really, the two of you are identical. I don't go after guys that I don't know, and I'm feeling kind of funny here having you sucking on me when I really don't even know you or anything about you! Todd, I guess you must be gay, well anyway, especially since you've been sucking on my dick, right?"

"Hey, my man! Hey, don't get all freaked out just cause you thought I was some other guy. Man, if you thought he was that hot, and now you are telling me he and I should be twins, I'm taking that as a pretty good complement! Yea, I'm gay! Well,-anyway, I guess I'm in the process of deciding I am. Really Mark, I've only had gay sex for about three or four times now, but let me tell you man, when you came into that apartment and walked up so close to me with that beautiful basket sticking right at my face, I knew damn well right then that I was gonna have some sex before I left this building, even if I had to grab you and throw you down to do it. Mark, I've been taught some pretty good stuff in the few times that I've played with guys, and I want you to teach me some more! OK? Yea, I'm the wrong guy, but let's just take this as one great experience that I sure never expected to happen today, and I guess neither did you! Hey, since you were gonna do the other guy this afternoon, then I have to assume you've got the time to do me instead, right? I mean, that Bobby guy you mentioned. Is he your lover? Will he be coming home or something? Is it a problem that I'm here?"

"No, hell no! I mean it's no problem that you're here! And that Bobby, no he's not my lover, just a close friend! Hey man, I kind of screwed up in thinking you were the other guy, but, ---so be it! Maybe this is better. I guess you don't have a lover since you told me you've only done the guy thing a few times, right?"

"Right! I do have a girl friend, well let's say, right now, I have a girl friend, but Mark, I tried screwing her the other night, and the whole damn time I was on her, all I could do was wish she was one of the guys, that I've played with. I damn near couldn't even get a hard-on with her. I think those days are really numbered. Not so sure how I'm gonna break off an eight year relationship without telling her she needs a dick, but, guess I'll have to figure out something. So, ---- now that you kinda know my situation, can I strip off and let both of us be standing here bare assed naked and let me get to you and that dick of yours again? Seriously man, I want to fuck around with you, I want to suck on that dick of yours again, and I want us to play! I'd love to watch you suck on my dick! I want to feel your mouth on it! Please?"

"Come on Todd, let's go in the bedroom. Let's get you all stripped down and naked and let me, as you say, `fuck around with you'. What do you like to do? What activities have you done since you got started in the, more fun ways of, having sex? You been fucked in the ass yet?"

As they moved into the bedroom from the kitchen area, Mark was asking the questions, and Todd was in the process of unbuttoning and unbuckling everything necessary so that he could dump his clothes just as soon as possible. He was following one hell of a hot, masculine sturdy body from the kitchen and he wanted to be ready to either grab it, or have it grab him when they got into the bedroom.

"Oh yea, yea I have been, and I found out, well anyway I was told, I have one really hungry asshole. David, the guy that I did stuff with the first time, well, he has some dildos, and he used some of them on me. One of them was a big one! He kept telling me I was doing good taking it, but I will tell you, it felt like it was gonna rip me apart going in. David kept telling me that the way I like to have my ass stuffed with big stuff, that he just knows I'm the kind of a guy that will be getting fisted pretty soon. He said my ass needs big stuff up in it to make it happy! So, since he's the experienced guy, and I'm the learner, I have to assume he must know what he's talking about, right?"

"Come on Todd, let me at you! Here, let me help you get those pants off. I want to see just what size dick you've got in there! I need to chew me some dick. Shit man, I really fucked up thinking you were that other guy from the bar, but right now, I'm fucking glad I did! You are one hot looking young man! Wow, look at that dick! Oh Todd, feed me, feed me!"

Todd certainly did not need any additional requests to stick his dick in Mark's mouth and get it sucked on! He got all of his clothes off and out of the way, and as Mark laid down on the bed and had Todd stand there, right in front of his mouth, Mark reached out, grabbed Todd by the hips and pulled him forward. Mark's mouth open, Todd's dick hard, and all the way in, immediately! With Todd pushing forward, and Mark pulling Todd's body toward his face, Todd's dick went in fast and hard! All the way!

"Oh yea man, oh yea! Oh man please suck me and bite me! Oh yea!

Please suck me hard! Eat my dick! Bite me! Let me feel your teeth on my dick! Oh Mark, reach up here and pinch my tits please! Yea, harder man, harder! Oh Mark I love this! Oh yea man, oh yea! Eat my dick, eat my dick!"

As Todd stood beside the bed, he jerked his body back and forth and he fed his hard ramming dick into Mark's mouth, and continued to beg for Mark to pinch his tits harder and harder! Pinch me hard! Make me yell!

Yea man, I love rough sex man, I love it! Yea man I love that! I love that! Todd grabbed Mark's head and pulled him onto his dick as far as possible, then threw his head up toward the ceiling and actually yelled out loud, "Yea man! Yea! Oh yes! Do me, do me!"

Just as he let out the "Do me, do me," he dumped his thick, warm, man cream load, down and into Mark's mouth!

"Oh man, oh man, oh man! Oh shit I didn't know I was gonna cum that fast! Oh shit man, I shot! God, right now I feel like I shot a cannon full! Oh man, oh man, I'm exhausted! Oh Mark, I gotta lay down!

Let me lay beside you!"

"Hey guy! Hey, before you lay down here, hand me that rag over there on the bed stand. Man you shot so much cum at me and into me so fast, I've still got part of it running down my chin. God man! Ain't you shot off for a month or more? Wow! What a mouth full! Tastes good though? Just did not expect so much, so fast! Guess I can understand now why you really didn't care if I got you all mixed up with that other guy or not. You were fucking ready for some good shooting, weren't you?"

"Yea I was! I knew I was, but I will admit I sure didn't expect it to fly so fucking fast! Man, when that happens, it pisses me off cause that means the sucking is over. Well, for a little while anyway! Oh man, ---your mouth felt so fucking good on my dick! Oh that felt good!"

"Well you know what guy! You just told me that your other friend told you that you have one hungry ass and it likes to have stuff stuffed up in it, right?"

Yea, yea right! David stuck some pretty big dildos up in my butt that night, so yea, I guess my ass is kind of a hungry hole! You gonna fill it for me? Please?"

"Yea I'm gonna fill it! Don't know if I'm gonna fill it with as much load as you just gave me, but I do know one thing, I'm gonna have some good fun getting my dick all ready to give you whatever it's got. Roll over here. Give me that ass! God, what a beautiful tight little ass!

Man, right now, that thing sure don't look like it's ever had anything put up in there!"

After putting just a little amount of ass lube jelly on his dick, Mark threw his leg over Todd's back and without hardly any time spent on aiming his eight inch long, and about six inch around rod, he immediately went into Todd's ass the whole way.

"Todd let out a scream of, "Ouch! Oh God! Oh God that hurt man! Oh shit! Oh man that hurt! Oh man when you pushed in like that it hurt like hell! Oh God, my ass!"

"Hey lay there! Yea lay there! You're Ok! Just lay there! I knew it was gonna be kind of sharp slamming it in that way, but you already told me you like rough sex, and man, there ain't no place better to have rough sex than back there in your ass! See, don't hurt now does it? See, only hurts for a second, don't it? Todd, you told me your buddy said you've got the kind of an ass that's getting ready to be fisted! That little punch ain't nothing to what you'll feel when you get a fist slammed up in there. Believe me man, when that happens, this little pain will be nothing, believe me, nothing!"

"Mark, --you get fisted? Mark, do you get fisted?"

"Yea man, yea! As often as possible!"

"Oh man I'm about afraid to ask. Mark, do you fist other guys? Do you do fisting?"

"Hell yea man! Hell yea. If a guy's gonna take a fist up his own ass, he better know how to stick his fist up in some other guy's ass! Why you wanting to know? Why you asking? You kinda getting turned on talking, or thinking, about maybe getting a fist put up in your ass? That idea getting you all hot `n bothered?"

I don't know, I don't know! I never talked to a guy before about getting a fist put up his ass, or putting his fist up in another guy's ass.

Yea Mark, yea I guess it is kind of exciting to me. Yea I guess so! Yea, --- it's making me breath real heavy right now! Yea, I guess that is turning me on, isn't it? Oh man something is! Yea man, the way I feel right now, yea it sure is! Really I don't know if it's that talking about fisting, you ramming that big thick dick of yours up in my butt, just you laying on top of me or me just getting to feel you and your body all naked against mine or what, but hell yes man, I'm really fucking turned on! I've never been this fucking excited for sex before. Even the very first time I ever fucked around, I was never this fucking turned on and hot for it!"

"Good man! Good! I like a guy in bed that's turned on! That's good. That's good for sex! You OK now? Ready to really get that little butt of yours fucked and fucked good and hard?

"Yea I'm OK now. I'm sorry I yelled! I'm sorry. It don't hurt any more now. I should have just gritted my teeth and kept quiet. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Fuck me man, fuck me!"

"No problem man! I knew it was gonna happen. My dick ain't the skinniest one around, and when it goes in all of a sudden, it has to force that tight little ass hole of yours open. That sure ain't the first time I made some guy scream when I poked it in him and up in his little ass! The dick is good and stiff, and good and hard, so it sure ain't gonna give any.

That just means the little hole it's going into is the thing that has got to give. Sorry about the hurt, but man, you took it, and I'm proud!

You're my kind of a man!"

"So I guess maybe you kind of like rougher sex too, ---right? You like to really get to it, don't you? You did great pinching my tits. You pinched them harder than I've been able to get any of the other guys to pinch `em. I like the way you went after `em. That felt good!"

"Good! Good! Glad to hear that! How's this dick feeling up in your ass now? Feeling better?"

"Oh yea man, it's feeling good! Real good! Pound me! Pound my ass! Yea do it hard! Real hard!! Slam it man, yea, slam it! Make me squeal man, make me squeal! I like it, ---yea man, ---yea I like it!

Pound it, pound it! Oh man, you've got me so hot and ready, I'll do anything now! Pound my ass! Drill me with that big rod of yours! Slam that fucker in me, and slam it in good! Slam it in me! Do me! Do me!"

"Hang on kid, hang on! I'm not sure just how hard you've been pounded back here before, but I've got to admit it's been some time since I've had me some nice fresh beef in my bed that's asking for it like you are, so I'm gonna do you like I wish I could every guy! God Oh God! I love this, I love this! Oh Todd, your ass is gonna be black and blue when I get done back here! Hang on man! I'm fucking you like I ain't fucked any guy for a long time! God this is hot man, this is hot!"

Todd was spread eagle across the bed with his hands extended out and up, and of course his legs spread apart with Mark laying in his butt, and literally beating the hell out of his ass. Mark's slamming up and down and using that good tight ass to its fullest, was making Todd jerk up and down on the bed. Todd's head and arms kept flying up and down each time Mark once again pulled up and then slammed back down into him.

"Do me, do me, do me!" Was just about all that Todd could manage to get out of his mouth. Even though he wanted to tell Mark that this was better than just `great' to him, the way his body was being slammed up and down on the mattress, he simply couldn't speak! Every time he attempted to say something, his face slammed back down onto the mattress. All Todd could do, was keep telling himself, "Oh my God, I've got a fucking madman fucking my ass! Oh God he is fucking the hell out of me! Oh fuck man, fuck me man, fuck me! Fuck me hard man, fuck me hard! I love it! Yea, pound the hell out of my ass Sir, pound me! Yea do it, do it, do it!"

After a full five minutes of taking this body abuse, although to Todd it certainly would not be called abuse, Mark suddenly grabbed hold of Todd around his chest, and threw his dick into Todd's ass, as far in as he could possibly get it to go! He turned rigid! He was pushing on Todd's ass with everything he had! He hugged Todd to the point to where Todd almost could not catch his breath. Suddenly Mark let out a sudden and surprising, "Ohhhhhhhhh, Oh man! Oh man, I'm cummmmmmin man, I'm cummmmmin!" Once again for a few quick but very solid and strong strokes, he slammed his rod back into the very depths, of Todd's ass. Todd could tell from inside, this man was actually trying put his entire body up inside of his ass. Todd felt that he was pushing, with his dick, just about that fucking hard!"

Still trying to get some breath, since he was being held so tightly, Todd tried to say, "Yea man, Yea! Do it, do it! Cum man, cum!

Shoot man, shoot!"

Then, as Mark actually collapsed on top of Todd, and he let loose of his tremendous bear hug grip, he dropped his head down beside Todd's, took a big deep breath and softly said, "Oh my God man, I want you! Oh Todd, ---I want you so bad! Honey, ---I have not felt like this for years!

Babe, I'm off duty for four more days yet and I wanta keep fucking the hell out of you till I have to report back on duty! Todd, everyday man, everyday! Every hour man, every hour! Please Babe, we need to do this everyday! This trooper ain't felt this good in years! Oh, I need you man!

You better say OK man, or I'm gonna throw the fucking cuffs on you! I need you and I need you badly! My vacation hasn't been shit until now, but man o'live, it is sure getting better and better the more I feel your ass!

Man, I ain't talked to any player about getting his first fist up in his ass, or helped him get one up in there, for years now! Oh man, this vacation is gonna turn out good! Isn't it? Come on man, tell me it is!

Come on man, talk to me!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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