Waiting for somebody to answer his knock at the front door, Todd rather anxiously stepped from foot to foot, wondering if anybody was at home. Mrs. Wilson had asked him to come, at this particular time, to finish up the installation details.

Finally Todd heard somebody, from inside, yell that he'd be right there. Hearing the front door being unlocked, it opened up and Todd was greeted by a young man. He had been expecting Mrs. Wilson to be the person to answer the door.

"Oh hi, I'm Gary. You're the carpet guy I guess, right?"

"Yes I am. Mrs. Wilson asked that I stop back at this time to finish up the small amount of detailing that needs to be finished. Is she here by chance?"

"No she's not. She and Dad found out at the last minute that they needed to meet with their lawyer, so she asked me to be here so you could come in and do whatever you need to do. Yea- like I said, I'm Gary, their son. Come on in. Sorry took me so long to get to the door. I was down in the basement lifting some weights and I like to workout in the nude whenever I'm home alone, so had to grab some shorts before I could get the door. Sorry!"

"Hey, no need to be sorry! I'm Todd Underwood. Your Mom asked me if I could stop by today and finish this up, so since it's Saturday, I don't really look like I'm from the carpet place. Their stupid uniforms, I can only stand them for five days a week, and since I thought I'd be recognized as the same guy, I don't look very official."

"Hey man, not a problem with me! You look quite OK, and besides I knew somebody was supposed to be here from the carpet store anyway, so really, some stupid uniform ain't necessary anyway! Come on in."

Todd stepped in as Gary stepped back and held the door open so that Todd could manager the piece of carpeting and his tools. As he stepped into the front area of the house, Todd did ever so slightly did attempt to just, --kind of, --ever so accidentally, --ever so slightly, just happen, to brush his right hand up against the bulge that Gary was showing so proudly. Todd was hoping, anyway, that he was showing so proudly, and on purpose! His attempt to ever so slightly, let the back of his hand slide smoothly and innocently over the bulge, did not quite happen. Todd was disappointed. As he had fumbled and stumbled in his attempt to tell Gary why he was there at that time and why he was not in uniform clothes, he had done a very quick and complete inventory of the young weightlifter that was standing there in front of him, with virtually nothing on! A pair of tennis shoes, --no socks, a pair of very exciting, very short, and very tight, shorts, --no jock strap, --obviously, --and of course, no shirt.

Having now gotten himself inside, and had set some of his cargo down on the floor, Todd turned to Gary, and just as Gary closed the door, he extended his hand, and said. "Hey, did not feel like we met very properly, like I said, I'm Todd Underwood. Glad to meet you!"

The two men shook hands, and as they were, Todd added, "Well Gary!

>From the feel of that hand shake, it feels like you've been using those weights, quite a bit!"

"Hey thanks! I appreciate that, I really do. Yea, I've been lifting some for about four or fives years now. I've got two older brothers, Jack, he's 27 and Bobby, he's aged 29, so I kind of inherited their old weights. So whenever I'm home here, I use them, and of course while I'm up at State, I use the weights up there."

"So you got two older brothers, 27 and 29? How old are you? You must be kind of quite a bit younger, right?"

"Yea, I'm only 21, but got two older sisters between me and the guys. Vicki, she's 23 and Patty, she's 26. So I'm not a late arrival, just the last one in the line of five. But with the two big bruising older brothers though, I found out real early I needed to use the weights and beef myself up if I was gonna survive being around them! They don't have any pitty on their little baby brother, let me tell you!"

"Shit man. If you call them the two big bruising brothers, how big are they? They bigger than you?"

"Yea, yea they are! I'm like six foot one, and about 190, 95, pounds, and Jack, he's about an inch taller and about 15 pounds heavier, --and all solid, I might add! And then there's big Bobby. He's the oldest and the biggest. Six foot three and at least 240, of all man! Yea, I will admit, all my working out is just trying to look like that bruiser does. I'm not ashamed to admit, he is what his little baby brother wants to look like some day!"

"Well Gary, I personally think maybe you are on the right road to do that! You look good man, really good!"

"Hey thanks! Really, thanks! It always means a lot to me when another guy has got the guts to tell me I'm looking good! Guys are always so damned afraid to complement another guy for fear everybody's gonna think he's gay or some kind of a fairy guy! Thanks Todd, I appreciate you!"

"Hey man, if one man can't be nice to another guy, this world is in a terrible mess. Yea-you look good, and I sure am not ashamed to tell you so."

"Hey complements back at you man! You're obviously a little older than me, but you're looking pretty good yourself. You into athletics or something?"

"Yea Gary, I'm a little older than you. I guess I and your oldest brother are the same age, and yea, I still do some basketball, baseball and jogging, whenever possible, to try `n stay as hot looking as you younger guys do."

"You 29? You the same age as Bobby?"

"Yea, I guess so. I'm 29 so if he's 29, then we're the same age.

Why? Why you ask?"

"Well shit man! I always thought Bobby looked good for his age, but shit man, you don't look like you should be more than a year of two older than me!"

"Well thanks man! Thanks! I do accept that as a complement!


"Wow! Seriously man, I'm shocked. Hey Todd, got to level with you! I saw you here the other day, and I thought then that you were somebody about my age, and yea-I will admit it, I kind of made things work out so that Mom and Dad would be gone this afternoon just so that I had to be here to let you in. I don't have many friends around here since all my friends left town after high school, so I was kind of hoping maybe I could get to know you a little if we met, and maybe find me a new friend. Had no idea you were as old as you say you are."

"Hey, I sure do appreciate the fact that you did think I was so much younger, but now that we've got that all cleared up, what makes you think we couldn't be friends anyway?"

"Oh hey man! I'm only 21, a college kid, you're 29, probably married and three kids at home. Married guys just don't have the time to hang with us single guys!"

"Hey Gary, look! No wedding ring! No wifey and no kids! Yea I've got a girlfriend, Julie, but it's just a girlfriend. I don't see why you and I can't be friends and do stuff together if we want! Yea, age 29 is an old fart to a young kid like you, but it happens to all of us. Hey man, I'd better get this stuff done, since that's why I'm here, don't you think?"

"Yea I guess so! Is that the piece of carpet you needed for in that closet?"

"Yea, I told your Mom that I did not want to put in pieced together stuff, so I told her I'd bring in a full piece so it's done right. Got a few places where I want to be sure everything fit right and is fixed down good, and that's about all I've got to do. Won't take me too long."

"Ok, I'll be in the basement doing some more lifting. Come on down when you get done, Ok?"

"OK will do! Won't take me too long, then I'll be down."

Todd proceeded to fit the additional piece of carpeting into the closet and checked all of the spots that he wanted to make sure had been taken care of correctly. As he finished, he put his tools by the front door, and then went down to the basement where he knew Gary was lifting the weights.

As Todd came down the steps, he heard Gary yell out, "In here Todd, in here!"

Todd turned toward the sound of Gary's voice and found Gary lying on the bench press, totally naked, doing reps with a 175 pound barbell.

As Todd came into the room, Gary placed the bar on the rack, looked at Todd, and noticed that Todd was all eyeballs on Gary's nice soft, five incher that was lying off to the side.

Gary raised his head from the bench, looked at Todd and said, "Hey man! Like I told you upstairs, I like to lift in the nude whenever possible. When on campus at State, can't do it there, so hope it's OK if I do it here. OK?"

"Well of course man! I mean, it is your house! You can do whatever you want, sure not up to me to say. But Gary-I've got to ask!

How fucking big does that thing get? Holly mackerel Gary! It's soft and hanging there like some fucking clothes line!"

With that comment and realizing that Todd was totally interested in his dick, and just how big it gets, did start Gary onto the road of getting hard. Suddenly it quit just laying there and started to straighten itself out."

"Oh shit! Maybe I'd better put some shorts on! You talking about it is kind of making it get hard."

"Hey man, don't put shorts on for me! Let it do its thing!"

"Hey man, it's getting harder and harder. I'm not so sure I should just let it keep getting bigger and bigger, should I?"

"I don't know Gary, I don't know. That's kinda up to you! Sure as hell ain't bothering me any. Bothering you? This off base for you? Ever have some other guy watch it get hard?"

"Yea, yea, --yea sometimes." Gary very softly and shyly answered. "Yea, --sometimes."

"Gary, you play around with guys? You play with guys?"

"Oh God yea Todd, yea I do. Please don't be pissed at me or get mad. Yea, I do. When I saw you the other day I really wanted to see you all naked and I kind of got all carried away with thinking maybe I could play with you, but man, maybe I'm wrong! Todd I just never even thought about maybe you being a straight guy. I just got so all wrapped up in they idea of wanting to play with you, I just never considered that maybe you're not gay. Todd, I'm sorry! Yea, I kind of got this all set up once I found out you had to come back. Man, I gotta admit, I was really hoping maybe you played with guys too. Hey man, when you came to the front door, I knew as soon as you got out of your truck it was you. I was watching to make sure it was you and to make sure nobody was with you. I had other clothes laying there if I had to use them. Todd, I think you are one hot guy and yea--I was hoping maybe, --just maybe. Hey please don't tell anybody! Please! I just let myself get all out of control. I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry!"

"Look at that dick of yours! God Gary, it must be at least nine inches long, right? My God Gary, I've never seen a dick that big before!"

"Hey Todd, let me grab some shorts man, let me get something on! I think I was really way off base here, I think I really goofed! I'm sorry!

Let me get up from here and get some shorts! I goofed man, and now I'm feeling really stupid and funny!"

"Hey Gary, --just you and me in the house? Right?"

"Yea, of course or I won't have been laying all naked like this!


"How much time till somebody comes home?"

"Well, I know Mom and Dad aren't coming home till after having dinner with some friends, so, --why? Todd, are you, maybe are you-Oh Todd!"

Just as Gary asked again, "Oh Todd, are you, maybe are you--Oh Todd", that is when Todd stepped his right leg up and over the hot looking, prone naked body of Gary, bent over and with his left hand guiding its direction, Todd let Gary know that what he had expressed his desires to be, were quickly and without asking, becoming a reality.

"Oh my God man, Oh my God!" Gary quickly and emphatically said, as he grabbed the sides of Todd's head and fed all of his nine inch rod into Todd's mouth.

"Oh Todd I can't believe this. Oh man I was so sure I had really goofed up once I let you see my dick. Oh man the whole time you were here in the house I was just so fucking sure that what I was doing was OK, then when you came in here and I was all naked, then I thought I had really screwed up bad! Oh Todd! Oh Todd, thank God man you understand me. Oh yea, yea! Oh Todd you are so hot to me! Yea suck on me, please!"

Todd bent over and enjoyed the feel of Gary's nine inches filling the inside of his mouth and his throat and then stood up and started to pull his shirt off.

"Ok? Ok if I do this?" Todd asked as he started to undress, still straddling across the bench and Gary, combined.

"Oh yea man, yea! Yea Todd get naked too! Todd I want to see you all naked!"

After removing all of his clothing, including his tight while briefs that he had on, since when he left the house earlier, he did not have even one small hint in his mind that he would be stripping down in front of anybody, let alone one hot hunky younger athletic man. As Todd finished taking off his Levi's, he once again stepped his right leg up and over the bench and Gary, and then moved up toward Gary's face and offered him his stick of male excitement.

"Here man, you suck? Want some of me?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, --oh yea fuck my face man, -- fuck my face!"

Todd moved in for the ram, and he did that exactly, -- he grabbed ahold of Gary's head, pulled it forward, and he rammed Gary's face with his dick.

"Oh Gary, suck me man, suck me! Gary, seriously man, you are not going to believe this, but you are only the second guy to ever have my dick in his mouth! Gary, this is only the second time I've ever done this with some guy. Your big fucking dick is the only the second one I've ever touched, other than the guy that I played with earlier this week!

Seriously man, this is just time number two for me. Thank God I did that stuff earlier with David or I'm not sure what I would have done when I came in here and found you laying there all naked. And shit, especially with the size of a dick you've got! Oh Gary, thank goodness you did this and thank goodness I was ready for it! Hey man. Just don't let my boss know I did this with one of his customers. Oh man--yea suck on that dick! Suck on that dick!"

With Todd firmly positioned directly above Gary's face, with his dick rammed completely and fully down into Gary's mouth, Todd used the barbell, resting on the rack, as his handhold as he raised and lowered himself into and back out of Gary's mouth.

Switching back and forth a number of times, well, rather a great number of times, Todd would fuck Gary's face, then pull off and move down to where Gary could fuck Todd's face, or another way of looking at it is, --Todd's mouth fucked Gary's stiff dick.

"Hey Todd, let's go into my bedroom and get in bed together? Can we?"

"Well yea I guess so if you think we can. Your bedroom down here?

You sure nobody'll be coming home?"

"Yea, Mom and Dad are gone all day! Oh Todd, I want to fuck your ass! Can I please? Please?"

"Yea man, if you know it's OK. Sure, I'd love to feel that big dick of yours up in my ass. Yea, let's go do it!"

Gary led Todd out of the area where the weights were and led him into his bedroom, there in the basement of the house. Both men were obviously already naked from their weight room playing, and they immediately hit the bed.

"Hey man, you want me on my back or on my gut? Which way you wanta fuck me?"

"Hey Todd let me hold your legs up and fuck you on your back. I want to watch your face while I fuck your butt. OK? That OK?"

"Oh yea, man, yea, that's OK. Just fuck the hell out of me! Like I just told you, thank goodness I did this just a few days ago or I'd be real afraid of letting you push that thing up in me. Hey--like they say, do it once, want it every day! Gary, I sure as hell never expected this to happen when I came over here today. Fuck me man! Let me feel that big nine inches up in me!"

After smearing some grease on his dick and also on Todd's ass, Gary grabbed Todd's leg, pushed them up in the air so he had a good eyesight of Todd's tight butt hole, --he aimed his dick and said, "I'm coming in man, I'm coming in! Ready to take me? Ready?"

"Oh God yes Gary, God yes! Yea let me feel it! Push it in me!

Fuck me!"

Using all the good motions one man can use on another man when fucking the hell out of his ass, Gary used Todd's butt hole as strongly and as forcefully as he could for fifteen or twenty minutes.

"Oh man, you have one hot ass man, one hot ass! You feel good!

How you feeling? Want to fuck me some? I could use some dick like yours up in my ass!"

"Oh yea man,-yea! Gary, I've never fucked some guy's ass yet. I told you that I've only played around with a guy once, and that was just a few nights ago. I never fucked him! That was my very first time getting together with a guy, and he taught me how to suck and get sucked off, and he fucked me with his dick and some dildos he has, but we never got around to me fucking his ass. Yea Gary, yea, can I fuck you?"

"Hell yea man! Hell yea! I like this! I get to be your first piece of ass to fuck! I like that! Hey, I'm gonna lay down on my gut so you can lay on top of me and figure out what you're doing back there, OK?"

"Yea, yea! Oh man, I can't believe this! The other night I never even thought about fucking his ass. Hell man, --I don't even think we had enough time for me to do that too. Oh Gary, he used some of the biggest fucking dildos on my ass! He sure as hell showed me I love to get my ass fucked and played with! Thank goodness we did that the other night or I'd been too afraid to let you put that big thing of yours up in me. Hey, anything special I need to know before I poke you and this pretty little ass of yours?"

"No, not really. If you got fucked and had some dildos used on you the other night, then I assume you already know that you need to go in pretty slow until you get my butt hole opened up, right? I want you up in there, but just make sure I'm open and ready for it before you get too wild. OK?"

"Yea got it man, got it! Oh Gary, I'm gonna fuck you! Oh man, what a trip! You feel me? You feel my dick? I'm going in!"

"Yea, I feel it. Go slow for a minute. Yea, that's right, yea!

Oh yea, oh yea, I just felt you go in! Ok Todd, you're in! Yea, -- push man, yea, -- push! Yea let's do it! Do it! Fuck me man, fuck me hard!

You're fucking a guy's ass yea, fuck it good!"

Todd did not need to be asked more than once to fuck him hard. He heard the instruction and he followed suit!

"Oh God yes Gary, yea, God yes! Oh man your ass feels so fucking good! Oh man it's so tight on my dick! It feels so good grabbing my ass.

Oh Gary, are you squeezing it with your ass? Oh yea, I can feel that! Yea I can tell you're doing that with your ass aren't you? Oh yea man, oh yea!

Oh yea feels like some kind of pliers on it and grabbing it! Oh man that feels so fucking good! Oh man--oh Gary--I'm about to cum man, I'm about to cum!! Can I cum in your ass? Can I cum in your ass?"

"Yea man, yea! Let it fly, let me feel it! Yea, --Oh yea I can feel you loading my ass! Oh Todd, how you like loading a guy's ass? Oh man-oh man, that feels good!"

Then with a laugh in his voice, Gary added. "Oh shit man, for a fucking old, 29 year old, you sure can shoot the cum shots, can't you?"

"Oh shit man, I'm fucking exhausted man! Gary, I am fucking exhausted! Hey man, not sure if it's the 29 years old thing or that fucking hot and tight ass of yours, but shit man, what a great feeling I got right now! Oh, between you and David, the guy I played with the other night, I can't believe what in the hell I've gotten to do, what I've had done to me, and gotten to feel this week! Oh Gary--I'm a totally different person now than I was a few days ago! Oh Gary,--yea, man--let's do be friends! Let's be real close friends! Thanks for letting me fuck you, thank you man! Thank you! I love this! You are one hot fucker man, you really are!"


Wade Wright

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