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Chapter 23

Business was taking off at the gym. Wednesday was shirtless after 6pm but alot of guys were going shirtless at other times as well. We were considering a jockstrap only night.

A couple dozen Marines joined as well.

There was interest in the wrestling too. We thought we might make Saturday night fight night. We were looking into the legality of special bouts like Ripn Strip and Domination matches. We weren’t sure if having naked bouts, bj or fuck consequences or stakes was legal. After all naked showers are kewl and we weren’t worried about a liquor license. So Bill was checking into it for us.

With Bruce and Bill and others with nut locks, guys were asking for em so we started selling padlocks. We brought in an onsite piercer to do mostly PA’s. There was generally a fair audience to watch a restrained gym bunny get his cock pierced.

Bruce had a little side job on cam4 doing shows and selling underwear and actual cum shots in a baggie by mail for $25. He soon started a web site with a few of the other guys providing the product. He took a $5 cut and the other guy got $20 produced the fresh product and mailed it. Some of the guys were friends or other guys he met on cam4 or other sites.

Marco brought Kirk over to meet Eric. Kirk was 32 and had lost his parents in a car crash when he was young. He liked father figure types who were stern disciplinarians. As it happened Kirk had a major trust and eventually transferred all his holdings to Ryan and Rob’s firm. 

Kirk was super built and handsome. Unfortunately he was gyped in the dick dept. His dick just never grew. He wanted to get mounded where they build you a pussy and tuck your male equipment inside. Kirk had been embarassed by his equipment his entire life. He wanted to play football and other sports, but he couldn’t stand the humiliation he got in the lockerroom. So he lifted and built the body he could and it was gorgeous. Eric was bi and had been married, but after his wife passed away he enjoyed a submissive boy from time to time. Eric was a top and didn’t mind fucking him in the front and the back. Or having one of the other guys take a side.

Kirk had discussed the possibilities with Dr Derek who had a veterinary practice but was an MD/sugeon as well. On the human side he mostly did pro-bono work in the GBLT community. Many of the physical needs/problems related to sexuality were not covered by insurance. Kirk’s first preference was making his dick grow. Whoever discovers a pill for that will be very rich. Kirk was already very rich but it seemed no amount of money would give him a bigger dick. Was a dick transplant possible? 

Dr Derek said there had actually been 3 penis transplants. One successful, one unsuccessful and one too recent to know but it looked good. In the most recent US case the guy lost his penis to cancer. Penises were not generally considered as part of a donor protocol like internal organs. Kirk asked about a guy who wants to become a girl; could his penis be transplanted? Kirk would be willing to cover the cost of both surgeries. He had actually already been helping transgender patients cover medical costs. 

Dr Derek said there would probably be stringent rules in place. One, every rich guy is going to want to buy a bigger dick. Two, women who wanted to become male would want a penis. And three, men who lost their penises to a disease like the patient above, accident victims and soldiers who were IED victims. Lastly, Kirk considered mounding. But he wasn’t there yet.

Kirk had a mansion that he inherited from his parents. The basement had been remodeled into a dungeon. Kirk had staff to care for the place and its occupants so Eric eventually moved in and rented out his condo. Kirk and Eric told Rob they would like to host a dungeon party in the near future.

He also liked the gym Eric bought and became a part owner as well, but given his submissive nature he became the club’s maintenance man and towel boy. Matt often found it necessary to spank Kirk over his knee. 

Chapter 24

(This chapter involves acting out of a fantasy of the Black Marines. Language appropriate to the times in the old South is used. It would not be appropriate today. If you would be offended by such language please skip this chapter.)

Bruce was doing more than working out at the gym. He had attracted 2 black very handsome built super hung marines in their mid-twenties who asked him about his locked dick. Bruce explained he was owned. 

“OK but how bout your ass, it ain’t got no lock on it.” the Marines observed.

“Au contraire. That’s not actually true.” Bruce replied as he lowered his shorts and bent over showing the Marines the butt lock he was now required to wear to the gym.

“My master would have to unlock it and give permission for me to give it up - something he’s very likely to do for 2 of America’s finest... You guys got time tonight or another time?” They said tonight would be fine and Bruce said he’d call his master. Bruce’s assumption was correct Rob said to bring em over.

With that, the workout abrubtly ended and the guys were off to the ranch. The Marines names were Jackson and Johnny. 

20 minutes later they pulled up at the ranch and another naked muscle stud with a lock and chain greeted them at the door. The Marines looked at each other and smiled like they won the lottery. The guys were ushered in and introduced to the Master Rob who was impressed with the pair. “My boy says you Marines liked his ass; the only condition is I get to watch the show, that ok with you studs.”

They looked at each other and said “throw in the other one and its a deal!”

“Deal” said Rob and Bruce led the way to the upstairs playroom. Rob and Ryan pulled 2 6 packs from the fridge and followed. Shirts were already off and the pants were dropping. Ryan was already naked so he just said “who wants me and how?” 

Johnny said “I’ll start with you and we can switch off. Get on your back and grab your ankles. I like to see a white boys face when this black cock invades his ass.”

Ryan had been getting used to getting it in the ass never had Black cock and never had a cock of their incredible dimensions. They had to be 10 or 11 inches each and thick. They fucked their brains out. Bruce was in heaven and Ryan was doing better as his ass opened up. After an hour or so of nonstop fucking a break was called and Rob opened some beers.

After a little small talk the Marines asked Rob what the deal was that he owned white boys for sex slaves? 

“Well just a fetish of mine and I lucked into these two fine specimens. Rob told the guys about the last party and the plans for the upcoming Summer Games. Rob said things just developed with friends and friends of friends, but no black of latin guys had joined the group as yet. This may be an opportune moment. The Marines agreed but had questions about what their role might be. Rob explained basically they would define it according to thier preferences and fantasies.

“Jackson said he had a fantasy he hadn’t sharted with anyone not even Johnny. He said it was pretty politically incorrect, but given his slave heritage he was curious to play the role of a slave, especially that of a sex slave. Being forced to perform for the master just like they just did. He was also curious about bdsm. Being tied and whooped.

Johnny’ cock was throbbing, “Bro I’ve had the same fantasies and as we fucked there two white boys I fantasized we were breeders performing for the Massa’s pleasure!”

“Wow, no shit.”

Rob’s fantasies were also in overdrive. “See that cross Jackson? Let’s hang your nikka ass on that cross and give you the whoopin you need.”

Jackson was taken aback but after a moments hesitation he stood and approached the cross. Rob followed him and secured his arms and legs. Then slapped his huge raging cock. This time lets have Johnny play the master and when he’s done you two can switch.

The Master will sit back and watch you two slaves. Rob gave Johnny a cat o’nine tales and said go for it boy. Johnny started pretty easy, barely stroking Jackson. Then he got into it and delivered some fairly hard strokes. Jackson took it and his cock throbbed even harder. Johnny concentrated on Jackson’s cock and whopped a load right out of him. When he finally finished, Rob approached and snapped a smallish lock on Jacksons nuts.

Now let him down and trade places. The studs traded places and repeated the show with reversed roles. When they finished Rob snapped another lock on Johnny’ nuts. Johnny was released and Jackson complained that his nuts hurt. Rob explained that it was because the lock cut off the circulation and soon his nuts would be dead just like what they would do to a bull. A bull would then be a steer and a man would be a eunuch.

“Oh fuck no man, take it off.” Rob said there would be a condition. The Marines would have to agree to be Rob’s slaves and after he fucked em he would take the locks off. They could have as much time as they liked to decide what they wanted to do. There was a moment of very loud silence and Jackson said “I’ll do it. Just don’t kill my nuts.”

Johnny who had just been locked wasn’t hurting yet and he held back. No problem.

Rob had Jackson spreadeagle on the bed and secured his wrists to the top corners, then pulled his ankles up to join his wrists. His pink hole was totally exposed and available to the white masters cock. As Rob fingered Jackson’s hole he asked him if he wanted his Masters cock in his ass.

“Yes sah massa, Yor nikka slave wants yo white massa cock breedin ma black nikka ass massa.”

“You ever been fucked boy?”

“No sah massa I’s a virgin nikka.”

“Well let’s pop that nikka slave’s cherry then.” With that Rob pointed his cock at the pink hole and slowly entered. He had lubed him well and fingered him enough to be able to take the hole without major discomfort. Jackson felt the cock caress his prostate and moaned.

“Oh shit that feels awesome massa. Fuck this nikka’s ass. Fuck me good.”

Rob slowly increased the pace. Soon he was pounding the ass and Jackson was loving it. Shit he was tight and soon Rob shot deep in the Marines guts. Jackson shot a load and got himself all over his face.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck.” was all he could say. That was fucking awesome.”

By now Johnny was in pain and couldn’t believe how much Jackson enjoyed his fucking.

Rob said he needed a break and Johnny would just have to suffer til he was good and ready.

Soon Johnny was begging as his nuts were dying.

Rob took his time and sipped a cold beer. Johnny was pleading. 

“OK get up on the bed and suck my cum outta Jacksons hole. Then release him and secure yourself.”

Johnny obeyed and Rob released his nuts as he fingered his hole. “How bout you boy? You ever been fucked?”

“No massa”


“Please sah, fuck yo nikka slave.”

Rob fingered the Marine’s hole, preparing him for his deflowering. The boy was moaning. Begging to be fucked. Rob eased in and the Marine took the invasion. He surrendered to his Master’s cock. Rob fucked the slave. The slave and he moaned and his cock throbbed. Rob pounded him and finally came deep in his ass. The slaves cock exploded. And he knew he was a slave. No one had ever done this to him. Never had his huge rod provided his this degree of pleasure. Epic....

Rob told both slaves to hold his cum in their asses.

Their only concern was when he would fuck then again.

“Do you agree to be my slaves?”

“Hell yea so long as our massa fucks his nikka’s asses!”

“It will mean I can use you any way I want. You will refrain from all sex unless I give you permission. You will breed who when I say so and get bred when I say so. Understood?”

“Yes sah massa,” they answered in unison.

“OK next week same deal. Meet up with Bruce at the gym and come from there.”

“Yes sah”

Marines take orders well, I mused. These guys will be a fun addition to my harem. Muscle gods #11 & 12. The Marine fuck became a weekly event.


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