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Chapter 29

Brad had kept minimally in touch with Marla via email and hadn’t touched base with her in maybe a year or two. So he fired off a note briefly describing his new life and asking how things were going for her. Marla was thrilled to hear from him and returned his email with a synopsis of her life and suggesting they should get together to compare notes.

That night at dinner Brad told Rob and Ryan about it and especially about Marla’s quarterback beau. He was considering the idea of inviting them to the ranch, but wanted to see what Rob and Ryan thought about it since women had never been guests at the ranch before. Rob said if its her dad that owns the football team he was a client. But having a female guest was a twist even though she had an amazing muscle god for a slave. 

There were lots of questions but Ryan said he thought it would be cool. He liked Marla well enough at the time; he just wasn’t into kinky too much in those days. Rob decided that Brad should make sure she understood the nature of the ranch and the naked rule would apply to her boy but not to her. If fact tactfully suggest that she should remain clothed. Let’s see what happens.

Brad replied to Marla in a very straight forward but tactful and even apologetic manner saying having a woman at the ranch was a first but he thought everything would work out well. Brad suggested a week from Tuesday if that was good for her. Marla wrote back that she certainly understood and was grateful for Brad’s straight forward approach. She would be especially happy to renew their acquaintance and Ryan’s too. She understood keeping clothed after all she didn’t want to unleash the male hormones! She attached an R-rated picture of Jedd and said you get to see the rest a week from Tuesday. PS “I actually have two guys - the other is Dave and his pic is attached as well. Hope three’s not a crowd?”

Brad forwarded the note to Rob and Ryan who both agreed it was proceeding well. The question arose about inviting the other gods and especially the football players. The decision was to keep it small and close. “Let’s avoid treating Jedd like a star. He’s a slave just like all of you” said Rob. “Once we feel our way through this first get together we can go from there. If things go well, there will be ample opportunity to invite the others. I’m sure given his position they don’t even want word of mouth publicity. Let’s not even say anything in the house except your old gf Marla’s coming with her two slaves.”

Rob knew Marla’s dad and he thought he knew something or had heard something about Marla but he couldn’t remember what it was.

At breakfast Rob told the guys who was coming to dinner. He told them that the guests were to be treated just like anyone else visiting. No salivating over Jedd. He’s just a slave like you guys. And keep it to yourselves - no one outside the house is to know. Ryan hasn’t even told Justin. Lets make our guests comfortable and welcome.

When the guests arrived Brad greeted them at the door. The guys were already naked having left their shorts in the car. The were however wearing slave collars with leashes held by Marla and she asked if that violated the naked rule. Brad laughed and said the collars were great and ushered them into the living room and introduced them to Rob and Ryan. Marla ordered her guys to display and they put their hands behind their heads and immediately got erect.

“Bravo” said Rob “I like that!”

Marla had them turn around and flex their butts then bend over to display their holes.

Marla admired Ryan and Brad and said “You two have sure filled out. Wow!”

Everyone sat down except for Jedd and Dave who maintained their display positions. 

The rest of the house members were invited in and introduced, then dismissed til dinner so Marla could get reacquainted with Ryan and Brad. Rob asked Marla if it would be alright for Bruce to give Jedd and Dave a tour of the house. She said that was a good idea. 

Marla of course noticed the locks in all the guys penises or on their balls and asked if she might take a closer look at Ryan and Brad. Rob said be my guest and had the boys display in front of Marla. Rob explained that he had a vet to do the work, but its pretty simple. He mentioned the party video and said they could have a movie after dinner.

It was just about time for dinner and Rob, Marla, Ryan and Brad went in search of the tour party. They had only made it to the upstairs bedroom where they found Jedd spreadeagled on the cross. Bruce said “Well this is as far as we got. When Jedd saw the cross he said he has to try it.”

Rob said to Marla “Being crucified is only half the fun.” He asked Bruce to get the whip. Bruce retrieved the whip and gave it to Rob who handed it to Marla. She knew what to do and laid 10 across Jedd’s torso and genitals.

“Well how’s that for an appetizer - now lets eat” said Marla. Jedd was released, but the brief whipping had only served to get him boned, pining for more.

Dinner conversation was lively. Marla mentioned that a ranch such as this was just hat she had in mind. Collin said he had noticed a ranch for sale in Scripps Ranch, but it was boo-coo bucks. Marla asked if she could see it tomorrow. Collin said sure.

Marla was telling Rob she liked the penis locks. She had been thinking of getting her boys ringed and couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to go with gold, silver or chrome. Rob said he liked the locks for their constant weight on the genitals. They are a constant reminder to the boy that he is owned. They are also easily removed if one has the key or combination. The larger heavier locks make fucking impossible and jacking off more difficult. For Jedd it would be pretty impractical for practise and games. So probably a variety might be ideal. 

Rob asked Marla if she was familiar with cockrings. Marla said she was and was thinking to include matching cockrings in the set. Rob suggested 2 sizes one a heavy 1/2” band and the other a 1 1/2” or 2” band. The larger ones tended to keep the cock in a semi-erect state and held the genitals in a more forward position both nice for naked display and extra bulge under clothing. “I think the chrome is best. You know how boys tend to loose things, but it’s up to you.”

After dinner Bruce revved up the party vid that showed his near decocking and enslavement and Ryan’s nipple piercing. Bruce also played the first part of the party where where Blaze and the firemen burst in. Marla loved it and asked Rob if he might host a small party to do her boys. I would host it but for the moment were camping out in a small apartment that Jedd rented. 

Rob said he would be happy to oblige. We actually have a party in the works - not this weekend but the next. It’s not small though. Probably 50 or so. What we have here are most the residents. I wanted to keep it small to protect Jedd’s privacy and I’ve forbidden mention of his name outside those present. 

We have 20 to 30 other non-residents such as Ryan’s cousin and friend at state college where he’s the quarterback. Jedd was familiar with the name but didn’t know him. Theres a couple baseball players from the local college. Collin’s brother Blaze the fireman and July Calendar model. Doug and friends who were college football players. Matt the gym manager and his boy Bill the lawyer. Scott and John who always helped with partys. Dr Derek the vet. And of course the 2 black Marines.

Marla said she was most appreciative of their discretion, but if we ask the others for the same courtesy let’s invite them. “There are going to be rumors. We know that. There’s talk about the guy in Vermont and Wisconsin. I can cover as Jedd’s beard here and this is California. No one really cares. Jedd also is well connected to the team’s owner...

“Let’s not go public but use your own discretion and I’m sure all will be fine. As far as timing, it just needs to be done off season so it doesn’t interfere with practice or games.”

“OK we’ll get on it” said Rob.

Bruce asked for permission to have a word with Marla. Rob said OK. Bruce told Marla about his uncle’s business and his architectural background. If when the time came for her to build and she didn’t already have someone to call him. Marla said it might be sooner than later because the apartment as just too small. Maybe she would rent something in the meantime. Marla licked her lips contemplating the naked built hung cocklocked architect.

Collin arranged a tour of the Scripps Ranch property and called Marla with the details. He said he checked for other properties in the general vicinity and would email her the details. Later they met up at the Scripps Ranch location and took a tour. To Collins delight Marla was accompanied by Jedd and Dave both wearing running shorts with split sides and no lining. The property had been vacant for some time and was part of an estate. The inheritors couldn’t afford the taxes and needed to unload it quick. It included a private lake, grazing/farmland and forest. The buildings were pretty dilapidated and probably could be torn down or renovated for employees or lesser guests.

While they were down by the lake Marla asked Collin if it would be alright if the boys took a dip. Collin didn’t see why not. Jedd and Dave stripped off their shorts and jumped in. They hollered for Collin to join them. It was just too much to resist. The boys swam and splashed just like kids and were winded when they exited. 

Since they didn’t have towels they just planed the excess water off with their hands then did each others backs. Jedd offered to give Collin a hand and didn’t limit himself to Collin’s back. Collin politely thanked Jedd but reminded him that he would need permission from Rob to go further and pulled away.

Marla told Collin she’d take the property if he jacked off. Collin was really conflicted but politely refused. Marla commended him on his resolve and said she would do the deal anyway.

Collin asked Marla if she had an attorney. Marla asked if Collin is he was going to sue her. Collin laughed and said no way - an attorney to handle the details of the deal. Marla asked if Collin knew the guy Rob mentioned would be invited to the piercing party. Collin said he sure did and said “Remember the guy on the cross before the firemen burst in?”

Marla said “Have him call me - be sure to tell him that I too have a naked rule. And make sure he has prior approvals from his master.”

Collin laughed and apologized for not stripping for the tour. 

Marla snarled “Next time boy” and laughed.

Marla wasted no time contacting Bruce. They met and thanks to Collin reporting to Rob the sexual interests of Jedd and Marla it was decided that for the time being they would have permission to play. It wasn’t much different than Ryan taking care of Rob’s clients. It was business.

Bruce stripped and Marla ran through a list of interests she had for developing the property to her requirements. “I’d like to keep the appearance from the highway as it is. I like the idea of the house built in the clearing between the forest and the lake with the back of the house a deck on the lake just like Rob’s place. The forest will hide it from the highway. I’d like a runway for landing jets as large as we can make it with a couple of quonset huts for plane storage and maintenance. 

“There’s a dirt road I’d like to keep that for a drive and a secluded turnoff leading to a gated entrance to the house. The actual grounds need to be extremely secure; sensors cc tv etc. I like Rob’s house but not a duplicate. I’d be interested in your ideas. Maybe a southern plantation house look. Give me some ideas. A dungeon in the basement or sub basement. A safe room secure enough to withstand an IED or bazooka attack, fire etc. Not like the safe room in the Benghazi embassy where the fire killed the ambassador. Cctv throughout. Like the Whitehouse Situation Room with all the necessary communications and security.

Marla said she thought Collin had a map of the property.

Marla asked Bruce about what he was into and Bruce said he was gay. His specialty was sucking dick and of course fucking and getting fucked. Marla asked if he would like to do a little scene with Jedd and would he mind if she watched. Bruce was agreeable and said he had Rob’s permission to mess around with them.

They adjourned to the bedroom where Jedd was spreadeagled on the bed totally boned. He was hooded and gagged. Marla said not to neglect his nips as they were quite sensitive. She told Bruce to have his way with him. No shit quarterback delight thought Bruce. All that was lacking was whipped cream and a cherry. The cherry was no doubt long gone but Bruce knew how to whip up a fresh batch of cream. No problem there. 

He took Marla’s cue and started with the nips. He had Jedd struggling and writhing in seconds. He kept it up for at least a half an hour and never touched Jedd’s pre drippin dick. Slowly Bruce worked his way south until he eventually made his way to the throbbing quarterback cock. He teased it plowing lightly on the tip. Flicking it with his tongue. Licking the pulsating head. Jedd was writhing desperate for Bruce to go down on him, but Bruce just teased the stallion. Jedd made pleading but unintelligible noises through the gag. 

Bruce took his time and soon was taking the throbbing cock head into his warm mouth. Slowly he took more and soon the head of Jedd’s cock was sliding into Bruce’s throat. Bruce had been fingering the jock’s hole and now fingered his love nut. He was driving Jedd crazy. Bruce’s well trained throat muscles massaged the hot jock’s cock to the point of eruption and then Bruce pulled off. Bruce repeated the torture several times and finally took the jock’s full load in a seismic eruption and swallowed frantically. He retained the last volley in his mouth and pulled off the still hard cum dripping cock. Bruce pulled the jock-gag out of Jedd’s mouth and gave Jedd a full on kiss filling the jock’s mouth with his own hot cum.

When Jedd was coherent enough to speak all he could mumble was “fuuuuck”.

Bruce told Marla that a party had been in the works and while it might be a bit larger than originally thought, it would be hot to pierce the cock of the star quarterback as part of the barn party that had already been planned. Marla didn’t mind being the only female and agreed it sounded hot. Bruce said good bye to Marla and he said he’d be in touch with questions as he developed the plans for the property and house.

After the show she had just witnessed, Marla’s pussy was dripping wet and she decided to avail herself of the jock’s still hard dick by riding her stallion to another orgasm. 


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