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Chapter 26

Since the last party Brad had been spending more time at our place. He and his girlfriend were growing apart. Brad said he was bored with her. He had been wearing the lock and chain since the last party and was considering a fulltime commitment to our family. He had also been sending out resumes as he was bored with his job too - he was a nursing home administrator. How fortuitous...

We were had been to dinner with Eric and Kirk to discuss the gay retirement/nursing facility and also set a date for their dungeon party. We told Eric about Brad and he said to bring him along. We might just have a job for him.

Eric had negotiated a good deal on the apartment complex he wanted to buy. It was two buildings with a common area in between. His idea was to turn the first floor into a kitchen and common dining area. We hired Brad to develop a plan. He would start in two weeks.

If everyone has finished desert lets adjourn to the basement suggested Kirk. The dungeon had been designed, built and equipped by Kirk for Kirk, ei for Kirk’s punishment and torture. 

First Kirk would be crucified - ropes not nails - well maybe a nail or 2. His arms would be tied over the crossbeam of a roman cross with his feet supporting his weight on a small ledge that could be moved up and down to force his arms and anus to carry all of his weight. He would be impaled on an electrified chrome sedile that would be remotely controlled. His cock would be impaled by an electrified sound and his nipples would have electrified clamps. He would be actively tortured for 30 minutes then allowed a 30 minute rest while other slaves were tortured. The possibility of getting his dick nailed to a butcher block - well maybe. Kirk is big and built everywhere but his dick. His little finger was bigger than his dick. So it would be more erotic for him to wear a loincloth.

There were impalement posts which in Roman times were be used to completely impale the prisoner on a greased dull pointed spike which would slowly work its way from the anus thru the entire torso by the weight and movement of the victim. Ours had electrified dildos and an adjustable seat so that the impalement would be limited to from 8 to 24” depending on the depth of the particular slaves ass and experience. Some could take a fist up to the bicep of a fister. These slaves were lined up in front of Kirk so that they could enjoy eachothers agonies. All the boys had been drafted and would be impaled in front of Kirk. Each would be hooked up to Dr Derek’s milking machine and sucked dry during the impalement.

Bruce was charged with building the requisite cross and impalement posts. The construction would be rather simple but the electronics a bit more complicated. Bruce suggested that each post have a duplicate about 2 feet in front of it so the slave and spectators could readily see how much of the post had disappeared inside the torso.


Brad had broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to join our band of slaves. I told him doing so was irrevocable - you can’t just quit. It was a permanent commitment. And of course it would mean giving up women altogether. At this point that wasn’t a problem for him - he had had enough. I had reservations, but in addition to his good looks and his formerly straight friendship with Ryan, he brought good business acumen to the table which would be most useful in setting up the gay nursing home Eric wanted to get involved in. In fact I wondered if the facility he worked at might be available for sale. That way we could transition to being a gay facility rather than start from scratch. Eric already bought the apartment complex, but there was no reason that couldn’t function just as it was and maybe even transition into a gay senior living residence.

I could also forsee a growing population at the ranch. Bruce and Ryan were slaves and as such had no personal property. Nonetheless I had accounts for each that were in my name that would transfer to them on my demise. The same with Ryan’s condo. With my 60th birthday looming only a few years away, I wanted the kids to be taken care of. I’d come to regard then more as adult children than slaves, except for sexual purposes.

To make a long story short I agreed to take Brad on as Slave #7. I wondered how long it would take Sean to follow suit.


Brad had put in his resignation at work, but the owners got back to him asking him to stay on as they wanted to sell the facility and they would give him a $10,000 bonus if he stayed through the sale and kept the sale secret from the other staff. Brad immediately called Rob with the news. Rob told him to ask for 10% of the sale price and going up 5% every 30 days. He also told him to ask for an additional 10% if he could find a buyer. If it sold on day 31 for $1 million Brad would stand to pocket $250,000. Rob told him to get some numbers together and he’d make an offer. The owners countered with numbers at 50% of what Brad asked. Brad agreed since the sale price would be in the $5 million range. He’d stand to make a hefty profit. Rob suggested he consider using half of his earnings to become a part-owner in the project. The rest they’d invest since as a slave he would have little need for money.

Chapter 27

It was Saturday and Rob asked the boys if they wanted to check out the San Bernardino County Fair. They said sure why not might be some sights to see. Rob told them to wear small running shorts and flipflops and nothing else. Ok kewl... They had to wear the shorts low or their cocks would hang out and Bruce’s lock would be hanging out for sure.

When they arrived it was early afternoon and they walked around a bit. When they came accross a row of porta-pottys, Rob said come with me. He took Ryan to the first one and no one was in it. He told Ryan to step in and hand out his shorts and flipflops. Ron brought a grocery bag specifically for that purpose and he deposited Ryans only clothed in the bag and said now if anyone comes by for a blow job oblige them. Have fun!

It was naked bondage - no rope only nakedness and Ryan dared not exit the shitty smelling shitter. There wasn’t any sort of lock so there was no locking the door. Anyone who came by could open the door and see the naked stud on the crapper. There was one more problem - horse flys.

It wasn’t long before someone openned the door. It was just some lady who apologized and quickly closed the door in search of an available crapper. A few minutes later a middle-aged guy appeared and he says “You givin free head?” Without waiting for an answer he entered whipped out his dick and presented it to Ryan who took it in his mouth.

Rob told Bruce to approach single guys or groups of guys and tell ‘em that some hot naked dude is givin free head in the first stall. Before long there was a line. After an hour or so they went and waited for the line to disapear and Rob opened the door and gave Ryan his shorts and flipflops. Ryan was covered in cum and bug bites.

Ok Bruce your turn. Bruce entered the crapper and handed out his shorts and flipflops. This time it was Ryan’s job to send in the horney guys. Ryan approached every fat guy he saw and told em about the hot jock givin free head. It was payback time. They left Bruce for nearly two hours before they we4nt to let him go. He was covered head to toe in fat man cum.

Rob askied if anyone wanted a corndog - neither wanted anything. Both had had their fillup with cum. Maybe you’d like to ride the roller coaster? Neither did.


I got a call from our older friend Eric who wanted to meet with Ryan and I about another project. He suggested dinner one night and we set it up. Kirk was going to prepare the meal and we could bring wine.

Eric’s idea was to buy an apartment building and turn it into a gay senior residence. He had his eye on a building not far from where he lived. It would employ gay and gay friendly staff from college kids to nurses and meal prep professionals and perhaps provide home sericces as well to gay seniors living at home. We liked the idea and he asked us to research the numbers. 

He was also thinking of establishing an endowment to help offset costs for seniors lacking sufficient means. Neither he nor Kirk had relatives or survivors and they would donate seed money during their lifetime and make the endowment the beneficiaries of their estates. Presumably over time residents would do likewise and a hefty endowment could be established.

Chapter 28

Bruce had been working on some ideas for a chariot for Rob. He suggested a very light weight aluminum body with bicycle tires and a third smaller wheel in the front for balance steering and braking. Ryan called his buds Brad, Sean and Marco to come out to test it out. Each boy was fitted with a nut lock and 10’ chain that ran between their legs and was attached to the front of the chariot. 

Rob was pleased with the look of his steeds but wanted their wrists bound to the backs of their necks. He also made a mental note to get horse masks and anal horse tails to complete the look. He took up his position in the chariot and cracked his whip. Off they went. Not quite at a trot as the horses needed practice pulling in unison. Seeing them crush their own nuts between their muscled thighs gave Rob a hardon. He used the whip liberally. Finally they were achieving a slow trot, but it would be a turtle race. Suppose he got his full squadron of 12 muscle gods in the team of horses. Wouldn’t that be hot.


Dr Derek was coming over Saturday afternoon to test a new medical device he was working on. He had acquired an old milking machine from a dairy farm and had adapted it to the human penis. It had 4 milkers but you could double one or more of the milking tubes or turn off extra ones. He wanted to test it on Bruce, Ryan, Brad, Sean and Marco. They were willing subjects but they were tied into easy chairs and the milkers were fitted on their dicks and the machine was turned on. 

They made a contest of it to see which one had the most cum in their balls and how many orgasms it took to empty their balls. A laptop was connected to it to measure each ones cum and count orgasms. It also kept track of heart rate and blood pressure.

Bruce was an avid cam4er and suggested they broadcast the milking scene. They nearly broke the internet, there were so many viewers.

The milker worked pretty good and the first loads started within 10 minutes. What the guys didn’t understand, the machine would extract load after load and the suction and vibration could be turned up.

Dr Derek also had an electric prostate stimulator that he used on animals when he was collecting semen. Essentially it was a probe inserted into the anus and when it came in contact with the prostate it would emit a small shock and an instant orgasm would result.

He wanted to study how many orgasms it would take to empty a boys balls and what would happen after the balls were on empty - could the boy be forced to orgasm indefinately? This was a significant scientific experiment.

After the 5th load the boys were squirming, but still producing a small amount of sperm. Orgasm number 6 - barely anything. Number 7 - dry. Still the milker sucked on. The boys were clearly uncomfortable, but still having orgasms if not producing sperm. Derek and Rob discussed leaving it go all night. The computer would record orgasms and sperm production. Neither believed it would be fatal, but by now the boys were pleading to turn it off. What better use of slaves but for scientific purpose. Dr Derek said he’d sleep on the couch and Rob went up to an empty bed wondering if the boys did die, what the cause of death would be? Sucked to death? Well it would be a happy death...

Dr Derek jacked off on the couch watching the boys dry cum for the 30th time. When he was ready to cum he got up and shot his load in the boys faces. Slaves should be rewarded for their efforts.

Eventually they all fell asleep and woke when sunlight flooded the room. The milker was still going and still producing orgasms. There had been about 50 orgasms for each boy overnight and still going. He finally turned the milker off and wondered how long it would take for fresh sperm to be produced. He would have one boy jack off each hour and see when the first sperm appeared. Bruce was excited as he was thinking about his online mail order cum sales.

                          CAST OF CHARACTERS

                                       so far

S=live-in Slave; the number denotes the order in which he became a slave

PTS=part-time slave; mostly students at colleges or military

Muscle god #1 Ryan S1 - Rob’s str8 hot employee; becomes slave #1 rather than getting busted for financial hanky panky

Muscle god #2 Bruce S2 - gym acquaintance of Ryan’s; helps him shave at gym, gives gay sex tips; in lust for Ryan

Muscle god #3 Brad S7 - one of Ryan’s str8 buds who eventually converts and joins the Family

Muscle god #4 Sean S13 - another one of Ryan’s str8 buds who eventually converts and joins the Family

Muscle god #5 Marco S3 - gym acquaintance of Sean; Kindergarten teacher loves being bdsm btm

Muscle god #6 Justin PTS - Ryan’s qb cousin

Muscle god #7 Carson PTS - Ryan’s qb cousin’s friend with benefits

Muscle god #8 Craig S4 - parent of one of Marco’s kindergartners; bank teller

Muscle god #9 Collin S5 - Craig’s gym partner/fuck bud; realtor

Muscle god #10 Blaze S6 - Collin’s younger brother; fireman Fire dept calendar July

Muscle god #11 Brady PTS - waiter at baseball game; college baseball player

Muscle god #12 Dan PTS - college baseball player Brady’s bud with benefits

Muscle god #13 Bill - lawyer, Matt’s boy

Muscle god #14 Jackson PTS - Black Marine who met Bruce at gym

Muscle god #15 Johnny PTS - Black Marine who met Bruce at gym

Muscle god #16 Jedd - Marla’s boy; condo lifeguard hs/college/NFL qb

Muscle god #17 Dave - Marla’s boy; condo maintenance man; gets Jedd's cherry


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