Chapter 30

The weeks til the next party passed quickly. The barn was spruced up and the wrestling ring was built. There was still plenty of room for spectators. 

The dick piercing of Jedd and Dave would be first. It was a bigger party than originally anticipated because of Jedd’s penchant for public humiliation. Ryan’s cousin Justin was picked to do Jedd’s actual piercing since he would be facing Jedd on the gridiron later in the year and both guys would know that Jedd’s dick had a padlock in it and his whole team would be shown the vid before the game. Justin began calling Jedd Goldilocks to embarass him further. 

Jedd and Dave were immobilized on ten foot poles with their hands secured over their heads and their ankles secured at the base. A butcher block was placed under their helpless hard dicks. Two of Justin’s teammmates jacked each studs to climax. Then Justin placed a sterile spike in the center of Jedd’s cock just behind the cock head and slammed it with a heavy hammer - twice for good measure. 

Jedd screamed but could barely move as he was effectively nailed by his cock to the butcher block. Dave was done slightly differently. He got a more traditional P A piercing about a half inch inside his urethra and through the bottom of his cock. Since he wasnt playing football his piercing didn’t need to be as secure.

Dr Derek pierced their nipples and heavy nipple rings were inserted. Both studs were left nailed to the butcher blocks for display purposes so all the guests could get a good look at he newly pierced muscle slaves. Owned took on a whole new meaning. Later in the proceedings they would be fitted with heavy padlocks that would swing from their long jock cocks.

Rob and the guys planned the bouts they decided to start with types. Ripn Strip for the younger guys and Domination for the bigger guys. In the Ripn Strip the boys would wear only tighty whities and the first one to loose contact with his underwear lost. In other words the undies might be down or even off, like the owner had em in his hand, he didn’t loose til he lost possession or any contact with his own undies. The looser would have to blow the winner and swallow his load. The looser would then be taken to the back of the barn and strung up naked. The spectators could play with him anything goes except no fucking.

The Domination matches would be entirely nude. No clothing or accouterments whatsoever. This was to avoid serious injury. The bout was no holds barred ending with a submission. The winner would then fuck the looser after which the looser would restrained over a sawhorse, barrel or in a sling for fucking by gold ticket holders.

So far most of the boys participating were in the Ripn Strip category but Domination matches were scheduled between Bruce and Charles, Ryan and Bill, Brady and Dan and Justin and Carson. Justin promised at least one more Domination pair if not 2. The maybe pair were both straight guys who had never messed with guys before. The winner would be fucking a guy for the first time and the looser would be loosing his cherry to a guy. Justin said they were both hot.

Eric had been given some options. He could come out to the ranch and watch the matches from the house on closed circuit tv and be visited by the boys. Or watch from the comforts of his own home where one of the guys would watch with him and keep him company.

When Matt was told of the plans he thought it was great and he said Bill would certainly accept the challenge to fight Ryan. He said if he was a few years younger he’d fight but maybe now he would be better off watching. He did suggest that we might think about promoting future events at the gym. He was certainly on the right track. But for now it was best if we kept it on the down low, by invitation only.

They discussed having a battle of the balls. Basically a tug of war by the balls. The winner would have to pull the looser across a center mark. Their hands would be tied behind they’re backs to avoid cheating. This was put on back burner as Dr Derek's opinion on safety would be sought.

They also talked about hosting a Summer Greek Games party with expanded outdoor sports from naked volleyball to Chariot Racing and foot racing. Well we’ll see where that goes.

After the piercings, the younger guys gogo danced in their underwear in the ring and the matches began at 7 with the Ripn Strip bouts. There were six matches and they were fun but everyone was there for the Domination Bouts.

Bruce and Charlie were first. It was a battle but Bruce emerged the victor and fucked Charlie doggie style in the center of the ring.

Next came Justin and Carson. Justin had resumed his top position since being fucked by Carson on his last visit. Carson succeeded in getting Justin in a figure 4 leglock and Justin try as he might couldn’t break it and ended up submitting to Carson. Carson was really pumped and took great relish destroying Justins ass in center ring.

Ryan and Bill were up next. What a battle but Bill finally got the upper hand with a camel clutch and Ryan submitted. The defeated Ryan gave it up to Bill.

Dan defeated Brady and took his loosers ass center ring.

Up next were 2 friends of Justins who squared off. Their names were Cal and Paul. They were the 2 college wrestlers who got in trouble when they did a shoot with Fratman. The were ostensibly straight, but... Cal got the submission and did Paul center ring.

Ryan’s bud Sean fought his bud Marco. The battle of the muscle gods. Both built hung and hairless. As they worked up a sweat they became slippery and neither could get a submission hold. Finally Marco seemed to tire and Sean got a choke hold on him and he eventually passed out. Sean was declared the winner and raped the hole of the looser. When Marco came to he realized that Sean’s cock was fucking his ass and soon shot his load deep in his gut. Marco was taken off to be gang fucked with the loosers.

Then came 4 totally straight guys. The first 2 were football players Dustin and Al. Dustin won but Al tried to renege. Dustin held him down and took his straight cherry.

The last 2 were also straight college jocks Tom and Aaron. Aaron won and Tom reluctantly took his deflowering.

As they each lost the losers were restrained in the back of the barn for the up close enjoyment of the spectators and fucking by gold pass holders. When the matches ended the Ripn Strip losers were released since they’d been fucked up long enough and the winners of both the Ripn Strip bouts and the Domination bouts took their places so the spectators could enjoy their hot sweaty bodies as well. The now freed losers also had a chance to get a little revenge on the guys who had humiliated then in the ring.

The St Andrews cross was set up in the center of the ring and one by one the Domination losers were crucified and whipped by gold pass spectators whose names were drawn from a hat. Special attention was paid to their cocks and most had the cum whipped out of em.

Our benefactor Eric started out in the barn but soon sought refuge in the house and was kept company by a steady string of hot jocks one of whom was Marco. Marco asked if he might be in the market for a jock of his own and Marco said he knew a guy who was into more mature men who might have a very strict mean streak. Eric said hell yea he’d like to meet him. Marco told his the guys name was Kirk and he would set something up. Eric said he thought he died and went to heaven, he hadn’t had this much fun in years. He also let us know that he was in for the gym deal.

With Eric’s support the Gym deal went off without a hitch and Matt was retained as manager. He liked the idea of shirtless night and we decided to try it on Wednesdays which was a middle use night. We would watch to see if use increased or decreased. We also began planning a wrestling/boxing ring and a floor redesign to accommodate it. We also began a search for a wrestling/Boxing coach to train the participants.

We also added a very inexpensive military membership. The San Diego area is home to alot of sailors and Marines. They generally have adequate facilities on base but sometimes it can be fun to get away. And we figured the military presence was good for security - I mean good for business lol.

We also began planning our Summer Greek Games out at the ranch. We didn’t want to go 100% public yet but we thought we would promote it through the gym perhaps offering complementary tickets to members. The afternoon activities would be on the vanilla side and begin to digress toward sunset and later. 


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