Chapter 19

Ryan reminded Rob that he was was entertaining several clients and their friends at the afternoon ballgame. Rob recalled that several weeks ago Ryan asked about reserving the box and Rob had approved it. I suggested that he take the new guys if they could get off work. Only Collin could get off work and he asked if his brother Blaze could go. Well sure we’d find out about his potential quick.

I knew the clients Ryan was entertaining and made a few calls. All the clients were delighted at the news. They were older of course mid 40s to late 60s. One friend in particular was to take the lead by grabbing Ryan’s bulge and feeling the lock. He would demand that Ryan and friends strip and suck off all the clients.

Rob couldn’t wait to hear the report. He even considered cancelling his own appointments, but didn’t. He was sure he’d hear all about it.

Ryan said goodbye and drove his own car to the ball park. Collin and Blaze met him there. It was a delightful sunny day and he would enjoy the game. He wasn’t figuring he’d be hit on since there were several people going to be there. He was wrong. Before the first pitch everyone was at the food table getting their sandwiches and ordering their drinks from the hot young waiter in a baseball uniform, when Fred asked Ryan if he was turned on since he was showing more box than usual? 

Ryan was taken aback but before he could react the guy grabbed his crotch and felt the lock. 

“Feels like you’re wearing some extra equipment for us today. Wanna show us what you’re hiding?” As he said it he was pulling and twisting the lock causing Ryan to squirm with pain. 

Ryan said “Ok ok just let go man. I’ll show you.” 

The man persisted, “Before I let go I want you to take your jacket, tie and shirt off. Can you do that boy?”

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

 “Well get busy then” and he twisted harder.

Ryan struggled to get his jacket off then his tie and shirt. All the men marveled at his fine torso and hands were feeling him up from every direction.  Fred was still twisting his lock and balls and Ryan opened his belt and let his pants drop. Finally the man released his grip and Ryan's pants slid to the floor.

“My oh my you came fully equipped today didn’t you? How bout your friends here? Get comfortable guys.” Collin and Blaze stripped and they all posed for the clients.

Even the waiter in the baseball uniform was enjoying the show rubbing a growing bulge of his own.

One of the men Ryan had used the girlfriend line on asked if it was his girlfriend’s lock? Ryan just mumbled something unintelligible.

It wasn’t long before the home team got a man on base and the next batter hit a homer. The men were temporarily diverted and Fred suggested they all take their seats and watch the game... while Ryan, Collin and Blaze made the rounds giving everyone a blow job.

When they finished Fred asked the young waiter if he’d like to get in on the action. He was so excited by now he couldn’t wait to get his sizable cock out and get it into one of the hot account executives mouth. Collin ate his ass and Blaze nibbled his nips.

He was pretty aggressive and really fucked Ryan’s face finally blasting a load deep in his throat. Fred led the applause then suggested they would generously tip the waiter if he would strip all the way and put on a fuck show with Ryan, Collin and Blaze. Wow he never figured on a day like today at the ball park and neither did Ryan!

He said he’d be happy to but how bout he got everyone a fresh round of drinks before he got his clothes off. In fact I’ll order a double round for you gentlemen. The kids name was Brady and he ran off to retrieve the cocktails from the bar. The bartender had heard the commotion and said you got a lively crowd in there. Brady knew the guy so he said when you get a break bring us another round and maybe you’ll get your dick sucked.

The bartenders jaw dropped, “Noooo shiiiit!” 

Brady returned with he cocktails and stripped then he brought each man his drink. Each of them thanked hm by shaking his dick. Chores complete, Brady turned his attention to Ryan who was standing in front of the windows. 

“You’d better move away from there or we’ll have the whole stadium up here.” 

Brady was totally turned on by having complete control over three muscle gods. He bent Ryan over a chair and plowed his ass to the delight of the spectators. At some point the bartender came in with the drinks.

Fred told the bartender his the price of admission was to get naked and the guys would blow him. He stripped and served the men their drinks. Then took his position next to Ryan and presented his cock to Collin and Blaze. 

When Brady blew a load in Ryan’s hot ass Jake the bartender took his place. He pumped Ryan's well cum lubed hole even harder til he added his load to Brady's. Since Ryan was all lubed up the rest of the men took their turns. Each of them blasted Ryan and then the waiter helped himself to seconds. The home team won but no one saw much of the game. Fred asked Ryan if he golfed Ryan said yes and Fred said lets go a round next week! Brady got a 3 figure tip. It was a great day. He gave Ryan his number just in case he might want more baseball...

When Ryan got home he introduced Blaze. Collin told Blaze to get busy with Rob the master. Little brother Blaze posed with a hardon and then went to work on Rob. Rob innocently asked “How was the game?” 

Ryan said he didn’t see it. 

“Do you at least know who won?” 

“I did” he replied. “But I think it was a set-up.”

“Nooo, who would do that?” Rob said with a smirk.

“I can only guess”

“Well my sources said it was the best game they ever didn’t see! And I might add you have two new clients and a round of golf for next Friday. Busy boy”

Ryan proceeded to give Rob the play by play and about the hot waiter named Brady who wants to see me again. He gave me his number. Oh and the bartender wanted some too. His name was Jake.

“Well if he was that hot for you maybe we should have him over for a replay.”

Even though Rob was distracted by the story he was aware of Blaze’s oral ministrations. Blaze paid particular attention to Rob’s nipples and worked em forever. Rob had been tempted to tell him to stop, but he resisted and let the stud continue to pleasure him.

When he did move on, Rob found new pleasure spots he never knew he had. This kid was good, very good. 

Eventually he got to the pelvic area but saved the cock for last. No spot went untouched. His balls got some very special attention, both tender and rough. When he did get to the cock he started very slowly. He just teased it with the tip of his tongue. Then the blow job. Bruce and Collin were very good, but this kid was amazing.

When Rob finally came in Blaze’s mouth he shot volley after volley. Blaze didn’t waste a drop and swallowed it all. Rob’s balls ached he came so hard. Fuckin-a. Blaze gave Rob a breather then hoisted his ankles and went after his hole. Rob was going to stop him assuming the kid was preparing his hole for fucking. But the rimming was so amazing, Rob couldn’t bring himself to end it. It went on and on and Rob couldn’t believe his own ears when be begged the kid to fuck him! That never happened but it did and Rob was in heaven. 

Blaze’s cock rubbed Rob’s anus and began to enter it. He slowly pushed forward and it felt sooo good. Rob couldn’t believe he was getting fucked by this kid, but the kid could fuck too. It was epic and went on and on. Rob couldn’t get enough. His head tossed from side to side. Blaze fucked him for nearly an hour and finally shot a hot load deep in Rob’s ass. Rob felt the hot cum penetrate his bowels. It felt so good he didn’t want it to stop. And it didn’t. Blaze never flagged. His cock stayed hard and continued to fuck. He eventually shot another load and kept going. Finally after a third time he began to slow down and eventually eased his still hard cock out. 

Rob gasped - “Call the paramedics!”

Blaze simply replied, “I am a paramedic.”

Rob just mumbled, “Oh fuck.”

Blaze got on the coffee table and grabbed his ankles. 

Rob said “Oh no, I just can’t. You would definately kill me.” Rob had never turned down an ass as sweet as this one. He must be getting old.

Blaze got up and rolled Rob over on his stomach.

“No - please no more - I give. I give.” moaned Rob.

Blaze knelt over Rob’s back and gave him a massage. Rob passed out. The guys held dinner and let Rob nap. They were all teasing Blaze. “What the fuck did you do to him?” Blaze just smiled.

When Rob finally woke up he thought he had been dreaming. Then he felt the cum oozing out of his ass. “O God,” he moaned “that kid nearly killed me!”

Everyone laughed and Bruce said to come and eat - your dinner is served master. Over dinner Rob asked Blaze to tell him about himself. Blaze said he was a fireman! What with a name like Blaze... He had 2 years of college and his fire dept application came up. He took the job. He was a total hunk - the type you see on fire department muscle god calendars. In fact it dawned on Rob that that’s why he looked familiar - he had the calendar. Blaze was July!  

Rob blurted “I know you. You’re July!”

Blaze grinned and went on.

Blaze said he was straight until he happened on his brother Collin getting it on with Craig. He watched surreptitiously and came in his pants when they both shot loads. That’s when they saw him watching and invited him in. “It was so totally hot, I never went back to chicks.”

Blaze wanted to join the family but as a fireman he was in residence at the fire house about half of the time. But he knew all the hot fireman... Rob thought accommodations could be made. Blaze moved in. Blaze’s presence wasn’t the only accomodation - he became Rob’s only top. Rob retained the title of Master but he was definately on the bottom for Blaze. Blaze was not only a muscle god he was a sex god as well and Rob worshipped at his altar. Blaze admitted that as a fireman you learned not only how to put out fires but how to start them as well. He was a fucking sexual pyromaniac.

Chapter 20

The following week Ryan called Brady and invited him over. Getting a day was difficult as Brady was also on the college Baseball team and worked at the stadium on days he didn’t have games. They finally settled on a day 2 weeks hence and Ryan suggested he might bring the bartender Jake as well. In the mean time he would look up the college baseball schedule and maybe come out to one of the games with a friend or client. Brady said that would be cool and he was looking forward to seeing Ryan again.

Ryan told Rob and they looked up the college baseball schedule online and they picked a date. The site also had pictures of the players and Ryan pointed out Brady. Rob nodded his approval and said he looks like a stud and Ryan agreed adding he sure fucks like one.

They went out to the college’s baseball park on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. They got there a little early so they could say hey to Brady who was doing some batting practice. Brady noticed them and when he finished he came over and greeted the guys. He discreetly reached for Ryan's crotch and felt for the lock. 

“Yup still locked huh boy?” 

Ryan laughed and said he didn’t have a key, his master had the only key and he nodded his head toward Rob.

Brady addressed Rob and said “you got yourself a real stud there Mister.”

Rob replied, “Funny he said the same about you.” He noticed a nice bulge in Brady's baseball pants and said so.

Brady blushed and said “Its my favorite part of the game. The uniform pants show my bulge and my ass off pretty well.”

Rob said “I can see that. I can’t wait to see what’s under em.”

Brady said he had to work at the stadium that evening but they might have time for a quickie after the game. They said cool and Brady departed saying he’d hit a homer for them!

Rob said they’d return the favor later.  After the game Brady rode with them and directed them to the baseball team dorm. They went up to his room taking in all the sights along the way. The returning team was jubilant over their victory and were stripping off their clothes to hit the showers. Brady said this has got to be quick. He stripped off his clothes and Ryan did too. Brady bent Ryan over a chair and said “Sorry to be rude but here goes.”

He gave Ryan a hot fuck and Rob was happy to watch muscle god #8 fuck muscle god #1. Soon Brady shot his wad in Ryan's ass and grabbed a towel to get a quick shower. He told Ryan to stay put and ran out the door. Not a minute later muscle god #9 came into the room and said that Brady told him there was some hot ass in his room and he could score a quick fuck while Brady was in the shower.

They remembered the guy from the game. He was the first baseman and Rob and Ryan had noticed his good looks on the field. Now he was stripped to the waist and pulling his pants down to fuck Ryan still bent over the chair. “Dang” he remarked as he entered “one fine piece of ass here mister.” He shot his load just as Brady was returning.

As Brady whisked off his towel he said he grabbed Dan in the hallway and sent him in. 

“Sorry he was all I could get on such short notice!” 

Dan was a total hunk and Rob told Brady to bring him along next Saturday night when they were gonna party out at the ranch. Feel free to bring anyone else with you too. Just let me know so I can stock up on beer. Dan said he was in for sure and they would round up some other guys as well. Sounds like a party!

On the way home Ryan said wow that was a home run. Rob agreed and said maybe he would invite Matt and Bill, Dr Derek. We’ll probably need a keg anyway. We better line up Scott and John. Let’s see if Justin and his friends can make it too.

A couple days before the party Brady called. He said that in addition to Jake and Dan he had 4 others and 2 to 4 more guys were maybes. Ryan asked him if they are gay or bi or at least into messing around with guys. Brady assured him everyone was kewl. He had messed with most of em and 2 or 3 were straight but when there’s a party on anything and everything goes. These guys are all hot and hot to trot. This could be interesting.

Ryan told him about the naked rule and that was fine. What Ryan didn’t tell him was that Rob had a box of brand new padlocks and each would get a lock and chain on the way in - kind of a party favor.  Brady was totally turned on by Ryan's hardware; it would be fun to see how he reacted.   


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