Chapter 37

Juan and Miguel got called in by Brady’s coach. Brady told em their chances were pretty good if they got called in. Wear clothes that highlight their physiques and be prepared to perform any service the coach suggested. They both understood and said if it would mean a baseball scholarship they would perform any service the coach needed. Fortunately Rob had unlocked their cocks for the appointment with the coach just in case.

When they went in to meet the coach, they chit-chatted a bit and the coach pointed to a stack of papers on his desk and said theres prob 500 applications here that have been considered qualified. You guys are 2 of em. I’ve reviewed your stats and recommendations. Everything's in order but you are here today cuz of Brady. Tell me why I should take you two and toss these in the basket.

Juan started out saying how bad they wanted to play baseball. You’ve probably heard that our homeland is bankrupt and out parents stand to loose everything. We want to see that our parents and siblings are ok. Baseball is the best means to that end. Even so we iknow it’s a long shot so we have backup plans by getting into Sports medicine Training and Rehab. Our grades are good and we work hard.

Miguel took over. Coach we now you got a hard decision and Juan and I are prepared to do whatever it takes to make the grade. Anything.

There was a long moment of silence and coach said “Anything?”

The boys said “Anything.”

Well if your serious maybe you’d like to get a bit more comfortable and let me see what you got.

The boys took their que and began their striptease. Once they were naked they posed and then dropped to their knees in front of the coach. “May we offer you a bj coach?”

Coach pushed his shorts down and the boys went to work. They edged him for a good 20 minutes and then Juan took his load with the coach's cock down his throat. 

The coach said he thought they just might have the talent necessary and if they promised to be available to him day or night he’d put their applications on the top of the pile. The boys jubilantly agreed.

Brady was waiting for the boys after the interview and could see they were bursting with excitement. He took em back to his dorm room and heard the whole story on the way over. The boys related how the coach told them about Brady’s intervention and gushed their thanks. Brady asked if he rated a little butt for his help and the boys told him he’d get anything he wanted anytime starting right now. The boys literally attacked him.

They had barely begun and Brady’s buddy Dan walked in on em. “Appears to be a party goin on. Am I invited?”

“Only if you’re naked” came a voice from the scrum. Dan shed his clothes and dove in.

When the boys made it back to the ranch they couldn’t wait for Rico and Jaime and the rest of the guys to get home. As the other guys came through the door they were accosted by Juan and Miguel and their account of the meeting with the coach. Everyone shared their joy and Rob and Ryan were especially grateful to Brady going to bat for em. Someone called Morgan and within 30 minutes there were a dozen naked cowboys and a truckload of steaks whoopin through the door. As word spread a dozen more muscle gods made their appearances and it was party time!

About a week after their first meeting the boys got a call from the coach requesting another “interview.” This time at his home at 8 pm. The boys knew what this meant and knew the coach was testing their resolve. The boys arrived promptly at 8 and the coach asked if they remembered their promise. The boys said they did got naked immediately. This time the coach was interested in their asses and fucked both and creamed both. “You guys got real talent. I just hope you’re as good on the field as you are in the sack. It’s gonna be fun coachin you guys.” The boys sang out “We do too!” Coach told em to watch the mail the next few days. He waved 2 letters at the boys and said “I’ll mail these in the morning.”

A few days later the boys got a letters from the university offering them full boat scholarships. Rob again congratulated the boys and assured them of his full support for anything they might need. Even though they’d be living in the baseball dorm, they were welcome at the ranch any time and could consider it home away from home whenever they needed it.

Chapter 38

A cock locking ritual took place a few days before Fr Darth and the Swiss Guard were to return to Rome. All of the new slaves were to get lock PAs in their dicks as a sign of being owned, cum control and to ensure they weren’t out fucking around. When Rob discussed it with Fr Darth he thought Connor and Hans should definalely be included and he was going to introduce the practice at all Roman Seminaries to curb the sex abuse problems the church had suffered. 

Dr Derek would do the piercings just like he had done Bruce with a quarter inch hole punch, a hammer and a butcher block. And finally the padlock. In Ryan’s case his nut lock would simply be moved from his nuts to his dick and his foreskin would remain essentially intact. In addition each slave would get all the electronics Bruce and Ryan had ie collar, cockring and buttlock.

Rob discussed his plan for all the slaves who he would be in charge of sexually. Their first job was to serve Rob sexually and care for all his needs and the house. Any money they earned would be deposited into a retirement fund. Rob would cover all costs of room and board. The slaves would not be allowed to hang out in bars or engage in any sexual activity without Rob’s permission. Connor would be under Rob’s control in the US and Fr Darth in Rome as would Hans.

The Puerto Rican guys could quit at anytime and return to Puerto Rico. All had open return tickets. After one year they would have to make their decision permanent; remain as slaves or return to Puerto Rico. Any funds deposited in their retirement accounts would remain in the accounts until they attained retirement age. The amount would be substantial by then. Imagine saving all of your earnings, having it professionally invested while living in luxury for free! Accommodation would be made for the 2 younger PR boys regarding school, scholarships and possibly a baseball career.

The ranch population was now 11 residents including Rob and another dozen muscle gods with house privileges and a dozen or so cowboys who also had house privileges. Rob of course rarely slept alone and often bedded 2 slaves a night. He was quite a benevolent master and allowed each slave 2 nights a week with an unlocked cock with his pick of partners. Any fuck ups and a slave could loose one or more free cock nights. Dr. Derek also had his pick of slaves. So sex was not unlimited but quite hot given the muscle and raging testosterone.


The vacation wound down faster than anyone wanted but Darth had to get back to Rome with his Swiss Guard. Connor would be living at his parents home for the summer, even though most nights were spent at the ranch. All the Puerto Rican studs stayed on as well. Bruce’s Uncle Frank hired the 2 older PR guys for his house flipping business and the younger guys worked on baseball scholarships and did most of the housekeeping. Brad moved in. All the live-ins were sex slaves and had to abide by Rob’s rules. They could move out at anytime and after a year they would have to make a permanent commitment.

Bruce had the task of household management and Brad helped out. Much of the food came from the deal Rob made with Morgan who along with his cowpokes were frequent visitors. The guys also helped Morgan when he needed a hand and were learning the fine art of cowpokin.


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