Chapter 14

“Sir” Ryan said “I almost forgot. I have lunch planned at the Hilton today with Logan Potts and he’s bringing 2 friends who he referring to us. Do you want me to cancel it or perhaps you might join us?”

I said I was busy but it would be alright for him to do business as usual. “Have clients ever hit on you?”

“Well it’s happened; I usually just say I have a girlfriend and they don’t pursue it.”

I said “Well should it happen again I give you permission to entertain them.”

“You mean you want me to give them sex sir?”

“Well it’s all in the line of duty I’d say and if it makes the clients happy and refer friends what’s the harm?”

“Yes sir I’ll do as you say master.”

“Do you want to drop me off or should I drive?”

“You can drive. Your car is still at the office I believe.”


Rob happened to know the client well and he made a call when they arrived at the office. Rob told him about Ryan and if he and his friends were interested he would get them a room at the Hilton for a little fun and games after lunch. Just tell Ryan there’s someone else upstairs you want him to meet. Then when you get in the room grab Ryan’s crotch and demand he strip for you. 

Logan said it sounded great. He knew what a stud Ryan was. So after an expensive and delicious lunch Logan said he had another friend upstairs he wanted Ryan to meet. So Ryan signed the tab and they headed for the elevator.

When Logan opened the door he grabbed Ryan’s crotch and felt the hardware. My I thought you were sporting one hellofa bulge today. Perhaps you’d like to show us what you’re hiding? Ryan was aghast and was babbling unintelligibly. Logan said strip boy. Ryan quickly shed his jacket and fumbled with his tie and shirt buttons. 

Oh boy you are a stud the men sang out together. Drop the drawers Logan demanded and they all took a chair and waited for the show to begin. With Ryan’s pants around his ankles his hardware was on plain view to the 3 men. Well well no wonder your showing such a large bulge. I love the concept Logan said as he took hold of the chain. Logan told Ryan to get it up and yanked on the chain. Once Ryan was at full mast Logan made him stand in front or each man and let each play with it.

“You know how to suck a cock boy? You got 3 old men all worked up and you better do something about it.”

 Ryan knelt between each mans legs and sucked a load from each of then. The first man said he’s almost as good as my girlfriend! 

When the party broke up it was after 4 and Ryan called Rob to check in. 

“I was wondering where you were,” Rob said. 

Ryan said “I was attacked but I think we have 2 new clients. I need a shower bad but I thought I would check in with you if you want me back at the office or just see you at home.”

Rob said to meet him at home.

“OK see ya in a bit.”

When Rob got home he said Logan Potts had called him and told him you were a fabulous host. He and his friends enjoyed the lunch and your show. Hope you had fun.

“Well I had no idea what to do. I’m glad you said it was ok ahead of time. But I still feel funny with older men using me for a cum dump.”


Ryan gave him the rundown including being tricked into going upstairs and giving them all head. I guess I need lessons.

“Oh you’ll get the hang of it. Remember your purpose in life is to give me whatever pleasure I desire and the same goes for those men I give you to to take care of. As far as you are concerned we are sex gods and your purpose is to worship us sexually. Your comfort is irrelevant. And don’t forget you’re not only taking their dicks you’re getting some hefty checks, a pretty nice salary and sweet commissions for it ho boy...”

 Looks like my slave acquisition is paying off!

Chapter 15

After a few weeks the boys had healed nicely and both were adjusting to their new circumstances. Fortunately I had a king size bed and alternated fucking one slave one night and the other the next night. The one not getting fucked would nibble the nips of the other guy. Both were on cum control and always horny. Bruce’s lock prevented him from fucking and I wasn’t sure which one was suffering more with his new sexual restrictions. 

One night I decided to change things up a bit. I said I was too tired to fuck so I wanted Ryan and Bruce to do a fuck show for me. Up to this point Ryan hadn’t fucked since I acquired him. He had been allowed to come with older clients or when Bruce or someone else had been allowed to suck him off. I was curious if he was horny enough to fuck a guy. I told Bruce to suck him off and get him hard then lie on his back and grab his ankles while Ryan did the deed.

Ryan was reluctant at first but once Bruce sucked him to hardness his inhibitions vanished and his hard cock took the lead. I didn’t make him eat Bruce’s hole or loosen him up with fingers, I let his cock go for it the way he would a girl. Fortunately Bruce didn’t really need much preparation, just some lube and away we go. Ryan was a sight to watch especially the way his buns flexed on the downstroke, then relaxed on the up. I thought it might be fun to try fucking him while he’s fucking.

Both understood the consequences of sex without permission would be severe. While Ryan’s nuts were locked, I would occasionally allow Bruce to suck him off and I even let Ryan fuck him on occasion. Bruce was no longer topping and when I allowed him to jack off it was difficult with the lock P A in the end of his dick. Dr Derek was fucking him on his off nights with me and he was learning to get off while getting fucked. The first time it happened it was while I was fucking him. He apologized and said he tried not to climax but I fucked him so well he couldn’t help it. How could I punish him for that so if he came while getting fucked I allowed for it.

Ryan and I wanted to keep our relationship low key at work so I would drop him off at Starbucks on my way to work. He would lollygag there have coffee and read the paper and such then walk a few blocks to the office. He wore the lock and chain under his suit and would visit me from time to time during the day. Generally he would leave a few minutes before me and I would pick him up. 

We cleared out his condo and rented it out to a gay couple Bruce knew from the gym. Bruce’s lease was coming to an end so we cleared his things out and he also settled in at the ranch.

Ryan was corresponding regularly with his cousin Justin who was glad Ryan had reached out to him. He was a sophomore at college and an up and coming Quarterback and didn’t have a girlfriend... He had a shot at the starting job next year and we all became team fans immediately. He and Justin traded pix, a few shirtless and we all fell in love with cousin Justin.

Bruce asked about keeping his membership at the gym. He’d always liked cruising there and it was a good source of Intel on the hottest meat. I asked about the padlock on his dick and he said no problem he’d wear it and proudly show it off in the shower room! A few guys had P As and he had the best P A.

The holidays were approaching and Ryan’s cousin wanted to get together with Ryan while he was in town. So we decided the best was for Ryan to meet up with him at the sports bar after work. As it turned out Justin brought a buddy with him who had come home with him for the holidays and it turned out they were more than just buds. While they weren’t boyfriends they were buds with privileges... Ryan told him that he was trying things out on the gay side with a new roommate and was living with him. 

Justin had noticed the extraordinary bulge Ryan was sporting and reached for it. Ryan recoiled but it was too late. Justin had hold of the lock thru the pants and smiled at Ryan. I can’t wait to hear all about it cous.

Ryan called me and briefed me about his cousin and his bud and asked if he could bring them over to workout and order pizza. It sounded like a plan.

On the way home Ryan told his cousin as briefly as possible what transpired saying only his boss could have fired him and gave him a choice. But while different it was a whole new world for him and it wasn’t all that bad. In fact he was rather liking it especially once he got used to being fucked. He also mentioned his friend Bruce who was his brother slave and he was already gay so it made things easier for him to adopt.

He said he really liked his boss even before all this but just never thought about him sexually especially since he was almost 60. Justin asked about the lock and Ryan told him it was a sign of being owned. Justin thought the concept was totally hot and insisted on stopping at the hardware store to get 2 more just like it. Ryan had a feeling of where this was going.

It wasn’t long before they got to the house and Ryan said to hang on a minute. I have to strip cuz Im not allowed to wear anything in the house but my lock. Justin was so turned on that he told his bud Carson that they should get naked too and put the locks on in solidarity with Ryan.

The three locked jocks paraded into the house where Rob and Bruce were waiting. Their mouths dropped and their cocks shot up. Well I wasn’t expecting this Rob exclaimed. Ryan told him about when Justin grabbed his crotch and discovered the lock he wanted one too. Justin added for now its our sign of solidarity with Ryan but we could be part time slaves sir if you’ll have us. So far I only top tho - is that ok? Rob was so taken aback he said we can remedy that boy.  Muscle gods #6 & 7...

Justin took that to mean he would soon be loosing his cherry if he continued down this path. The man seemed to have a certain air a certain power that Justin’s cock jumped. As for looks the jocks were fantastic for 20 or 21. Justin was smaller than Ryan by a couple inches and 20 or 25 lbs. But apparently big dick ran in the family as he was easily as big as Ryan and uncut as well. He really looked like he could be Ryan’s younger brother. The bud Carson was slightly taller and 10 lbs heavier cut and thick maybe 8 inches hard. They sure looked hot with the locks on their balls. In their excitement they forgot to stop for pizza. Rob said he order delivery but Ryan would have to answer the door and pay for it.

In the mean time they could workout. Rob supervised with his crop and gave the boys a small taste of it when they lagged. Rob was thinking what a fine team of horses these boys would make. Maybe he’d have Bruce build a chariot. He could get a Roman Centurion outfit and tour the estate like Caesar himself! 

The pizza arrived and Ryan went to get it. The pizza delivery boy was agog. Actually he was also a pretty well built college jock and asked if he could collect his tip when he got off work in 2 hours. Rob overheard and said sure tell him he can join the party. The pizza guys name was Greg and he said he’d be back. 

Over pizza the boys heard about the party and the tape and begged to see it. Rob said it would cost Justin his cherry and all the boys would witness him losing it. Justin agreed and Rob turned on the tv and started the tape. He fast forwarded it to the start of the crucifixion game and then let it run through the first Bruce scene then fast forwarded to when Ryan was crucified and got his rings.

Justin was so turned on he said I want that sir. Rob said if things proceeded like they were it could certainly happen. Then the second Bruce scene started. When the milking concluded and the piercing was about to begin they all freaked when the meat clever came out. No shit Justin exclaimed. He looked at Bruce and said they wanted to chop your dick off dude! 

Yea I was freakin at that point for sure. Then they saw him agree to be a slave if they let him keep his dick and they put the lock in which Bruce now proudly displayed. Rob cautioned him and the rest it still could happen one day so don’t get too confident. They knew it well but also knew Rob enjoyed their dicks attached almost as much as they did.

Rob turned the conversation to the pizza guy. What should we do with this guy? Justin suggested a gang bang, but Rob said slaves weren’t allowed to fuck except on special occasions. 

He said he would start with Justin’s promised cherry, then maybe turn his ass over to Carson and the pizza guy but they would play it by ear. Justin protested that Carson was a bottom and he always fucked Carson. 

Rob looked at Carson “What do you think? Maybe its your turn to get some pay back.” 

Carson timidly said he’d thought about it but Justin was always the top man. Rob said That changes tonight. Justin was getting nervous and the doorbell rang. There would be a gang bang but Justin would be the bangee.

When Ryan answered the door the kid was already stripping his clothes off and was ushered in totally naked and stood for inspection. He was a good looking jock but not a god. Not everyone could be. Rob asked him if he was gay and he said bi. He had been experimenting since he was now bodybuilding and he got turned on by all the hot guys. He had fooled around a bit and had been fucked by a couple of guys but never topped.

Rob told naked ball locked Justin to stand up and pose. He told Greg that if he wanted to he could have thirds at this kid who was still a virgin. He was going to get his cherry taken. Rob had the honors Carson got seconds and if he was up for it he could have thirds. Greg said it was cool but wondered why all the guys had locks on their nuts and Bruce had one in his dick. Rob explained that he owned Ryan and Bruce and Justin was Ryan's cousin and Carson was his bud and they were thinking of becoming slaves too but they were still in college upstate.

Chapter 16

“Let’s adjourn to the bedroom and pop this boys cherry.”

They all trooped upstairs and Rob arranged Justin on the bed and attached the restraints. Justin commented that he felt pretty vulnerable and Rob agreeing with him asked if he submitted to him and was ready to be deflowered. 

He answered “Yes master I give you my cherry with everyone as witnesses.” 

“Do you want to be fucked easy like a girl or are you man enough to handle a good rough fucking.”

He wanted to ask for a nice slow fuck but he dared not say that and replied “I’ll take it like a man sir.” 

“Good for you boy. Im sure thats how you do Carson.”

Nonetheless Rob took his time lubing him up and loosening his sphincter first with one finger, then 2 and 3. He donned a condom since the boy was an outsider. Finally he aimed his cock at the boys hole and slowly pushed in, gently and steadily all the way in. Rob said you are no longer a virgin. The the fucking began slowly at first then harder til he was pounding the boys ass and he was moaning. 

Rob gave the boy a 20 minute fuck and pulled out. He pulled the condom out and said “Here’s a souvenir of your cherry busting fuck.”

Carson took his place over his erstwhile top and prepared to give him some of his own medicine. He was going to enjoy their friendship more on an equal plane. His 8.5 inch dick moved into position and he said “You ready buddy, I sure am and he aggressively shoved it in just like Justin did to him. This time I own you my friend.” 

Carson proceeded to barefuck his fuck buddy and gave him a huge load deep in his gut.

Greg the pizza guy was next. His dick was 6.5 or 7 inches and he was a little more the twink type so having his cock fucking Justin was slightly humiliating, but bringing the hot jock down a peg would be good for him. Even though Greg was smaller he was a pretty good fucker and soon creamed the jock. He had worn a condom too and gave Justin a second souvenir.

Ryan spoke up and said “Hey cous your not a virgin anymore. One day if I’m good maybe my master will let me give you my cock.”

Rob chimed in “Well since Justin still needs to bust a load maybe you and Bruce can do the honors. We’ll see if Bruce has taught you anything about the art of sucking cock.”

Ryan opened wide and swallowed his cousins cock. He was learning but when Bruce took over he had Justin edging and begging for release. Bruce was the master cocksucker that was for sure. Finally Rob said go for it and Bruce took Justin over the edge. It was epic and Bruce swallowed every drop. Justin almost passed out. Justin had been trussed up on the bed and they released his ankles but left his arms spread wide. He looked hot like that almost as good as Ryan.

The guys recognized the cross from the video and Rob also showed them the cage. We haven’t really used the cage yet. My plan was to have a cage cam online, but its a mite small for my guys. Maybe Greg would fit. Greg crawled in and he was a better fit than the bigger guys. Ryan took a pic with his phone and said “I’ll send it to you.”

The guys went back downstairs and popped some beers. Rob talked to Greg about his interests. He had a daddy that liked Greg's type and said if Greg was interested maybe he would hook him up. They got everyones email and phone numbers and said they’d be invited to the next party so long as each took a turn on the cross. Justin and Carson knew exactly what that meant and said to count them in. Justin said he knew a few other guys he could bring along as well. Buds with privileges. Rob commented that they may have to expand into the barn if Justin brought all his paramours.

“That reminds me,” Rob said to Bruce, “we should get your Uncle and his boy over to take a look at the bunkhouse and barn. See what they think needs to be done.You can probably do most of it but you might need some help with some of it.”

I mentioned it to him and he’s anxious to meet my master. Says you did what he or anyone else couldn’t. 

“Whats that?” Rob asked.

“Take me for their slave.”

“It just took the right argument.”

Everyone laughed. Everyone but Greg knew what that meant. “Next time we’ll get that vid out for Greg.”


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