Chapter 8

When Bruce had been entirely drained it was Derek's show. We fashioned a stool about dick height under Bruce's cock and topped it off with a butcher block carving board. Derek got out a meat clever and began sharpening it. Bruce’s eyes grew to saucer size. I asked him if he wanted a gag or blindfold. Bruce yelled “What’s that meat axe for?”

I calmly said “Its for a penectomy.” 

Bruce said “A what?” 

“We’re going to remove it. We’re going to chop it clean off! Should we take the nuts too?” 

“O fuck no, please just a piercing. Please don’t chop off my junk. Please.”

“Well if I don’t chop off your cock what will you do for me?”

“Anything. I’ll do anything”

“I’ve been hearing that word alot lately. Do you really mean it?”

“Yes yes anything you want! I’ll give you sex anytime you want; I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t take my manhood.”

“Ok I’ll make a deal with you. I want you. I want to own you. I want you for a slave. Just like I own Ryan.”

You could hear a pin drop.  (long pause)

“You,- - -  own,, - - - Ryan?  - - and - - - you’d own me? - - We’d be like brothers. You’d own both of us.”

“Thats right either way I get your cock... Of course it would be more fun still attached. But I would own you and your cock every inch.”

“I’ll do it. I’ll be your slave.”

“OK Derek put the clever away we’ll just do the piercing.”

Derek said “Are u sure? I was really hoping to get this trophy cock.”

“I’ll make you a deal too. You will have unlimited privileges with this slave, cock attached. That OK with you Bruce?”

“Yes master anything you say”

Derek put the meat clever away and took out the quarter inch hole punch and hammer. Bruce’s dick was rock hard and throbbing even though there wasn’t a drop of cum left in his nuts. Derek inserted the punch into Bruce’s urethra about 3/4 of an inch and angled it down to the board. He took the hammer and slammed the punch. 

Bruce let out a scream just like Ryan had. But along with the scream Bruce blew another incredible load and passed out. I gave Derek the lock and he put it through the hole and snapped it closed. Done. Two muscle sex gods, two sex slaves in less than 72 hours. I wondered if i was dreaming or died and went to gay heaven. I was also wondering about Ryan’s and Bruce’s other buddies. I’m bad, very bad.

I might mention that the room has hidden video cams just for moments such as this. It would be one for the ages.

It was getting into the wee hours of the morning. I invited anyone who wanted to stay the night I had plenty of room and most accepted the offer. I had turned the old ranch house into a guest house/bunk house. Most of my guests were familiar with it as I lived there prior to building the mansion. The exterior was a hundred years old and looked it. The inside was upgraded just enough to be comfortable for me and my guests. I had kept the old barn as well and used it for larger parties. 

We took Bruce down from the cross. He came to. We gave him a drink and then helped him down to the guest bedroom in the basement. It was actually a jail cell but it had a bunk. I bid my new slave good night and locked the cell door. Ryan was staring wide eyed at the jail cell. I snapped my fingers and said “You wanna bunk down here with Bruce or in the bedroom with me?”

He snapped out of it and stammered he wanted to be with me.

I guessed his straight mind was spinning. I had to admit mine was too.

We got into bed and I fucked Ryan on his side being careful of his tits. I said wild night huh? He agreed and was out. I slept with my dick in his ass. It would be interesting with the 2 of them to take care of. Or was it vice versa. I had very sweet dreams.

Chapter 9

I was first one up but I let Ryan sleep and went down to check on Bruce. He was half awake and when I opened the cell he asked if he got busted last night. I laughed and told him it was the basement bedroom. I asked if he remembered the party. He said the cobwebs were clearing. He remembered the meat clever. He said ‘Were you really going to chop it off?”

I didn’t answer I just said “Do you remember the deal?” 

He said “I’m your sex slave? You own me master.”

I said I was glad he remembered because it was all on video if he needed his memory refreshed.

He said he remembered but it would be one hell of a vid. 

“With a master like you and parties like that, I’m gonna be your best slave ever sir. I’ve had my eye on Ryan for months and I finally got his ass, his dick and his cum. I can still taste his sweet jizz. I’m gonna watch that vid a thousand times and I bet I shoot a load every time. This P A is amazing too. I’m sure its going to hang out of my shorts at work.”

I told him to roll over and get some more sleep. I’d leave the door unlocked and see about the rest of the guests.


“Sir” he said “I’ll get up and tend to the guests.”

“Next time boy I want you to get a little more rest and get your dick healed up fast so I can use it. Damn it woulda looked good on my mantle....”

“O Jesus I was scared shitless you were really going to chop it off!”


Scott and John had just made it over from the bunk house in search of coffee. Well I just got up too and we got to get this wild west show on the road. Lets make a big pot and and wrestle some eggs together. As we worked they couldn’t get over the wild ass party. I told them I had only met Bruce that morning when we went to get Ryan's things. They asked how I’d got Ryan and I just said its a long story, you’ll just have to buy the book.

I heard the clank of Ryan’s chain as he wobbled down the stairs. He came over and kissed me on the mouth. “I like my new rings master.”

“Do they hurt much?”

“Not that bad, its all for you master”

“Did we blow your straight mind?”

“You sure did. I had no idea you were such a big pervert!”

I reached out and took ahold of one of his new rings “What did you say boy?”

“I said I’m becoming a big pervert just like my master sir!”

“L O L  that’s better” I released his sore nipple.

“I had a dream about Bruce becoming your slave too... Did you plan that?”

“Nope I had no idea. It just came to me when he wanted a second turn on the cross. While the boys drained him Dr Derek and I hatched the plan.”

“I knew you were smart but that was brilliant. You read him perfectly, but I turned out to be the bait. He’s seriously in lust for me. He told me that when we went upstairs to get the cross. He told me he loved the kinky stuff big time. Maybe he planned it... 

“When you told him to blow me he said he had me just where he wanted me. I never had a chick blow me like he did. I may just like this gay shit...”

“Well how do you feel about a brother slave?

“I’m just getting used to the idea of being a slave myself. As far as I know him I think he's a kewl dude and he can help me with some of the gay stuff I’m clueless about.... Like the wild ass parties you guys have. I think I’m ready to accept his offer to fuck him - that is if my master wills it. I don’t suppose he’ll be fucking anyone anytime soon and with that lock in his dick, he sure can’t cheat.”

A few more guys wandered in from the bunk house and the coffee was ready.

Ryan said “Hey where is Bruce anyway? Last thing I remember is putting him in a jail cell in the basement.”

“I was just down to check on him. He's fine but he thought he got busted. I assured him he was here of his own volition. Though now that he’s my slave he won’t be leaving of his own volition. Anyway, I told him to get some more z’s. I’m sure he’ll be along.”

Dr Derek came in and asked about his patients. Still kickin I assured him. He said he wanted to check on Bruce since cock piercings tended to bleed. He’d clean him up and change the dressings. He disappeared down the basement and a few minutes later we heard a scream. “Well the good news is the patient is alive. The bad news is he’s in pain. No pain, no gain” as they say. “How bout you stud?”

“Well I just got my nips done. That’s bad enough. My dick’s still intact. I’d really like to keep my foreskin master if you don’t mind.”

“We’ll work something out at least til the next party.” Always keep em guessing.

Dr Derek emerged from the depths with his naked patient. Naked except for the bandages on his cock. Ryan couldn’t resist “How bout a run buddy?”

Bruce groaned “Sure you go ahead I’ll catch up.”

“By the time you girls are healed up you’ll be as flabby as your dad lol” I quipped.

Chapter 10

Everyone was reminiscing about the party telling their favorite parts. Of course the muscle gods were the favorites and I brimmed with pride.

The last two arrived from the bunk house and got their coffee. Scott and John started the eggs. “Any slaves capable of making toast?” Scott jested. Ryan volunteered Bruce just groaned.

By mid afternoon the guests had the house all ship shape and the residents watched basketball and talked. During one of the breaks I asked Bruce what his story was. His work and living situation any boy friends etc.

He said he worked for a real estate renovation/flipping outfit owned by his gay uncle. He had a degree in Architecture and a minor in Interior Design - gay genes at work. His uncle bought run down homes and renovated and flipped em, so Bruce was the brains of the operation. He had an apartment and he was single cuz he liked to mess around too much to get into a relationship. He was really into BDSM but found it hard to find others who weren’t fat biker types. Our party put him over the edge and if we wanted him back on the cross right now he’d do it.

He could cook a bit and he was a good housekeeper. I asked him how he got into guys. He was an altar boy and he was hit on by a priest who was a great guy. They were still best friends. But rarely got together anymore cuz the priest was a big muckety muck in Rome.

He went out with girls in High school but just liked guys better especially athletic muscular guys. So when he saw Ryan at the gym he fell head over heels in lust, but he seemed too straight and he kept his distance. He said he’d fallen asleep many a night jacking off to a fantasy about Ryan. When he saw Ryan shaving in the shower he totally freaked. And when Ryan accepted his offer to help get the hard to reach places he almost creamed. Then Ryan asked him about gay sex. The invite to the party. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I walked through the mirror into some magical fantasy warp. Whatever. I meant it when I agreed to be your slave. I hope I can fit in.

I explained that the whole thing was only a few days old. We preferred not to go into the details that led up to it but things are what they are and definitions simply aren’t in place. I told him to make arrangement’s to move in with us which was fine with him. He had the same rule about needing permission to touch his cock and course he needed permission to cum. Ours was somewhat different than a boyfriend relationship more like a pet relationship since they were owned.

I made a mental note to place another order online and get Bruce a matching collar cockring and butt lock.

I asked about HIV and he said he had had a test a month ago and it was negative. I made it clear that sex would be with me exclusively or those I allowed him to see. Even Ryan was off limits unless specifically approved. I told him that Dr Derek had special privileges for not cutting off his dick. 3 ways were a definite probability and even shows he and Ryan might put on for the masters and or master’s friends entertainment.

I said we could consider guest partners but prior permission would be necessary. I asked if either had anyone in mind such as friends or past partners. Ryan who had been pretty quiet said he had a cousin with a nice build and he thought he messed around as he usually drooled whenever Ryan was around. He worked out and was good looking, only 20 or 21 and was a jock in college. He was in school elsewhere in state so Ryan hadn’t seen him in a while. I suggested he might send him an email and just casually touch base with him. See what happens.


Cocky Jock

[email protected]


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