Chapter 17

Since Bruce had been wearing his lock to the gym he was getting more attention than usual and he had no compunction telling guys he was owned. The manager took special interest and Bruce told him about the party and the video. He had no Idea this guy was into it but he apparently was he just had to be very professional at work. He was interested is meeting the master and seeing the video. Bruce talked to Rob about it and they arranged for him to come over next time he had a free evening.

The guys name was Matt. He was 40ish and in great shape and was a certified trainer. It turned out he had a boy everyone thought was straight - part of the ruse at the gym. The boy in his late 20s name was Bill and he came along. One of the rules that had come up was “boys” even visitors would be naked at the house and Matt said Bill would have no problem showing off his body. In fact he had a hard time keeping him clothed. He was damn good looking and an attorney with a big San Diego firm.

When they arrived all Bill, muscle god #10, was wearing was running shorts and they disappeared before the door opened. He was hot big and hung. He rivaled Ryan and Bruce with a 9 inch thick cut schlong. He had nipple rings as well as a PA. But his was the normal ring type but 00 gauge. He had seen Bruce's lock and liked it. He didn’t wear his accoutrements at the gym in order to maintain his straight jock image.

Ryan got beers and passed em around. After some small talk they got down to business. Rob started the video and everyone got hardons. He had edited it down to the Ryan and Bruce scenes and fast forwarded thru the long milking scenes. When it finished all Matt and Bill could say was wow. Bill said he was so horney he was ready to jump on that cross right now!

Rob said its upstairs but I happen to have another gadget handy if you want something similar. Bill was ready to walk thru fire and said sure. 

Rob told him to lie on the floor spreadeagle. As he did Rob got 2 spreaders from the closet and told Matt to attach em to his wrists and ankles as wide as possible. Rob got a remote and pushed a button. There was a whirrring noise as a cable emerged from the ceiling of the Great Room. Now there’s a decision to me made. We can hoist him right side up or upside down. 

Bill immediately said upside down. The cable was attached to the ankle spreader and the motor whirred lifting Bill’s legs into the air and soon he was suspended a few feet off the floor. Now its up to Matt what do you want to do to him. Jack him, blow him, or whip him.

Matt said lets whip him first then milk him like in the video. Rob gave the whip to Matt and he went to work on his boy. He did not wield the whip gently. He laid into Bill giving him a good old fashioned slave whooping. Bill screamed and swung wildly. The observers stood around watching that he didn’t hit anything. Everyone including Bill was boned to the max and dripping. Rob reminded the boys not to cum and if they did they would be next to feel the kiss of the whip. Smart ass Bruce asked is that was a promise... Rob said maybe you wanna find out.

After 15 minutes or so Matt stopped and examined his work. He spoke to Bill “Well boy you were well over due for that workout. Im surprised you still know how to take it. Bill replied “Thank you master”

Ryan the novice and Bruce the master stepped up to do the milking. Ryan started things off and Bruce stepped in for the kill. He did his long edging and made Bill mad with need. He was begging to come when Bruce stopped. Bill screamed don’t stop now! Bruce spoke to Matt “Does the boy have your permission to cum?” Matt said no not just yet. He looked at Rob and said I don’t suppose you’d have a spare padlock would you?

Rob was always prepared and produced a lock just like Ryan's. Matt went up to Bill and said “You have a choice boy. Do you want to be neutered or wear this lock for life?

Bill immediately chose the lock. Bill was expecting it on his nuts but Matt removed the PA and replaced it with the lock. Too bad you didn’t cum. It’ll be pretty hard to finish you off now. But I will release your wrists and let you jack off.

Wow what a show watching the built young lawyer jacking off desperately upside down. When he came it dribbled down his torso because the lock pretty much blocked off his urethra and the cum just oozed out around it. The lock hurt too because it was bigger than his 00 gauge PA. 

Matt quipped the boys at the gym are gonna be seeing 2 padlocked dicks now. 

Bill said he couldn’t wear it to court because of the metal detectors.

Matt roared with laughter, this I gotta see. Those security deputies are gonna be in for a real show

Bill could only groan. He was lowered to the floor his ordeal over. He was pretty sore and welted front and back. Rob said they would invite then to the next party but he wondered if Bill could take it since he was a pretty boy high filutin lawyer and all.

Bill immediately replied hell yea I wish we’d met you guys years ago. Matt shrugged and said I guess we’ll be there.

The circle was growing.

Chapter 18

Since his first fucking Marco had been a regular at the ranch. He looked like an alpha male but actually was a total bottom and loved getting fucked. I did him once a week as did Dr Derek. I had been allowing Ryan and Bruce to help me fuck Marco too. I was beyond my fuck machine years; may as well use the slaves!

I accepted Marco as Slave #3 and he moved in. He was great around the house, quite handsome and a gentle manner though he liked a very rough fuck. He also loved bdsm and he had nips to die for. He loved the party nights and could take whatever anyone could dish out and came back for more. Everyone loved him and loved playing with him.

Marco was a kindergarten teacher and must have been a great role model for those little boys. He had tried teaching older kids but he was so hot niether the boys nor the girls could keep their hands off him. With the kindergarteners, it was only the kid’s parents he had to contend with. He had absolutely no trouble getting volunteer room mothers, but they kept trying to pull him into the broom closet during nap time! Even some of the Dads volunteered and one Marco would have done except he wasn’t allowed to get nailed outside the house. His ass was locked for good measure.

Marco told me about the incident. He said the dad was in his late 20’s and pretty much fit the muscle god profile. He was divorced and shared custody of their son. He wondered if he might invite him to the house to meet Rob. Rob had concerns about the guy but if he was that hot the least he could do is meet him. He cautioned Marco that sex with him was only a maybe. Marco could invite him for dinner, but he needed to explain about the ranch, the naked rule and while Rob might allow him to use Marco’s ass, there would be an audience. Tell him he needs to send you a nude selfie. If he agrees to that he will probably be kewl.

The dad’s name was Craig. He was 28 and indeed a muscle god. When he arrived he was down to his underwear by the time Marco got to the door. He got totally boned when he saw Marco naked except for his hardware. Marco ushered him in and it was just the 3 of us to talk. Marco had explained the situation at the house. I told him I would be inclined to allow him to fuck Marco but there would be an audience. He said he was an exhibitionist. It would be a total turn on for him and he loved sex parties. He loved kink and he was versatile. I said I thought he might fit in.

Let’s go upstairs and get this party goin. A couple of other guys are waitin for us. I showed him the bed and the restraints and asked how he’d like Marco. He said face up wrists restrained, ankles up. Then he said once he got goin maybe I would mount him and fuck him while he was doin Marco. I was beginning to like this dude.

Ryan and Bruce came in and I invited them to join in the fuck fest. They were excited to be able to use their cocks for a change and take turns with Marco and Craig. Craig was in heaven. He said he was used to settling for guys who were below his standards, but we were what his dreams were made of. “Where do I sign up?”

We took a break for dinner and I asked Craig what his story was. He said he was gay but couldn’t accept it. He got married and had a kid, but his wife caught him doing the neighbor who he was still doing since they were gym partners. That brought about the divorce and his coming to grips with being gay. He and his wife came through it still friends. She had remarried - a great guy who Craig liked and said he noticed him checking him out a few times. Craig had a degree in business and had a low level job as a bank teller. I told him we would talk later as I had something in mind if he was interested.

After dinner we got out the party vids and Craig asked when’s the next one. I said “How bout now? The cross is upstairs if you’re in the mood for some licks.” He was game and we adjourned to the bedroom. CRAIG LOOKED HOT ON THE CROSS and I whipped him with a cat-o-nine. He was totally boned even though his dick took several direct hits. I set Bruce to work on it and he edged Craig for another 20 minutes. He was begging to come. Finally I said go and Bruce took his hot load down his throat. After swallowing, Bruce looked at me, grinned and said “Can we keep him dad? Plee ee ease”

“What the hell. When can you move in?”

Craig did move in and not long after told me his gym partner was interested and wanted to visit. Craig already had a nude pic of him and he indeed fit the profile. Craig told him all about the ranch and the guy salivated especially when Craig told him about how hot all the guys were. Craig told him that Rob was in charge of sex but while they were no longer free to “fuck around” it was safer and the guys are all totally hot.

Craig’s former neighbor came for dinner and entered naked and boned. His name was Collin and he was even better than the selfie. Craig said let’s do the talkin later. He told Collin to blow me. I was taken aback with Craig taking charge and giving his friend the orders, but I went along. Collin nibbled me thru my shorts and moved his hand up the open leg. I was rock hard and Collin began to pull my shorts off. He immediately had my hard cock in his throat and I had to open my eyes to see if Bruce had sneaked in. It was Collin deep throating my bone and was soon edging me. 

Craig said “OK sir when you can’t take it anymore just tell him and he’ll swallow your load.”

I did as I was told and finally told Collin to go for it and he did. I not only came in his throat, he fuckin sucked me dry. It was amazing! I was still catching my breath and Craig told Collin to get on his back on the coffee table and grab his ankles. As soon as you’re ready sir, Collin will take your cock in his ass. It was kind of erotic having Craig directing his bud to service me and Collin did so with great aplumb. 

While I was fucking Collin, the other guys who had been patiently waiting upstairs ventured down to see what was up. As I was fucking Collin, I apologized that I forgot about them and said they could get a turn as soon as I finished. I told RYAN HE COULD GET A HEAD START BY FUCKING THE GUYS FACE at the opposite end of the coffee table. Craig asked if he could bring up the rear. I gave permission.

Over dinner no one could get over what a great cocksucker the dude was. Bruce was going to have some competition. Bruce said that at the rate the house was growing he would need some help. I asked Collin to tell us his story. 

He said he got started in high school where he played football and was the center. The quarterback loved to feel his ass and that eventually included in the lockerroom and showers. It wasn’t long til the quarterback started fucking him. One time his little brother Doug caught them and later he started giving Collin head.  Collin’s degree was in english lit but of course there were no jobs in that field except teaching. He had taken a job in real estate, but wasn’t getting rich. 

Craig said he was a great salesman - he’d give the customer a bj and he’d edge em til they agreed to buy! Everyone laughed. I thought he’d be another prospect for my shop but I hadn’t hired Craig yet. I also thought that Bruce’s uncle might hire him as an in-house agent to buy and sell the flipped houses.

Collin’s only question was “When can I move in?” Collin became muscle god 9/house slave 5. Collin was 26 and also had a 24 year old brother named Blaze if we were interested... They also had a 20 year old brother named Doug but he was still in college.

I wondered what I had started. All of a sudden I felt like a mother rabbit.

I told the family that eventually all would have P A locks like Bruce along with the butt locks. I was relaxing the sex restrictions inside. I would get my pick/s and after that each guy would get one night a week unlocked and get his pick from the rest of the guys. Everyone would workout after dinner. Then hang out or begin the sex-capades and then to bed. Infractions would mean loss of unlocked cocks and sex with others as bottom for a number of days fitting the infraction. Dr. Derek and a few of my friends enjoyed “privileges” as well. So the boys were getting a steady diet.

No one was expecting that but the whooped and cheered like kids getting lollipops. I realized the house was growing and I couldn’t handle all the topping so why not share the wealth.


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