Bare Ass Ranch - Part 1

Chapter 1

My name is Rob. I’m in my late 50s and Senior Vice-President of a major investment bank in Southern California. I’m not bad looking, but loosing the battle of the bulge. About 2 years ago I hired a fresh out of college jock to work as an account executive. He was a total jock, cocky and extremely handsome. 6 feet 4 inches tall blond hair deep blue eyes and I guess about 220 pounds - very muscular build and I guessed pretty hung from the bulge in his pants. He had personality for days and turned out to be good at his job and a great salesman. He had smarts but was a bit lazy since he’d learned to get by on his good looks. Aside from his cocky attitude, I liked him. He took direction well and always seemed grateful for suggestions. He dressed smartly and showed his muscular body well.

One day I went to get some documents from the printer but they hadn’t printed since it was out of paper. I restocked the paper and hit start and the job started. It printed my documents but there were a few extra pages apparently from a previous user who didn’t realize their job didn’t finish because of the paper. 

Once I got back to my office and looked closer at the extra pages, I was shocked by what I found. I spent the next 2 weeks investigating my find and considered what I needed to do.

I called Ryan into my office and after a few pleasantries I asked if he wanted to grab a beer after work. He was a bit surprised since I’d never socialized with him in the past but he eagerly agreed.

We met up at one of his favorite sports bars and chatted a bit. Then I casually mentioned what had happened at the printer a couple weeks ago. I told him that what I found required me to investigate further. I had used my supervisory password to gain access to his computer and copied the drive. By now he was sweating. In addition to some naked girls, I told him I found a number of encrypted files and a few he’d forgotten to re-encrypt.

What I found was enough to fire him and turn over to the SEC for investigation and he would no doubt face charges and could get serious prison time. He begged me not to bust him. He said he’d do anything I wanted, just don’t bust him. He was nearly in tears.

Do you really mean it? - Anything? - I said I might consider helping him out but it would be costly. He said he’d pay anything. I said well I don’t need or want your money even if you had any money. He looked at me curiously and I went on. I will give you a choice. You become my slave or go to prison. Now he was very confused. You know how popular a jock like you would be with the goons in the pen? Your choice is me or them. 

Slowly it dawned on him, he said “You   mean   you -    want -    me -    for      -----sex?” 

I said “Not only that - I would own you like a pet. But no matter what - prison would be worse - far worse. I will give you until tomorrow morning to decide. I have a meeting with the partners at 10 am. What you decide will determine if you have a job at 11am or if you are escorted out of the building in handcuffs.”

“Be in my office by 9:15. If you decide to agree do this, I want you to write out a full and detailed confession and sign it. I want you to shave your entire body from nose to toes. Wear no underwear under your clothes and be in my office at 9:15 dressed to the 9s.” He stared at me blankly barely breathing. 

“Do you understand? If you do, say yes Master.”

 He did. He said “Yes Master.” 

It was a good indication of what he was thinking. I said “Ok see you in the morning.” I drained my beer and left.

I was purposely vague about his slavery and emphasized prison. Admittedly I was a bit giddy and couldn’t wait til morning. I was too excited to sleep well but I had very sweet dreams. He likely had prison nightmares.

I arrived at work a bit early and he wasn’t far behind. He knocked on my door and I told him to come in and shut the door. He stood in front of my desk and nervously shifted from one foot to the other. He looked great. Nice fitting suit and a shirt that was just a tad tight.

I asked if he had decided. He said well he didn’t want to go to jail and so maybe he would accept my offer. 

“Maybe? - Did you do as I asked?”

 He nodded and I held out my hand. He handed me the signed confession. I only gave it a glance. “And the rest?” He nodded. “Say it.”

“Yes Master.” 

“Good lets see.” 

“-–Excuse me?” 

“Strip - lets see.”


“Yes here! - NOW. —I have a meeting to get to so quickly!”

He was humiliated at the prospect of stripping on my command and especially here in the office. He hesitantly removed his jacket, tie and shirt. Not a hair in sight. 

“Put your hands behind your neck.” As he obeyed, I could see his pits were baby smooth. 


God he had pecs and abs of steel. His pecs were crowned with large areolas and nips that begged for clamps. Incredible.

“Ok the rest, take it off.” He hated being made to strip in front of me in my office but he reluctantly obeyed my commands.

Shoes, socks - and slowly he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. No underwear - no pubes - not a hair. BIG UN-CUT DICK!  Schweet.

Come over here. He stood next to my chair and I fondled his junk, something I’d bet no man had ever done to him - ever! I asked him what he was feeling having me play with him. He said it was wierd. “If a guy did this to me yesterday I probably would have slugged him. I guess that would be my first reaction, but since I now belong to you, it’s your right and I’ll just have to get used to it sir.” I told him to turn around and let me see his ass. 

“Hands behind your back.” He complied and I slipped a ziplock tie on his wrists and pulled it tight. 

“Why’d you do that?” 

“Well,” I replied, “just be glad its not handcuffs. You will frequently be restrained while you are being trained to service me sexually. Your body will be mine to use and play with as I choose. Restraints emphasize that you have no choice but to allow me to use you. You will soon become accostomed to serving me with or without restraints, but they make the point that you are now owned.” 

I cupped his firm smooth glutes and felt for hair “where the sun don’t shine.” Baby fucking smooth. My finger teased at his hole and entered it. He tensed. Never before had his hole been breached. I doubted even his doctor had begun prostate exams. I explored a bit deeper. I knew he didn’t like it. It was invasive and humiliating, but it no longer belonged to him. I was the new owner.

“You know this also belongs to me and you realize that I intend to use it for my own pleasure. If you submit totally you too would be pleasured. But that’s up to you.”

Now face me. You did as I asked, are you my slave? 

He nodded yes.

Say it.

“Yes, I’m your slave, master.”

“Who owns you?”

“You do master.”

“As a sign of your new status I’m locking your nuts.” I had a gym padlock I put over his nuts and added a 2’ heavy chain and clicked it shut. It was quite tight. I knew it would severely limit the circulation. He would be in pain very soon. He was uncomfortable having another man handling his junk. But his hands were secured behind his back and he was naked. What else could he do? I told him to say “thank you for not busting me Master”. He said it.

“Well I wish we had more time but I have to get to my meeting. Go wait in my bathroom til I get back.” His eyes pleaded, but he obeyed. “I hope this meeting goes well so it won’t take too long.” Off I went, my new boy naked and secured in the bathroom.

When I got back he was in serious pain. His nuts were throbbing — dying. He pleaded with me to take the lock off. I briefly explained the reason they nut bulls, but if he was obedient I’d let him keep his nuts for now. I made him promise to obey anything I said. “Ok I’ll give u a larger lock and you can remain a man, but I own you every inch. Understand?”

 He replied “Yes Master.”

I removed the lock and replaced it with a larger, heavier looser one. I led him out of the bathroom by the chain and asked him how big his cock was. He said he was 6” soft and 9.5” hard. I was pleased and probably showed my pleasure as my own cock hardened in my pants. 

I said “let’s see. Get hard.” While he was used to being naked with buddies in locker rooms, this was way different. He was entertaining another man with his naked body and not because he liked it.

As he stroked his cock I explained the rules. No touching his dick and especially no cumming without permission. If need be we would install a chastity cage to ensure it. He was to keep his body shaved until we got around to having his hair permanently removed.

His hard dick was indeed 9.5” WOW! Unfortunately it would never fuck a pussy again. I had thought of having him mounded but not yet. It would be a shame to waste such a trophy cock. But having a PA installed was definitely in the plans.

“Can you dance?” I asked. “Entertain me.” He danced naked, a dance of humiliation with his hard cock flopping around lewdly. 

Since it was Thursday I asked what plans he had for tonight and the rest of the week. He said he went to the gym most evenings and sometimes drinking and pussy hunting after. 

“Well put all that on hold. You can workout at my place. Booze and pussy are out.” 

He looked like he'd just gotten gut punched. 

“Consider it house arrest. After work you will come directly to my place. You can bring clothes over this weekend. You won’t need underwear just the lock and chain.” I intentionally had the chain cut to 24” so it would hang down his pants leg.

“I want to see your place anyway, but you’ll be living with me.”

 He whined but I reminded him that he no longer had a say. He knew the alternative. In less than 24 hours he went from straight playboy jock to gay sex slave. Still it was better than being a convict.

“So after work you can drive with me out to my place and we can begin.”

 I allowed him to get dressed with his lock and chain dangling from his balls. I guess we both had work to finish and it helped pass the time. I was certainly anxious to play with my new toy. I assume his anxiety was more negative. It would pass.

Chapter 2

Five o’clock rolled around and I had been considering having him strip in the car for the drive. I lived on an old ranch 20 or 30 minutes away. I decided I would have him take his jacket off and open his shirt and pants in the car. As we drove I told him to get hard.

Some years ago I bought an old ranch and lived in the old ranch house while I built a new rather extravagant mansion. There was also an old bunkhouse and a barn on the property that I had done only minimal work on. My mansion was pretty new and not yet completely finished inside. It was next to a small private lake. It had a very large deck right on the lake as well as a boathouse.

I had a workout area with the best equipment and in the basement I had a few special play items, not quite a dungeon, but a start on one. The great room had a motorized pulley and was great for stringing up a boy for play and for parties. The basement had a real jail cell and a stock and I had a cage and St Andrews cross in the bedroom. I guess I’d been planning for this day.

I figured I’d get to know him better over dinner and see what domestic talents he had. I wondered if he could cook and clean. I certainly didn’t need a slob. He seemed to keep his workspace orderly so I was guessing he couldn’t be too bad. I was also curious to see what he would tell me about his sexual history. 

I loved making a boy tell me in detail about his sexual experiences and history. I would be especially curious to see if he’d had had any contact with other guys. Even straight guys sometimes experimented in high school or college or even had a male relative or friend try something. Maybe he had been an altar boy! 

We picked up a pizza on the way home. I made him run in and get it shirt open but pants zipped up. As soon as we pulled up to the house I told him to strip. No neighbors out here so no big deal and I wanted to get him used to being nude. As soon as we got inside I told him to get hard and then we’d eat. As I watched him stroke I told him to turn around and I fingered his hole. I asked if he’d ever had anything up there. He said no. As I pushed my finger in I told him that his cherry would be my dessert. A second finger joined the first. He cringed but didn’t pull away.

The thought had crossed my mind earlier that you can run across an alpha male with a submissive streak - they'd never admit til someone took charge.

As it turned out he had minimal “sexual” contact with guys. When he pledged a frat in college the pledges were required to strip at various times, but no sex was involved except once they had to take the older brothers cocks in their mouths.

Not surprisingly he had a bevy of girlfriends and never went home alone. I told him I wanted him to write a paper detailing his sex life beginning with his first time. I emphasized details. I asked if guys hit on him. He said it happened. It used to bother him but mostly they were rebuffed with a simple “Sorry dude I’m straight.”

He also had one particularly kinky girlfriend in college who liked to tie him up and play with him. I told him he would be bound alot, even punished. I didn’t go into detail now but since he’d had a little experience it wouldn’t totally freak him out.

I had him kneel next to me and secured a wide black leather collar around his neck. Then I had him stand and I put clamps on his nips. He didn’t like that one bit but he accepted it.

After dinner I told him to clear the table and prepare for his first fucking. When he returned to the dining room he just said “please go easy master.”

 I told him it would hurt the first few times but he would learn to crave it. I’m sure he didn’t believe me. I pointed to the table and said bend over. You’ve played sports you’re a big boy, man up and take it. 

I lubed 2 fingers and worked his hole. If you resist it will only cause you more pain, just relax, submit to me and take it like a man. 3 fingers then 4. The time had come. I lubed my 8 incher and pointed at my target. I rubbed the hole with it and slowly began to enter him. I knew it hurt him but it was just a part of the ritual. The slave must accept pain as a gift from the master. He had to learn to deal with it. I pushed past the sphincter and slowly went deeper. 

He groaned a bit but didn’t resist. I was in. I could see his face in the mirror on the opposite wall. I could see the pain and there was a hidden cam there too so the event would be recorded for posterity.  I slowly fucked him initially and then started pumping faster til I was pounding him pretty good. He was taking it well and I eventually came in his deepest recesses. I stopped pumping and left my cock in him. Eventually I pulled out and asked him how it was. He said it wasn’t that bad after he got used to it. 

“Can you feel my cum in you?”

“Yea I’m pretty juicy.”

“I want you to retain it and I’m going to put a plug in. Then I’ll watch you work out.” 

“Master may I tell you something?” 

“Yes?” I said. 

“Well its just I’ve heard the term owned before, but never gave it any thought. When you entered me I knew what it meant. I told you before that you owned me - now I know it. And when I felt your cum spray my guts it was like I felt you mark your territory. I’ve always thought I was the alpha male, but no more. You’ve taken me, you’ve owned me, you’ve marked me master.”

“Well frankly I was a bit surprised that given your choices you knew your options and you accepted your position. I plan to mark you like a bull is marked. I have other plans for you as well. Now get your workout in and I’ll fuck you again.”

Chapter 3

As I went to lift, masters last comment sent a chill down my back. Like a bull is marked would mean a brand... That’s gonna hurt like hell so why is my dick hard? 

I went through my planned workout and master watched with a riding crop to inspire me. He made me get a hardon while I benched. Then with a couple hundred pounds over my head he treated my bone to a few good swats. 

When he finished I told him to stay put, but clasp his wrists beneath the bench and cross his ankles under it too. What a fine spectacle splayed out all pumped. I’d already warmed him up while he was lifting now my workout with the crop became more intense. I painted his torso from his pecs to his thighs paying special attention to his cock. When I finished I put clamps on his nips and I lifted his ankles up to the barbell exposing the plug in his hole. I popped it out and entered him again with my cock.

This time there was no need to take it easy. I went all the way in and pummeled him mercilessly. I asked him  “Boy who owns you?” 

He replied “You own me master.” 

“Do you want my mark?” 

“Yes please master. Mark your territory.” With that I shot another massive load into his bowels.


I collapsed on top of him. It probably hurt some since I’d beat his torso with a crop. Our mouths joined in a long deep wet kiss. It was so totally spontaneous it surprised both of us. I pulled away and he smiled and said, “I guess I’m owned. I can’t believe I’m actually this happy.” He shot me the cutest boy smile. and I smiled back.

My thinking he had a submissive side was apparently correct.

We turned on the tv watched the news. We sat on the couch and sort of cuddled. I played with his body, cock, nuts and nips. Finally we adjourned and went up to the bedroom. Beyond the usual it had a cage and a St. Andrews Cross. I suggested that he spreadeagle on the cross just to get the feel of it. “Wow” he said “pretty vulnerable.” 

“Yes you are. You got a small taste tonight. Think you’re man enough?”

Yes master my body is all yours to do with whatever you please. You can brand me if you want master.”

“I’m thinking about it” He apparently picked up on the comment about marking the bull. Well lets see how you look in the cage. It was small for him but he could curl up in it and stretch out if he put his arms and legs through the bard at the ends. He could sit up if he bent his head.

“Is this where I sleep master?”

“Well only if your bad or you don’t want to sleep with me. I think you’ll find me a better alternative. I like to fuck right before I go to sleep. I also like to fuck during in the night and I want you cloose by.  Lets see how u look on the bed. He got up on the bed and I told him there were restraints at either end. Do your ankles first then your wrists. Its fun when they put themselves in jeopardy. He was so fucking hot restrained spreadeagled and hairless. He was even boned. 

He laid there fully spreadeagled. I was drawn to his nips like a mouse is drawn to cheese. They were especially sensitive since I’d had the clamps on em already but now I began to nibble. He tried to pull away but his restraints prevented escape. I stepped it up and soon he was writhing. Nip work is the perfect pain/pleasure stimulation and I love it when they writhe. I was curious to see how Ryan’s cock responded to nip work.

While I was going after his nips full force I began to squeeze his balls, gently at first but then harder and longer. I worked him for a good half hour. Precum was drooling from his cock. I stopped and began to prepare him for his fucking.

Now you see there’s an extra pair of restraints on top so I can pull your ankles up and have your hole exposed. I demonstrated. As long as your all prelubed may as well have one more go at it. I fucked him long and deep. I finally shot my third load into his guts and and fell asleep on top of him. Sometime in the middle of the night I pulled out of him and released his ankles. I left his arms tied and pulled the covers up using his shoulder and outstretched arm as a pillow.

As usual I was up early. Ryan woke up too. His arms were still restrained. He looked like a God like that. I reluctantly released his wrists and noticed his hardon. He asked about what our morning routine would be. I said well perhaps you could give me a blow job. You said you had cock in your mouth before but you didn’t suck em off. I’m sure girls have done you so lets give it a try. He reluctantly took my cock in his mouth. He sucked like a girl. He would need some lessons. 

I rolled over on top of him and fucked his face and when I was ready I thrust deeply into his throat and said swallow or drown. He damn near drown but since it was his first time with a load of cum I told him not bad for a newbie. 

“How bout a run?”

 He said kewl but all he had was his suit. “Run naked.”

“What about the chain and lock?” 

“Just hang on to the chain or drape it over your neck.” 

He conceded while I donned shorts, t-shirt and shoes. I led him out by the chain and suggested I could lead him but I might hold him back. I had a trail around the ranch and off we went. It was only about half the distance he was used to so I suggested he could pull me on my bike. I got the bike out and an extra length of chain I clipped to his chain and attached it to my handle bars.

I told him to step over the chain so it was between his legs. He realized I meant for him to pull me by his nuts. I told him the worst part was if I suddenly hit the brakes, other than that he’d feel the bumps on the path and of course the chain would pull his nuts between his massive thighs and would be crushed with every stride. His eyes rolled as my intended torture dawned on him. I pulled out a short whip I could use if he was lagging. So with a snap of the whip we were off.

He was trying to run bow legged to save his nuts. It was awkward and his nuts still got crushed. I loved it. He didn’t share my enthusiasm. What’s a slave for anyway? He was glad when that run was over and I said lets get cleaned up and get ready for work. I led him over to the garden hose and gave him his shower. I told him to drip dry and then come in the house and get breakfast while I showered and dressed. His clothes were still in the car from last night and he could dress as I drove.

Chapter 4

Ryan’s life as a sex slave had begun and I was pleased that he seemed to be trying to adjust in light of his alternatives. Today at work I planned to use him in my office but I didn’t want to disrupt his or my work day too much or that of the office. 

By 10:00 I couldn’t wait any longer. I punched in Ryan’s number on the intercom and told him to come in. He closed the door behind him and knew what was coming. He stood in front of my desk. And I simply nodded, He began to strip. Jacket, tie, shirt. Naked to the waist. Flex I ordered. He showed me his spectacular torso. Earlier I gave him the tit clamps to keep in his pocket. I told him to put em on and continue flexing. A thing of beauty. 

I nodded again and he opened his belt and pants. They fell from his hips as he continued to show off. His lock and chain jingled. His locked nuts were so erotic. I nodded again and he began to slowly jack his cock. It came alive and started growing to its full length. It used to point straight up but now with the lock on his nuts it stood out at 90°.

I had him come in and strip a couple of times and fucked him over my desk and once I just had him drop his pants. I had him plugged and I knew that and the lock were continuous reminders to him of his new status.

UPS delivered a packege in mid afternoon and when it arrived I buzzed for Ryan. He stripped while I openned the box. Inside was a black leather harness to add to his ensemble. He put it on and I adjusted the straps. It looked good on him - damn good. 

There were a couple more goodies in the box. One was a heavy chrome cockring with wires leading to a chrome butt lock - the kind that openned up inside the ass and couldn’t be removed. It openned with a key and expanded inside the butt and could only be closed with the key in order to be expelled. Actually there was a primitive version of this device called a pear used during the Inquisition. This one had a 9 volt rechargeable battery and it could be activated with a remote clicker or phone app. 

The charger was a small black adapter that comes with almost every electronic device. It had a 3 foot cord that plugged into the device and it went to a longer cord that went to the power brick. It did not have to be removed to be recharged. You could just plug your boy in and he would get recharged! The shorter cord could be plugged into the device and run out the back of his pants or through the fly, then connected to the longer cord and to the wall outlet. It was also good for leaving your boy on vibrate for longer periods of time. It could also provide for low to high shock levels, especially if the boy was restrained, you could really get him jumpin. 

The deluxe version came with a number of extras. There was a sound, sometimes called a sparkler, for inside the urethra and down the length of the penis inside it. Electrodes for the nips and nuts. There were sticky pads for use anywhere else on the body. It could vibrate or shock. The best thing was you could select a certain shock level that had a special effect on the prostrate. It would produce an instant ejaculation! My veterinarian friend Dr Derek had a similar device he used on horses and bulls.

There was also a black leather slave collar with built in electrodes. It could be locked on so it couldn’t be removed without a key. The shock level could be set pretty high so as to incapacitate the slave just like a stun gun. I was glad I had ordered the heavy duty deluxe version that came with all the bells and whistles.

Dr Derek told me about this device a while back when I asked him how he extracted semen from horses. I assumed he didn’t jack em off or give em blow jobs but he told me there was a tool like a dildo that would shock the animals prostate and it would instantly ejaculate. He told me there was a human version too that worked the same way.

We installed the cockring and butt lock which went in pretty easy since I had a butt plug in him since we first fucked. I told Ryan to put his hands behind his head and spread his legs wide. What a sight! I tried the remote. It vibrated the cock ring. Sent a shock through the cock ring. It vibrated the butt lock and sent various combinations of vibration and shocks. Ryan was totally boned and on full display.

Then there was a very special red button. It was labeled “Nuclear blast.” I had to try it. I told Ryan to count down from 10. When he got to one, I pressed the button. Instantly Ryan froze and his dick sent a huge load half way across my office! 

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed. “What the fuck did you do?”

I told him he had been nuked. It was the special instant ejaculation feature. I could make him cum anywhere anytime anyplace. If he ran in for a pizza I could make him cum the instant they handed it to him! If he was out of range of the remote I could do it with the phone app. Boy was this going to be fun! Ryan was no longer in charge of his own orgasms. I was. Then I told him to lick up the mess he’d made.


Cocky Jock


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