Chapter 11

Changing the subject I mentioned that I hadn’t got any since I was busy with directing a wild party. I noted that I had a new slave I hadn’t played with yet. “Do you think if i fucked you on your back and avoided your dick you would survive the pain? I’m sure you’re gonna get a hardon even if it hurts but I’d tie your hands so you couldn’t touch it.”

“No shit that would be worse torture than the pain master.”

“Then lets do it. Since we still have the cross, we can put Ryan on it and he can watch. If you’re a good fuck I’ll let you suck a load out of him when I’m done with you”

“Sounds like a plan sir.”

We went to work putting Ryan on the cross then I tied Bruce's ankles to his wrists. I warmed up his hole with the crop and proceeded with his initiation fuck. I’ll start by fucking your face and use that for lube. His mouth was so hot I actually shot a load in his throat. I never minded cumming in foreplay as it extended the fuck considerably. Bruce was no amateur. He was one of the best I’ve had. My cock remained hard after the face cum and I went right for his ass. He didn’t need much prep so I went for the kill. He only moaned with pleasure.

I saw that Ryan got totally boned watching the man on man sex show in front of him and by the time I unloaded in Bruce, Ryan was beyond ready. I plugged Bruce's hole and sigged him on Ryan. Bruce was a master at edging his partner. Ryan was near tears begging to cum still Bruce edged him. “When master is ready he’ll tell me to finish you slave.” I let this proceed for nearly and hour and finally I gave the word. Bruce greedily took every drop of Ryan’s juice. Its fair to say Ryan’s never had sex this intense and a conversion was taking place before my eyes.

Bruce’s cock was hard and hurting. I told him to take an aspirin. The phone rang and it was Dr Derek suggesting he pick up Chinese and check on his patient. I told him what had just occurred and told him his patient was in pain. Dr Derek simply said “No pain, no gain; good for him! I’ll be by in a couple hours. Thanks for prepping him for me. Tell him he can jack off to his hearts content.”

When I told Bruce he said “Oh gee thanks doc just what I need.”

Dr Derek showed up 2 hours later. We had chinese dinner first then he got down to business with his patient. I told him to use my bed with the restraints as his patient may be tempted to touch his wound and infect it. They laughed and went upstairs. Ryan and I cuddled on the couch and watched TV and laughed at the screams of the patient. With Bruce it was hard to distinguish whether the screams were pleasure or pain. Either way we were sure he was enjoying his examination.

Pretty soon Dr and patient reappeared and pronounced on the mend. The doctor prescribed regular injections of protein and asked Rob for his help treating the patient. Rob replied “I was thinking about that last night if i could take care of 2 boys. Then it occurred to me they’re the slaves and should be taking care of me!”

“I don’t know” Dr Derek replied “an old man like you may not survive these two! I’ll do my best to give you a hand. In fact anytime your overwhelmed just exile them to my place.”

“You think I’m bad, wait til you see the doc’s basement operating suite. He may steal your dicks and sell em on the black market!”

“Well boys and dad I gotta get goin. I got some horses I have to collect semen from tomorrow. Perhaps I should stop here first and start with your horses. Maybe I could take em with me and they could give the horses a blow job!”


“Bruce, do you think you can work tomorrow?”

“Yea I already told my unc I would need light duty. He said he wanted to see my wound, that be ok master?”

“Yea tell him he can jack you off too!”

“I’ll pass on that master.”

You know when we get around to it I do have some renovation projects around here we should talk over mainly in the bunkhouse and the barn. I want to keep them old but safe and functional. After last nights party imagine what we could do in the barn with 3 times the people and boys. It would be fun to run a boot camp for boys.

UPS delivered the second box of toys on Wednesday afternoon. So after dinner I told Bruce I had a “welcome new slave” gift for him. I openned the box and presented him with his new accessories. First the collar then the cockring and butt lock. Once installed I showed him the remote and played with the switches. He got boned rightaway and was begging to cum. I told him to wait and clasp his hands behind his head and pose. 

After a minute or two I told him to spread his legs wide apart and count down from 10. He did so and when he said one I hit the red button. Just like Ryan he instantly froze and shot a huge load. Unfortunately his P A padlock blocked his urethra and the cum could only seep past it. But the pressure build up inside his cock must have been tremendous.

“Fuck! fuck! fuck! What the fuck was that?”

Ryan was in stitches and told Bruce he had just been nuked. Bruce was particularly concerned with the phone app and the fact that I could make him cum even at a distance like when he was at work. Then the thought struck him that his uncle would love to get one of these gadgets for Charlie. A little shock to make him work faster.

“Geesus H Christ! That was fucking incredible. When you own a slave you don’t fool around.”

I decided right off to mark the remotes for Ryan and Bruce. I would keep Ryan’s remote in my Right pocket and Bruce’s in the Left. This could get messy real quick. L O L

“Can we order another one of these for my uncle to use on Charlie?” When it came I planned to download the phone app and program it so I could have some long distance fun with Charlie myself! 

Chapter 12

During one of our afternoon “meetings”, Ryan mentioned that one of his best friends Brad had been calling him wondering if he dropped off the face of the earth or something. Ryan said he didn’t know what to tell him so he just said he joined an order of hermit monks, but his friend didn’t believe him... I roared with laughter. “Didn’t believe you huh? I can’t imagine. Well let’s talk about it tonight.”

On our way home from work my advice to Ryan was if he truly is a friend he will still be your friend. As with Bruce he doesn’t have to know every detail. But I think you could tell him part of it. Like you fucked up at work and you had to make some choices. There were consequences and really bad consequences and you chose the lesser. Invite him over for dinner and he can meet your new owner. 

I knew Ryan would be humiliated to have his friend see him naked and locked. I would think about how to handle it. On the one hand one should not be concerned with a slave’s humiliation, but I didn’t know the friend and I didn’t want him freaking out. Maybe I would let Ryan wear his levis and play it by ear.

Ryan invited Brad to come over Saturday afternoon. Ryan was shirtless in his levis and the friend had a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. Ryan got Brad a beer and introduced me and we sat down in the living room. Ryan pretty much followed the script we discussed. When he got to the part about the consequences he said his boss gave him a choice. “I had no money to offer him so I’ve given him my body. Believe me it was a better choice than the alternative. It’s like having a sugar daddy.” My ears perked up at that one.

Brad said “No fucking shit! I always assumed that you of all people were totally straight.”

“I am straight, but believe me this was a much better choice.”

Brad said “Well I still can’t fucking believe it.” And looking at me said “your boss didn’t bust you and he’s one lucky son of a bitch to have landed such a stud!”

Not exactly what I was expecting. But Brad continued, “So long as we’re coming clean, I’ll tell you something too. When I was growing up I had a cousin and we were about the same age. Whenever we hung out at his house we would check out his dad’s Playboys and jack off. As we got older we tried giving each other head. In those days we had no idea what gay was, we were just horney teens gettin our rocks off.

“Later when I went to college I found out alot of other guys messed around with friends. My roomie did and we ended up messin around too. We went out with girls but we still jacked off when we didn’t get it from our girlfriends. We did more than jackoff. But we didn’t fuck; we were straight.”

“Well when I met you I thought this guy is hot and I wondered if you ever messed around, but you never showed any signs so I just assumed you were not into guys period. So I never brought it up. I have to admit I did have the occasional fantasy...”

“So your boss was right, I’m still your friend no matter who you choose to have sex with or why - it’s your own business.”

“My turn,” Rob interjected “You probably surmised that I’m the boss and I’m the gay master. Ryan has submitted himself to me and it was his decision to make. I am a lucky guy and I’m glad Ryan agrees that I was a better choice than the alternative. My I ask what your fantasies were about Ryan?”

“Well just that we might mess around like buds. Ryan’s so totally hot.”

“Ryan how bout I give you permission to fulfill your friend’s fantasy with you. Stand up and flex for us.”

I know Ryan was a little shocked, but was getting used to me showing him off to my friends. But now it was his friend. Ryan stood up and flexed.

“Open the top button.” I said and he obeyed. I could see Brad’s croch respond. He was trying to hide his hardon, but not having much luck.

“OK now drop em.” I ordered and Ryan’s jeans fell to the floor.

Brad’s eyes were like saucers. The lock and chain were unmistakable.

I said to Brad “Ryan’s on cum control, but if you’d like I’d allow him to suck your dick.”

“Oh hell yea” Brad said as he shoved his shorts off.

“He’s just learning so be patient.” 

“Mister, this is a dream come true.”

Hmmm muscle god #3 has had Ryan dreams too! As Mr Hunk took the throbbing cock in his straight mouth. Brad shot his load in about 2 minutes he was so turned on by having Ryan suck him off. Ryan gagged but managed to swallow Brad’s hot load.

“Wow dude that was awesome!” Brad exclaimed.

“So you liked Ryan servicing your dick did you? He seriously needs practice so I hope you’ll be back for more. But I see it hasn’t finished you off. You still got a hardon.”

“Oh my girlfriend says blowing me is just foreplay. After the blowjob I fuck her. That’s when the fireworks start.”

“Well this I gotta see. Ryan get up on the coffeetable and grab your ankles.” As he did so, his buttplug came into view.

“Dude you got a butt plug in you!”

“Yea,” I replied “I’m trying to keep his hole stuffed so he gets used to having something in there. Just pop it out and he’ll be ready to go.”

Brad pulled it out and lubed his cock. He entered his straight friend slowly but deeply. “God you feel tight. My girl’s pussy doesn’t feel this tight.”

Brad began going faster and harder. The fireworks had started. Even Ryan was moaning. He had discovered he had a prostate that liked the massage. Brad fucked hard for nearly 25 minutes and then let loose with the payload.

“God Ryan that was the best fuck I ever had man! Epic!”

When Brad had recovered he pulled out and put the plug back in place. “See Ryan guy sex is like sport. Its like a pickup basketball game. Winning isn’t the point, it’s the fun of it. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the payback part though. I bet your dragon has got me beat by at least 2 inches. I knew you were hung but that’s a fucking monster you’re packin bud.”

We chatted and played all evening. I asked Brad if he got into kink. He said he hadn’t done much but he had a girlfriend he saw in college that liked to tie him up and play with him.

Ryan looked at him in a wierd way and said “Dude was her name Marla?”

Brad replied “Fuckin A, how’d you know?”

Ryan said “Did she ever tie you up naked and then blindfold you and invite all her friends over and 5 or 6 chicks played with you? Yes I know Marla too.”

“She did that to me but she had a whole fuckin party planned. There musta been 50 people there and I was the boy toy. Marla told everyone that I had indestructible nuts and demonstratd with a hard rubber mallet. She nailed my balls a few times and left the mallet conveniently between my legs in case anyone else wanted to try it on me. It was mostly chicks but guys too. 

The shit was I was blindfolded and couldn’t see who was checkin me out or playin with me, pinchin my tits, jackin my dick even fingerin my hole or hammering my nuts. Then for weeks afterwards people would give me a funny look or snicker and I figured they saw me at the party, but I had no way of knowing. Hell Ryan maybe you were one of em, l-o-l.

They both laughed. Ryan asked Brad if she ever put anything in his dick. Ryan said she had a metal rod she called a sound and pushed it into his piss slit all the way down his cock on the inside and fucked the insides of his cock with it. (Rob made a mental note of that.)

“To answer your question I’d be up for trying more, just nothing like scat or heavy pain. And try not to kill me unless its by Ryan sucking my cock til I died!”

Maybe we should go upstairs and play a little muscle bondage... We ascended the stairs and I showed Brad the spreadeagle bed restraints. Lets see how you look tied up. Brad got up on the bed and extended his limbs to the four corners where I attached he restraints. God these muscle guys look hot spreadeagle. I thought I’d start with the familiar. I started on his nuts. Squeezing slapping punching. I did happen to have a rubber mallet in my bag of tricks. What better use than to use it on this gods indestructible balls. Damn he could take alot.

Just like Ryan he had perky nips. I asked if he had done much nip play and he said it was his achilles heal. His girlfrind would drive him nuts working em. Well lets see what I can do. In mere minutes I had him struggling to get free. It was the pain or was it the pleasure. Whatever it was I was having my way with the gods nips and muscular pecs. He writhed and cursed. Finally I gave him a choice. I would stop if he would beg me to fuck him. Now that was beyond his limits and at first he refused. After 10 more minutes of nip work, he was begging to get fucked.

 Say “Master please fuck me.” He said it. I was more than willing to oblige him. I lubed my fingers and began to breach his hole. No one had ever done this to him, man or woman. I would be taking his cherry. Slowly I introduced a second finger and pried open his tight hole. I worked and lubed him with two fingers and then a third. I watched his face and I punched his nuts while simultaneously pushing in a fourth finger. 

He didn’t even notice the fourth finger and I lubed my hard cock and took aim. I smashed his nuts again and pushed past his sphincter. I pushed deeper and watched my progress on his face. I hit gold. I could see it in his face. I hit his prostate. I eased back and forth giving it a good massage. Even his cock jumped. I went deeper and deeper. Then I slammed all the way home. 

I rested allowing him to become accostomed to his primal invasion. Then I pulled part way out and commenced to fuck this virgin stud. Gently at first but then harder and deeper. He was moaning. His head was jerking left to right and back. There was the pain and the pleasure. His cock was rock hard and dripping.

He had just fucked Ryan and now he had traded places. He had always been the fucker now he was the fuckee. The straight muscle god getting fucked by another man whom he had begged to fuck him.

I pounded him for 20 minutes or so til he was ready to blast another load. I let er rip and so did he. I creamed his virgin hole and he blasted all over his torso and face. 

“Fuckin A I just had two of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. No wonder guys go gay! Fuckin incredible!”


“Ryan, Sean was asking if anyone knew what happened to you. Should I tell him you became a monk?”

“Well that worked well with you l-o-l. How do you think he’ll react?”

“Well I remember a few years ago when we first met him he asked me what your story was. One thing led to another and we ended up sucking each others dicks. So he’s pretty much the same as me 90/10 prolly.”

“Bring him by and we’ll give him the same treatment. I frankly had no idea I had this effect on guys. I was totally clueless. Must have been my sheltered up bringing.”

Chapter 13

A few days later Brad came by with Sean but he had pretty much filled him in on the basics so we didn’t have to start from scratch. Both Sean and Brad stripped at the door, but clearly Sean wasn’t ready for Ryan’s lock and chain.

“Gollllleee!” he exclained in his best Mayberry twang. “Lookie who’s got hisself caught.”

With that Sean grabbed the chain and led Ryan into the living room. He gave it a little yank and Rob said “Ryan show your buds all those hot muscles!”

Without hesitation Ryan posed for his friends and got hard without touching his cock. He had certainly learned to put on a show.

Sean - muscle god number 4 - could only say, “I’ve had wet dreams over this and I think I’m having one now.”

“I’d heard that before....”

The guys played and made up for lost time. I was introduced at some point and reminded the guys that Ryan wasn’t allowed to cum but they could play with him any way they wanted. “And if you get bored there’s a St Andrew’s Cross upstairs in the bedroom.”

Sean asked if Brad had mentioned his kryptonite balls. They’re indestructible. They made Brad stand with his legs spread wide apart and his hands behind his neck. The guys took turns kicking his nuts. It was incredible what he could take. Finally Sean came in with one particularly hard kick and Brad went down writhing and holding his battered nuts. “Oh damn you got me with that one!”

But Brad recovered quickly and stood up for more. He was finally rewarded with a brand new particularly heavy padlock, but not the key. “I’m just glad I don’t have any flights planned this week.”

Sean was really curious about the locks and said “Hey, what about me?”

I replied, “Well I think I have a spare, wanna try it?”

“Hell yea! They both got em on.”

“OK let me get it.” Little did Sean know it was a smaller gym type combo lock that would strangle his nuts. And to get me to remove it he would have to beg to get fucked. When I put it on he said dang that’s tight.

I said “Yea if your gonna be a slave too I’ll get you a permanent one.”

Predictably in about 20 minutes Sean began to complain. I said “Yea thats cuz its cutting off the circulation to your nuts. Have you ever heard of banding? They put very tight bands on a bulls nuts and they quickly die and drop off eventually.”

Sean was beginning to panic now. “Dude you mean my nuts are dying? Take it off!”

“Well there’s only two ways to get it off. One is to drive to the fire station and have em use a bolt cutter. Of course that would mean pullin your junk out and tellin em that you asked for the lock to be put on. Oh and the drive to the fire station takes about a half hour out here in the country and your nuts would probably be dead by the time you got there. But they would drive you to the hospital and they could just remove the nuts and the lock wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Dude can’t you just take it off?”

“Seems I forgot the combination. But I usually remember it after I fuck an ass. But you gotta beg me to fuck you cuz if you didn’t really wanna get fucked....”

“Dude fuck me - anything to save my fuckin nuts.”

“Did I hear a please fuck me sir?”

“Sir PLEASE FUCK ME and get this fuckin lock off my nuts!”

“Do they feel cold yet?”

“Yea they’re feeling cold. Just fuckin fuck me and take it off!”

“Cold means they’re still alive it’s when they turn black its over with.”

“Dude fuck me, hurry up!”

“OK OK but I gotta get hard first. Wanna give me head?”

“Dude I’ll do it - whatever it takes.”

I kicked back and let the straight muscle god give me head. Ryan and Brad knew exactly what was up and did all they could to keep from breaking up laughing. 

When I thought I was hard enough I restrained his wrists at the upper corners of the bed and hoisted his ankles up to the restraints as well. Then I pulled on the lock. "Yea that’s on nice and tight” as I began to slowly lube his cherry and prepare him for the picking. After three fingers I aimed my dick at the bulls eye and slowly forced it past the sphincter into his virgin ass. I don’t think he noticed the pain as he was too preoccupied with his nuts to care. 

Once I was all the way in I began to slowly pump him. I told Ryan and Brad to nibble on his nips. My cock found his prostate and he began to moan with pleasure. I told the boys to work his nips harder. I picked up the pace a bit and soon he was tossing his head from side to side moaning with pleasure. Sean’s cock was totally hard and he shouted he was going to cum. I came deep in his ass and he exploded simultaneously. We laid there panting and he said “OMG where the fuck did that come from?” Brad asked if he liked it and Sean said it was epic. “I never came so hard in my life!”

I calmly explained his nuts knew they were dying and it was their dying orgasm. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“O my god! I forgot my nuts are they black take the lock off!”

I fiddled with the combination but couldn’t get it right. Sean was real nervous. Finally, on about the fifth try I got it and the hasp clicked open. I pulled it off and fresh blood gushed into to the dying balls.

“O my god o my god are they black?”

“No they’re just fine, but another minute or two.... tsk tsk....”

“O thank god!” Sean gasped. We all laughed. Brad said “But you aren’t a virgin anymore. You been fucked! And your ass is full of cum!” 

Sean said I don’t care just so I got my fuckin nuts.

Seeing as Sean was still restrained ass up and all lubed I suggested “Well Brad since this here stud ain’t a virgin no more and he’s all lubed up maybe you’d like sloppy seconds?”

“Don’t mind if I do. What say you buddy want some of mine too?” I was already entering his freshly fucked ass. “God that’s tight.”

Sean groaned and mumbled something about payback. Brad said “That’s ok buddy these guys got me the same way last week. I ain’t no virgin no more either. And its a bitchin way to get off. Man you’re tight.” 

Brad fucked Sean for a good half hour and Sean was hard as hell. “Dude I think I’m gonna cum.”

“I’m ready too bro let’s hit it.” They both orgasmed together and Brad fell on top of Sean and kissed him deeply on the mouth. "Freakin awesome.” I couldn’t tell who said it. But I guess they got off on man to man sex. Straight no more...

As we all recovered with a beer, Sean said he met a very hot cool dude at the gym whose name was Marco. Sean had him over after gym and they had a ball. He was “straight” too but he wants to try fuckin guys. I didn’t volunteer at the time but maybe I could invite him over here next week. He likes the kinky stuff too.

I said “Next week will be fine. The week after that I have a party planned for Saturday night. Mostly my friends - daddies and their guys, but if you guys might be interested you’re certainly welcome. I’d would prefer to meet Marco before we invite him, that ok with you guys?”

Sean and Brad brought Marco the following week and as promised he indeed was muscle god number 5! Bruce was here this time so there was six of us. Kind of a mini party. My thoughts went to the idea that these five studs would make a great team of horses for my chariot!

Sean told Marco what happened to him gettin his nuts locked and loosing his cherry. 

“Fuckin A!” was all Marco could say. “Didn’t it hurt?”

“It might have but I was to worried about my nuts at the time.”

We went up to the bedroom and showed the guys the cage and the cross. “Maybe we should play for a bit before we get to fuckin Marco, we usually draw names for who gets crucified and who whips the crucifee. Maybe we should see if there are any volunteers?”

Marco jumped right in. The new guy sure wasn’t shy. Since he was Sean’s friend Sean was chosen to wield the whip. “Go easy on him - just warm him up for his fucking,” I cautioned.

When it was Ryan’s turn I pulled out the sparkler I’d gotten with the electro kit. Ryan’s eyes opened wide and said “oh shit.” While I sounded Ryan, Sean, Bruce and Brad fucked Marco on the bed. Bruce lubed him up since he knew how to prime a virgin... Sean got to go first, then Brad and finally Bruce. Bruce knew how to bide his time and had the other two work Marco’s nipples. Bruce finally shot a hot load in Marco’s ass. 

Marco couldn’t believe how great getting fucked was. He totally enjoyed it. He begged Rob to become a fuck slave. Rob said to give it a little time. It would mean giving up pussy entirely. Marco fit the muscle god definition tall, built, handsome and hung. He would make a great addition to the crew. Rob asked him what he did. Marco said he was a Kindergarten teacher...


After sex they were sitting around chatting and Marco mentioned a friend of his who was the college roomie of a NFL Quarterback. What a tale he had to tell. I’ll avoid names and teams but you might guess who. We’ll call him Rod Grady from the Vermont Americans. Rod is adorable even as he ages and he knows it. In uniform there’s no question he’s THE alpha male, but in civies he’s just another arrogant hottie who thinks he deserves to be worshipped.

Now get him naked and he’s hot as hell and hung, BUT there’s a total transformation to sub. He married his college girlfriend, but who he met through her dominatrix mother that he was seeing for kinky sex. And while he’s 90% straight, my buddy tied him down and used his hole!


Cocky Jock

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