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Chapter 21

The day of the party arrived and they guessed they’d have give or take 30 guys, mostly college jocks. Ryan and Bruce brought the cross and platform down and set it up in the Great Room. Just its presence would set the tone for the party. They also set up a greeting table where the guys would strip, put their names on a slip of paper and put it in the hat. Finally each would be fitted with his hardware...

Bill had been recruited or drafted to be in place on the cross as the guests arrived. He was also blindfolded as a little bonus. He was flanked by the new members of the household Marco, Craig, and Collin. They stood with their legs spread wide their hands locked behind their necks and hooded. The guests could anonymously check them all out and get horned up before the fun really got going.

Once everyone was there and it was time to get things going Rob got up on the platform and greeted everyone. “Is everyone locked up? How do you like the feeling? Feeling a bit possessed? Well you’re all mine now at least for tonight. 

“As you can see its going to be kinky so if anyone’s not man enough, nows the time to get off this flight. He paused. All in? Ok Now no one is going to get hurt, well you’ll be hurt but good hurt not seriously injured. I’ll keep a lid on things. Dr Derek is here just in case but I warn you he’s a veterinarian so take your own chances. 

“Some of you are more experienced than others. Try to gage each others limits and don’t go too far beyond. We want everyone to have a great time maybe experience some new things and come back for more next time. 

“We are in the process of planning our First ever Summer Greek Games. Lots of naked sports, wrestling, volleyball, track events gladiator events and kink after dark when the vampires come out.

“Before we get started, I want to introduce some newbies. You may have already met Bill who is waiting patiently on the cross for the fun to begin. He’s belongs Matt who runs the gym. These 3 are new ranch residents. First there’s Marco who teaches kindergarten, loves rough sex and bdsm. Not exactly the kindergarten teacher I remember.

“Next is Craig. Craig is the father of one of Marco’s kindergartners! He’s divorced as his wife busted him doin his gym partner Collin. Shortly after Craig joined he brought Collin in. There’s a fourth newbie, but he had to work tonight. If you have this years fire dept calendar, he’s July. He’s Collin’s brother and he went gay when he busted Craig and Collin doin the nasty. That’s twice Craig and Collin got busted. Here’s my copy of the calendar. Someone spooged on July but you get the idea. He’s hot as his pic and he is aptly named Blaze!”

With that the house lit up with flashing red lights and sirens. The front door burst open and a squad of firefighters rushed in hose and all. The lead fireman said “I feel the heat but where’s the fire?”

Rob replied that the fire was just about to break out and he had the feeling it would be quite a BLAZE. The lead fireman shrugged off his rubber coat revealing his muscular chest covered only by wide red suspenders. He pushed the suspenders over his broad shoulders and his heavy pants fell to the floor. He pulled his feet out of his boots and posed in only his own erect firehose and his fireman’s hat. He was quickly joined by 11 more naked firemen composing the entire calendar live in the flesh. The house exploded in cheers, hoots and whistles.

Rob gasped and grabbed his chest, “I can’t breathe.” He collapsed to the floor. The house went silent. Blaze jumped to render aid. He immediately started mouth to mouth resuscitation. A second fireman joined him. He pulled off Rob’s shorts and gave him mouth to cock resuscitation. That worked and soon Rob was shooting geysers into the air. 

Rob came around and asked “Is this gay heaven?” Everyone howled with laughter.

Blaze said “I think we better take you with us to make sure you’re ok.” 

Rob replied “Gabriel doth call.”

The firemen took their bows and said they had to get back to work before they were missed and punished by the chief. They got a standing ovation and the party had started.

“Wow what do we do for an encore?” said Rob.

But before we get started we got a few more preliminaries to take care of - our newbies need their P A piercings as does Ryan who missed out last time cuz we did his nips. As you may have noticed he has a nice long foreskin and I’ve been debating whether to give hin the usual P A piercing or to pierce his foreskin on each side so as to trap his big dick inside. That’s what I’ve decided on even though the lock will need to be smaller. 

With that Rob turned it over to Dr Derek who was all prepared with his piercing tool and hammer. Each cock was laid out on the chopping block and the slave was told to take a spreadeagle pose. He was restrained by four muscle gods one at each limb. Dr DEREK INSERTED THE HOLE PUNCH AND HIT IT WITH THE HAMMER. 

The others got the usual PA and the larger locks. What a way to start a party!

“As you can see our first victim is already on the cross and I’m going to invite Brady to do the honors. Ever whipped a stud Brady? Well we’re going to go easy on you newbies, but Bill can take it. I mean really take it. If you get too carried away I’ll let you know. Lets ask Bill how he wants it? He says he wants it hard. Oh he said he wants it on his hard cock. 

“OK Brady first thing is to put tit clamps on his nips, we have several types. We have clothes pins, we have the metal adjustable ones, and we have jumper cables! Its your choice - his nips.”

Brady picked the metal adjustable ones and turned the screws all the way out and fitted em on Bills nips. Bill struggled and cursed but moving only caused him more pain so he settled down and prepared for the lash. 

“It’s all yours Brady. Oh and I forgot one thing - when you’re done with Bill it’ll be your turn....” 

Brady’s hard cock jumped when Rob said that.

Brady started out tentatively. He’d whipped guys with a towel snap in the lockerroom but never with a real whip on a helpless muscle god. He got the hang of it and went to work. Bill was soon struggling and yelling curses, but his cock only got harder. Finally he couldn’t hold out any longer and his cock erupted nailing Brady square in the face!  Brady freaked and licked his chops. He’d fucking whipped the cum right out of the dude. No shit! 

As Bill was released from his bonds they came for Brady. He was loosing his nerve after the punishment he’d just doled out. But it would be beneath him to renege so mildly protesting he was secured to the cross. 

“Now who wants to take over and whip our hot friend Brady? Remember he’s a newbie so we can’t be too rough on him.”

 Six hands shot up. Brady shouted “Now I know who my real friends are!” OK Brady you have no shortage of friends willing to give you a taste of the whip, you pick.

Brady's mind flashed back on when guys would pick teams this way on the playground. He yelled Dan! Dan was the hot guy who fucked Ryan in Brady’s dorm room a week ago. He seemed an apt selection as he stepped up on the platform and was given the whip by Rob. They put the half hood that Bill was wearing on Brady. Its main purpose was to protect the eyes from an errant lash. But the darkness also added to the victims powerlessness. It looked hot as well.

“Ok Dan first thing is tit clamps.”

Dan said this boy needs the jumper cables. Brady screamed “noooo!”

Just kidding Dan said, “I’ll go with the metal ones just like Brady used on Bill.”

Brady never had tit clamps on so it was a whole new world of hurt when they bit into his virgin tits.

Dan had about as much experience as Brady whipping naked guys, but after a few swings he found his rhythm and picked it up. He knew Brady was a pretty tough dude but he only wanted to take him to his limits. Brady's hard cock was a tempting target and even though Dan was avoiding it, but accidents do happen and Brady reacted appropriately cursing and shouting at Dan you S O B!


After 10 minutes which was the time limit Rob stopped the whipping and told Dan to finish him off by sucking his cock. Now this Dan had a bit of experience at and he eagerly filled his throat with Brady's now dripping throbbing cock. Brady didn’t need much more stimulation and he shot his load deep in Dan’s throat. Yummy!

As they were releasing Brady, Dan realized he was next. He was thinking of one of the straight guys would be less inclined to do him rough, that is if he had any choice. They asked for volunteers and in addition to his friends Ryan raised his hand. Rob said well my boy Ryan wants revenge for the fuck you gave him last weekend. We’ll let him extract his pound of flesh. 

Dan was worried assuming Ryan was an old hand and would give it to him good. When Ryan came up he selected clothes pins for Dans nips figuring they’d be knocked off by the whip and he could stop and put em back on and cop an extra feel of Dans hot bod in doing so. They were also tight enough to give Dans nips a good pinching and nipple play was new to most of the college boys. Ryan took up the whip and started out pretty slow. Brady was protesting telling him to go harder just like Dan did to him. Ryan picked it up and nailed Dans cock a few times. Dan knew it was revenge for fucking Ryan and Ryan wondered if he could whip a load out of Dan. 

When the timer rang Dan hadn’t cum so Ryan who had learned cocksucking from Bruce went to work on Dans cock and soon sucked him dry. Now Ryan realized it was his turn on the cross and even though he’d been on it before it was still a fairly new experience to him. 

Once Ryan was secured, Rob asked for volunteers and picked another one of the guys Brady brought who happened to be Jake the bartender from the ball park. He said he’d rather fuck Ryan again but not this time. This time it was pain instead of pleasure. He picked the metal clamps and affixed em to Ryan's newly pierced nips. That caused a bit more pain but Ryan took it like a good slave.

Jake too was a newbie in the whipping dept. But he was turned on seeing the muscle god he’d preciously fucked at the ball bark secured naked on a cross waiting Jakes torture. Jake seemed a bit more adept at the job than the others had been - maybe it just turned him on more. He was older too, a grad student at the college. Ryan was hurting and Jake aimed for his huge hard cock and didn’t let up til Ryan came simultaneous to the timer ringing. He shot one hellofa load all the way into the audience. Everyone applauded as Ryan slumped in his bonds. As he was helped off the platform the empty cross beckoned to Jake who trembled at the thought of now being on the receiving end of the lash.

As Jake was put up on the cross Rob asked for volunteers. All his friends hands shot up as did Ryan's cousin Justin. Perhaps he wanted a little revenge for his cousin. Or maybe he liked the bigger older man. Rob said lets mix it up, we got Ryan's cousin who goes to Upstate College. We’ll let him extract some revenge for his cousin.

Justin was hot for Jakes body and big cock. As soon as Jake was secured Justin grabbed the jumper cables. Jakes eyes were big as saucers. Dude no. Don’t put those on my tits. Justin frowned and said not man enough huh? Well how bout I put em on your cock and balls. He immediately started to place one of the giant clamps on Jakes cock. Dude please, Don’t do that. Whip me hard as you want. Fuck me after just don’t put that on my junk. 

Justin was slowly letting it tighten on Jakes cock.  He looked in Jakes eyes and said BEG! big boy. Oh dude please. Justin let loose of the clamps jaws just for a second and Jake screamed. “Nooooooo.”

“Bloody hell” Justin said as he eased the jaws off. “You did say I could whoop you hard right?”

“Yea yea yea anything.”

“And I can fuck you later?”

“Yea yea you can do me.”

“Ok” Justin said and applied the metal clamps to Jakes tits. That better Mr Stud? Jakes eyes just rolled. The hood was fitted over his head and Justin took the whip. He didn’t warm up. He laid into the big stud full force. His screams and struggles were epic and there wasn’t a soft dick in the house including Jakes. 

Justin paid special attention to the big bone and brought the stud to climax in record time. Ryan smirked. Revenge is indeed sweet. He’ll owe his young cousin for this one and he wondered if Jake would make good on the promise of as ass fuck for Justin. Maybe Justin would go for a tag team fuck.

The big stud was released and it dawned on Justin that he was next. He was actually hoping for one of his friends cuz one of Jakes friends would certainly exact payback. When Rob asked for volunteers every guy in the house was on his feet. Whipping hot jock Justin would be fun under any circumstances but Justin had turned things up to a boil and it wasn’t likely anyone would let him off too easy. Even his buddy Carson was likely to take the opportunity to make Justin suffer for his cockiness.

Rob said he didn’t want to make this choice and resorted to drawing a name. If the guy drawn already had his turn another name would be drawn til they got someone who hadn’t had a turn. Brady’s name was drawn so they drew another name. It was one of the straight jocks Brady brought along. Well that was a wild card. Everyone was curious how a straight guy would handle whooping a naked helpless jock. Would he enjoy whippin another dudes junk? They were about to find out.

He didn’t know Jake well but he knew he was from his school and Justin was from Upstate. That was enough. As soon as Justin was secured the straight guy whose name was Brock picked up the jumper cable Justin used on Jake however briefly. He held it right in front of Justin’s face. Neither said a word but Justin knew it meant payback. Brock said “I’ll give you a choice you used this on my buddy’s cock. I’m going to let you choose cock or nut?”

Justin struggled but to no avail. 

“Say it dude cock or nut. If you don’t choose I’ll put one clamp on your cock and both your nuts. what’ll it be junior?”

Justin finally chose cock he didn’t want his baby makers ruined. It would hurt on his cock but would likely do no permanent damage. 

Brock said no problem boy here goes. Brock opened he giant jaws and slowly let it close over the head of Justins cock. Justin screamed cursed and struggled as Brock let the device close all the way and left it dangle. The more Justin struggled the more it bit into his precious cock. He couldn’t be still and it hurt even more if he struggled. Brock looked to Rob and asked “Do I get to do his tits too?”

A few guys started chanting — tits -- tits — tits! Then everyone joined the chant. Rob shrugged. Finally he said tits too but go easy with the whip. Brock said thats kewl and put the metal clamps on Justins nips spreading the hurt. The hood was put over Justins head and the whipping started. It was so soft and gentle it wasn’t even a real whipping. He laid on a few good strokes but by and large Justin was suffering where a man don’t want to.

Brock looked to Rob and asked for the time. Rob said 5 minutes. Brock laid one very hard lash on Justin’s already hurting cock and laid the whip down. He walked up to Justin and ran his finger nail lightly over his chest all the way down to his cock. Then he reached under it and took hold of Justins balls. He started squeezing em and whispered. Beg me to stop dude. Beg. Justin refused. Brock squeezed harder. Justin still remained silent. He gave it all he had and Justin broke 

“Ok ok please sir I give I submit.” 

“Beg me to fuck your pretty pussy boy.” 

Justin begged the man to fuck his ass “Please sir I submit I submit.”

Brock released his balls and removed the jumper from his cock. Removing it send more shock waves thru the jock and he howled but it was over. Not even 10 minutes. Justin was vanquished. Ryan felt sorry for him but he had to admit Justin set the pace and he paid heavy. He doubted if Justin was gonna collect on fucking Jake. To his surprise Justin was hard as fuck but he bet it was in serious pain.

Justin was finally let down and Brock took his place. Rob called an intermission to give everyone a breather and lower the heat a bit. Dr Derek went to check on Justin and his hard cock betrayed any serious injury. All’s fair he shrugged... Ryan was there to comfort him too. Justin insisted it was kewl. He knew he brought it on himself and said shit I can take a whoopin and keep on tickin as he shook his hurting cock. 

Straight Brock was hanging naked at a guy party waiting for a punishment after he dished it out pretty harshly.

Rob wanted to bring things back to a semblance of control so he approached Bill who led things off but hadn’t had the chance to torture anyone yet. Rob asked him to do the straight dude but tone it down a bit. Bill said gotcha and mulled over the opportunity to do a straight dude.

When things got underway again Rob said he was going to give Bill a turn since he led things off and all. Bill was going to give the dude a taste of his own medicine. Bill started with questions. 

“They tell me you’re straight. Is that right?

He replied yea but a couple guys have given him head when he was drunk. 

“So why did you come tonight?”

He said curiosity mostly. 

“What do you think so far?”

“Pretty hot.”

“Well now its your turn, hows your pain threshold?” 

“Well I ain’t no pussy.”

“So you could take what you did to that boy?” 

“Hell yea.”

Bill was prepared to tone it down but this dude was way too cocky. “So you can take what a little fag can?”

Brock knew he was tightening his own noose but he had no choice other than to admit he could dish it out but he couldn’t take it.

“Well we’ll see. You ever been fucked?”


“Anyone ever fingered your hole?”

“Just the doc.” 

Bill rummaged in the bag he brought up with him. He pulled out several dildos and butt plugs. “You know what these are?” 

“I can guess.”

Then you can guess where they go. And I’ll tell you this. Every ones been in my ass one time or another. So since you like multiple choice, you pick which one you want. 

“Aww man I’m straight.” 

“So you’re saying a fag can take it up the butt but a real man can’t. You pick one or I will bro whats it gonna be?” 

Brock said the small one. “You want the small one. Well I got a time limit here and we don’t have time to start small so lets go with this medium butt plug. Think you can handle it?” 

“If you did I can.” 

“Ok lets see.”

Bill rubbed his hole with it and began to insert it he got it an inch in and the guy said “That’s enough can I have some lube?”

 Bill said sure and offered it to the guys mouth. He refused to open his mouth since it had been in his butt. “Well I guess the lube isn’t that important.”

 The guy tried to spit on it a bit but mostly missed. Bill shoved it in his mouth. “Taste good buddy? Maybe its my sweet butt you taste.” 

He was layin it on. “Let me know when you think its ready.” 

“Ok” the dude mumbled though the butt plug. 

Bill pulled it out of his mouth and looked it over. “I guess that’s clean enough to put up ur ass straight boy. Here comes.” He put it up to the dudes hole and pushed it in about half way. 

“Oh shit shit shit take it out take it out.”

“Hell no now that we got it started lets see how much a straight guy can take.” Bill pushed it in farther. By now the guy was begging. 

“Dude you’re splitting my ass take it out.”

Bill said “I tell you what I’ll give you another choice. Do you want the jumper cable on your cock or the butt plug all the way in? That little fag had it on his cock and he’s still hard. Maybe you’d like his cock in your ass instead of the butt plug?”

“Fuck no man he’s too fuckin big.” 

“Bigger than you huh?” 

“Yea he's bigger.” 

“So the little fag’s got a bigger cock than the real man?” Bill gave the butt plug a final push and it slipped the rest of the way in past his sphincter.

The guy screamed and struggled, but now he was totally fucked. 

Bill taunted him. “You sound like a little pussy shut the fuck up while I show your cock some love. He quickly snapped the jumper cable onto his cock. This is for Justin. You needed a taste of your own medicine. By now he was pleading. Bill said apologize to Justin and I’ll take it off.” 

He said “I’m sorry dude.”

“Justin come here and let him give you a kiss to show he’s sorry.”

“Take it off man you’re wrecking my cock.” 

“Give little Justin here a nice wet deep kiss and I’ll take it off.”

 Justin didn’t give him a chance he planted his lips around the straight guys and went in with his tongue. 

“Tongue him back dude or your going to spent the rest of your 10 minutes wearing the jumper on your dick.” He tongued Justin back and Bill took it off. It hurt so bad he forgot about the butt plug. Bill signaled the time keeper he was done and Brock was released. 

He said “Hey, what about the butt plug?” 

Bill said “Keep it I got more.”

Try as he might he couldn’t get it out and one of his gay buds had to help him. 

Rob got up and said well we’re running pretty late. Lets do one more. I bet Bruce would feel left out if he didn’t get a turn. As Bruce went up and was secured to the cross, Rob asked for a Volunteer. The guys from Upstate haven’t has much of a chance. Now we need someone who can play rough. Bruce is one dude who can take it. One of the Seniors from Upstate raised his hand. It was a free shot since Bruce was going to be last he wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. The Upstate guys all cheered for their man Steve.  He looked like a football player and Bruce knew he’d be in for a hell of a beating.

“Ok big guy you ready?”

 Bruce said “Lets go.”

“No holds barred?”

“No holds barred.”

Steve called for the hood.


As soon as it was on Steve when right for the jumpers. One to the cock head and one each on each ball. Then the metal tit clamps.

He called to Bill “Can I borrow your bag?” Bill tossed it up to him. He took out the large butt plug spit on it and proceeded to shove it into Bruce's ass. Bruce had been assaulted from every angle. Now Steve picked up the whip and laid into Bruce. Bruce didn’t know what pain to respond to. He was transported into his special out of body space and watched himself as his body was tortured. This had only happened to Bruce a couple of times but it was his refuge when he was over his head. Yea he screamed but he was getting off on it so much that he came. The clamp prevented the cum from coming out. It was trapped in his cock. No one realized what happened. Bruce slumped and Rob called a halt.

He and Dr Derek went up to check on him. The clamps were removed and the cum dribbled out.

Bruce came around said “Is my time up already?”

They laughed and said “Yea your time is up.”

Bruce said “I think I came.” Cum was still oozing out of his cock.

Bruce was barely back to the real world and he asked “Where’s the dude that just worked me over? Bring him here. Dude no ones done that to me. It was so hot. But I want revenge.”

 The dude almost ran but Bruce had hold of his chain. “Put hm up there!” Steve was secured to the cross. Bruce showed him the jumpers and the guy said “No Please don’t.” 

Bruce said “Good thing you said please. Put the hood on him.” The guy was afraid he was gonna shit himself.

Bruce put the tit clamps on, just the regular ones. Then he went for the guys cock -- with his mouth. He got the full on Bruce blow job 40 minutes of edging begging to cum and stop.Time after time. Finally Bruce swallowed the cock as far as it would go and the dude came in his throat. He sucked the dude dry and then he did it again. The guy was delirious by the time Bruce released him. Everyone applauded. Bruce brought everything to an amicable ending.

Rob announced one more act. It seems the new guys didn’t get a chance so how bout we haul the coffeetable up here and Craig and Collin can double team Marco.

Rob announced the end of the official proceedings told everyone to stay over. Those who were ready were shown to the bunk house. Extra blankets and mattress materialized in the house and many of the guys paired or grouped and played til they passed out. Dr Derek told Bruce that if he was up to it he wanted to collect on his free pass on his ass and Bruce enthusiastically obliged. They disappeared downstairs to the jail cell which had been reserved for Dr Derek.

Derek asked Bruce how he stood a torture like he took and Bruce told him he had an out of body experience and was watching like everyone else. He said I felt myself orgasm but it couldn’t get out. Thats all I remember. Wow. Dr Derek fucked him; then they passed out in each others arms.

The next morning Justin said he thought he fucked Jake. Jake said he didn’t know who fucked him but his ass was pretty juicy when he woke up. 

Brock passed out so Justin didn’t get fucked by Brock. Brock heard his name mentioned and rolled over “Brock didn’t fuck you yet fag boy. You still got one coming.”

Justin said he couldn’t wait; he wanted to see if straight guys knew how to fuck. 

Brock said “I may not be totally straight anymore. I think I got bent a little last night.”


Everyone laughed.

“I think I’m ready to collect my fag ass fuck, jock boy. Scoot it over here and we’ll treat all these gay boys to a fuck show.”

Chapter 22

Bruce’s Uncle Frank and his boy Charlie came out to the ranch to consult on some barn work I was interested in. Frank wasn’t bad 45 in good shape and Charlie his boy was a 30 year old hunk, a little rough around the edges with too many bad tattoos. Bruce suggested they start with the video so they knew what the parties entailed. Bruce also told Charlie about the naked boys rule and he said no problem and stripped off. Cut and nicely hung. Spent more time in juvie than high school.

Ryan got beer and Rob revved up the vid. Charlie went wild at the scene where Bruce's dick was gonna get cut off. Too bad they didn’t do it he teased Bruce. Maybe you’d look good with a pussy. Red neck job site humor. But I gotta admit that lock on your cock is fabulous. The bull has been tamed. It was obvious he and Bruce were rivals. Bruce took it all well as he knew Charlie couldn’t come close to him in looks sexuality or intelligence.

So after the vid they went out to the barn to have a look see. Uncle Frank thought some of the beams could be reinforced or replaced. There was a manual hoist on one and he said lets see how it handles a little weight. They pulled the rope end and Uncle Frank volunteered the still naked Charlie to be tied and hoisted aloft. The beam held his weight but he was concerned if a guy was struggling how it would hold. Bruce said lets see. He handed Uncle Frank a whip and laid into Charlie who howled and struggled. The beam held. He only laid on 20 lashes so Charlie didn’t suffer too badly. He was hard and drippin pre-cum. 

Frank asked Rob if he had a nut lock like Ryan had and Rob just happened to have one handy. We’ll put it on your nuts for now. When we get a chance we’ll get you pierced just like my nephew there. Or maybe we’ll just cut it off and give you a pussy. How’d you like that big boy. I could have your cock mounted and stuffed. Charlie knew he was being reprimanded for teasing Bruce. Frank let him down and told him to jack off a load to show his appreciation for his whipping. Charlie complied. Bruce was just glad he didn’t have to blow him.

After they left Rob mentioned he was going to have to replenish his lock supply. 

After his gym workout, Bruce came home with the news that the chain that owned the gym was selling it. He said he had the wild thought that if they all pooled their money they might buy it. It was a crazy idea. If it was making money they wouldn’t be selling it. I figured that Bruce said but I’ve got more crazy ideas that might turn it around.

What if we had shirtless night like some of the bars do, Maybe have some contests. Arm wrestling, even real wrestling. Oil wrestling ripn strip wrestling. Maybe have naked night like we workout here. The new owner could walk through with his crop and swat the laggers. Everyone laughed even Rob said now you’re talking. Lets think about it. I’ll call Matt and get the numbers.

I was also thinking about having a website with live video from the gym. Great free advertising and promotion!

More than that Rob set up lunch with Matt and went over the numbers. The gym was hemorrhaging money, but Matt thought it was salvageable. He said the chain just milked the gyms and dumped em when they started to dry up. He thought that with some renovation and promotion it might turn around. 

Rob didn’t mention Bruce's wild ideas but he liked that sort of outside the box thinking. He was aware that tv wrestling was on the decline. But guys might go for a more down home outlet for their testosterone. Even the ripn strip or pvt domination bouts where the winner would fuck the looser. He was actually thinking of Charlie and Bruce.

Matt also mentioned that his lawyer boy Bill had a wealthy client who was in the market for an investment banker - such as Ryan. But he may want a bit more personal service than was usually given. For that reason he wanted to run it by Rob before Bill called Ryan. Rob asked wealthy? Matt replied yea very. But his in his late-60s. I suspect a show would do it and maybe a jack off. He gave Rob the name so he could make sure it would be worth it. He said he’d have Ryan give Bill a call. Has Bill provided any special services? As a matter of fact... he has. Now that we’re talking about it he may be a potential investor in the gym. Lots of sights to see.

I’ll have Ryan call Bill. Or even better call Bill and ask him to come by my office now if he can. Matt made the call and said he’ll be there in half an hour. Maybe you have time to join us? 

Well I don’t expect to get fired at this point so why not.

On the money side Rob actually had a trust from his parents and wouldn’t even have to work but he liked what he was doing and made good money. The gym as an investment had appeal to him especially if they could attract the right clientele.

When Rob & Matt got back to the office they waited for Bill and he called Ryan in to join them. I’m horney. Remember the first time I made u strip in front of my desk? Do it again. Ryan had entertained his boss numerous times since and wasn’t shocked at the request. He half expected it. But this time the audience was a bit bigger. Matt said to Bill why don’t you join Ryan. Both boys stripped.

They stood and jacked their boners as Matt and Rob filled them in on the details of their lunch. Ryan please show Bill your appreciation by taking his load in your mouth. Ryan got on his knees and demonstrated his much improved cocksucking technique. When Bill came it was deep in his throat. Matt suggested to Bill that he reciprocate. The boys traded positions and Bill took Ryan's cock in his mouth and demonstrated his considerable cocksucking technique. Ryan who hadn’t come in 2 weeks shot a powerful load in Bills throat. Both men clapped Bravo!

When Bill and Matt left Rob discussed the new client with Ryan. He told him the old guy would want some very personal service, but was surprisingly fit for his age and had a weight bench in his livingroom. Ryan said it was kewl, he could handle it. Ryan called the gentleman and made arrangements to meet him at his home day after next.

He was older and quite fit as described and he thought he might be able to do business with Ryan's firm. He had no clue who the firm was but Ryan certainly fit the bill. He told Ryan to come closer and Ryan moved right in. The man whose name was Eric told him to kneel next to him and began to feel under Ryan's jacket. Ryan asked if he minded if he took his jacket off. Eric said by all means. The old man could feel the solid build and bid Ryan to take off his tie and shirt which Ryan was only too happy to accommodate. The man was gaga over the fine torso and was definitely intrigued by the tit rings which he played with.

The man told him to stand again and drop his pants. Ryan figured he’d freak out with the lock and chain. He unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. The old mad was expecting underwear not a lock and chain. He almost had a coronary. He took hold of the chain and made Ryan's cock Rob up and down. Ryan was totally boned. The man was delighted. He asked Ryan the significance of the lock and chain and Ryan matter of factly told him that he was owned. He had been locked and chained 24/7 ever since the was taken by his owner. What a fortunate man he is. 

Ryan seductively stroked his cock the old man held the chain mesmerized. Ryan felt the jism rising in his groin and asked the man if it was alright to shoot. He said yes and catch it in your hand. Ryan obeyed. The man was gleeful when he saw the huge load and instructed Ryan to eat it. Ryan licked his hand clean. The older gentleman handed Ryan a check for $50 million. What a load.

When he returned to the office he went directly to Robs office shut the door and stripped. Then he handed him the check. I came master. I deserve to be punished. He bent over the desk and awaited his masters cock. Rob entered his hole and said do you feel owned. Ryan said I sure do. Rob fucked him hard and blew a load deep in his guts. And I feel my owner has marked his territory sir Thank you.

Rob told Ryan the next step would be for him to have Eric meet him at the gym. Be sure Bill happens to be there working out - shirtless. Take him to the office with the one way mirror and the cam monitors. Send Bill to the showers. Tell him Bruce's plans for naked wrestling just like the Greeks used to do. Ask him if he would like to buy a gym.

Schweet they just bought a gym and it didn’t cost a penny. That is if their plan came to fruition.

Lets get with Bruce tonight and hash out some of his crazy ideas. They sifted through the ideas and put the more modest ones at the head of the list. Shirtless night would be great for starters. The more sexual/nude wrestling might need to be word of mouth and off site. They’d cross that bridge when they came to it.

Bruce had a suggestion, Our next party is in a few weeks lets use the barn and have a couple ripn strip /domination wrestling bouts. Kind of do a test market thing. I’ll volunteer to fight Charlie. How bout Bill & Ryan; and see if we can get Carson and Justin and some of their friends. We can find a match for pizza guy too. 

Good idea Bruce. Ryan should we invite Eric help persuade him or maybe run a feed directly to his tv.

Lets do the feed. He may be uncomfortable in such a testosterone filled crowd.

Bruce can you build a ring? Take charge of that. Ryan can you contact Justin with the date and make sure he can make it and bring some friends. We can put em up in the dungeon lol.

Im only gonna feed Matt a little at a time we won’t connect our party plans to our gym plans yet just plant the seeds.


Cocky Jock

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