Anyone would tell you that Jack Hanning was insane; anyone but his wife Alison, as she was also insane. Jack Hanning was raised by very liberal parents. JoAnn and Harold Hanning tried to teach their children the importance of tolerence. All of their children seemed to understand the lesson that they taught. The lesson that it mattered not what race someone was or what religion they practiced, or if a person preferred to sleep with members of the same sex rather than someone of the opposite sex. That people were just people. All of JoAnn and Harold Hanning's children learned that lesson except for their younger son Jack.

Jack Hanning was intolerant to his very core. He hated anyone who was not what in his mind should be right. Anyone who was not white, not Christian, or heterosexual in his view should be killed. He even went on to say that even the people that support the as Jack put it 'minorities' should be put to death. Jack ended up becoming a minister at a local Baptist Church. He married Alison Andrews and with her had three children. Their fist born a daughter they named Heather. Heather never liked her father's lessons. She went against her father's wishes of waiting until marriage to have sex, though she was careful to use protection and was careful not to get caught. She went onto college and then married and started a family of her own. She has never been back to visit her parents. Her parents were never even sent a picture of their grandchildren, though Heather often worried about her brothers.

The next child of the Hanning's was their oldest son John. While John disagreed with his father on almost everything he usually kept his feelings to himself, only telling his brother and sister of his feelings. While still living at home John did everything to make his father happy. However when John went to college he did something that his father called blashmepious. He dated and married a black woman. When John refused to annul his marriage, his parents disowned him. John however did keep in contact with his younger brother Tim.

Tim the youngest of the Hanning's children was like John disowned, however his disownment happened at a much younger of fifteen. When Tim hit puberty and when most boys were noticing girls, Tim was noticing guys. Tim fought his feelings as much as he could, knowing his father's stance on homosexuality. However when Tim and his friend from school Luke was caught having sex by Luke's parents Tim felt that he had to tell his parents, even though Luke's parents were okay with Luke's sexuality. Tim told his parents that he was gay and he was ordered by his father to get out of the house and to never darken the doorstep again. Tim wandered that night into a park and fell asleep crying on a park bench with a newspaper covering him with a story about the former Mayor David Richardson being murdered.

Tim was woken by a police officer and he told the policeman his story. The policeman took Tim to the police station where he made a statement and they allowed him to sleep on the couch at the station. Tim was then awoken by a Social Worker and said that there was a place for him to stay and that they got all of his things from his parents' house. The Social Worker took him to the gay and lesbian shelter house where he got a room by himself. However he got a roommate a week later. The roommate was Chris Richardson who became his boyfriend. And after a very dramatic event Tim went with Chris to live with him and Chris' stepmother and younger brother.

Jack Hanning had a history in the city, a history that didn't reflect too well on him. There were many secrets that he kept. One was that he was the Imperial Wizard of the local Ku Klux Klan. In the nineteen eighties he had a big round with the then Mayor of the city David Richardson. Jack was in support of having the KKK doing a parade through the city. Richardson did everything in his power to prevent that from happening. The two had a very public and very heated battle over it in which Jack threatened the life of Richardson's newborn son.

After the City Council voted down the proposal to have a KKK parade Jack went about cursing Richardson wherever he went, even after David Richardson had left the Mayor's office. It was with some measure of relief when Jack learned that David Richardson was murdered in his office. He was questioned by police about Richardson's murder as the police were looking at any enemies that David Richardson had. He told anyone that would listen that God had gotten that 'nigger lover Richardson.' and 'That Richardson was burning in hell.' What Jack didn't know was that his gay son that he disowned was involved with David Richardson's son. The son of David Richardon whose life he had threatened years before.

Chris Richardson was woken up by the doorbell. He looked at Tim who was still sound asleep. He looked at the alarm clock. It said 9:08. Chris knew that school didn't start for a week. The summer was coming to a close, and he and his stepmother Sandy were looking to throw a surprise birthday party for Tim. Chris suspected from what he learned from Tim and Tim's brother John there weren't too many happy birthdays that Tim had. Chris wanted to do everything he can to change that. Chris got out of bed and put on his robe. He suspected that the person at the door was Sandy telling him breakfast was ready whenever he and Tim wanted to eat, or perhaps it was his younger brother Davey wanting to play video games.

Chris walked out of the bedroom down the little hall and into the living area of the apartment that his stepmother had added on to his father's house for Tim and himself and opened the door. It wasn't Sandy of Davey standing there but a complete stranger. Chris looked at the stranger and asked. 'Can I help you?'

'Yes I am looking for either Christopher Richardson or Timothy Hanning.' The stranger said. The stranger was a guy who looked to be middle aged. Chris thought the stranger must at least be his father's age.

'I'm Chris Richardson.' Chris said. 'What can I do for you?'

'Well you see.' the stranger said. 'I am Lance Varney. I am the head of the local Gay and Lesbian Alliance and I want to call your attention to stopping something that is going to happen. You see the pastor at the local Baptist Church is going to try and hold an anti-gay rally at City Hall.'

'I see.' Chris said. The stranger handed Chris a pamphlet. 'I must ask, how did you know I was gay and about Tim and me.'

'Well.' Lance Varney started saying. 'I know that you were living at the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House for a while. That is where I got your information. Ida Drake gave me the addresses of anybody who had lived there and your stepmother told me to come here to talk to you or Mr. Hanning. Wait a minute are you the son of Mayor Richardson?'

'No I don't think my father was ever mayor he worked at an accountant for a local Banking firm. He was murdered last spring by my now ex-stepfather.' Chris said.

'David Richardson?' Varney asked.

'Yes.' Chris said.

'He was Mayor.' Varney said.

'I didn't know.' Chris said.

'He was a good champion to our cause.' Varney said. 'And he wasn't a stranger to the man looking to do this anti-gay rally as the two of them were bitter rivals. If we can't have Mayor Richardson backing us up we would love to have his son on our side.'

'Well seeing as I am gay, I'm already on your side.' Chris said.

'Thank you.' Varney said. 'My number is in the pamphlet if you wish to talk.' The stranger nodded and walked back around the house. Chris was stunned. Thinking about how his father was Mayor and he didn't know anything about it. He would ask Sandy about it later or perhaps his sister Valerie.

Chris sat down on the couch and started reading through the pamphlet. He heard movement and turned to see that Tim had entered the room. 'What do you got?' Tim asked.

'Some pamphlet some guy from the Gay and Lesbian Allice gave me; about some preacher at a local Baptist Church doing some anti-gay rally.' Chris said.

'Local Baptist Church?' Tim asked.

'Yes.' Chris said. 'It says 'Reverend Jack Hanning is looking to once again show his intolerance.' Chris couldn't finish as Tim shouted.

'JACK HANNING!' Tim said. 'That's my father!'

Chris then remembered something. 'That guy who was here said that my father was mayor and that the guy organizing this event was an enemy of my father.'

Just then Tim slapped his hand on his forehead. 'Why didn't I think about the name Richardson.'

'What?' Chris asked.

'My father would always say something like 'that fag lover Richardson' or that 'nigger lover Richardson'. It makes since.' Tim said.

'I think we need to talk to Sandy, maybe she can shed some light on this.' Chris said.

Chris and Tim went back to the bedroom and got dressed and went to the main house. Chris and Tim found Sandy as soon as they walked through the kitchen door washing the breakfast dishes. 'Mom,' Chris said, 'we need to talk.'

Sandy knew that tone from her stepson. It meant something serious was going on. She turned off the water and walked into the living room. Before Chris asked her he asked. 'Where's Davey?'

'He's over at a friend's house.' answered Sandy.

'Good.' Chris said. He loved his brother but didn't want to be interrupted. 'I have to ask was Dad the mayor?'

'Yes.' Sandy said.

'How come I didn't know?' Chris asked.

'Because you were born shortly before he left office.' Sandy said. 'Your father didn't want you to go into politics. He was very distressed by the end with politicians. He didn't want that life for you. I thought you would of found out right after he was murdered. It was all over the papers.'

'Well.' Chris said. 'I was too upset to read newspapers of watch television when that happened I am sure you remember.'

'Yes I do.' said Sandy. 'But what about after Frank was arrested.'

'Well I was more concerned about Tim.' Chris said 'I was hoping that Tim was going to be okay.'

'Yes.' Sandy said. 'I understand that.'

'There's more.' Chris said. 'This morning I was met by a guy from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance.'

'Yes I know he was at the front door.' Sandy said.

'Yes.' Chris said. 'He told me of a anti-gay rally that is being put together by a local Baptist preacher and that the Baptist preacher is an old enemy of Dad's and also the Bapist preacher is Tim's father.'

'Jack Hanning?' Sandy said with a dark look.

'Yes.' Tim said. 'Please don't hate me because I'm his son.'

'Tim.' Sandy said. 'Your father is evil. That is a word I don't use often but for him it's appropriate. After having known you I know that you are not like him. You are a sweet boy and I couldn't hate you even if I tried.'

Chris handed Sandy the pamphlet and let her read it. 'Chris you would truly be your father's son if you tried to stop Jack Hanning. When your father was Mayor Jack Hanning wanted to have a KKK parade through the city. Your father fought him tooth and nail and prevailed. Jack Hanning went as far as to threaten your life. I can't tell you not to try and stop him, but if you do you need to know what you are up against.'

Chris, Tim and Sandy sat around the table to discuss a game plan. They decided that they would pay the Hanning home a visit that night. And see if they could try and talk Jack Hanning out of doing the anti-gay rally. Chris called Lance Varney and told him what they were going to do. Varney wished them luck. So after dinner that night the Richardson family headed towards Jack Hanning's home. With Chris driving his new BMW that Sandy had got him for his birthday. Sandy right behind them, she left Davey in her mother's care. Chris' sister Valerie and her husband Matt in the rear of the group. Chris and Tim agreed that only the two of them should go into the Hanning home. As they walked up to the front door Chris looked at Tim.

'You alright doing this?' Chris asked.

'Yes.' Tim said, and knocked. A woman answered the door and looked at Tim with disgust.

'What do you want fag?' she said.

'I want to talk Mother, to you and father.' Tim said.

The woman let them pass. She gave Chris a weird look. A man was sitting in a recliner. He looked to have once of had jet black hair that was now almost gray. He looked at Tim for a moment. 'Alright faggot. Make this quick and you and you're fairy boyfriend can leave.'

'With all do respect Reverend Hanning, we do have proper names!' Chris said. 'Of course you know Tim. I'm Christopher, Christopher Richardson. Perhaps you knew my father David Richardson. And while I guess you are wrong on many things you are however right on one thing I am Tim's boyfriend.'

At the mention of his father's name Chris saw Jack Hanning go red. However Hanning remained silent. Then Tim said, 'I would like you to call off that anti-gay rally you are planning.'

'And why should I do that?' Jack Hanning asked.

'Because it's the right thing to do father,' Tim said.

'The right thing to do would be to have all you fags beaten to death.' Jack Hanning said.

'Funny thing for someone whose supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of a man that taught of love and forgiveness, and good will towards all mankind. To be so full of hatred is un Christian!' Chris said.

'That's funny I remember your nigger loving father saying the same thing to me.' Jack said.

'My father was a good man.' Chris said.

'Your father was nothing but a nigger loving, Jew loving, fag loving, devil worshiper. And he is burning in hell as we speak.' Jack Hanning thundered..

Anger started to boil inside Chris. 'Your father always wanted to help all of those horrible people. That made him one of them. No surprise that his son turned out to be a fag.'


For an instant Jack Hanning could see in Christopher Richardson the same fire and drive that he saw in David Richardson. He could see that even though David Richardson was dead he was still alive in his son.

Chris felt a hand on his arm pulling him to the door. He saw that Tim was leading him to the door. Chris was so angry. He had never felt angrier in his life. Once they were outside they were hit by a barrage of reporters. They fought their way through the reporters and made it to the cars. Tim then said to Chris. 'Chris I don't think you should drive you're too angry.'

Chris handed his car keys to Valerie and they made it back to the Richardson home. Chris hardly noticed when Valerie bade them good night and got into her car with Matt. Once they were in the house Tim started walking to the kitchen to go to their apartment. 'You are coming?' Tim asked.

'I will be along I need sometime with the punching bag.' Chris said.

'Don't waste all of your energy.' Tim said and give him a kiss and a wink.

Chris went down to the basement to where the punching bag was hanging. Chris started taking boxing lessons after he was nearly beaten to death by his stepfather Frank Meyers. Whenever Chris was punching a punching bag or facing an opponent in the ring he always imagined that it was his stepfather that he were punching; however that changed when Frank was taken to jail for murdering his father. Now however the face was Jack Hanning's. Chris kept punching the bag picturing Jack Hanning's face becoming bloody and bruised. Chris thought of Tim. Of how nice and sweet he was. How Chris always called him his sweetheart. Chris thought of how much he loved Tim, and how such a nice sweet person could be raised by a couple of people so full of hate.

Chris now all sweaty walked up the basement stairs and out the kitchen door. He went into his and Tim's apartment and went to the bedroom where Tim was laying on the bed. He crawled into bed with Tim and the two started making out. Chris got between Tim's legs and started to suck his cock. Chris sucked on Tim for a little while then got up and got naked and laid on his back and moved Tim between his legs wrapping his legs around Tim's waist. Chris needed to feel Tim inside him tonight. He needed to feel his love. Chris moaned as he felt Tim enter him. He accepted Tim's tongue in his mouth as Tim leaned down and kissed him while he fucked him. Before long Chris felt Tim cumming inside him and he blew a load all over himself.

After they were finished Chris lay in Tim's arms and said. 'I love you so much Tim. You are my sweetheart.'

'I love you too Chris.' Tim said.

'Would my Dad be mad at me for being with you?' Chris asked.

'No.' Tim said. 'He wouldn't.'

'How would you know, you've never met him.' Chris said.

'Yes I did after I was attacked by Frank and was unconscious I saw him and he told me and you and I were meant to be together.' Tim said.

'I forgot about that.' Chris said. 'Tim, hold me tight I need to be in your arms all night.'

'I'm not letting you go.' Tim said. And they kissed.

To be continued...


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