'Will I marry you?' asked Tim

'Yes.' said Chris. 'Will you marry me?'

'Of course I will.' said Tim. 'It's like we are already married though.'

'I know I just want to make it official.' said Chris.

They stayed in their embrace kissing until they fell asleep. The next morning at school Chris recived a surprise when he got to his English class and saw Clint sitting in one of the seats. 'What are you doing here?' Chris asked.

'I'm living with your mother now.' said Clint. 'Both Ted and I are. So we are going to school here.'

'Cool.' said Chris. At lunchtime Chris and Tim introduced Clint and Ted to the others. Chris was relieved that both Clint and Ted were both in a lot of Tim's classes so Tim wouldn't have to be alone. At the end of the day Chris took Clint and Ted home. He and Tim went inside the house to say hello to Chris' mother. It was a strange experience for Chris as the last time he set foot in that house he was nearly beaten to death by his mother's then husband. They said hello to his mother, and listened to an apology from his grandparents for their comment at Clint's mother's funeral. Chris and Tim said they needed to get home as Charlie Bell was coming over for dinner.

Back at the school in the locker room a member of the football team was getting dressed back into his regualr clothes. He needed to speak with Chris Richardson and Richardson's boyfriend Tim Hanning. Dan Michaels liked playing football. He had always liked it since he was a kid. He was on the team to play the game, and not for popularity or anything like that. His parents were very supportive and always said if he wanted to quit the team they will stand by him. Dan was gay. No one knew that but his parents. They accepted it, and they knew how mean jocks can get against people who are a little different. Dan put his shirt on closed his locker and walked out the door of the locker room.

Dan was fairly handsome. Dark hair, light brown eyes that were very expressive. He had a chin goatee. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. It was what he thought was the address of Chris Richardson. He looked up the name in the phone book and found only one Richardson listed. The name was David Richardson who was murdered the previous spring, and who was Chris Richardson's father. Dan got into his car and set right off for the address written down on the paper.

Dan needed to speak with Chris Richardson because he heard some of the guys on the team talking about what they are going to do to those 'faggots', and they sounded like they meant business. Dan pulled up to the house that was listed on the address. He got out of his car and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. A young boy about seven or eight answered the door. 'Does a Chris Richardson live here?' Dan asked the boy.

'Yes.' said the boy.

The boy let Dan enter. The boy left Dan standing there for a moment and came back with Chris. 'Thanks Davey.' said Chris to the boy.

'Your on the football team right?' asked Chris.

'Yeah I am Dan Michaels.' said Dan. 'I have something I need to tell you and your boyfriend.'

'Let me get Tim then.' said Chris. Chris left and returned with his boyfriend Tim Hanning.

'What do you have to tell us?' asked Chris.

'The guys on the team are planning something.' said Dan. 'They said they were going to get 'those faggots' those are their words not mine. You need to be careful.'

'How do I know that you are not in on it?' asked Chris.

'Because.' Dan said knowing the truth was best. 'I'm like you.'

'Like us?' asked Tim. 'When you say like us, you mean your gay too.'

Dan nodded. 'I see.' said Chris. 'Thank you for telling us. Perhaps you would like something to drink or eat we were about to sit down to dinner. I am sure my stepmother won't mind.'

'Thanks.' said Dan. Chris and Tim started leading Dan to the dining room. Once in veiw of the dining room Dan stopped. There was a boy sitting there around his own age who was just so cute that Dan was just in shock.

Chris and Tim noticed this. 'Something wrong?' asked Chris.

'Whose that?' asked Dan. 'I know I have seen him before but I can't remember where, but he's so cute.'

'That's Charlie Bell.' said Chris. 'He goes to our school. We can arrange it so you can sit next to him. He's like us.'

Chris and Tim had a kind of a look in their eye. Chris and Tim introduced Dan to Charlie, and Dan feeling nerves in his stomach took the seat next to Charlie. Chris and Tim then introduced Dan to Chris' stepmother Sandy, who said he was more than welcome to stay for dinner. 'And of course you already met my brother Davey.' said Chris indicating to the little boy who answered the door.

Once the food was eaten. Dan started talking to Charlie. Looking into his eyes. Loving what he was seeing. Then Dan asked Charlie. 'Want to come to my place for a while? I will drive you home.'

'Sure.' said Charlie. They said goodbye to the Richardsons and walked out to Dan's car. Once in the car Dan said. 'I wanted to do this since I first saw you in there.' Dan put his hand on Charlie's cheek and turned Charlie's head and leaned in and kissed him. Dan then started his car and drove to his house. Dan introuduced Charlie to his parent and took Charlie up to his bedroom. Dan laid on his bed and indicated that Charlie do the same.

Charlie laid on the bed and Dan put his arms around him. 'I am new to this.' Charlie confessed.

'I've never done anything with a guy either.' said Dan. 'I am not expecting us to do anything I just want to hold you.'

'What will your parents say if they walk in on us like this?' asked Charlie. 'I don't want them to hate you.'

'They know I am gay.' said Dan. 'They are cool with it. They just want me to be happy.'

'I wish I had parents like yours.' said Charlie. 'My dad is always going on how gay people should be rounded up and shot.'

'He sounds pretty bigoted.' said Dan. 'Listen I won't tell anyone about us if you don't want to. Not until your ready, but will you be my boyfriend?'

Charlie looked at Dan. 'Yes I will.' said Charlie.

They spent a good part of the evening making out in Dan's bed. Until they looked at the clock and realized it was getting late, and Dad took Charlie home. Dan gave Charlie a quick kiss before he got out of the car. Dan watched Charlie go into his house and Dan started for home. Dan came home and was beaming. 'Looks like your in love.' said Dan's mother.

'I think I am.' said Dan.

'Glad to hear that.' said Dan's father. 'That Charlie seems like a nice guy.'

'Thanks Dad.' said Dan. 'Well I need to get to bed, good night.'

Dan went to bed and dreamed about Charlie all night.

Chris and Tim were in the middle of making love. Tim's cock going in and out of Chris' ass. Tim sped up his fucking until he blew a load in Chris' ass. Tim then put his arms around his fiance and held him tight then Chris asked. 'How do you think it went with Dan and Charlie?'

'I think it went alright.' said Tim. 'You think they will be a couple now?'

'I think they will.' said Chris. 'Being in love makes you see what other people who are in love look like. Dan is definitley in love with Charlie. I think they will have some hurdles though. Dan being on the football team will have a hard time with his teammates. They are the macho types, and Charlie's gay hating father. With you and me we didn't have to worry we were out of the closet when we got together. Dan and Charlie will be different though.'

Chris and Tim held each other until they went to sleep.


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