Chris was now seventeen years old. It had been a little over four years since he was nearly killed at the hands of his abusive stepfather. His stepfather Frank took a plea bargin which he was sentenced to only one year. Chris' father David wasn't too happy about that and had gotten a restraining order so that Frank could stay away from Chris. Chris' mother Lilian wasn't granted any visitation rights at all, since she refused to divorce her husband.

Frank Meyers was sitting in his home. He blamed his stepson for landing him in jail and was going to do what he can to make that no good stepson of his pay the price. Though he wasn't allowed anywhere near his stepson, since his father had gotten a restraining order against him. Frank however was a patient man.

Chris couldn't forget what his stepfather did to him. He knew that his stepfather was now out of jail and Chris wanted to be prepared just in case. So Chris ended up going to a gym and working out and was taking boxing lessons. The coach was impressed with Chris telling he should sign up for a competition. Chris wanted to discuss the matter with his father and stepmother before coming to a final decision about it. Chris was getting well built. He was big for a seventeen year old. It was showing real good too. The girls were always hanging around him. Though Chris didn't want the girls he wanted the guys.

Chris didn't know how to feel about the way he felt about guys. He would get hard just thinking about the guys in the locker room at the gym, or before gym class. Chris confessed those feelings to his stepmother and she said that she thought he might be gay. She said that no matter what she will always love him and will always be welcome in her home. Chris did go out with girls but he was always wishing he were arriving at dates on the arm of some cute guy. Chris didn't want his father to hate him. His stepmother said that Chris should tell his father.

'Don't worry Chris.' said his stepmother Sandy. 'I know your father will love you no matter what. Tell him when he gets home tonight I will be here with you to help you.' That made Chris feel better, so the night went on. After dinner and after Sandy had put Chris' little brother Davey to bed they were sitting in the living room and Chris said to his father. 'Dad there is something I need to tell you I just hope you won't hate me after I do.'

His father looked at him for a moment. Sandy looked at Chris and said. 'Just go ahead and tell him.'

'Yeah I have talked to Mom about it and I was afraid to tell you.' Chris said. Chris was calling his stepmother Mom.

'What is it son?' his father David asked. 'Let me guess you're gay right?'

Chris looked at his father and saw that his father was smiling. 'How did you know?' Chris asked.

'Well a handsome guy like you and no girls trying to break down the front door?' His father added. 'Don't worry son. If this is what makes you happy then I am happy for you.' David got up and hugged his son. 'You have nothing to worry about and I want you to be happy and if being with guys is what makes you happy then I am behind you one hundred percent.'

'I'm so glad that you're my dad.' Chris said with tears in his eyes. 'There's something else I want to talk to you about. My boxing coach wants me to start competing.'

'That is fine by me if you think you can handle it.' David said.

'Don't worry Dad.' Chris said. 'After what happened when I was twelve I want to be able to defend myself.'

Chris got into the competition and won second place in the city tournament. Chris was also interested in music. He liked the hard rock and heavy metal. His father bought him a guitar and paid to let him get lessons. Chris really enjoyed playing the guitar. Chris imagined himself as a rock star; though he knew if that ever happened then there would be thousands of disappointed groupies since he was gay.

That spring everything took a turn for the worse.

Frank Meyers knew that the only way to make his stepson pay for landing him in jail was to kill the boy's father. He knew that if the boy's father was killed then Chris would have to return to his mother's home. It was early in May. Frank noticed that David Richardson was staying in his office a little later so he could finish up some work. Frank made his way into David's office. David was sitting behind the desk finishing up some paperwork. David looked up and said. 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?'

Frank pulled out the gun and fired twice. The bullets hit David right in the chest, with one piercing his heart. Frank left the office and went back to his home and was waiting for the call to his wife saying that Chris would be coming home. Frank got out his belt and was ready to give the boy the beating of a lifetime.

When the news broke at the Richardson house that David had been murdered Sandy Richardson broke down in hysterics. Chris was balling like a baby. Little Davey Richardson kept crying. 'MY DADDY CAN'T BE DEAD!'

It was after the funeral that Andrew Harris, who was David Richardson's lawyer, came to the Richardson home to discuss with Sandy what was to be done with Chris. Sandy asked Chris to be in on the discussion. Sandy knew she couldn't afford to keep Chris. David's life insurance was going through the legal system. When David was alive she worked part-time as a secretary in a local real estate office, but now she knew she would have to find a full time job. She would barely afford to keep Davey, as she must keep him since he was her son. She knew she would not be able to keep Chris. Andrew Harris had also brought with him Judge Betty Brown, who was the very Judge that had Chris put in his father's custody.

'I can't keep Chris.' Sandy said. 'Chris I wish I could keep you but it's going to be hard enough to for me to be able to feed Davey and me and as Davey is my flesh and blood I have to keep him. I mean you are a son to me but you are not really my son.'

'I understand Mom.' Chris said. 'But where will I go. I will run away if you send me back to my mother.'

'I understand that Chris.' said Judge Brown, 'though I can't really find a foster family to send you to right now. There is a place I could send you but that is for gay teens.'

'But I am gay.' Chris said.

'Are you?' Judge Brown asked.

'Yes he is.' Sandy said. 'He came to me about a year ago and told me that he is attracted to guys and he came out to his father last fall.'

'I see.' Judge Brown said. 'Now there is a place that is run by a friend of mine and it houses gay teens. For gay kids whose sexuality is not accepted by their parents. It is in a big house with two wings. The west wing is for teenage gay boys, and the east is for teenage lesbian girls. My friend she runs the side for the boys, and her husband runs the girls side. They are rich and they have a gay son and decided to help those gay teens whose families did not accept the fact that they are gay. Now I am assuming that your father accepted the fact that you are gay?'

'Yes.' Chris said.

'Well then you might not have been accepted in the program, but if I explain the situation to my friend she might be willing to take you.' Judge Brown said. She got on her cell phone and was talking for a few minutes. Then she hung up and said. 'She said she is willing to take you and only has one bed so we better be going right away she can't hold that bed for long. Just take some clothes with you I will arrange for your other things to be brought over there tomorrow.'

Chris got up and went to his bedroom and started packing a duffle bag. He knew that when his father died that he couldn't stay here anymore. He knew Sandy would have let him stay if she could let him, but she can't. Chris knew she needed to think of Davey and herself. Chris got his duffle bag and went into Davey's room and gave his brother a kiss on the forehead before going downstairs again. Once Chris was back downstairs he was hugged by Sandy. 'As soon as I get things settled I will work on bringing you back home.'

'Alright Mom.' Chris said with tears in his eyes.

Back in the Meyer's house. Frank was pissed. It turned out they were sending Chris into foster care, seeing as the courts didn't want Frank anywhere near the boy.

Chris walked into the huge house with Judge Brown. 'His Ida.' Judge Brown said. 'This is the boy I was telling you about. This is Chris Richardson.'

'Hi Chris.' the woman said. 'I am Mrs. Drake. I will be your house mother.'

'Here are the papers I need for you to sign.' Judge Brown said to Mrs. Drake. Mrs. Drake signed the papers and handed them back to Judge Brown. 'I must be going now I will talk to you soon Chris.'

Chris said goodbye to Judge Brown and followed Mrs. Drake into a study. 'I am sorry to hear about you losing your father Chris.' Mrs. Drake said. 'Do you know who killed him?'

'No.' Chris said. 'It was nighttime and there were no camera's in his office.'

'I am sorry.' Mrs. Drake said. 'Now I want to talk to you about the rules here. I know you must have a bunch of activities after school, so I would like you to make a list and hand them to me when you make it so we know what you are doing. It says here you are only fifteen you don't look it do you work out?'

'Yes.' Chris said. 'I am a boxer I took second place in the city tournament.'

'I see.' Mrs. Drake said. 'Alright, now there are a number chores I ask you boys to do everyday. After the chores are done I want you to have them check with me or my assistant before you are excused. There will be a list of chores to be done and who's to do them. They are simple chores such as dusting and vacuuming, and cleaning the windows. Now I expect relationships to develop. I mean a bunch of teenage gay boys in one place who wouldn't expect it. If you get into a relationship and if it gets to the sexual level I expect it to be behind closed doors. My husband and I get enough flack from religious groups about providing shelter for gay teens. I don't mind things like kissing or holding hands, but anything else should be done behind closed doors.'

'I understand.' Chris said.

'The other rules are simple.' Mrs. Drake said. 'Such as don't mess with other's property. No fighting. We have counseling sessions every week. You will be put in a counseling group with a few of the other boys. Now I should show you to your room.' Mrs. Drake got up Chris did likewise.

Chris followed her up three flights of stairs. They got to a room that had a number on it that said. 312 and under that it said Timothy Hanning. 'Now please don't wake your roommate up. You will have plenty of time to talk to him in the morning. Just go in and try to get some rest.'

'Alright.' Chris said. He opened the door and walked inside. The room had white walls. There was a desk with a computer on it on the left wall. Sitting at the end of the computer desk was an empty bed. There was another bed on the right side of the room which someone was in it sleeping. Chris noticed his roommate had short blonde hair. Chris noticed that he looked kind of cute. Chris took off his shirt and pants since he always slept in his underwear and he climbed into his empty bed. Chris knew he could talk to his cute roommate in the morning...

To be continued...


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