This story is completely fictional. It is about a young boy who finds the love of his life.

Lilian Meyers was frightened. That day when she was putting clean underwear into her husband's drawer she found a gun there. She never liked guns and forbidden them from being in the house. When herex-husband was murdered the police came and asked her and her husband where they were at the time of the murder. Frank had claimed he was at a friend's playing poker. Lilian was with a friend who had just lost her mother. Now Lilian was starting to doubt Frank's story.

Lilian had noticed that Frank was acting happy when he came home that night. Frank told her he had a good night in the poker game. When the police came telling her ex-husband had been gunned down in his office, Frank had taken his old belt out ready to beat her son with it when he was brought home. It was a week later after David's funeral that a Social Worker called and said that Chris would be going into foster care. Lilian hadn't so much of seen a picture of Chris in the past three years. She had really wanted to see her son.

Lilian acted that night as though she had never found that gun. She waited until Frank fell asleep and she packed a bag. She got in her car and drove to her daughter's home.

Valerie Richardson Cooke answered the door. Her husband Matt was watching television. She had just put her son Ben down to bed for the night. When she opened the door she saw her mother standing there. 'What do you want?' she asked her mother.

'I want to know where Chris is?' her mother asked.

'What so that low life you call a husband can finish the job he started three years ago?' Valerie asked.

'No.' Lilian said.

'Then why?' Valerie asked.

'I left Frank.' Lilian said. 'When I was putting the clean laundry away I found a gun in his underwear drawer.'

Valerie knew about her mother's feeling about guns, and knew that she never wanted to live in a home with a gun in the house. 'Go on.' she said.

'Frank said he was playing poker the night your father was killed.' Lilian said. 'I am not so sure anymore. That is why I must see Chris.'

'That bastard killed my father!' Valerie said.

'I need to warn Chris.' Lilian said.

'I will speak to Chris.' Valerie said. There was a loud crack of thunder overhead as a storm was moving in. 'You go to the Police.'

The storm started raging. Chris Richardson was woken up by a loud crack of thunder. He looked over the room to the bed that his roommate Tim Hanning slept in. He saw Tim sitting upright looking frightened. 'What's wrong?' Chris asked.

'I hate storms.' Tim said. 'They frighten me.'

'Don't worry it will be over before you know it.' Chris said. The room was illuminated for a fraction of a second while lighting flashed outside. Tim cowered against the corner of his bed. Chris got out of his bed and walked over to Tim's bed and had Tim move over for him. Chris put his arms around Tim and they were facing each other. 'Boy you are so cute.' Chris said to Tim.

'I'm not as cute as you.' Tim said. Chris smiled at Tim.

'It's alright Tim.' Chris said. 'It's just a storm.'

'I know I was just always scared of them.' Tim said. 'So your school is having a big end of the year dance tomorrow night you going?'

'Why the change of subject?' Chris asked.

'Because,' Tim said. 'It gets my mind off this storm.'

'Yeah I am going to the dance.' Chris said. 'I told my friend Kyle I will be there.'

'You going with Kyle?' Tim asked.

'No.' Chris said. 'Kyle's straight. No I am going stag, well do you want to come with me?'

'What?' Tim asked.

'Well do you want to come to the dance with me?' Chris asked.

'What will everybody say you bringing a guy to the dance?' Tim asked.

'The whole school knows I am gay.' Chris said. 'Kind of a weird reaction about it though. The girls suspected it and the guys are relived.'

'That makes sense.' Tim said. 'You are most likely the best looking guy at that school and the guys are relived since you are gay since the girls won't be chasing you now.'

'Well I never looked at it like that.' Chris said smiling. 'So do you want to go with me?'

'As a friend?' Tim asked. 'Or something else?'

'I won't lie to you Tim.' Chris said. 'I liked you since I first laid eyes on you. I want you to be my boyfriend.'

'You are too good looking for me.' Tim said.

'You are very cute Tim.' Chris said. 'If I wanted someone who is a knock out I would of accepted Clint's offer at that dance last week to suck my dick. I like you a lot Tim and it's not only looks to me.' Chris moved his head to Tim's and put his lips on Tim's lips. They kissed for a while. Chris pushed his tongue into Tim's mouth and their tongues played with each other. It was a kiss of pure love to Chris. It felt so right to do this with Tim. When they broke their kiss Chris said. 'How about it; the dance tomorrow night? Want to come with me?'

'Sure.' Tim said. They kissed until they both fell back to sleep.

At the police station Lilian Meyer's was being questioned by the homicide detective about the murder of David Richardson. Lilian told them of finding the gun in the underwear drawer. The detective told her that Frank's friend vouched for his alibi but said the most likely lied. They put her in protective custody.

The next night Chris had a good time with Tim at the dance. They were the life of the party. Chris loved introducing Tim as his boyfriend. Chris was sure that he was in love with Tim. As they walked out of the school to get into the bus home Chris saw a familiar face. It was his stepfather Frank Meyers. Chris never took his eyes off Frank while he and Tim boarded the bus. Chris looked out of the window of the bus while Frank made a movement of one finger going across his neck. 'Oh my God!' Chris said getting out his cell phone.

'Chris what's wrong?' Tim asked. 'Who was that man?'

'My stepfather.' Chris said. 'I hope the restraining order my father put on him is still in effect.'

Chris called the police. They said there was nothing they could do since the legal guardian who put the restraining order on Frank Meyers was now dead. 'I hope he's not following this bus.' Chris said.

'Tim when we get off the bus stay close to me.' Chris said.

'I will.' Tim said.

'The bastard might of nearly killed me when I was twelve, but he's going to be dealing with someone who can defend themselves now.' Chris said.

They stayed together as they walked back to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter. They made it inside. Chris quickly scribbled a note to their house mother Mrs. Drake saying that he needed to speak to her as soon as possible. Then something occurred to Chris, 'Oh my God.' Chris said,. 'He murdered my father.'

'What?' Tim asked.

'The bastard murdered my father.' Chris said. 'My stepfather murdered my father.'

They got to their room. Chris lay on his bed. Tim climbed into bed with him 'Chris just tell Mrs. Drake everything in the morning.'

'I will.' Chris said. 'I better put it out of my mind for now. Besides I think little Tim needs some attention.' Chris said that while feeling Tim's crotch. They kissed. Chris knew that this would be his first sexual experience, but he knew it was with someone he truly loved. Chris got off Tim's shirt and start to kiss his chest licking his nipples as he made his way down Tim's stomach. Chris undid Tim's pants and pulled them off along with Tim's underwear. Tim had gotten off Chris' shirt and was working his pants and pulled them and his underwear off.

Both boys looked at each other's naked bodies for a moment. Then Chris knelt down and took Tim's cock and kissed and licked it and then took it in his mouth and started to suck on it. Chris had never tasted anything as good as Tim's cock. Tim moved and lay down on the bed while Chris moved with Tim's cock still in his mouth. Chris felt something on his hard nine incher and realized that Tim was sucking his cock as well. They sucked on each other for a few minutes when Chris stopped and moved over and laid next to Tim.

'What's wrong?' Tim asked.

'Tim,' Chris said. 'I am totally in love with you.'

'I am in love with you too Chris.' Tim said.

'Will you do something for me?' Chris asked.

'What?' Tim asked.

'Put your cock inside me.' Chris said, 'I need to feel you inside me.'

Tim got up and got some lube out of his drawer. He greased up Chris' bubble butt and then slid his cock inside his boyfriend's tight hole. Chris gasped. Tim moved slowly inside Chris. When Chris started moaning in pleasure Tim started to speed up his fucking. Chris was feeling more pleasure than he ever felt in his life. Tim fucked him for a good twenty minutes before he felt Tim cumming inside him. Chris also realized that he had blown a huge load all over himself without even touching his cock. Tim licked up Chris' load and they lay together kissing until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

When they woke up the next morning Tim and Chris looked at each other and smiled. They had breakfast together that morning walking into the dining room holding hands. The other boys had suspected that Chris and Tim were seeing each other and were happy for them, even Clint who had come onto Chris a week before. Mrs. Drake came up to Chris and said. 'We can talk after you finish breakfast.'

'Alright.' Chris said.

After breakfast Tim and Chris went to Mrs. Drake's office. 'I hope you don't mind that Tim is with me.' Chris said. 'He was with me last night when I saw what I saw and he's my boyfriend now.'

'It's alright.' Mrs. Drake said. 'What's going on?'

Chris explained to Mrs. Drake about seeing his stepfather and how his stepfather had made a threat to him. Mrs. Drake said that she would get a restraining order against Frank Meyers.

That afternoon Chris headed to the GYM with Ted. Chris noticed how Ted was losing weight and Ted seemed more confident about himself. Chris knew that Ted was hoping to eventually catch Clint's eye. On the way to the GYM Ted was talking to Chris about Tim. 'So you and Tim are an item now?' Ted asked.

'Yep,' Chris said, 'he's really special.'

'Cool.' Ted said. 'I am happy for you Chris. I just hope I can find someone special.'

'You will.' Chris said. 'Even if Clint doesn't ever want you, you will find someone special. You are a good person Ted and if Clint can't see that then he's the one with the problem.'

'You are a good friend Chris.' Ted said.

They got to the GYM and Chris worked out with his boxing coach. The coach said that a completion was coming up and Chris signed up for it. After they worked out and showered Chris and Ted went back to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. Chris found Tim at the door who looked stressed.

'What's wrong?' Chris asked.

'You have a visitor.' Tim said. Tim showed Chris into the dining room where he saw his mother sitting there waiting.

Chris looked right at Lilian Meyers with disgust and said, 'What the hell are you doing here?'

To be continued...


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