This story is completley fiction.

Chris looked right at Lilian Meyers. 'What the hell are you doing here?' he asked.

'Chris I needed to see you,' Lilian said.

'I bet that husband of yours followed me last night.' Chris said. 'You tell him if he wants to finish the job then bring it on!' Chris looked up and saw a policeman standing there by Lilian.

'Officer please arrest this woman!' Chris said to the policeman.

'She is under protective custody,' the police officer said.

Chris looked at his mother for a moment. 'Protective custody? What's going on?'

Lilian explained to her son about finding a gun in her husband's underwear drawer. 'You know how I feel about guns. You saw Frank?'

'Yeah Tim and I did.' Chris said pointing to Tim who was sitting next to him. 'I think he might have followed me here.'

'I didn't know that.' Lilian said. There were tears in her eyes. 'I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I should of stopped him from beating you the first time he did it.'

'Why didn't you?' Chris asked. 'My father is dead now and all you needed to do was stop him from beating me all those years ago and if you had done that my father might still be alive.'

They spent some time chatting. Lilian was ok with Chris being gay and was getting to know Tim. Chris asked the police officer. 'Is there anything being done to protect my stepmother and little brother, as well as my sister and her family?'

'They have officers outside their houses as we speak.' the police man said.

Lilian left a little while later. Just as Chris and Tim were heading up to their room was when Mrs. Drake came to them and told Tim he had a family member there to visit him. Tim was worried because his family was a very religious family, and his preacher father threw him out of the house when to told his family that he is gay. The person to see Tim came into the room. A smile spread across his face. 'John!' Tim said smiling. 'My God I didn't know you were back in town.'

'I came as soon as I heard that my little brother was in trouble.' John said. 'Gay huh? Well I guess we both pissed Mom and Dad off. You're gay and I married a black woman.'

'Oh sorry,' Tim said. 'Chris this is my brother John Hanning, John this is my boyfriend Chris Richardson.'

Chris and John shook hands. They talked for a while. When John said he had to leave but would keep in touch. Chris and Tim went up to their room. Chris and Tim spent sometime playing their instruments. As Chris was putting his guitar away he looked at Tim and smiled, 'Kind of weird.' Chris said. 'That I see my mother after all these years and your brother comes to visit.'

'Yeah,' Tim said, 'it's weird.' Chris liked that he saw that Tim and John were two close brothers. Chris couldn't help thinking of his own brother Davey who he was very close to. Chris missed having Davey around. 'What's wrong Chris?'

'Just thinking about my little brother.' Chris said. 'Sorry.'

'It's alright.' Tim went over and kissed Chris. They made out for a while. They started taking each others clothes off. Once they were naked they started to sixty-nine for a while. Then Chris got on his back and spread his legs for Tim.

'No.' Tim said. 'I did you last time, now it's your turn to do me.'

So Chris had Tim get on his back and he lubed up Tim's hole and gently pushed inside Tim's hole. It felt great to Chris who started to thrust into Tim driving his hard nine incher into his boyfriend's ass. Chris kept going harder and harder inside Tim. After about a good forty-five minutes of fucking Chris exploded in Tim's ass and Tim shot a load of cum all over himself. Chris collapsed on Tim and kissed with such passion he never felt before.

In Clint and Ted's room, Clint was fighting with himself. He had never thought of Ted as being boyfriend material before. Clint now realized that he liked Ted. It wasn't because of Ted's looks or anything, but his personality. Clint didn't know how to act. He felt it would be best to talk about it with Chris and Tim. They seemed like a happy couple. However when Clint walked through the bathroom that he and Ted shared with Chris and Tim and opened the door to Chris and Tim's room he saw them in an intense round of love making. Clint waited for a while before knocking on their door. Then he heard one of them say, 'Come in.'

Clint entered their room. They were laying on one of their beds. A blanket was over then. They were obviously finished with making love. 'I'm sorry I can comeback sometime later.'

'It's ok.' Tim said. 'What do you need?'

'I want to talk about Ted.' Clint said.

'What about him?' Chris asked.

'I think I like him.' Clint said. 'But I don't know how to tell him.'

'Just tell him.' Chris said. 'I know for a fact he likes you so go ahead and tell him Clint. Either he will think you are joking or he will kiss you.'

'What if he thinks I am joking?' Clint asked.

'Then we will help you out.' Tim said.

Clint thanked them and went into his room and waited for Ted to come in for the night.

Sandy Richardson was coming home from the grocery store. She had found a full time position at a law firm as a lawyer's secretary. Her mother was watching Davey so she could have some time to herself. It was hard for he getting used to waking up in the bed alone. She was so used to waking up with David laying next to her. It was also hard on her getting used to Chris not being in the house. Chris was like another son to her. There was something going on. There was a policeman who was said was to watch the house and follow her and Davey wherever they went. They felt that David's murderer would come after them now. Sandy received a phone call from her stepdaughter saying that it looks like it might be David's ex-wife's current husband that might of killed David. Sandy was scared. She remembered what that man did to Chris.

Sandy had bought a lottery ticket while at the store. Her hopes weren't that high about it but she thought 'What the hell the jackpot is 150 million.' so she bought one. She pulled into the driveway of her house. She missed Chris, and Davey missed Chris. She wanted to try and get Chris back home as soon as possible. Sandy had to explain what gay was to Davey as Davey needed to know that Chris is gay and what it means. She got out the groceries and went inside. Davey was sitting in the living room with her mother watching television. Davey was heartbroken when his father died and even more heartbroken when Chris had to leave. Sandy had to explain to Davey that though he and Chris shared the same father they had different mothers and so Sandy couldn't keep Chris. That she would try her best to get Chris back home as soon as possible. She took Davey to see Chris as much as she could.

Sandy put the groceries away and sat down to watch television with Davey and her mother. It was time for the winning lottery numbers to come on. Sandy got out her ticket to see if she might win. 'The first number is 7.' Sandy looked at saw a 7 on her ticket. 'The next number is 33' Sandy looked and saw she had a 33 on her ticket too. 'Next is 12' Sandy saw a twelve on her ticket. Her heart was beating fast. 'Now there is a 2' There was a 2 on her ticket. 'The last number is 4' There was a 4 on her ticket. Sandy screamed. Davey jumped. 'What's wrong Mommy?'

'Nothing honey.' she said. 'We just won the lottery.' She handed the ticket to her mother.

'My God you did.' her mother said.

Sandy looked at Davey. 'I think we can get Chris back home real soon now.'

The next morning Tim was informed that his parents wished to see him and his brother at their home that evening. 'Do you want me to go with you?' Chris asked.

'No I need to do this by myself.' Tim said.

'Alright,' Chris said.

After Tim left Chris was visited by Sandy and Davey. Chris gave Davey a big hug. 'I miss you so much my little brother.'

'I miss you too Chris.' Davey said. 'I miss Daddy too.'

'I know I miss him too.' Chris said wiping away tears.

'Chris I came here to tell you that I won the lottery.' Sandy said.

'What?' Chris asked.

'Yes.' Sandy said. 'So soon you can come home.'

'I would like that.' Chris said. 'But something's happened.'

'What?' Sandy asked.

'I fell in love with someone.' Chris said.

'That's good.' Sandy said. 'Where is he?'

'He's not here now he had something to do.' Chris said. 'But his family doesn't want anything to do with him. I can't leave him here.'

'I see.' Sandy said. 'What if I could become his foster parent and he can live with us?'

'I would like that.' Chris said. 'I will have to talk to him about it. I mean in such a short time Tim has become so important to me.'

'I know what it is like.' Sandy said. 'It happened to me when I met your father. I will do what I can to get him with us.'

'Thanks Mom.' Chris said hugging her. Chris then told Sandy about the meeting with his mother; about seeing Frank after the dance a couple of nights ago. About his suspicions about that Frank killed his father.

'I talked to Valerie the other night.' Sandy said. 'She thinks the same thing.'

'I just hope the police can arrest him soon.' Chris said.

Tim was waiting at the bus stop with tears in his eyes. His parents told both him and John that they wanted nothing more to do with either of them. Tim kept thinking 'At least I have Chris.' Tim knew that he could go back to the shelter and get some comfort in Chris. Tim stood there waiting for the bus when he felt something poking his back. Tim turned around and saw the man that Chris identified as his stepfather standing there with a gun.

'You are my stepson's friend right?' Frank Meyers asked.

'Yeah,' Tim said.

'Get in that car and don't do anything stupid.' Frank said.

'What do you want with me?' Tim asked.

'You'll see now give me you phone.' Frank said as they got in the car. Tim handed Frank his cell phone and watch him scroll down the list of names until he got to Chris' name.

Sandy had a phone call with Judge Betty Brown about allowing both Chris and his boyfriend Tim Hanning to come and live with her. Judge Brown said that she didn't think it would be a problem and congratulated her on winning the lottery.

Chris was talking to Clint and Ted when he got the phone call. It seems that Clint and Ted were a couple now and Chris was happy for them. When his cell phone rang and Chris saw Tim's number on it he smiled and answered. 'You on your way back?' Chris asked.

'Well.' said a voice. Chris knew that voice and knew it wasn't Tim's 'If it isn't my wonderful stepson.'

'What did you do to him?' Chris asked. 'Where is Tim?'

'Oh you're friend is right here.' Frank said. 'Now if you want your friend to live then you will come to my place and make sure you come alone no cops.'

'If you harm a single hair on his head you fifthly excuse for a stepfather, then I'll make sure you pay.' Chris said.

'He won't be harmed as long as you show.' Frank said and hung up. Chris got up and ran from the room. Clint and Ted at his heels. Chris didn't hear Mrs. Drake as she said, 'Chris where are you going?'

Mrs. Drake looked at Clint and Ted after Chris ran out the door and down the street. 'Do you know what's going on?'

'It was his stepfather.' Ted said. 'He's got Tim, and he called Chris with Tim's phone.'

'Alright.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I will call the police.'

Chris ran as fast as he could to his old home. It had been over three years since he had been there, but he remembered the way. When Chris got to the front porch he saw Frank with a gun to Tim's head. 'I'm here let him go,' Chris said. Frank pushed Tim off the porch.

'He's staying right here because I know he will go to the cops.' Frank picked Tim up who was handcuffed.

'What do you want?' Chris asked. Chris looked at Tim. There was blood running down his face. Chris heard sirens.

'I told you no COPS!' Frank said.

'I didn't call them!' Chris said. 'Let him go now.'

'I'd hate to kill your friend with the same gun that killed your old man!' Frank said.

'So you did kill my father?' Chris asked. The cops pulled up to the front lawn.

A cop got over the megaphone and said. 'Please release the boy.'

'Damn it!' Frank said. Just then Chris got in idea. Frank would beat up on the defenseless twelve year old Chris Richardson. Chris was now fifteen and was a boxer. Chris smiled.

'Hey step-daddy dearest,' Chris said. Frank looked right at him. 'You nearly killed me three years ago. You killed my father, so you could finish the job right?'

'That's right,' Frank said. 'I'm going to do it too you little son of a bitch landing me in jail!'

'Well why don't you finish the job now?' Chris asked. 'Why don't you beat me to death like you tried to do three years ago, just let Tim go and It will just me you and me like old times.'

Frank pushed Tim to the ground and put the gun in the waist of his pants and approached Chris. Chris put his fists. 'Come on take the first punch.' Frank hit Chris in the face. Chris laughed. 'Is that all you got?' Frank hit Chris again and again. Chris then started throwing punches of his own. Giving Frank jabs left and right. Frank was stunned that Chris learned how to fight. Frank now had a bloody lip and nose. He went to hit Chris but Chris blocked it. Then Chris gave Frank a knockout punch and he went to the ground where and cop was on top of him handcuffing him.

Chris went right to Tim who was unconscious. The cops got the handcuffs off Tim and were taking him into an ambulance. Chris rode in the ambulance with Tim holding his hand. 'I am so sorry my sweetheart.' Chris said. 'Please come back to me.'

Tim was waking in a white cloudy area. A man was there with him. 'Who are you?' Tim asked.

'My name is David Richardson.' The man said.

'Chris' father?' Tim asked. 'You're dead. Am I dead too.'

'No.' David said. 'It's not your time yet. You will wake up soon.'

'Then why am I here?' Tim asked.

'Well you are lucky.' David said. 'You have found you're soul mate so early in your life.'

'Chris is my soul mate?' Tim asked.

'Yes,' David said. 'You and my son were meant to be together. I just want to you tell him something for me.'

'What is that?' Tim asked.

'That I love him and am proud of him.' David said.

Tim was falling through darkness. When he landed he opened his eyes and was in a hospital room with Chris sitting next to him.

To be continued...


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)


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