This is a work of fiction. None of the characters have existed in real life. I have decided to take the story in a different direction.

The alarm went off. It said 6 am. Chris reached over and turned it off. It was the first day of school. Beside him in the bed Tim groaned. 'We got to get up and get ready for school. You fix yourself something to eat while I take a shower.'

'But I want to shower with you.' Tim said.

'We will be late if we did that.' Chris said. 'Besides we can do that after school.'

Chris got a clean set of clothes and went right towards the bathroom and started the water. He showered thinking about the day ahead. He would be back at school with all his friends. However this would be the first year Tim went to the same school he went to. Chris just hoped the kids at school liked Tim as much as they liked him.

Chris thought about Jack Hanning. He got some good news the day before. They were at the memorial service for Clint's mother when he was approached by Rhonda Brace the current mayor and she told Chris that she was opposing Jack Hanning on the anti-gay rally. Chris hoped that with the mayor opposing Jack Hanning that would provide Jack Hanning with a new target. Chris had at Clint's mother's funeral met for the first time his grandparents.

Chris and Clint had discovered that they were cousins, being that Chris' mother Lillian and Clint's father Fred were brother and sister. Their grandparents went to the funeral and had some choice words to say about Chris and Clint in their 'chosen lifestyle' as both Chris and Clint are gay. Chris had almost gone into telling them off but his mother intervened.

Chris finished showering and dressed. He walked out to the little kitchen of his and Tim's apartment. Tim was sitting there eating a bowl of cereal. Chris got himself a bowl and started to pour the cereal into it. Chris sat down as Tim finished eating and went to get in the shower. Chris turned on the television as the morning news was on he received a shock.

'Jack Hanning was arrested last night for playing a part in the vicious hate crime that took place outside the famous gay club The Eagle last month.' the newscaster said. 'As you know Jack Hanning is the pastor of the local Baptist church and was in favor of having an anti-gay rally in front of city hall. Last month if you remember a gay couple was viciously assaulted outside the Eagle Club as they were leaving. Both of them survived and have identified Jack Hanning as one of the assailants. Also another one of the assaulters gave the police a full confession. Other arrests have been made in the case, no word as to who the others that were arrested are.'

'City Council acted quickly in striking down the proposed anti-gay rally after Hanning's arrest. The deacon of the church in which Hanning is a preacher is considering replacing Hanning as the church's pastor.'

Chris felt relieved. He wouldn't have to go and take on Jack Hanning after all. He felt like and huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. After about ten minutes Tim came out of the bathroom fully dressed.

'What are you so happy about?' Tim asked.

'Jack Hanning was arrested for taking part in a hate crime.' Chris said. Chris felt as though he should have taken more tact with telling Tim that bit of information. Jack Hanning was after all Tim's father. 'Tim I'm sorry I know he's your father and everything.'

'It's alright.' Tim said. 'He stopped being my father when he kicked me out of the house for being gay.'

Chris turned off the television and he and Tim walked outside and went into the main house. They told Chris' stepmother Sandy goodbye and got in Chris' car and headed to school.

Once they got in school they found they were in different homerooms. Since the school did homerooms by alphabetical order and Chris' last name started with an R and Tim's an H so they would have to have different homerooms. Chris hoped that he and Tim would have some classes together. Homeroom took longer than usual. Since it was the first day and schedules and handbooks had to be handed out. Chris joked with his best friend Kyle a little. The announcements were made by the Principal. The bell rang and Chris looked at his schedule and saw that he had English first period.

Chris got to his English class and scanned the room for Tim but didn't see him. He sat down in a seat. The teacher Mrs. Cotts started telling the class about her rules and procedures. The things they were do and study over the school year and books they will read. She handed out books and the bell rang soon.

Chris saw that he had P.E. second period. P.E. classes at his school were always co-ed. The boys would go to the boy's locker room to change and the girls to the girl's locker room. Chris saw he had GYM class with Kyle, but he couldn't find Tim. Chris got to the locker next to Kyle when a voice rang out. 'HEY.' Chris looked up and saw the school bully Charlie Bell coming towards him. 'I won't change with fags.'

Chris stood his full height. Many of the boys looked at Charlie like he was stupid. No one ever tried to bully Chris as everyone knew Chris wasn't one to try and bully. Then Kyle spoke up. 'Hey I don't have a problem with Chris changing with us.'

The rest of the boys murmured in agreement. 'What if he tries to fuck us all in the ass.'

'Well I kind of have a boyfriend to do that too Charlie.' Chris said. 'So you have my word that I won't try anything with you.' Then Chris said in a kind of sarcastic laugh. 'Like I would want to.'

'What's that supposed to mean?' Charlie asked.

'That I wouldn't fuck you even if you wanted me to fuck you.' Chris said. 'It's funny we were in the same GYM class last year and you didn't mind my changing in the same locker room.'

'You weren't a fag last year.' Charlie said.

'Yes I was.' Chris said. 'It's just no one knew I was. Now will you please let me finish changing?' Chris knew Charlie wouldn't dare try and hurt him. Charlie knew just like everybody else that Chris could hold his own in a fight as Chris was a trained boxer. Charlie just turned and walked down to the end of the locker room.

'I think he grows more stupid every year.' Kyle said.

'Yeah I know.' Chris said.

'So how's Tim enjoying his first day?' Kyle asked.

'I don't know.' Chris said. 'I wish I knew but so far we haven't had any classes together.'

'Well he was in my history class first period.' Kyle said. 'I sat next to him. I am in a couple of other classes with him. Let me see your schedule.' Chris handed him his schedule. 'You are he aren't in any of the same classes. Though you get lunch together.'

Chris felt bad. He had hoped to be in some of the same classes as his beloved Tim. They went up and Mr. Jamison took roll, and they went out to the tennis courts. Chris and Kyle played singles against each other. Once they changed back into their school clothes Chris went to his next class which was Algebra. Chris was once again giving to a talk by the teacher Mr. Henderson about the class and what they will be learning that year. When the bell rang for fourth period Chris stuffed his algebra textbook in his bag.

Chris had fourth period U.S. History with Mr. Anderson who was a very popular teacher. He kind of dotted on Chris do to his stance on gay rights. Chris was kind of glad when the bell rang for that class. Chris next class was Spanish in which the teacher Mrs. Gonzalez got them refreshed on the language as many of the students seemed to have forgotten what they had learned the previous year. Then the bell rang for lunch.

Chris spotted Tim upon entering the cafeteria. 'Hey how's your day going?' Chris asked.

'Fine I guess.' Tim said and he thought he heard a bit of disappointment in Tim's voice. 'Hey Tim I know we don't have any classes together but we don't need to be together every minute of every day.'

'I know Chris.' Tim said. 'Do you have some extra money so I can get something to eat?'

'Yeah but what about the money Sandy gave you this morning.' Chris asked and Chris saw Tim look a little embarrassed. 'What is it?'

'This guy,' Tim said. 'I guess his name is Charlie something.'

'Charlie Bell?' Chris asked.

'Yeah he made me give him my money.' Tim said.

'I will take care of him.' Chris said angrily.

'No Chris don't,' Tim said.

'Did it happen after second period?' Chris asked.

'Yeah but.' Tim said. 'What does that have to do with anything?'

'He's doing it to get to me because I made him look like a fool during GYM class.' Chris said. They went through the lunch line and sat at a table with Kyle and Sally and a couple of other friends of Chris'. There was Matt and his girlfriend Amy; and Brandon. Trevor. Alice. All of the old gang who remained friends with Chris. 'Besides Tim.' Chris said not noticing the rest of the guys. 'Have you ever thought of taking self defense classes?'

'What?' Tim asked.

'You know something like boxing like what I do.' Chris said. 'Or Karate? So that way you can deal with people like Charlie Bell.'

'Well no but?' Tim said.

'Tim.' Chris said. 'You are my sweetheart. I would defend you against anybody, but it would help me to know that you can defend yourself when I am not around. We can talk more about it later.'

Chris introduced Tim to the ones that didn't know him. Chris looked towards the boys bathroom and saw Charlie Bell going into it. 'I'll be right back.' Chris said to the guys and went into the bathroom. Charlie Bell stood at the sink crying. Chris was going to go in there and scare him and get Tim's lunch money back but now didn't have the heart to do it. Charlie looked right at Chris. 'Charlie listen,' Chris said. 'I was going to scare you into giving me Tim's lunch money back but I can't do it now. If you just give it back and leave Tim alone then it's cool.'

'You don't understand me?' Charlie said. 'Nobody does I thought since you are gay you would understand?'

'Understand what?' Chris asked. 'That you go around acting all macho trying to scare people weaker than you are. No I don't understand that.'

'Would you understand that I used to dream about you,' Charlie said, 'about being with you.'

'You're gay?' Chris asked. Charlie nodded.

'If my father knew then he would kill me.' Charlie said.

'Charlie listen,' Chris said. 'We can talk about this. You can talk to Tim and me about it. Why don't you come to my place after school. We can talk about it there. You can talk to my stepmother about it she's real cool. Alright, you know where I live right?'

'Yes.' Charlie said. 'I have been by there.'

'So will you be there after school?' Chris asked.

'Yes.' Charlie said. He walked towards Chris and handed up the money he took from Tim earlier. Chris walked out of the bathroom and handed Tim the money.

'What's this?' Tim asked.

'Charlie gave me your money.' Chris said. 'He's coming to our house after school today.'

'Why?' Tim asked.

'I won't say anything now I will tell you on the way home okay?' Chris said.

'Alright.' said Tim

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. Chris explained everything to Tim on the way home from school. They sat in the living room of the main house with Sandy awaiting their visitor.

Meanwhile at Lillian Davis' home Lillian got a visitor. She had just come home from work. Her parents were still visiting and they were sitting in the dining room reading a couple of magazines. She answered the door.

'Hello Miss Davis.' said a familiar looking man. 'I don't know if you remember me but my name is Andrew Harris.'

'Yes.' Lillian said. 'You were David attorney.'

'Yes.' said Harris. 'May I come in?' She allowed Harris to enter.

'Now Miss Davis I was the legal counsel to Mary Harper.' Harris said. 'Two months before her death she came to see me and had her will changed.'

'I see.' Lillian said.

'She left everything to her son Clint Davis.' Harris said. 'Clint gets the money and the house and everything. He will come into his inheritance when he turns eighteen.'

'I see what does this have to do with me?' Lillian asked.

'Well after the whole fiasco with your now former husband and your son and then your divorce.' Harris started saying. 'She named you Clint's guardian. But there is more?'

'What more is there?' Lillian asked.

'Are you aware that your nephew is homosexual?' Andrew Harris asked.

'Yes.' Lillian said. 'He lived at that shelter house with my son.'

'Yes well Mary knew that Clint was homosexual.' Harris said. 'She found out he was in a relationship with a Ted Carver. Carver's parents don't want anything to do with him anymore. Mary had become Ted Carver's legal guardian. She got his parents to sign the irrevocable custody papers and she allowed him to stay at the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. She had put in the custody papers that if anything happened to her that you would become his guardian.'

'So you mean that I am responsible for Clint and his boyfriend?' Lillian asked.

'Yes.' Andrew Harris said. 'Now Judge Brown who you will remember put your son in David's care wasn't sure to allow Clint and Ted to come here to live with you, given your history, but she was given assurances from Sandy Richardson that you have changed. Are you willing to take them in?'

'Yes.' Lillian said. 'When will they be coming?'

'This evening,' Harris said.

To be continued...


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