This story is completely fiction. None of the characters have or ever will exist.

Chris Richardson sat in the living room with his stepmother Sandy and his boyfriend Tim. His younger brother Davey was over at a friend's house after school. They sat in silence until the doorbell rang. Chris got up to answer it. There stood Charlie Bell. Who was the school bully, and had confessed to Chris about being gay.

'Charlie come in.' Chris said.

Charlie came in. Chris had him sit down. Charlie told the three of them his story. His story of how he liked guys, about how he was afraid of coming out as his father is homophobic. How his mother just goes along with what his father wants. At that point Charlie broke down crying. The three of them did what they could to comfort him.

'Charlie listen,' Chris said. 'Nobody here will tell anybody what you told us. You can come by and talk to any of us anytime you want. You don't have to come out now. You can wait until after you are an adult and come out then. Then your father can't do anything to you. I was lucky I had a father that accepted my sexuality. I am also lucky to have a guy that I love the way I love Tim.' Chris stopped he remembered Charlie confessing to him about wanting him. 'Charlie I know you said you wanted me, but you see I have Tim. I plan of being with Tim for the rest of my life I hope that doesn't cause a problem.'

'I understand.' Charlie said.

'Good.' Chris said. 'Now about you being a bully what do you get out of picking on people who are weaker than you?'

Charlie provided no answer. 'If you want people to accept you then you need to drop the tough guy image. Just try to be yourself and you will make plenty of friends.'

Charlie called home and stayed for dinner.

Over at Lillian Davis' home, Lillian was awaiting to two new charges. She heard a car pull up outside and she walked out on the front porch and saw two teenage boys getting out the back of a car and walking towards the house. A woman that Lillian recognized got out of the car. Lillian knew it was Judge Betty Brown; the very judge that awarded custody of Chris to his father.

'Miss Davis.' Judge Brown said extending her hand. Lillian took it. 'I need you to sign this form and they boys are all yours.' Lillian signed the papers. 'I need to ask why haven't you tried to get custody of your son back?'

'Chris is happy with Sandy.' Lillian said. 'She has been more of a mother to him than what I ever was. I signed the irrevocable custody papers for her. I just hope that Chris will be a part of my life as an adult. I know that I made some terrible mistakes with him.'

'I understand.' Judge Brown said. 'I think these boys will do fine here.' Judge Brown got back into her car. Lillian showed Clint and Ted inside.

Clint recoiled as he saw his grandparents emerge from the dinning room. 'Clint.' his grandfather said. 'Please forgive me about what I said to you at your mother's funeral.'

'You are forgiven sir.' Clint said. 'Though I think you will have to work harder at getting Chris' forgiveness. He was ready to tear you to shreds.'

'He's got his father's temper.' Lillian said.

Lillian, Clint, Ted and the grandparents ate dinner in silence. After dinner the grandparents went up to bed and Clint, Ted and Lillian spent some time talking and going through old family albums. Lillian was showing Clint pictures of his father when he was a kid. 'Oh here's Fred when he was Peter Pan in the school play.' Lillian said.

'And there is one in a high school play of Romeo and Juliet. David was in it too. That was when David and I were dating. Many girls wanted David after seeing him in tights.' Lillian said.

'What nice ass?' Ted asked.

'No he was well endowed.' Lillian said, blushing a little. The truth of the matter was Lillian had never truly stopped loving David Richardson, even after the nasty divorce and the painful custody battles she still loved the man, even now that he's dead.

'Oh.' Clint said. 'So that's where Chris gets it from?'

'What?' Lillian asked.

'Chris has got a big penis too.' Ted said. 'He and I go to the GYM together and shower together I have seen him naked.'

'Yeah and I walked in on him and Tim making love once.' Clint said.

'I guess he is more like his father than I thought.' Lillian said then laughed.

'It's getting late.' Lillian said. 'You boys have school tomorrow. You will be going to the same school as Chris now.'

'Alright.' the boys said and headed upstairs to their room. For the first time in a long time Lillian Davis felt happy. She knew she was going to enjoy have Clint and Ted in the house.

Back over at the Richardson house Chris and Tim were in the middle of an intense round of love making. Chris was lying on his back as Tim was pushing his cock inside him. Tim was leaned over and had his lips on Chris' lips and they kissed while Tim fucked him.

After Tim came the snuggled up against each other. Chris looked right into Tim's eyes. He knew that he would be with Tim until his dying day. He then said. 'Tim I love you.'

'I love you too Chris.' Tim said.

'Will you marry me?' Chris asked

To be continued...


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