Clint Davis awoke that morning laying next to his boyfriend Ted Carver. Ted was still sleeping. Clint got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Clint glanced at the door leading to the room that was once Chris Richardson and Tim Hanning's room. Two other guys were living in that room now, though Clint and Ted saw Chris and Tim often. Clint felt that during those few weeks that the four of them shared a kind of bond as friends. It was Chris that made Clint realize that physical traits are not what someone should look for in a guy. Chris and Tim were very helpful in getting Ted to lose weight, and were making Ted feel so much better about himself. Clint really missed having them close by.

Clint got in the shower and dressed. Clint remembered what life was like at home before his father was killed in a car accident. His father Fred Davis was a good man. Clint remembered doing things with his father like going to baseball games, or throwing a football in the backyard. Clint was eight when his father was killed in that car accident. For about four years Clint and his mother lived like they were the only ones on earth, but then something happened.

Clint's mother met a man, whether she decided to marry the man she married, because she was lonely and in need of companionship, or because she didn't like the idea of Clint growing up without a father figure. Clint didn't know. Clint knew however she could have picked a better person. Clint's stepfather would beat his mother. Clint could remember tending to his mother's wounds. Clint remembered getting her an icepack for her bruises. Clint remembered pleading with his mother saying that she should get rid of his stepfather. That she would be better off without him. They all fell on deaf ears.

One evening Clint saw his stepfather beating his mother and having had enough he got involved. He got in the middle of his forcing his stepfather off his mother. His stepfather told him to get out. Clint said that he wasn't going anywhere. That the house they were in was built by his father and his mother owned it. Clint's mother sided with his stepfather. Clint didn't feel betrayed by his mother. Clint had done some reading on domestic abuse victims and knew that his mother was afraid to side with Clint. Clint tried his best to keep in contact with his mother. Though it was hard since his stepfather was keeping a close watch on who visits and who makes phone calls to the house.

Clint sighed. Thinking about his mother and what she must be going through and how he wasn't there to protect her. He turned on the television and the news was on. Clint received a shock about the story that was on the news.

'Christopher Richardson the son of former Mayor David Richardson is filling his father's shoes. Christopher Richardson, who is openly gay and is currently in a relationship with Timothy Hanning, the son of the pastor of the local Bapist Church Jack Hanning. Richardson is opposed to Jack Hanning doing an anti-gay rally at City Hall went to the Hanning home last night and Richardson and Hanning had it out. As you would remember that Mayor Richardson and Reverend Hanning were bitter enemies as Hanning wished to have a KKK parade through town as Mayor Richardson was opposed to it.'

Clint was shocked by the news. He knew nothing about Chris' father being mayor, but still had a high opinion on Chris for standing up to Jack Hanning as Clint had heard some stories about him. Clint waited for Ted to wake up. Clint waited while Ted showered and got dressed and they headed down to breakfast.

While they were eating breakfast Clint and Ted were told they had a visitor. It was Chris. Ted said. 'You're early we weren't going to go to the GYM until this afternoon.'

'I know.' Chris said. 'I just wanted to talk to you guys real fast. Tomorrow is Tim's birthday, and Sandy and I are throwing him a surprise party can the two of you make it.'

'Sure.' Clint said. 'I'll go.'

'I'll be there too.' said Ted.

'Cool.' said Chris.

'Hey Chris.' said Clint. 'I didn't know that your dad was mayor.'

'I didn't know until yesterday.' said Chris.

'It was all over the news about you meeting Tim's parents.' said Clint.

'Yeah they were wonderful people.' Chris said sarcastically. 'They make Pat Robertson look like nice and sweet.'

'Yeah I have heard stories about Jack Hanning.' said Clint.

'Well, I got to go I will see you later.' said Chris.

Chris got home. He had managed to avoid the reporters who wanted an exclusive interview with him. It was getting so tiresome. Chris thought that they could find something better to put in the news with everything going on in the country and the world and they want an exclusive with a dead former Mayor's gay son. He walked into the main house where he found Tim talking to Sandy and his little brother Davey laying on the floor with a Playstaion2 controller in his hand. Chris played video games with Davey and then said he had to go to the gym. He went by the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House to pick up Ted and the two went to they gym. Chris spent some time sparing while Ted worked out. They showered and when Chris dropped Ted off at the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House they were greeted by Clint who was in tears.

Ted got out of the car and was immediately grabbed by Clint. 'Clint what's wrong?' Ted asked.

'My Mom's in the hospital.' Clint said. 'They say she was beaten.'

Ida Drake who was the housemother of the Gay Boys wing of the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House came out and stood behind Clint. 'Clint would you like to go to the hospital?'

Clint nodded. 'I can take him Mrs. Drake.' Chris said.

'Thank you Chris.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I must say Chris you truly are your father's son by what you did last night. Your father helped my husband and I set this place up.'

'Well thank you.' Chris said. 'Let's go Clint you want to come Ted?'

'I think I better.' said Ted.

Chris got out his cell phone and called Tim as they drove out of the driveway of the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. Chris told Tim what was going on and he agreed to meet them at the hospital. They got in and Clint said tearfully. 'I am Mary Harper's son.'

'Yes she's in from 326.' said the receptionist. 'On the third floor.'

They got on an elevator and went up to the third floor. They were outside room 326 when Clint saw a man and lunged at him. 'YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU'RE THE REASON SHE'S HERE!'

Chris quickly pulled Clint off the man. Though Clint was struggling. Chris pulled Clint to a chair and got him to sit down. 'Clint what the hell is wrong with you.'

'What the hell is wrong with me?' Clint asked. 'Let me see that man is her husband who fucking beats her. Chris your a boxer why don't you give that man a taste of his own medicine.'

'If I did that Clint that man could have me arrested for assault.' Chris said. 'And when they find out I'm a boxer I could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.'

When Clint calmed down he got up and went in to see his mother. His stepfather just gave him a dirty look. Clint looked at his mother and tears went down his face. Her face was bloody and bruised. He took her hand and kissed it. 'Please Mom. Wake up I'm here now.'

She opened her eyes for a fraction of a second and took one look at Clint. Her eyes closed then the monitor flat lined. Clint stood in horror as doctors and nurses came in to try and revive his mother. He watched as all the doctors and nurses moved back and pulled a sheet over his head. 'NOOOOOOOOO!' Clint shouted. 'SHE'S NOT DEAD!!!'

Orderlies came into the room and pulled Clint out. Chris and Ted were standing there. They had been joined by Tim. Clint looked right at his stepfather and made a lunge for him but Chris stopped him. 'YOU BASTARD YOU KILLED HER!' Clint shouted. 'SOMEONE CALL THE COPS AND HAVE HIM ARRESTED FOR MURDER!' Though at that moment two cops came off the elevator and started talking to the doctors. The cops then went to Clint's stepfather and started reading him his rights and put him in handcuffs.

Chris said. 'Let's go there's not much we can do now.' They got on the elevator and left the hospital. Chris dropped Ted and Clint who was sobbing into Ted's arm off at the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. Chris and Tim followed them inside. Chris found Mrs. Drake. 'Mrs. Drake Clint's mother died.'

'Oh my!' Mrs. Drake said. 'When the hospital called today they said things didn't look good for Mary. She was a good friend of mine. Well we haven't spoken much since she got remarried, but her first husband Clint's father was a good man. He worked with your father. He and my husband were good friends, and so Mary and I became friends. That's part of the reason why I took Clint on. And I was horrified to hear about Mary being abused by her husband.'

'Clint's taking it pretty hard.' Chris said.

'I understand that.' Mrs. Drake said. 'He's going to need his friends now more than ever.'

'I'll be there for him.' Chris said.

'So will I.' said Tim.

They said goodbye to Mrs. Drake and went home.


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