First I want to say that this story is 100% fiction. None of the characters in this story have or will ever exist except in the minds of the writer and reader.

Tim Hanning woke up that morning. He was surprised to see someone sleeping the in bed that was until a day before empty. Tim figured that he had a new roommate. What he could see of his new roommate turned him on slightly. The roommate was shirtless at least. The roommate looked to be about eighteen or nineteen. Tim wasn't sure how old he was. The roommate had dark brown hair though. Tim looked at his roommate's duffle bag and saw the name on it. It said Chris Richardson.

There was something familiar about the name Richardson. Tim remembered reading something in the papers that mentioned a man named Richardson being murdered in his office one evening, though Tim doubted that the sleeping Chris Richardson had anything to do with the man who was mentioned in the papers.

Tim was now at the Teen Gay and Lesbian Shelter House for a week now. Tim at fifteen was thrown out of the house by his mad Baptist preacher father when Tim told his family that he was gay. Tim remembered being scared when he was forced to spend the night on a park bench. That night he was woken up by a police officer. Tim explained to the officer what had happened and the courts had his father arrested and the courts put Tim here.

It was sort of a relief for Tim to be here around other gay teens. Yes he and the other boys had chores to do and they had to still go to school, but it was something else to be here around people that were like him. Knowing their stories and knowing that the stories of his fellow gay teens weren't that different from his own. Tim wasn't a virgin. He had fooled around with another kid from his school. Though both of them were curious about what sex would be like with another male. Tim who was then trying his best to fight his sexual urges for the other boys knew at that first time he was gay. It was a little while later that he confessed it to his parents.

Tim was also interested in rock music. He had learned to play the bass guitar. Something that is quite different from other gay men. Tim got out of bed and headed towards the shower. Tim stood about five foot nine. Had a toned body but wasn't all that muscular like his new roommate. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Tim showered and got dressed and sat down at the computer and started it up. He had a pen pal in Germany that he liked to keep in contact with. Tim was interested in learning how people in other parts of the world lived. He checked his e-mail and then he heard movement his roommate was awake.

Tim turned his head and saw his roommate awake for the first time. Tim's cock nearly shot out of his pants on sight. Tim dreamed for meeting a guy with nice puppy dog brown eyes. Now there was one right before him. Tim cleared his throat. 'Hi,' Tim said.

'Hi.' said his roommate. 'I'm Chris. Chris Richardson.'

'I'm Tim Hanning,' Tim said getting up careful that Chris didn't notice the wood he had suddenly sprouted. Tim shook Chris' hand. Chris got up out of the bed. Tim couldn't help but stare. Chris was wearing only black briefs. The budge in them was huge. Tim was licking his lips, thinking that Chris' cock had to be at least nine inches. Chris then fell to the floor and started doing push-ups. Tim waited patiently for Chris to finish his push-ups watching Chris' bubble butt going up and down. Chris' smooth body was soon covered with sweat. Tim almost couldn't control himself.

When Chris finally stopped doing push-ups Tim asked. 'So what is your story for being here? Mine was because my father kicked me out of the house for being gay.'

'Sorry to hear that.' Chris said. 'I wish I still had my father. If he were still alive then I wouldn't be here.'

Tim noticed that there were tears in Chris' eyes. 'I'm sorry I was insensitive.'

'It's alright.' Chris said wiping his tears. Chris started telling Tim about how he was nearly killed by his stepfather when he was twelve. How his father got custody of him. How he came out to his father and his father accepted it. How his father was murdered in his office. How his stepmother couldn't afford to keep both him and his younger brother. How it was decided that he would come and live here for the time being, since his mother won't divorce the man that nearly killed him nearly four years previously.

'I think it was your dad I read about in the papers.' Tim said, 'Said something about a guy named Richardson who was murdered in his office.'

'That's what happened.' Chris said. 'That a bass?' Chris was pointing towards Tim's bass guitar.

'Yep.' Tim said. 'Hope to someday play in a rock band.'

'That's so cool.' Chris said. 'I have a guitar. I love hard rock and heavy metal.'

'That's too cool.' Tim said. 'You like Nine Inch Nails?'

'Like them?' Chris said laughing. 'I've had a crush on Trent Reznor for so long now it's not funny.'

'Cool maybe when you get your guitar here we can jam.' Tim said.

'Deal,' Chris said.

'You know.' Tim said. 'You don't look seventeen. You're so big.'

'That's because I am a boxer.' Chris said. 'I started taking boxing lessons in case I should run into my stepfather sometime. I got good at it and the couch had me in the city tournament and I took second place.'

'Cool.' Tim said.

They spent sometime getting to know one another then Chris asked. 'I need a shower. Is there a bathroom here?'

'Right there,' Tim said pointing at a door. 'We share it with the guys who are in the room next to us so you might want to knock before going in.'

'Alright,' Chris said. Tim watched at Chris knocked on the bathroom door and went in. Tim heard the shower start. He took advantage of this opportunity to jerk off since he was rock hard looking at Chris who was wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs. Tim relieved himself and quickly cleaned up the mess before Chris would come back into the room. Tim sat at the computer desk and shut off the computer. Chris came back into the room fully dressed now.

'Ready to go down to breakfast?' Tim asked.

'Yeah.' Chris said. 'I'm starved. Oh sorry about that morning wood I gave you. I see you took care of it, should of let me know that you wanted to I could of taken care of mine with you.' Tim turned red and saw Chris grinning.

'I'm sorry.' Tim said. 'You are just too damn hot.'

'Well.' Chris said. 'You are cute. So if you have that problem again go ahead and jerk off in front of me. I might join you I've never jerked with another guy before might be fun.'

Tim and Chris went down to the dining room together. They sat at a table where they were joined by other guys. 'Who's the stud?' asked one boy who Tim really didn't care for named Clint. Clint was to Tim the village whore he would go after certain guys that had something going for themselves. Tim vowed not to tell Clint about Chris' big cock, since Tim knew if Clint showed an interest in Chris then that would be all that Clint would care about.

'I'm Chris Richardson.' Chris said to the boys at the table. 'I arrived here last night I am rooming with Tim.'

'I'm Clint Davis,' Clint said. Chris nodded to Clint.

'I'm Ted Carver,' said an overweight boy. Chris once again nodded.

'I am Ron Hughes.' said a black boy. Chris nodded to Ron.

'I'm Ron's boyfriend Gary.' said another boy. Chris nodded to Gary.

'You know there's a dance next Saturday.' said Clint. 'I am not sure who I want to take.' Clint said that with a little hint. Tim was sure that Clint was hinting towards Chris. 'The lesbians will be there too.'

'I doubt anyone will want to take me,' said Ted.

'Why?' Chris asked.

'Well look at me!' Ted said. 'I'm the fucking Goodyear blimp.'

'Listen dud,.' Chris said, 'Don't go feeling sorry for yourself.'

'Sorry.' Ted said. 'It's just that I try to lose weight and I put myself on a diet and nothing happens.'

'Diets don't work dude.' Chris said. 'Do you exercise?'

'No.' Ted said.

'That's your problem.' Chris said. 'You need to exercise. Tell you what come with me this afternoon to my gym. I have boxing lessons but the guy that owns the gym was friends with my father so he will let me bring friends in for free. I will be busy training but I want you on the treadmills and exercise bikes. You will come with me there about three evenings a week.'

'Alright but I doubt that it will do much.' Ted said.

'Dude, listen.' Chris said. 'Don't set a huge goal for yourself. Say you weigh yourself alright. Say your goal for the week will be to lose ten pounds. Then ten pounds the weeks after that and so on. Don't say 'I'm going to lose a hundred pounds in one week' because that will never happen. Give it time and soon you will have to fight the guys away.'

That seemed to cheer Ted up. They finished breakfast and they did their chores. That afternoon Chris and Ted went to the gym Chris trained in. Chris talked to the owner who said it was alright for Ted to work out in that gym. Chris then had a conversation with his boxing coach. 'Hey Coach.' Chris said. 'I have something to tell you.'

'What is it?' The coach asked.

'Well you know where I am living now right?' Chris asked.

'Yes,' the coach asked. 'So?'

'I'm gay.' Chris said.

'So?' The coach asked. 'Am I supposed to refuse to coach you because you are gay? You are one of the best boxers I have trained, I doesn't matter to me what your sexual preference is. As long as you are happy is what I care about. So are you up for some sparing?'

Chris spent sometime sparing with his coach while Ted worked on the treadmills, and exercise bikes. After they were finished Chris and Ted went down to the locker rooms. They both got naked and headed to the showers. Ted had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Chris' huge cock. It looked to be at least six inches soft. Ted couldn't imagine how big it would get once it was all hard. When the finished showering and got dressed they went back to the shelter house. Ted went right to his and Clint's room.

'Clint.' Ted said seeing Clint lying on his bed. Ted really wanted Clint, but Clint wasn't attracted to Ted, so Ted would be happy seeing Clint happy.

'Yes Ted.' Clint said.

'That new boy Chris.' Ted said. 'The one I went to that gym with. We both showered after we got done working out and his cock is huge.'

Clint sat up smiling. 'How huge?'

'At least six inches soft; so I would say about a good nine inches hard.' Clint licked his lips.

Back in Chris and Tim's room Chris found that all of his personal belongings had been brought there from his father's house. Chris got out his guitar and he and Tim started playing. They played until it was time to go down to dinner. After dinner they started to get settled in for the night. There was a knock at the door. Mrs. Drake came in.

'How are the two of you getting along?' she asked.

'Just fine.' Chris said.

'It's good to hear that.' Mrs. Drake said. 'You two boys sleep well.' Then she left. Chris striped down to his underwear again. Chris noticed a tent forming in Tim's pants. Chris started to get hard too.

'Go ahead and jerk off.' Chris said. 'I don't mind if you don't mind.' Chris lay on his bed and took his cock out of his briefs and started to play with it. Chris noticed Tim doing the same. They jerked together. Chris watched Tim stroke his seven-incher and grew rock hard. Chris grew even harder when he saw Tim cum.

After Tim had came he watched Chris continue to work his nine inch dick. Tim was amazed when Chris shot three loads of cum all over his chest. When they both cleaned up Tim asked Chris. 'Did Ted see you naked in the shower at the gym?'

'Yes.' Chris said. 'We showered together why?'

'Well.' Tim said. 'You have a huge cock and he is bound to tell Clint.'

'What is it about Clint?' Chris asked.

'Well.' said Tim. 'I have only been here for about a week and Clint came onto me right when I walked through the door. I heard from a number of people that Clint is a bit of a whore. If Ted told him about your cock sized then he is bound to go after you so watch out.'

'Alright,' Chris said. 'I will.'

As the week wore on Chris had a good number of visitors. His sister Valerie and her husband Matt brought their son Ben to visit. His stepmother Sandy and his little brother Davey came by. Judge Brown stopped by to see how Chris was doing. Chris was surprised when his best friend Kyle and his girlfriend Sally came to visit him. Chris was afraid that he would of lost Kyle's friendship by coming out. However Kyle said that Chris' sexuality was no problem to him. Sally said she now knew why Chris wouldn't have sex with her during that brief time that they dated a year before. Chris had a counseling session in which he told his story. There were tears among the boys as they learned the reason why Chris was there. All expect Clint who was thinking of Chris' huge cock. It was finally Saturday night and time for the big dance. Chris danced some slow numbers with Tim or one of the lesbian girls.

Clint then cut in one a dance Chris was dancing with Tim. Tim looked disappointed however after the past week of getting to know Clint; Chris wasn't interested in sexual relationship with Clint. 'Ted told me all about how big your dick is. I can suck it for you if you want.'

'Thanks.' Chris said. 'But no thanks Clint. I am not interested in that right now.'

'Well when?' Clint asked.

'Clint.' Chris said. 'I am sorry but I am not interested in you that way. You only want me because I have a big dick. Wouldn't you be happier finding someone that you are interested in for something other than a physical trait?'

The song ended and Chris grabbed Tim and they went back to their room. 'Yeah I say Clint put a move on me.' Chris told Tim. 'He said he'd suck my dick.'

'Well.' Tim said. 'Ted seems interested in him. Keep taking Ted to the GYM and then he will get in shape and then Clint will be interested in him.'

Chris gave a smile. He felt he made a real good friend in Tim. Though he was hoping something more could develop between them. Chris striped down to his underwear and got in bed. He watched Tim get into bed. They said goodnight to each other and fell asleep. Little did Chris know that in a week's time events would take place that would make he and Tim even closer.

To be continued...


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