Chris opened his eyes. The sun was pouring through the windows. He looked to his right and Tim was there sleeping peacefully. Chris remembered the scenes over the past couple of nights. First was his confrontation with Jack Hanning, the other at the hospital trying to keep Clint off his stepfather after the death of Clint's mother. A smile came across Chris' face. Today was Tim's sixteenth birthday and Chris wanted to do what he could to make it one of Tim's happiest birthdays.

Chris got out of bed and got dressed and went to the main house. Chris talked to his stepmother Sandy to make sure everything was a go. Sandy was going to take Tim, and Chris' little brother Davey out shopping and Chris would make sure all the guests were waiting in the backyard. A thought came to Chris. 'I need to go to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House to make sure Clint and Ted can make it. I told you Clint's mother died last night.'

'Yes.' Sandy said. 'I hope he will be alright.'

Chris got into his car and made his way to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. He found Clint and Ted sitting at the table. Ted was eating breakfast. Clint wasn't eating just playing with his food with his fork. Chris approached them.

'Hey guys.' Chris said, 'Clint how are you doing?'

'Well I'm fine physically.' Clint said.

'I know what you are going throw.' Chris said. 'It was just last spring when my father was murdered.'

Clint just nodded. 'I want to know if you are still going to go to Tim's birthday party. I will understand if you don't want to.'

Clint just looked up teary eyed. 'I don't know.'

'Well Clint it could be fun.' said a voice behind Chris. It was Ida Drake the house mother of the Gay boys wing of the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House.

'I just don't feel like doing anything right now.' Clint said.

'Clint your mother was a good friend of mine.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I know that she wouldn't want to see you not at least try to have some fun.'

'Alright I'll go, but I don't know if I will have much fun.' said Clint.

'Ok party starts at one.' Chris said. 'I got to be getting home. Sandy is going to take Tim and Davey out shopping so I have to get everything ready.'

Chris went home just as Sandy got Davey and Tim ready to go out. Chris just told Tim to have a good time and kissed him goodbye. Chris made sure that the backyard was all set up. The guest started to arrive. Tim's brother John and his wife Nadia arrived first. 'Hey Chris I hope you don't mind but my sister Heather and her family are coming.' John said.

'I am sure there will be enough food for everyone how old are her kids?' Chris asked.

'Five and Seven.' John said.

'That gives Davey someone to play with then.' Chris said.

Next were Tim's grandparents JoAnn and Harold Hanning. Chris was surprised that they showed up and even more surprised when they said. 'So you're Tim's boyfriend pleasure to meet you.'

'Sorry but was Jack Hanning by chance your adopted son I mean you two are very nice and Jack Hanning is a walking hate machine.' Chris said.

'We were always very open-minded.' JoAnn Hanning said. 'We tried to teach our children about tolerance, but however Jack didn't learn. We are greatful that you invited us here today. We haven't seen Tim since he was a little boy.'

'Please make yourself comfortable.' Chris said.

Next was Chris' sister Valerie and her husband Matt and their son Ben. Then came Chris' biological mother Lilian Meyers. Then Clint and Ted. Then Tim's sister. 'Hi I am Heather Rardon. I used to be Heather Hanning.'

'Pleasure to meet you,' Chris said. 'I'm Chris Richardson I'm Tim's boyfriend.'

'Nice to meet you Chris.' Heather said. 'My brother John said you had the pleasure of meeting my father.'

'I wouldn't exactly call it a pleasure to meet him.' Chris said.

'I understand.' Heather said. 'This is my husband Zack our son Billy and daughter Ann.'

'I am sure my brother Davey will keep them busy.' Chris said.

Last to arrive at about a quarter till one was Chris' best friend from school Kyle and his girlfriend Sally. Chris and Tim has gone on a couple of double dates with Kyle and Sally, and they both took a liking to Tim.

Chris heard Sandy's car pull into the driveway and he went out front to greet Sandy, Tim, and Davey. Chris grabbed Tim by the arm then took him to the backyard where the guests yelled 'SURPRISE!'

Chris whispered in Tim's ear. 'Happy Birthday my sweetheart.' Tim responded by giving Chris a big kiss on the lips. Tim greeted the guests and was surprised when he saw his sister. 'HEATHER!' he went to her and gave her a big hug. Then Tim saw his grandparents. 'Nana, Grandpa.' Tim said and hugged them.

Chris went to Clint who seemed to be enjoying himself. 'You alright?' Chris asked.

'I'm fine.' Clint said. 'I'm actually enjoying myself.'

'Glad to hear it.' Chris said who was approached by his biological mother Lilian.

'Chris you need to know.' Lilian said. 'Frank took a plea bargain.'

Chris felt something heavy inside his stomach. If Frank Meyers was going to get out of prison in a year then he would have a big disappointment with the justice system.

'How long until he gets out?' Chris asked.

'Never,' Lilian said. 'He was given life in prison without the chance for parole.'

Chris smiled. 'Oh you don't know Clint and Ted. Clint, Ted this is my biological mother Lilian Meyers.'

'Lilan Davis,' Lilian said. 'I took back my maiden name after my divorce from Frank.'

'Wait a minute.' Clint said. 'You're my Aunt Lilian. My father used to talk about you when he was still alive.'

'You're Fred's boy?' Lilian asked.

Clint nodded. 'What you mean Clint and I are related?' Chris asked.

'Yes.' Lilian said. 'Clint is the son of my late brother Fred.'

'Well.' Chris said. 'Aren't you glad that I turned you down when you offered to suck my dick? I mean we're cousins. How gross would that have been?'

Clint laughed. 'So Clint how's your mother?' Lilian asked.

Tears started to go down Clint's face.

'His mother died yesterday.' Chris said. 'She was beaten to death by her husband.'

'I'm so sorry Clint I didn't know.' Lilan said. 'She was a good woman.'

Lilian gave Clint a big hug. Chris talked with more of the guests. Davey and Billy were playing catch with a football. Chris walked up to Tim. 'Enjoying yourself?'

'Very much.' Tim said.

'You'll never guess what I just found out.' Chris said.

'What?' Tim asked.

'Clint and I are cousins.' Chris said.

'What?' Tim asked.

'Yeah I'll explain more later it's time to open your presents.' Chris said.

Tim had a good number of presents to open. Tim seemed satisfied with most of the presents. There were however two that he loved most of all which came one came from Chris and the other from Sandy. Chris' was a nice expensive watch with an engraving on it that said. 'To Tim my sweetheart forever, Love Chris.' Sandy's was a brand new Mercedes.

When the guests started to leave Chris and Tim bade them goodbye. Lilian offered to take Clint and Ted back to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House as she wished to speak to Mrs. Drake about Clint. She drove them there and walked in with them. They showed her to Mrs. Drake's office. Lilian entered Mrs. Drake's office where Mrs. Drake was sitting behind her desk working on paperwork.

'You're Ida Drake?' Lilian asked.

'Yes.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I know you but I don't know from where?'

'My ex-husband helped you set this place up.' Lilian said.

'Yes you're David Richardson's ex-wife.' Mrs. Drake said. 'That also makes you Chris Richardson's mother.'

'Yes.' Lilian said. 'I am here to talk to you about Clint Davis.'

'Clint Davis?' Mrs. Drake asked.

'I met him at my son's boyfriend's birthday party today.' Lilian said. 'He's my nephew. His father was my brother.'

'Yes.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I remember Fred mentioning you quite a bit. Mostly good things he said about you except he didn't like the way you treated David, and he didn't like your second husband very much.'

'I know.' Lilian said. 'If I could go back and change that I would but I can't. I just want to be there for my brother's son. I failed my brother in life, I won't fail his son.'

'I understand Mrs. Meyers.' Mrs. Drake said.

'It's just Miss Davis now I took back my maiden name after I divorced Frank.' Lilian said.

'Very well Miss Davis.' Mrs. Drake said. 'We will have to wait and see what Mary wanted for Clint as far as custody arrangements go.'

'Whatever they are, I will honor them I just want to know if I could be free to visit him and take him out to do things with him like going out to dinner or shopping or movies.' Lilian said.

'That sounds fine.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I wouldn't have a problem with that if Mary named me guardian. You spoke of wanting to be there for your nephew, but you should also be there for your son too.'

'What about Chris?' Lilian asked.

'If he keeps going after Jack Hanning.' Mrs. Drake said.

'Jack Hanning is nothing more than a mean old man.' Lilian said.

'Think about it though.' Mrs. Drake said. 'You were married to Chris' father when Jack Hanning wanted to do a KKK parade through town. You know how he got under David's skin. You know how Jack Hanning nearly kidnapped Chris when he was just an infant. I wouldn't put it past him to do something like that again. I am saying just be there to help and support Chris, as you wish to do with Clint.'

'I will.' Lilian said.

Back in Chris and Tim's apartment, Chris and Tim were in the bedroom making out. They soon got naked. Chris then push his cock inside Tim and started fucking like never before. Before long he was cumming inside his boyfriend and collapsed on Tim. Chris whispered in Tim's ear 'Happy Birthday Sweetheart.' They soon fell asleep.

To be continued...


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