This story is completley fictonal

Chris sat at Tim's hospital bed as he opened his eyes. Chris let out a sigh of relief, 'Oh thank God you're alright.' Chris said as he leaned forward and gave Tim a kiss on the lips.

'Chris,' Tim said. 'I saw your dad.'

'What?' Chris asked.

'I saw your dad,' Tim said. 'Just before I woke up here.'

Chris' eyes were shining with tears. 'What did he say?'

'He said that we are soul mates,' Tim said, 'and that we were meant to be together. He also told me to tell you that he loves you and is proud of you.'

Chris leaned down and pulled Tim up to him and hugged him gently. 'I'm sorry my stepfather did this to you.' Chris said. 'I don't know what I would of done if he killed you I love you so much.'

'I love you too Chris.' Tim said.

The door to the room opened. A doctor came in to examine Tim. 'It seems you have suffered a mild concussion. We want you to say here overnight and you can leave in the morning.'

The doctor left and Mrs. Drake came in followed by Clint and Ted. 'I am so glad that you are alright Tim.' Mrs. Drake said. 'I have just been notified that I am no longer your guardian. We will be going to a foster family tomorrow.'

'What?' Tim asked. 'I don't want to leave Chris there alone.'

'Well Chris is leaving too.' Mrs. Drake said. 'He's going to be living with his stepmother again.'

'What?' Chris asked.

'Yes.' Mrs. Drake said. 'Now I will go. Tim your foster mother is eager to meet you.'

Mrs. Drake left and Sandy came in. 'Mom?' Chris asked.

'I heard what happened.' Sandy said. 'I am glad to know the person who murdered my husband is now behind bars; now Chris, as you know, you are coming home now.'

'I know but Tim is going to a foster home.' Chris said.

'He is.' Sandy said. 'I'm his foster mother.'

Smiles spread across Chris and Tim's faces. Then Sandy spoke up again. 'When I get the money from the Lottery commission I'm going to start working on an addition to the house; to build a separate apartment to the house. When it is completed you and Tim can live there to give you more privacy. For now you will have your old room.'

'Thanks Mom.' Chris said. Sandy left.

Clint then spoke up. 'It's going to be hard not having you two around.'

'Yeah,' Ted said. 'Do you think we can still go to the gym together Chris?'

'I don't see any reason not too.' Chris said.

'Because going to the gym has made me feel better about myself.' Ted said.

'You two will come to visit won't you?' Clint asked.

'Yeah we will.' Tim said. 'Will you come visit us?'

'Yeah,' said Clint.

The door opened again and a seven year old boy walked through the door. 'Davey!' Chris said. 'Everyone this is my little brother Davey.' Chris said hugging Davey. 'Davey that's Clint and that's Ted and this here is Tim. He's going to be living with us.'

'So you're really coming home?' Davey asked.

'Yep,' Chris said. 'I am.'

Davey said, 'Yeahh!!' and Chris his big brother. The door opened again and Tim's brother John came through the door.

'Hey John,' Tim said.

'How are you doing Tim?' John asked.

'I'm fine.' Tim said.

'Listen I am sorry Mom and Dad said that to you earlier,' John said.

'It's alright.' Tim said. 'It seems I have a new family now. Chris' stepmother is now my foster mother and I will be moving there tomorrow.'

'That's cool.' John said.

'Damn I forgot.' Chris said. 'What happened at your parents?'

'They told Tim and I that they never wanted to see us again.' John said. 'They called Tim a fag and me a nigger lover.'

'I'm sorry man.' Chris said.

'It's alright.' John said.

After everyone left Tim took some pain pills and fell asleep. Chris slept on the other bed in the room. The next morning Sandy took them to the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House to pick up their things. Chris left a kind of a twinge of guilt leaving that place. It was where he and Tim met and fell in love. They got there things from there room and went to Chris' father's house. It felt good to Chris coming back to that house. It was filled with good memories for him. Though Chris knew it wouldn't be the same there without his father there.

They spent that day unpacking in Chris' old bedroom which Chris was now calling 'our room'. They went downstairs where Chris played video games with Davey and Tim and Sandy talked and started to get to know one another. That night Chris and Tim lay in bed making out. They got each other naked and they 69 for a awhile. Then Chris had Tim fuck him until he came in Chris' ass.

The construction started on the apartment for Tim and Chris. It didn't take long to complete. It was finished on Chris' birthday. The contractor told Sandy that the apartment would increase the property value. When it was completed Tim and Chris moved in. Sandy surprised Chris by buying him a car. It was complete bliss for them to have their own place.

To be continued...


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