Chris let Peter Meyers and his boyfriend inside. Chris quickly introduced Peter to Tim, and Sandy. Peter wanted to know what happened with his father Frank Meyers. Chris and Tim explained everything starting with the time Frank nearly beat Chris to death when he was twelve, to his father's murder then to when Frank was holding Tim hostage with a gun. Once they finished telling the story Peter said. 'I'm sorry to hear that sumbag father of mine killed your father Chris. Your father was always so nice to me.'

'Thanks.' said Chris. 'What happened after you ran away?'

'It was hard for a couple of years.' said Peter. 'I managed to get into college. I am now a computer engineer. I met Billy here in college. Hell if it wasn't for your sister keeping me sane I might have ended up in prison or dead. After my father would beat me, your sister would always tend to my wounds. She was the only person who I told that I was gay.'

'Val is a good person.' Chris said. 'She did the same for me until she left. Then I was alone there. Thankfully my father got me out of there.'

They chatted for a while before Peter left Chris said. 'Listen Peter I think it's best you go back to wherever it is you were living. It's not safe here right now.' Chris then explained about all the hate crimes that had been taking place against gays.

'It's that bad?' asked Peter.

'Yes.' said Chris. 'So for your saftey I think it's best you go straight back home.'

'This is home for me now though.' said Peter. 'I was transfered here by my job.'

'Then be careful.' said Chris.

Once Peter was gone Chris called his best friend Kyle to see how Sally was doing. Kyle said she was alright. That her parents were thinking of pulling her out of school for the time being and hiring a tutor for her. Chris said he thought that didn't sound like a bad idea and was sorry that Sally was nearly raped just for being friends with them.

Chris and Tim went back to their apartment. Both of them were exgusted so they went right to sleep. When they woke up the next morning they showered and got ready for school. During the drive to school Chris turned to Tim. 'I think tonight we should to go that church your father used to be pastor of. Talk to the current pastor and see if he could shed some light on this. I think we shouldn't rule out visiting your father in prison.'

'Alright.' said Tim.

Once Chris and Tim walked into the school they were met by Charlie Bell. 'I didn't think we would be seeing you here.' said Tim.

'I wouldn't be here if my parents and Dan's parents didn't make me come.' said Charlie. 'They said they would call and let me know if anything changes with Dan.'

'How is Dan doing?' asked Chris.

'The same.' said Charlie tears in his eyes. 'Though there are times where he will move a finger or something, but other than that no sign of him waking up.'

'I am sure he will wake up when he's ready.' said Chris, remembering the deam he had of his father coming to him telling him that Dan wasn't going to die.

The school day went pretty uneventful. No run ins with the football team or anything. Chris was enraged to see that David Querks was back at school after getting bailed out. However nothing out of the ordinary happened during the day. Chris drove Charlie to the hospital and both he and Tim went up to see Dan. Dan's bruises were pretty much healed now, but he was still in a coma. They stayed for about a half-hour and left.

Chris and Tim went to the local Baptist church. They walked inside it and found the pastor James Sharp sitting in his office working on his next sermon. 'Reverand Sharp.' said Chris. 'Do you have a minuete.'

'Of course.' said Sharp. 'Please sit down.'

Chris and Tim sat down and Sharp asked. 'What do you want to speak to me about?'

Chris said. 'Well the hate crimes that have been going on. We wonder if you have anything to do with them?'

'I have been already asked that by the police.' said Sharp. 'I reconize you two. You're Christopher Richardson, and you are Timothy Hanning the son of my predessor. Am I right?'

'Yes Reverand.' said Tim. 'You see my father was very much involved in the hate crimes of the past.'

'So you suspect that I am carrying on your father's work?' asked Sharp.

'We just want to find out who's behind it all.' said Chris.

'I was brought to this church to bring a softer view after Jack Hanning.' said Sharp. 'The decon had been considering getting rid of Jack Hanning for some time before his arrest. I don't hold the same views as Jack Hanning does. The Bible teaches us to have love and understanding for everyone. That is what our lord and savior Jesus Christ taught us. I don't hate gays. To hate gays is to be un-Christian. To judge gays is to be un-Christian. I leave it to the Almighty to judge you. It's not my place to judge you or your lifestyle. I have met with countless gay people over the years and have found most of them to be decent people. People who just want to live their lives without worrying about being the victim of some horrible hate crime. I have publicly condemed the acts of violence against gays that has happened the past couple of weeks, and genuly pray that whoever is behind them will be caught.'

'Well I believe you Reverand.' said Chris.

'So do I.' said Tim. 'Thank you for your time sir.'

'Not a promblem.' said Sharp. 'And you are welcome here anytime you wish to come back.'

Chris and Tim got back into Chris' car. 'Call Sandy and tell her that we will be a little while getting home.' Tim took out his cell phone.

'Where are we going?' asked Tim.

'To the prison to talk to your father.' said Chris. 'He may or may not be behind all of this, but if he's not behind it he might know who is.'

Tim called Sandy as Chris started the car and put it into drive. They headed to the prison that was just right outside town. The guards showed them to a room. Chris and Tim sat down and waited. Two guards came in with Jack Hanning who was in shackles. There was something different about Jack Hanning. His face wasn't lined with hatered at seeing Chris and Tim, but more curiousity. Jack said down accross from Chris and Tim.

'Reverand Hanning.' said Chris. 'I am sure you know a bunch of hate crimes have been taking place.'

'I am aware of that.' said Jack. 'You know you sound like your father. Calling me Reverand. He and I might have been enemies, but he still showed respect for people even if they were on different sides than him.'

'Well we would like to know if you have anything to do with the hate crimes father?' asked Tim.

'No.' said Jack. 'I have nothing to do with them, nor want anything to do with them. My veiws have changed quite a bit. I realize now how wrong I have been about a lot of things. I think I have God's forgivness. I would like yours Tim.'

'You can redeem yourself Reverand.' said Chris. 'By helping us. Would you know who is behind the attacks.'

'There are some people that I can think of.' said Jack. 'It's a long list of names. I could give them to you.'

'We would prefer you give them to the police.' said Tim. 'So that way it could be quicker to get those people behind bars. You do have my forgiveness father.'

'Alright I will have to contact my lawyer and see what I can do.' said Jack.

'Thank you Reverand.' said Chris standing up.

'Please come back to see me you two.' said Jack. 'I don't get too many visitors. Tim if you can convince your brother and sister to come and see me I would like that.'

'I will see what I can do father.' said Tim standing up next to Chris.

Chris knokced on the door and the guards came in and escorted them out of the prison. 'I hope that the people of your father's list are the ones responsible.' said Chris.

'As do I.' said Tim.

'Well let's go home.' said Chris.

They got home. When they got inside they found Sandy aruging with Davey. 'I don't want to go to Grandma's I want to stay here!' Davey was saying. Davey looked at Chris. 'Chris please tell her not to send me to my Grandma's.'

Chris looked at Sandy and said. 'Let me talk to him.'

Sandy nodded and left the room with Tim. Chris got on his knees so he was face to face with Davey. 'Listen Davey it was my idea that you go to your grandmothers not Mom's.'

'Why?' said Davey. 'You don't want me here?'

'No.' said Chris. 'I want you here very much, but the fact of the matter is there are people out there that would want to hurt me or anyone I care about.'

'Why?' asked Davey.

'Because I am gay.' said Chris.

'Why would that hate you for that?' asked Davey. 'They don't even know you.'

'I can't answer that Davey.' said Chris. 'I wish I could, just sometimes people do things that make no sense. I could never forgive myself if someone hurt you because of me and what I am. I love you too much for that to happen. That's why I asked Mom to send you to your Grandma's. So will you go?'

'I guess so.' said Davey. 'I just wish Daddy were here.'

'Me too Davey.' said Chris. Chris hugged his brother. 'I'm going to miss you.'

Chris and Davey found Sandy and Tim. 'He's agreed to go.'

'Good.' said Sandy.

'Mom.' said Chris. 'I don't like the thought of you being in this house alone so I think Tim and I will move back into my old room for the time being, until all of this danger has passed.'

'Alright.' said Sandy as she was grabbing Davey's bag. 'I should be back home in a couple hours.'

'Alright.' said Chris.

Chris and Tim walked Sandy and Davey to the door and watched them get into Sandy's car. They walked back inside and went into their aparment and started packing some bags to move back into the main house. Chris hated the thought of leaving their apartment, but it was only going to be tempoary. Chris was hoping beyond hope that with the names that Jack Hanning was going to give the police would help put an end to all the danger.

To be continued...


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