Chris sat in the living room of his home. He was baffled at everything that was happening; the hate crimes that were taking place. His stepmother Sandy had taken his younger brother to her mother's house out of town to keep him safe. Chris looked at his fiancé Tim who was doing his homework at the dining room table. Chris finished his homework hours ago, but Tim had a Karate lesson right after school.

The list of names that Jack Hanning provided the police with got them no where. The people whose names were on the list all had alibis, for the times that the crimes took place. So Chris was left wondering who could be behind it all. Who could get the members of the football team to turn against the gay students? Who could convince the football team to gang up on Dan Michaels? Chris was wondering. Sandy had some shopping to do, so she was now out at the grocery store. Chris was getting no where on solving the mystery fast.

At the hospital Charlie Bell was sitting beside his boyfriend Dan Michaels. Charlie kept coming to the hospital hoping that Dan would wake up soon. He had been in a coma for weeks, with no signs of coming out. Charlie got up. He was going to go and get something to eat. As he was at the door he heard Dan say 'Charlie.'

Charlie rushed back to Dan. Dan was awake. Charlie pressed the button on the bed to call a nurse. 'Dan, thank God you're back!' said Charlie hugging his boyfriend. A nurse came in and did an examination on Dan.

'I will call the doctor and she will examine you.' said the nurse. 'I will also get your parents; they have been sleeping here at the hospital since you were attacked.'

'Attacked?' asked Dan.

'What do you remember?' asked Charlie.

'Very little; what happened?' asked Dan.

Charlie told Dan about what happened the night of the homecoming game. About him stumbling out of the locker room after the game all bloody and bruised.

'I remember going into the locker room and starting to get undressed to get in the showers.' said Dan. 'I remember something hitting my head from behind, but other than that nothing else.'

Dan's parents and his brother Doug came in. Charlie left the room so Dan's family could have some time with him. Charlie got out his cell phone and called Chris' number, but only got voice mail, so he called Tim.

'Hello.' said Tim.

'Tim I have some wonderful news. Where's Chris is he with you?' Asked Charlie.

'No.' said Tim. 'He got a weird phone call and said something about some address and took off.' Charlie thought it was strange of Chris not to take his own advice in not going anywhere alone, but it was still daylight out. 'So what's the wonderful news?' asked Tim

'Dan woke up!' said Charlie excited.

'He did? That's wonderful!' said Tim. 'How is he doing? Was he able to identify his attackers?'

'His memory about it is a little fuzzy.' said Charlie. 'He said he remembers getting hit in the head with something but other than that he remembers very little about it.'

'Alright as soon as Chris gets here I he and I will go straight to the hospital.' said Tim.

'Okay see you when you get here.' said Charlie. They hung up.

Tim called Clint. 'Hey Clint, Charlie's boyfriend Dan has woke up.'

'That's great dude.' said Clint. 'I'll see if Ted and I can't go and make a visit to him.'

'I'm sure he'd like that.' said Tim.

'Where's Chris?' asked Clint.

'He got a phone call and said something about some address and took off. Said he'd explain when he got back.' said Tim.

'That sounds strange.' said Clint. 'Did he say what address?'

'Yeah.' said Tim. 'He said it was 284 Harrison Drive. What's there?'

'Nothing but a bunch of boarded up houses there.' said Clint. 'From what I understand is that those houses are to be torn down to make way for some new shopping center here soon, or so what I have read in the papers. Why would he need to go there?'

'No idea.' said Tim.

'Alright let me know if you hear from him.' said Clint.

'I will.' They hung up.

Once Clint finished his call with Tim, he went downstairs to talk to his aunt. 'Aunt Lilian?' Clint asked.

'Yes,' said Lilian.

'Can you take me to 284 Harrison Drive?' asked Clint.

Lilian was holding a pot in her hand, getting ready to make dinner, and she dropped it hearing the address that he wished to go to. '284 Harrison Drive? Why do you want to go there?'

'I just got done talking to Tim.' said Clint. 'He said that Chris got a weird phone call and said that he needed to go there.'

'Oh my God!' shouted Lilian.

'What's the big deal?' asked Clint now feeling positively weird.

'284 Harrison Drive is the house that David grew up in.' said Lilian. 'That means he's free!'

'David as in Chris' dad? And who's free?' asked Clint.

'David's crazy twin brother that's who.' said Lilian.

'Chris never mentioned an uncle.' said Clint.

'That's because David never mentioned him to him!' said Lilian. 'That man is a psychopath! He murdered his own parents, and tried to kill David! I've got to call the police. You call Tim and Sandy now!'

Clint called Tim and told him, telling him that Lilian was calling the police. Clint put Sandy on with Lilian and Lilian explained everything about it. Sandy of course knew about Dale Richardson as David had told her about him.

Chris woke up tied to a chair. He remembered walking up to the boarded up house, but not much else. He was tied to a chair. He looked around the place. It looked as though he was now inside the house. The place was lit by lanterns. A man was walking down the stairs. Chris got a look at the man and said. 'Dad?'

'I'm not your father.' said the man.

'Then who are you?' asked Chris.

'I am Dale Richardson, your father's twin brother.'

'What do you want with me?' asked Chris.

'I want to kill you.' said Dale.

To be continued...


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