The rain was falling outside. Chris was sitting in his and Tim's apartment watching it. The next day was Friday. It was now October and tomorrow was the big homecoming game. Chris wasn't planning on going to the game. Chris and his friends were never big on going to the big sporting events. It was just that he was worried about Charlie and Dan. Both Charlie and Dan had received assurances from both Chris and Tim that they wouldn't tell anyone of their relationship. And Chris and Tim have been true to their word. They didn't tell anyone even Clint and Ted. However Dan and Charlie weren't that good about being discreet though. Chris and Tim both spotted them kissing around the school. Both Chris and Tim told them if they didn't want anyone to know that they need to not show their affection in public as the wrong person could spot them. Then the threats started.

Both Chris and Tim had found threats to them on their lockers and cars. Someone had thrown a brick on the front door of the house, and Clint and Ted were receiving the threats too. Chris called a meeting with Tim, Clint, Ted, Sandy, and his mother Lilian as she was now the guardian of Clint and Ted. They agreed to take self defense classes. Ted started training with Chris and his boxing coach. Clint and Tim started taking Karate lessons. Chris asked Dan if he had any self defense training and Dan just kind of laughed Chris off saying no one would find out about Charlie and him. Charlie however took a different attitude about it. He talked his parents into taking Karate classes with Clint and Tim. And was talking to Dan about either taking Karate classes or boxing lessons. Chris offered to teach Dan a few moves.

'I don't need to box.' Dan told Chris. 'I am on the football team I know how to take a guy down.'

'Listen Dan.' said Chris. 'Because I know how to box saved Tim's life last spring while he was being held hostage by my then stepfather. I want you to be prepared in case someone should find out about you and try and do something.'

However Dan remained quite unconvinced. Chris' thoughts turned to his father. Chris knew there would probably be some kind of way his father would be able to convince Dan to take self defense classes. Chris really missed his father. A tear went down his cheek. Tim walked up to him.

'What's wrong?' asked Tim. In the past month a little blurb in their relationship happened. Tim's ex Luke showed up. Chris was worried for a fraction of a second that Tim would dump him in favor of Luke as Tim was telling Luke the story of what happened after his parents threw him out. Then Tim got to the part where he and Chris met, and at that time Chris knew he needed not worry. Luke was genuinely happy that Tim found someone, and then announced that he had a boyfriend too. So Chris needed not worry, but a little later Chris confessed his worries to Tim who just laughed them off saying that all there ever was between him and Luke was sex there was no emotion involved. And that Chris was all that Tim wanted. Chris assured Tim that he would never doubt him again.

'Just missing my dad that's all.' said Chris. 'I wish he were here he might be able to help me convince Dan to take self defense classes.'

'I know you don't want anything bad to happen to anyone Chris.' said Tim. 'But we can't make Dan take any classes.'

'I know.' said Chris. Chris put his head on Tim's chest and Tim held him for a while before they decided to go to bed.

At Dan's house Dan and Charlie we in bed making out. They hadn't gone any further than make out and feel each other up. Dan wanted to take it a little further today. Dan removed his lips from Charlie's and looked right at Charlie and said. 'I love you Charlie.'

'I love you too Dan.' said Charlie. Dan then removed his shirt. Charlie was astonished and started rubbing his hands all over Dan's chest. Charlie then pulled off his shirt. Dan started kissing and licking all over Charlie's chest. Dan kissed his way down to Charlie's stomach and started unbuttoning his pants. Dan then removed Charlie's pants and underpants. Dan then stood up and took off his pants and underpants and laid back down on top of Charlie and started kissing him deeply.

Dan then went back down and started kissing and licking Charlie's cock. He took Charlie's cock into his mouth and started going up and down on it. Charlie moaned softy and started moving up and down in Dan's mouth to meet his rhythm. Before long Charlie started breathing pretty fast and blew a load in Dan's mouth, and Dan swallowed it all. After Dan drank every ounce of Charlie's cum he went back to Charlie's face and started kissing him again. Dan then started kissing Charlie on his neck and Charlie said something that Dan wasn't prepared to hear. 'Dan I want you inside me.'

Dan moved his head up. 'What? You want me to fuck you?'

'Yes.' said Charlie. 'I want to feel you inside me making love to me. Making me yours.'

'I don't want to hurt you.' said Dan. Dan had about a good eight inch cock and it was pretty thick.

'I know you would never intentionally hurt me.' said Charlie. 'I know you love me. I just want to feel you that way.'

Dan got into his drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube that he had just in case this situation would arise. He started lubing up Charlie's hole and put a little on his cock. He then slowly started to push himself inside Charlie. Charlie gasped. 'Am I hurting you?' asked Dan.

'It hurts a little but don't pull out go slow and let me get used to it.' said Charlie.

Dan started moving slowly inside Charlie. Dan had to admit to himself that it felt pretty damn good being inside Charlie nice tight warm hole. After a few moments Charlie started moaning in pleasure. 'Go faster now Dan.' Dan started speeding up. Charlie put his arms around the back to Dan's neck and pulled him down and started kissing him. Before long Charlie blew another load all over himself and Dan blew his load inside Charlie. They cuddled for a while.

'That was great.' said Charlie. 'I don't want anyone but you.'

'And I don't want anyone but you Charlie.' said Dan. 'That day I went to Chris' house and saw you sitting there I fell in love with you.' Dan looked at the alarm clock. It was nearing ten. 'Shit I better get you home.' They quickly got dressed and Dan and Charlie got into Dan's car. Once outside Charlie's house Dan asked. 'My folks say it's alright if you want to spend the weekend. See if it's ok with your folks. And you can meet me after the game tomorrow and we can go home together. You are going to be at the game aren't you?'

'I usually never go to them.' said Charlie.

'If you don't go then I'm not going.' said Dan.

'Alright.' said Charlie. 'I'll be there.' They shared one last kiss and Charlie got out and went inside.

The next day at school went fairly quickly. There was a fever of football madness in the school. The halls were all decorated, and because the team was doing so well that season everyone was talking about the big homecoming game. After school Chris and Tim went about their usual activities. They ate dinner with Sandy and Davey. And hung out at their apartment playing their musical instruments. Chris his guitar and Tim his bass. They made love and were preparing to go to sleep when the phone rang. Tim picked it up.

Chris could hear the sound of panic in Tim's voice. And then Tim said. 'We'll be right there.'

'What's going on?' asked Chris.

'That was Charlie.' said Tim. 'Dan's been attacked.'

'Oh my God.' said Chris. 'Let's go. We need to tell Sandy first. You know what hospital he's going to?'

'St. Anne's' said Tim.

Chris and Tim went into the main house and informed Sandy of what was going on. Sandy allowed them to go to the hospital.

Earlier in the evening Charlie was waiting by the doors of the gym. The locker rooms were accessible through the gym and so Dan would have to come out of them. Charlie was wondering what was taking Dan so long to get done. Dan had said all he would need to do was shower and get dressed. The game went well with the home team creaming the away team. Charlie was on the verge of going into the locker room himself and make sure everything was alright. He had seen many members of the team leave already. Then the door to the gym opened and Dan stumbled out and fell to the ground all bloody. Charlie immediately called 911, and started screaming for help. The coach came out the door of the gym and waited with Charlie for the ambulance. 'I didn't hear anything going on.' said the coach. 'I was in my office I should have been there why would they do this to Dan? He's one of the best players on the team.'

Charlie who was in tears and cradling his precious Dan in his arms confessed. 'It's because he's gay. I'm his boyfriend.'

'I see.' said the coach. 'Young man, believe me I don't care about Dan's sexual preference. He's a good player on the team and I will always welcome him back on the team. And believe me if I find out who is responsible for this I will be sure to tell the police.'

Charlie felt reassured by the coach's words. The ambulance arrived and Charlie got into the back of it with Dan. The coach said he would meet him at the hospital and would call Dan's parents and inform them of what happened. Charlie got to the hospital and called Chris and Tim and told them of what happened. Tim said they would be right there. Charlie couldn't keep himself from crying. He loved Dan more than he loved anything in the world. Dan's parents got there and they helped comfort Charlie. They were waiting for a doctor to come out and tell them what was wrong...

To be continued...!


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