Chris and Tim had gotten home from school that day. It was a long day; starting with Mr. Mackey's assembly at the beginning of the day, and with the confrontation with the guys on the football team, and then the conversation with the assistant Principal Mr. Rayburn.

Chris dropped his backpack on the couch and flopped on the couch of his and Tim's apartment himself. Chris' dead father had appeared to him in a dream telling him that the next few weeks would be difficult. It was already becoming difficult. Chris and Tim managed to talk even their straight friend into taking self defense classes. It was dived up As to who would take boxing lessons with Chris and his coach and who would take Karate lesson.

Chris got up. Tim was in the bedroom getting his Karate robe on. In a little while Chris would have to leave for the GYM. Chris agreed to drive Tim to the Karate Dojo, even though Tim had his own car, Chris didn't want anybody going anywhere alone right now. Chris went into the bedroom where Tim had on his Karate robe and grabbed his GYM bag. They left their apartment and walked into the main house. Chris thought it was important to tell Sandy everything. Of his dream and of what happened at school that day.

Chris and Tim found Sandy in the kitchen getting dinner ready. 'I will keep dinner warm so you two can have something when you guys get back.'

'Mom.' said Chris. 'We need to talk before Tim and I leave.'

Sandy abandoned the dinner and walked into the dining room where they sat down and Chris told her everything. Tears came into her eyes when Chris told her about the dream he had about his father, and became very concerned about when Chris told her of what happened at school that day.

'I don't think you and Davey should go anywhere alone.' said Chris. 'If Davey goes to a friends house then drive him there and either have the friends parents drop him off, or you pick him or Tim and I will pick him up.'

'Chris.' said Sandy. 'Do you really think Davey and I are at risk?'

'I think anyone who associates with us is at risk.' said Chris. 'These people are crazy. I could see it in their eyes. Please do it even if it means just humoring me.'

'You sound just like your father Chris.' said Sandy. 'You know he favored you. He said he always wanted a son and when you came that it was the happiest day of his life. Even after Davey was born he still preferred you even though Davey is his named after him. I was always able to see what he saw in you. He always saw himself in you. Alright if it makes you feel better I will do as you ask. I will also hire a security company to keep an eye on the house.'

'Thanks Mom.' said Chris.

Chris dropped Tim off at the Karate Dojo and waited until he saw Tim go inside before heading a block away to the GYM. Once in the GYM the coach pulled him aside. 'I've got too many students. A bunch of your friends are here for lessons. I will need you to help me train them.'

'Alright coach.' said Chris. Chris helped his coach train the new students in boxing. Chris felt confidant that his friends seemed to be doing well. His best friend Kyle had already known some moves as Chris had shown Kyle some moves over the years.

Once the boxing lesson was over Chris went back to the Dojo and picked up Tim. They went home and ate the leftovers from dinner and went to their apartment. Once there Chris and Tim started making out. They went to the bedroom and they got naked. Tim sucked on Chris' hard nine-incher for a few moments before getting in between Chris' legs and started to fuck Chris. Chris was moaning feeling the person he loved more than anything making love to him. Tim came inside Chris and they held each other making out, before falling asleep.

Over at Lillian Davis' house in Clint and Ted's room, Clint was fucking his boyfriend like no tomorrow. Clint loved the way his cock felt inside Ted's ass. Before long he was exploding inside Ted. Clint pulled Ted into his arms and they kissed deeply.

'I love you Ted.' said Clint.

'I love you too Clint.' said Ted. 'I'm thirsty I think I will go downstairs and get something to drink.'

'I'll could use something too.' said Clint. They both got dressed and walked downstairs. Clint's Aunt Lillian was sitting in her chair reading. They walked into the kitchen and each got a soda. They were walking to the stairs when someone knocked on the door. Clint answered it and a strange man was standing on the other end.

'Can I help you?' asked Clint.

'Does Lillian Meyers live here?' asked the man.

'She's Lillian Davis now.' said Clint. Clint looked over at his aunt. 'Aunt Lillian someone is here to see you.'

Lillian put down her book and walked over to the door. 'Peter?' she asked. 'Peter Meyers?'

'Long time no see.' said Peter.

'Who is he?' asked Clint.

'Clint this is Peter Meyers.' said Lillian. 'Peter this is my nephew Clint Davis, and his boyfriend Ted Carver.'

'Pleasure to meet you two.' said Peter. 'I might ask you where your son is now.'

'He lives with his stepmother Sandy.' said Lillian. 'Why; if you want to hurt him in someway.'

'You remember how my father treated me.' said Peter. 'He treated me just the same as he treated Chris. Things would have been different for me if my mother didn't die when I was seven. I just want to know what happened that's all and thank Chris for putting the scumbag in jail where he belongs.'

'Please come in Peter.' Peter made a motion to someone sitting in his car. Another young man came out. 'Lillian this is my boyfriend Billy. Billy my ex-stepmother Lillian Davis.'

'You're gay?' asked Lillian.

'Yeah no one knew then the only person I told was your daughter Valerie.' said Peter.

The five of them talked for a while. Clint and Ted told Peter of what they knew of his father's arrest.

Chris woke up the next morning and got in the shower and dressed. Tim was in the shower while Chris helped himself to a bowl of cereal while the morning news was on. A new story got his attention. 'In one of the biggest hate crimes this city has ever seen, last night someone placed a bomb inside the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. Most of the people inside are alright and only suffered minor injuries. However the House Mother of the Gay Boys wing Ida Drake has sadly died shortly after she was taken to the hospital. Mrs. Drake and her husband Ralph started the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House after their own son Bryan told them that he was gay. They received city funding by then Mayor Richardson, and Mr. and Mrs. Drake were due to be honored by the mayor. Little is known as to the future of the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House.'

Chris froze listening to that story. He had for a brief time lived at the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House. That was where he had met Tim, as well as Clint and Ted. Chris really respected Mrs. Drake and knew that she was a good woman. Tim came out into the kitchen dress and ready to eat when he saw the look on Chris face.

'What's wrong?' asked Tim.

'The Gay and Lesbian Shelter House was attacked last night.' said Chris. 'Someone put a bomb inside it. Mrs. Drake was killed.'

'Oh my God.' said Tim. 'What if we still lived there?'

'I don't know.' said Chris. 'I think there might be something bigger going on here now than just having problems with classmates. What if this is in some way connected with the attack on Dan?'

'I don't know.' said Tim. 'That's quite a big leap there.'

'I know.' said Chris.

Chris and Tim told Sandy about what was on the news and Sandy told them to be careful. After school that day Chris was going to drive Kyle and Sally to Sally's house as Kyle's car was in a garage getting worked on Chris, Tim, and Kyle were waiting by Chris' car for Sally. 'Damn!' said Kyle. 'She never takes this long!'

'What's her last class?' asked Chris.

'Phys ed.' said Kyle. 'However they change back into school clothes right before the bell rings.'

'Come on.' said Chris. They walked back inside the school and went to the gym. They asked the Phys Ed. teacher Ms. Reynolds if there were anyone still in the girl's locker room. 'Only the girls on the girl's soccer team.'

'Let's check the boy's locker room.' said Chris with a funny feeling. They walked down to the boy's Locke room and found Sally laying on the bench with one of the football guys on top of her trying to rape her.

'Hey get off of her you son of a bitch!' shouted Kyle.

'No I am going to have some of this pussy you get quite often McComb.' said the player who was David Querks the starting wide receiver. 'If she didn't like fags so much I would leave her alone.'

'You heard him asshole.' said Chris. 'Get off of her.'

'Sorry don't listen to fags or friends of fags.' said Querks.

Just then Chris walked into the locker room and pushed Querks off of Sally. Querks fell to the floor and Chris pulled Sally up and they ran out of the locker room and went straight to the office. 'We need to see either Mr. Mackey or Mr. Rayburn.' said Chris. 'We witnessed David Querks trying to rape Sally here.'

They were shown right into Mr. Rayburn's office. They told Mr. Rayburn everything Sally explained that she had to double back into the locker room as she had forgotten her history book. Once she was back in the gym she was grabbed by David Querks and dragged down into the boy's locker room. And that he was trying to rape her. She was crying into Kyle's arms.

Mr. Rayburn called the police. The police arrived and questioned them again. They then went and arrested David Querks. As the police were escorting Querks into the police car he passed Chris, Tim, Kyle, and Sally and said. 'We'll get you, you fags!' and spat on the ground.

Sally's parents arrived at the school and they took her home. 'You want me with you baby?' asked Kyle.

'Yes.' said Sally. 'Thank you Chris.' Sally said giving Chris a kiss on the cheek. 'I was just doing what anybody else would have done.'

Kyle and Sally left with Sally's parents. Chris and Tim went home and told Sandy what happened. 'No one is safe right now--gay or straight. I think the bombing of the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House and the attack on Dan and the attempted rape on Sally are all related. Mom is there somewhere you can send Davey so at least he will be safe? I could never forgive myself if anything were to happen to him.'

'I could have him stay with my mother for a while.' said Sandy now taking Chris seriously. 'He could go to school there. And my mother is usually upset that she barely gets to see him.'

'Good.' said Chris. 'I just don't want anything to happen to him. I would never forgive myself if anything did.'

'There would be nothing to forgive.' said Sandy. 'Chris these people hate you because of something you can't control. You didn't choose to be gay you just are.'

'Thanks Mom.' said Chris.

Chris turned to Tim. 'Tonight we are going to go to the church that your father was the pastor of and talk to the new pastor there. Make sure that whoever the new pastor is, is not behind this. Would your mother do something like this?'

'My mother moved to Florida after my father got convicted of that hate crime.' said Tim. 'At least that's what John has told me.'

'There's one thing that worries me though.' said Chris. 'What if your father is behind this? What if he is pulling the strings from inside the prison he's at?'

'I don't know.' said Tim. 'He's smart enough to do it. But let's talk to the new pastor at the church first.'

'Alright.' said Chris. There was a ringing at the doorbell. Chris answered it. There stood a familiar face, with another person Chris had never seen before. 'Chris?' asked the familiar looking person.

'Yes.' said Chris. 'I'm sure you remember me I used to be your stepbrother. Peter Meyers.'

'Yes.' Chris said. 'I remember you. Should I be worried?'

'No not at all.' said Peter. 'Oh this is my boyfriend Billy.'

'You're gay like me?' asked Chris.

'Yes.' said Peter. 'I just want to talk.'

Chris let Peter Meyers enter the house.

To be continued...


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