'You're going to kill me?' asked Chris. 'For what? What did I ever do to you? I didn't even know you existed.'

'I am going to kill you because you are his son.' said Dale Richardson.

'Because I am my father's son?' asked Chris. 'I am sorry, but I don't see how that has to do with anything. People don't choose their parents and honestly with my father I think I lucked out with having him as a father.'

'I wasn't so lucky with having him as a brother!' shouted Dale. 'You don't know what he was like. He was arrogant and cocky all the time. Mr. Handsome, Mr. Charisma!'

'No offense but you look just like him.' said Chris.

'Oh yeah when girls would talk to me it was because they thought I was him.' said Dale. 'Imagine the looks on their faces when they found out I was only David Richardson's twin! Then there was one girl; one who I wanted to be with so much. One who would have me, and he stole her! Oh yes! The one girlfriend I did have! He stole from me--your mother!'

'All this because he stole your girlfriend?' asked Chris. 'You know there are other girls out there.'

'Not only that.' said Dale ignoring Chris. My parents preferred him. They would always talk about what a wonderful boy David was! How he could do anything! But did they ever stop to acknowledge me? No! Good thing I killed them.'

'You killed your own parents?' asked Chris. 'It's your fault I never knew my grandparents?'

'I spent years in a mental institution because of David.' said Dale. 'I vowed to get revenge. Your ex-stepfather beat me to killing your father, so I only wish to kill what's left of him. That being his children and the one grandchild he has. I targeted you first because I knew you were the one that was most like him. I knew if I could find a way to stir up trouble in the gay community then you would step up just like he did.'

'You planted the bomb in the Gay and Lesbian Shelter House!' said Chris. 'Not because you hate gay people, but only to get to me?'

'Yes.' said Dale. 'Do you think I care how gay people live their lives? I don't. They can live their lives anyway they want. I only wanted to do this to get you to drop your guard.'

'You're sick.' said Chris. 'You don't care how many innocent people either die or get hurt, so long as you get what you want!'

'Enough of your lectures.' said Dale. 'I heard enough from your father to last me a lifetime.'

'Then how have you been getting into the high school?' asked Chris. 'If people saw you around that place, then they would have said they would have seen a ghost as many people there knew my father, weather they be friends of mine or members of the school faculty.'

'My son goes to that school.' said Dale. 'He was the boy that nearly raped your friend's girlfriend.'

'David Querks?' asked Chris.

'Yes.' said Dale.

'The David part of his name is that an alias or is it his real name?' asked Chris.

'David is his real name.' said Dale.

'How come then if you hated my father so much, why would you name your son after him?' asked Chris.

'He was named after his mother's father!' shouted Dale. 'It is what his mother wanted to name him!'

'I see. So it was David who attacked Dan Michaels?' asked Chris. Chris felt it was best to keep Dale talking for the moment. Something was telling him that was the best course of action right now.

'No he didn't.' said Dale. 'He was in the showers when that happened. He has no idea who was responsible for that. That was when he thought his was a bad idea. He begged me to just let it go. I beat him good for that. I told him he needed to try and rape that girl. He didn't want to do it, but I gave him his medicine!'

'And after you kill me what are you going to do?' asked Chris.

'I will kill your sister and her son.' said Dale. 'Then I will deal with David Richardson, Jr. And then my brother's line will be finished! Now get ready to die Christopher Richardson.' Dale was coming toward him with a knife in hand.



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