Just as Dale was going to stab Chris with the knife, the door to the house burst open and Tim came through the door. Dale looked at Tim, and slashed through the air with his knife. Tim ducked and swept with his legs Dale's feet knocking Dale to the floor. Tim immediately put his foot on one of Dale's hand with the knife forcing Dale to open his palm and drop the knife. The police entered the house followed by Sandy, Lillian, Clint, and Ted.

Tim went and started untying Chris. Once Chris was untied, the police had Dale in handcuffs. Lillian was the first to speak. "Dale for all the feelings you once claimed to have for me, why would you want to kill me son?"

"I am not the only one he wanted to kill." said Chris. "He also wanted to kill Valerie, Davey, and Ben."

"You would have killed your own daughter?" asked Lillian.

"What?" asked Chris, "You mean Val is his daughter?"

"Yes." said Lillian.

The police took Dale away. Once outside all of them gathered around Lillian. "Dale and I dated a long time ago. He started getting very mean with me. He was obsessively jealous of David. I finally broke it off with him, shortly after is when I found out I was pregnant. I didn't know what to do. One day who I thought was Dale was walking towards me. I went to hide, but he caught up with me. It turned out it wasn't Dale who was following me, but David. I broke down and told him everything. He offered to marry me and raise the child as his. I took him up on the offer. We married (much to Dale's dismay) and shortly after Valerie was born. Then years later you came Chris."

"Does Val know?" asked Chris.

"No she doesn't." said Lillian.

"I think she deserves to know the truth." said Chris. "Also Val isn't the only child Dale has, David Querks is his son."

"That guy who tried to rape Sally?" asked Tim.

"Yes." said Chris. "I think I will pay him a visit."

Once the police finished getting statements from everyone, Chris accompanied by Tim went to the prison. There they met with David Querks. David looked at them curiously when he entered and sat down. "I know that you are my cousin." said Chris. "In case you haven't been informed, your father's plan failed he has been arrested." Chris looked right at Querks. It was quite astonishing seeing the resemblance between the two of them. Chris didn't realize it before. Now Chris supposed it was because the both of them looked like their father's who were identical twins.

"I never wanted to rape McComb's girlfriend." said Querks. "He made me do it. Now I am going to be in jail forever." Querks had tears going down his face.

"Maybe." said Chris. "If you can show you are truly remorseful for your attempted rape of Sally, her family might as that you only serve probation, and maybe if you testify against your father, you might not get anything at all. I wouldn't know that would be up the prosecutor."

Chris and Tim then went home. On the way Tim was telling Chris all about Dan coming out of his coma. Chris said that they would have to pay Dan a visit.

The Richardson family saga was all over the news. Chris and Tim were the new town heroes. They were honored by the mayor, and a strange call had taken place. President Obama called and invited them to the White House. Chris was elated by this was ready to pack his bags for his trip to Washington.


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