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French Porn is a porn production company that has just joined the Studio Presse network. This new addition brings the number of theaters to 19; many of the other theaters feature the same kinds of guys and lots of them have a penchant for rough and dirty sex. I can't tell you much more about the production company except what I can glean through their DVDs in this theater, so let's have a look at the site.

There's quite a variety of guys at French Porn. Many of them are 20-something with slim or athletic bodies, both smooth and furry. There are a lot of chav and scally types, as well as rough-looking guys, troublemakers and white trash; you'll also find performers you might classify as studs or jocks along with a few who aren't quite twinks but are close. A video called "We Love Big Dicks" features a big hairy and scruffy-faced brute getting his dick serviced by a bearded and bald cub. In another video an Arab guy takes care of one bad boy's huge cock. Speaking of Arab men, there are quite a few here. Another video called "40yo First Porn Movie" has a very well-built and handsome man in his forties playing with a younger, 20-something well-defined stud. Another has a gym-fit and handsome French bottom bending over for a big Spanish cock in an abandoned building. I even saw one guy getting fisted in a sling and then pissed on, but this was the only scene that went to this extreme. There's a little something for every taste here.

While some of these guys are first-timers and up-and-comers, there are many established porn performers like Mike Tiger, Kameron Frost, power bottom Tony Axel, David Circus, and well-endowed bad boy Jordan Fox. I quite enjoyed the eclectic mix of studs here, and most of the guys here are French, so that means lots of uncut cocks. Finally, while the site uses the term twink, or minet in French, I don't find the guys to be twinks in the traditional sense of boyish looking and slim, but there are lots slender and smooth guys nonetheless.

The 98 videos come from 28 DVDs produced by French Porn, and they're offered for download in MP4 format and play at 960x540. I had a limited number of tickets, and I wasn't able to check a lot of the downloads so as with the other theaters, there may be different sizes here, as well. The streaming videos played at 1024x578 and were offered in three different options - HD, standard and mobile - which only affected the picture quality and not the player dimensions. There is full-screen feature and the videos I checked fared well, but as always, expect varying results depending on the quality option you choose. Many of the videos have a description, but not all do, and each video page has six medium-sized screencaps (480x360) that let you preview the action, but these pics can't be enlarged.

There are 19 theaters in the Studio Presse network and you have two ways to enjoy their movies: you can purchase an unlimited streaming membership that allows you run-of-the-house viewing but no downloads or you can buy ticket packages from $5 to $50 and redeem tickets to either download or stream the videos. Downloading in French Porn's theater generally costs 6 tickets per scene while streaming costs 4, but some other theaters have different ticket requirements and some don't allow downloads at all. Finally, your membership or tickets can be redeemed throughout the whole network

French Porn doesn't have the problems some of the other theaters do - at least here they don't cherry pick which videos can be downloaded. But there are a couple of things I should mention. First, the tour claims there are 9,000 videos, but obviously that refers to the network, not just this site, and many videos appear in multiple theaters and are counted more than once. And while there are thousands of videos in the network, they cover a variety of types of guys from twinks to mature hairy men and sex from jacking off to hardcore BDSM or kinky fetish sessions. The tour also claims 15 updates per week, but again, this refers to the entire network and not French Porn alone, and since the releases aren't dated, I can't confirm whether the network does actually add the claimed number of videos each week. I can tell you that the site has added 28 videos in the past 2 months.

Finally, you can also download or watch entire DVDs, however these purchases don't use the existing ticket system. Instead they take you off the site and to an online DVD store. But I find 17 Euros expensive to watch an entire DVD - downloading costs even more at around 25 Euros. Honestly, I'd just wait until all the scenes from a DVD are released on French Porn and watch or download them using your tickets.

French Porn is one of my favorite sites in the Studio Presse network, mainly because they offer a diverse mix of nasty guys and hot, sweaty action in 98 videos. While there are some familiar faces here, there are also many that I've never seen before, and the action has a particularly dirty slant with guys sucking cocks in place they shouldn't (like a parking garage) or snorting on a buddy's sneaker or getting a rough fuck in a sleazy backroom or dirty basement. And if you like the guys and action at French Porn, there's plenty more like it to watch in the other 18 theaters.

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