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Jess Royan is a French porn actor and director who has been working in adult films for the past dozen or so years. He started off as straight, then bisexual, and now he identifies as gay. He looks to be in his thirties, perhaps early forties, and he sports an average body and a big, uncut cock. He both tops and bottoms, although he seems to prefer getting fucked in his videos, and he fucks both bareback and with condoms. He's currently a producer with French porn studio Crunchboy, and his eponymous site has just joined the Studio Presse network.

The guys who appear with Jess Royan are quite varied. Thomas Nord is a guy in his early twenties with a slim and smooth body. Jafar fucks Jess in another video; he's tall and lanky, beard guy, not very good looking but sporting a fat cock. The next newest release features a bearded Spanish guy with a very trim and well-defined body. The fourth video is a threeway with two bearded men who appear to be in their late twenties; one's leaner than the other, but they're both nicely built. Justin King is a British performer who's wearing a sort of Mohawk and has a hairy body; he's hung and uncut. Another man is a dark-haired daddy, maybe in his mid-thirties and sporting a bit of a paunch. So you can see that the guys are all over the map, anywhere from skinny guys to beefy daddies and ranging from their early twenties to late thirties or so.

Jess Royan is both a top and bottom, but he seems to get fucked a lot more than he fucks. And the man is a real sex pig - he'll take it anywhere he can get it, mostly indoors in bedrooms, living rooms and other home setting, but he also has sex in warehouses, basements, sex clubs, garages, abandoned buildings, and there are a few outdoor scenes, too. The fucking is a mix of condom and bareback and it's mostly guy-on-guy in duos, but there are some threeways and fourgies, and there's the odd scene where Jess fucks a woman. There's some kinky action too with rough sex, hooded men, foot and sneaker fetish, sex toys, glory hole action, and one guy even fucks a blow-up doll.

Let's go over the Studio Presse network just in case you're not familiar with it. There are 26 theaters featuring mostly European content in a variety of niches, but there's lots of kinky stuff and fetish sex and plenty of guys sucking and fucking. You can get yourself a streaming membership and enjoy as many of the videos as you want, but you can only watch them on the sites. Or you can buy packages of tickets that allow you to watch videos à la carte or download the ones you want to keep.

There are 172 videos at Jess Royan and they're available in MP4 format. If you're streaming them they play at 1024x580, but there may be smaller sizes here and there. the vids are offered in three speeds including HD at average to good quality. There's a full-screen option and the HD versions fare best. All of the videos can be streamed, but only some of them can be downloaded using tickets, and these play at 960x540 at good quality. There is a mobile version, and I had no problem streaming the videos on my Android device and any modern device should handle them just fine.

Each episode has a gallery of six large thumbnails (480x270) that allow you to preview the action. You can save them individually if you like, but they can't be enlarged and there are no zip files or slideshows.

Now let's talk about issues. None of the episodes are dated, so I can't give you details about an update schedule. Studio Presse says that they add 120 new videos every month, but this is across all 26 theaters, not any ones in particular. But since your membership or tickets are good for any of the sites, you won't be left without new stuff to watch. Also, there's no rhyme or reason around downloading, some videos can be downloaded using tickets, but others can only be streamed on the site.

Are there any other drawbacks? Not really. I do wish that the site had more information about Jess Royan in a profile section. Most of the information I found about him I did so by searching the web in general. And I don't know if these videos are new productions or older releases.

Jess Royan is a rough-looking man and he's a real cock pig. He loves sex and he's not particular who is fucking his ass as long as he's getting drilled hard and deep. He's hung, and it's always fun watching his scene partners trying to gobble his large cock down their throats. There's a good variety of duos, threeways, and group scenes as well as bareback and condom sex, and even a few straight scenes for those interested. The site itself has 172 videos, but I'd day the biggest draw here is the 26 theaters with around 12,000 videos, and you get access to them all with 120 new vids or so added every month.

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