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I'm old enough to remember Jean-Daniel Cadinot in real time, and there was always such excitement surrounding the release of one of his new video tapes - yes, we used to watch porn on tapes and played them on things called VCRs. This French director was well-known for creating plot-driven sex scenes that were gritty and true to life. And a few years ago, his catalog of work started rolling out on Studio Presse's Cadinot theater. We haven't visited the site in a couple of years, so let's take a look at how this site is doing.

Cadinot was French, and so are the guys in his films. He filmed in a much different time in gay porn, and he was more interested in creating realism than pumping out porn stars like we see today. As a result, the guys in his films are the type of everyday guys you might see walking down the street; they're horny twenty-somethings with lean, smooth bodies, lots of dark hair, and you can expect plenty of uncut cocks. The guys generally aren't particularly muscular, but sported regular, athletic or gym-fit bodies. Cadinot's guys are the antithesis of the typical Euro porn performers we see today with all those pumped and pretty Czech boys. And if you like Arab guys, there are a fair number of them here.

A lot of Cadinot's videos were based on real-life encounters. In one video, two guys cruise and size each other up outside a bus station. It was exciting to watch and I could feel the tension rising (along with my cock) as these two paced around each other, getting ever closer with each pass until they finally exchange a few words, then head into a toilet to fuck. In another, three guys are doing chores at a military academy and carting firewood; two of the guys turn on the third and rough him up, slap his ass, and force fed him their dicks. Another video sees the pool boy interrupted by a guy who strips naked and dives into the pool, then after a quick swim he lies naked on a lounge chair. With the guy's cute butt just waiting to be touched, the pool boy walks over, groping his stiffening cock in his shorts. He sits down and touches the lad's ass, then leans in and starts licking it. There's so much variety with Cadinot videos that it's impossible to encapsulate them in a paragraph.

The sex is real and dirty, packed with guys grunting it out wherever they can in duos, threeways, and larger groups. There's lots of dick sucking and ass fucking, and there's heaps of edgier stuff, too, like schoolboys fucking in the dorm room after lights out, soldiers forcing themselves on prisoners and each other, or street thugs initiating new guys into the gang.

Cadinot is a part of Studio Presse, a network of 27 theaters that features mostly European content. To watch the movies you purchase ticket packages, and tickets can be redeemed to watch or download the videos. Even if you buy tickets on Cadinot you can use them in any theater in the network. There's also an unlimited streaming membership that's a bit pricey, but if you think you're going to be watching a lot of videos, it could be the better way to go. Watching movies will cost you around four to six tickets per scene, and downloading a video will cost you six to eight tickets, although not all videos in the network are available to download. You also have the ability to download entire DVDs, but these will cost you above your purchased credits – they're a separate purchase of around €25 per DVD, which is around $30 USD.

The site features scenes from 73 Cadinot DVDs. In total there are 543 scenes that stream in MP4 format, the newer ones displaying at 1028x576 and older ones at 856x480 or smaller, and the vids are compatible with most mobiles. The quality varies as Cadinot's directing career spanned many changes in filming technology. If you're looking for crisp, HD video, you won't find it here, Cadinot filmed before the invention of HD. But that's not to say that this stuff is unwatchable - quite the opposite; it's quite hot and reminds me of the days before we became obsessed with guys with ripped abs, make-up, perfect manscaping, lighting and film sets. The sex feels and looks real. When available, the downloads come in MP4 format and play at 640x360 to 852x480 depending on the age of the video.

Each scene includes six thumbs that give you a look at the guys and the action. They're screencaps sized at 480x352, and while they're shown smaller on the page, if you download them (by right-clicking and saving as), you'll find they're sized at 480x360 at decent quality.

Unfortunately the Cadinot theater hasn't been adding new scenes. It's not surprising since Cadinot himself died in 2008, so Studio Presse has very likely exhausted the supply of scenes. However, that being said, the network of 26 other theaters is still growing, adding around 120 new videos added every month, so you'll have plenty to watch.

My biggest problem with Cadinot is the lack of consistency. Some scenes can be streamed but not downloaded, and even when they can be both downloaded or streamed, the number of tickets required varies from scene to scene. Some movies cost four tickets to watch, others are five or seven, and I couldn't really figure out the difference. Likewise some movies cost six tickets to download, others were eight. And as I've already said, downloading a full DVD is a completely separate charge. It can be confusing.

Cadinot doesn't offer the typical studio porn that we're used to seeing today, but I think this is its strong point. The scenarios are raw and gritty just like sex often is. Guys don't fuck standing for two minutes, then flip into doggy style, then lie back in missionary position until they shoot their loads. Cadinot's videos are much more realistic and I enjoyed that a lot. And it's exciting to find a director's work all in one place where you can enjoy it in gulp-sized moments at your leisure and horniness. I really like the offering of 543 videos at Cadinot a lot. And don't forget, there are thousands of other videos in the network from many different European studios.

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