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Berry Boys is a theater in the Studio Presse network that features the porn films of director Stéphane Berry. I can't tell you much about him except that he's French and likes filming guys who are mostly in their early twenties. Berry Boys says he's been producing porn for a dozen years, but he got started as a performer in the early aughts. Unfortunately providing model or director bios isn't one of Studio Presse's strong suits, so that's about all I can tell you about Berry himself.

The guys at Berry Boys are mostly European and specifically French, although not exclusively so. They are mainly brunettes, although you'll find blonds, too, as well as the odd olive-skinned Italian or Spaniard; I didn't see any black guys. The performers are mostly smooth; they fall between 18 and their mid-twenties with a mix of skinny, slender, and athletic bodies with some nice definition. The descriptions throw around the word "twink" a lot, but I wouldn't classify most of these guys as true twinks. However Pornland seems to be playing fast and loose with the twink category so it's come to mean any slim guy under 25. And Europeans tend to be uncircumcised, so you can expect lots of foreskin. While some of the performers are credited in the scene descriptions, many of them aren't, and there's no information about them on their bio pages, if they even have one. Also, a much younger 20-something Berry appears in two scenes - the rest are directed by him.

If you like threeways, you'll love Berry Boys where there are a lot of threesomes, fourways, and groups of up to seven guys. They kiss, suck cock, eat ass, fuck both with and without condoms, and of course shoot their loads all over each other. Of the latest 18 releases, there were eight with three or four guys, one solo, and nine duos, so that's a pretty good mix. As well, you'll find both indoor and outdoor sex. Most of the indoor action is filmed in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, with the odd one in a bar or a store.

The videos at Berry Boys come from 28 DVDs that have been produced by Stéphane Berry. It's hard to tell when these DVDs were produced because nothing is dated, but given the video playback sizes, and the appearance of Berry himself as a 20-year-old lad, I'd say they're a mix of new and older. There are 131 full scenes on the site and I found two streaming sizes of 768x578 and 1024x578, but there may be others. I had a limited number of tickets to use, so I couldn't do an exhaustive check. Most, but not all, of the videos are available for download in MP4 format and play back at 852x480. However videos in other Studio Presse theaters are as big as 960x540 and 1280x720, so the Berry Boys videos may come in larger sizes, too. These are decent productions with good lighting and sound, although I sometimes found the videos lacked crispness. And while there is a full-screen mode, results weren't great.

There are no real picture galleries on the site, although the videos generally have six or more good sized thumbs (480x360) that preview the action. You can't enlarge these, you can however save them individually if you'd like.

Just like the whole Studio Presse network, Berry Boys gives you a couple of different ways to watch the videos. You buy either a package of five to 100 tickets costing $5 to $50 or get an unlimited streaming membership. For most videos you redeem six coupons to download a video or four tickets to watch it online. But not every scene is available for download, although every scene can be watched online. The unlimited membership allows you to stream whatever you want - there's no limit. The good news is that your tickets or unlimited membership aren't restricted to Berry Boys, they can be used on any of the other 18 theaters in the Studio Presse network. You can also download or stream entire DVDs, however these don't use the tickets but require a separate transaction.

My biggest complaint about the Studio Presse network is the lack of consistency. Some videos can be downloaded and streamed, others are offered for streaming only, but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. Some DVDs show up in the library, but they have no scenes loaded into the system yet. The network claims to have 9,000 videos, but since videos appear in multiple theaters, the count is exaggerated. As well, the Berry Boys tour says there are 15 updates per week, but this refers to the whole network of 19 theaters. However after checking back for a couple months, the site does seem to be updating weekly or better.

Berry Boys offers heaps of French guys from 18 to their mid-twenties with slim to athletic bodies and uncut cocks. Most of the action is in duos, but there are a lot of threeways and small groups. As well, Studio Presse offers plenty of other European lads in some of their other 18 theaters, so you'll have plenty to watch including some kinky play. Studio Presse's ticket system lets the casual user enjoy their movies and download the ones they want to keep, and the unlimited streaming membership is an option if you watch a lot of porn, and there are a lot of videos in the network.

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