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Gay French Kiss is a French production company that's part of the Studio Presse network, which offers 27 theaters in total. This production company is quite at home in this network where you'll find heaps of French guys and more European men. I don't know much about this studio, so let's head inside and check it out.

As far as the guys go, I can only really say that they are French - beyond that they're a huge mix of ages and types. In one movie I find a slim guy in his twenties getting fucked by a bald but hairy muscle man in his thirties; in another video two twenty-somethings with athletic bodies are fucking a third guy; another movie has a chav, or perhaps he's a skinhead, screwing a slim guy wearing a balaclava. I'd say that overall most of the guys are in their twenties and sport slim to athletic bodies; quite a few are on the slender side, but there are some nicely-defined bodies, too. The site calls them twinks, but most aren't cute or boyish. The guys are mostly smooth, but there are some with body hair and tattoos as well. And the guys are French, so that means plenty of uncut cock.

There's all kinds of sex at Gay French Kiss. There's lots of sucking and fucking, a mix of condom and bareback action, but some of the scenarios get a little dirtier. One I watched opens with a fully-clothed man tied to a chair; a masked man enters and sucks his cock. There are several scenes with men fucking in a dirty basement and another series takes place in a boiler room. There are plenty of scenes with guys getting off together in bedrooms or on the couch, and there are a handful of outdoor scenes.

Two horny guys with big dicks fresh out of the shower fuck each other bare on a bed. A skinhead type sucks an older man's cock while the daddy smokes a cigar; another guy wearing a collar has his arms strapped to his legs while he gets his ass dildo fucked. But there are plenty of horny encounters featuring guys engaged in vanilla sex and enjoying each other's cock and asses. And finally, there are a good number of threeways here with nearly half of the videos featuring guys getting off in threesomes or fourways.

Before I get to the videos, let's talk about how the Studio Presse network works. You can buy an unlimited streaming-only membership or you can purchase packages of tickets and redeem them three at a time to watch the movies. The tour says downloads are available, but I couldn't find any downloadable movies on Gay French Kiss; you can, however, download movies from some of the other theaters in the network.

There are now 135 videos in MP4 format on Gay French Kiss, and as I mentioned, this theater seems to offer streaming only. I clicked through a dozen movies and didn't see any offered for download. The videos are sized at 640x460 but they're stretched to play on the site at 804x578, and since the videos come in bitrates under 1 Mbps, this means that the picture quality isn't as crisp as I'd like to see. They're still watchable, but in this day and age I'm used to much better video quality. Similarly, the videos don't hold up well at full-screen mode, which isn't really full screen but simply a larger odd size. That being said, they are compatible with most mobiles and look good on smaller screens.

Each scene's page has a gallery of six good-sized thumbs sized at 480x343. These can't be enlarged, but you can save them individually if you'd like. However, they are mainly meant to preview the guys and the action.

The videos aren't dated, but the site has been updating - they've added 28 videos in the past six months, so it seems they're updating around four times per month. Also, it seems the studio has produced around 600 scenes, so that suggests there will be more videos coming. By the way, the tour says there are 12,000 videos with 120 monthly updates, but this refers to the entire network and not this one particular site.

There are 27 theaters in the Studio Presse network, and your membership or tickets can be used on any of them. Not only is there plenty of steamy gay sex, but kinky stuff like sneaker sniffing, dungeon play, foot play, bondage, and more, and several of the sites feature French men getting it on.

Are there any other drawbacks? Well, the tour also says "high-quality streaming" and offers high definition video, and neither are the case with Gay French Kiss. I found their videos were amateur quality at best with lots of room for improvement in the crispness department. Also, if there is dialogue, it's in French and there are no subtitles. As always, my biggest complain with any Studio Presse site is the lack of continuity where downloads are concerned -- some theaters offer them, others don't.

Gay French Kiss offers lots of amateur French guys with a few porn stars in the mix, although they're probably still unknowns to most viewers around the world. The tour says they offer gonzo porn, while I didn't see much of that, there's lots of horny sucking and fucking, and some of it on the dirty side. This site offers a nice variety of guys, mostly slim and athletic twenty-somethings, but other types, too, in 135 steaming, mobile-compatible videos. I had never heard of this studio before, so chances are you haven't either, but if you love horny French guys, you may want to check out Gay French Kiss.

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