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Citebeur is a site name that's made up of two French words: "cite," in this instance, is synonymous with "hood" or "ghetto" in English, while "beur" is a colloquial term referring to French-born people whose parents or grandparents were immigrants from North Africa. So I guess a rough translation might be "Arabs in the Hood." The site describes itself as "a French rascals and bad boys website" with "rough sex featuring top Arab men who fuck bottom white boys." Citebeur belongs to the Studio Presse network, a French production company that has 27 different theaters. We haven't visited Citebeur in a while, so let's take a look and see what's new there.

Citebeur films in France and the guys offered are a mixed bag of French guys and other Europeans ranging from their twenties to early thirties with a mix of body types from slender and smooth to athletic with nice definition as well as some who are quite muscular. There's a large number of Arab and Middle Eastern men (mostly Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Turkish) as well as a healthy number of Russian guys, and you'll find quite a few skinheads and rough types - some black men, too. While most of the guys are smooth and clean shaven, there are hairy guys and lots of face scruff, too. There are a lot of guys wearing balaclavas, hoods, or sunglasses, but plenty aren't, and don't forget that European men generally sport uncut cocks, although those with Arabic heritage tend to be circumcised.

The action is also quite varied. Citebeur puts out almost no solos these days – there's been one in the latest 36 releases – but out of over 1,100 videos there are 300 jack-off scenes. Of the newest 18 videos, there's one threeway, and all the rest are duos. And what I like about these videos is that there's a lot of variety in locations, so you're not just watching guys fucking on a couch or a bed. Sometimes the men are getting it on in warehouses or dirty basements, other times they're outside or in public places like stairwells or pedestrian tunnels, and there are quite a few athletic guys having sex in gyms and weight rooms. And the action can also get nasty in forced-sex scenes with lots of slapping and spitting, swearing and name calling, manhandling, face fucking, dildo fucking, and facial cum shots or tops filling up these hungry mouths with their jizz.

"Handsome gay Algerian Jawel fucks his mate J.Bineau" features a handsome Algerian guy playing with his meaty cock in a basement. He's completely naked and even fucks his sneaker and smells it. Then his neighbor happens by, falls to his knees and swallows the Algerian's big dick. By the end of this session, Jawel has his French buddy leaning against the wall taking his stiff cock up his tight ass in a mercilessly fuck session. "Face Cum for a Hostage" brings us a hung Arab fucker named Marseille; he's hooded and sporting a thick, cut cock. He's got a French bottom who likes to be insulted and fucked by big Arab cocks. The pair are in some kind of the mechanical room, and not only does the Arab guy get his dick serviced, but he insults his cocksucker calling him faggot, bitch, and whore. And the blow boy ends up getting his face covered in jizz.

Before I discuss the videos, let's talk about how Citebeur works. You can buy a streaming membership that gives you unlimited viewing to both the site and the entire network. I clicked through about 30 movies and only saw streaming videos, so it looks like Citebeur still doesn't offer downloads, although some of the other theaters in this network do if you buy tokens.

Citebeur now offers 1,112 streaming videos in MP4 format. The newest mostly play at 1024x576 while the oldest come in at 770x576, however I did see some new releases in the smaller size, so expect a mixture of sizes. I had a limited number of coupons so I couldn't do an extensive check. The quality is generally pretty good and you can also view the movies in full-screen mode where most fare pretty well, but some did suffer quality loss; the videos are also mobile compatible. The site has full-streaming servers so I didn't have to wait till the videos had loaded to jump ahead in the scenes I watched. There are no picture galleries, but each movie has six medium-sized, non-clickable pictures that preview the action.

There are 27 theaters in the Studio Presse network and Citebeur is just one of them. You can use your membership or tokens at any of the theaters, and like I said earlier, some of them do allow you to download content if you pay per video. You'll find heaps of European men in these movies featured not only in suck and fuck action, but plenty of dirty sex and fetish and BDSM play, too. Downloads, when available in these network theaters, generally play at 640x480 to 852x480 and they're all in MP4 format.

Citebeur has added 409 videos between December 2016 and August 2018, an average of around 20 updates per month. The videos aren't dated, so I can't tell you how often the site is adding them, but Citebeur is the most active site in the network. The tour says the site updates with 120 new videos every month, but this refers to the entire network and not Citebeur specifically.

I like Citebeur. They offer a hot and eclectic mix of mostly European men - athletic French guys, British chavs, skinheads and scallies, Arabic and Middle Eastern men, and lots of other sexy guys who look like bad boys. There are lots of big dicks, a mix of uncut and cut cocks. The site and Studio Presse network continue to grow, and the action is smoking hot from guys jacking off to duos and lots of group sex, all filmed in a variety of locations. If you like dirty and gritty action with take-charge tops using their bottoms for their nasty pleasure, then you should like the content here. You're not going to find most of the Citebeur videos on other sites and you can sign up for a free account and look around with no obligation; then if you see something you like - and I'm sure you will - you simply buy a package of tickets or a streaming membership.

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