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Ridley Dovarez is a French adult film director and his eponymous theater is the latest in an 18-theatre network run by French production company Studio Presse. I couldn't find much information about Dovarez online and there's nothing really about him on the site itself, but his Twitter says that he likes pushing boundaries and, in some cases, smashing them.

Dovarez has produced seven DVDs to date, all of which appear on the site. "Fighters" is about a boxer played by Mathieu Ferhati and we follow his trail of rough sexual encounters in the gym where he trains and fights, as well as in the showers and locker room. "Suckers" features hung Jordan Fox playing a 197-year-old vampire on the hunt for the perfect lover. I thought vampires sucked blood. They do, but this one likes to get his huge dick serviced before fucking the daylights out of his prospects. Fox is back in "Schyzo" where he plays a schizophrenic serial rapist with nothing but rough sucking and fucking on his mind. "Wolf" explores the legend of the Scythians, a mythological race of Greeks who were believed to turn into wolves once a year to satiate their base desires, which in a Ridley Dovarez porno means lots of blowjobs and butt fucking.

The guys are a mix of slender, athletic, and well built who are mostly Frenchmen in their twenties. Some are clean shaven, others sport face scruff, and a couple have beards. They're all pretty well-hung and sport foreskin. Mathieu Ferhati and Jordan Fox both appear in a number of the videos. Ferhati is a scruffy-faced top; he has a strong, masculine body which isn't chiseled, and he shoves his fair-sized, uncut cock in hungry mouths and asses. Jordan Fox is well-known in gay porn and has appeared on a number of European sites. He's a good-looking French guy with a good body, but again not overly ripped, and he's packing a fairly big uncut dick; he's also a top that likes to fuck rough. There are a few other familiar faces, but lots of guys who aren't well known to the American audience.

There are three other DVDs produced by Dovarez called "Mack Manus Diaries," which follows the perverted escapades of butch man Mack Manus; then there's "Sadik," which is about two hooded, paramilitary straight guys who like roughing up and using other guys; and finally "Barbares" follows the depraved escapades of a repressed homo and Eastern European immigrant. They all feature heavier SM themes that include dog training, bondage, fisting, and foot fetish action, but there's no shortage of sucking and fucking, and cum facials are a regular event in these Dovarez productions.

The Ridley Dovarez tour says that there 60 videos on the site, but they mix scenes with the full-length DVDs from which they're taken, so there seem to be around 54 scenes that you can watch individually, but of course you can watch the whole DVDs, too. The MP4 videos are offered for download and play at either 960x540 or 1280x720, and curiously, the newest releases are offered in the smaller size, although the quality is more crisp than the older scenes. You can stream the videos on the site at 1026x578, and again, the newer ones have better picture quality and fare the best in full-screen mode. There are no picture galleries on the site, but there are a series of five to eight small pictures for each video that give you highlights of the action.

Ridley Dovarez and this entire video network require you buy ticket packages to watch their offerings. Each package offers from five to 100 coupons costing from $4 to $50; then you redeem tickets to download either scenes at around nine or ten tickets each to 35 tickets for the whole DVD. Streaming the videos will cost anywhere from one to seven tickets. There's also an unlimited streaming membership that lets you watch as much as you want. On the surface it seems expensive at almost $60, but considering that watching three DVDs in their entirety would cost you around $50, the unlimited streaming membership is a pretty good deal.

Your purchased tickets and unlimited streaming membership can be used in any of the network's 18 theaters. But their claims about the network are my first beef. They tell us they have 9,000 videos, but since many scenes appear in multiple theaters, the count is exaggerated. They also claim to add 15 new videos a week to the network, and five of these are supposed to be on Ridley Dovarez, but none of the videos are dated so we can't confirm this. There is a "New on all theaters" page that displays the latest three scenes from each, however in this case "new" means "last added," which could be a day or two old or several weeks.

The good news about Ridley Dovarez is that this French VOD network already has a number of fetish sex and BDSM theaters, so Dovarez's rough sex scenarios fit right in. That means there's lots of similar stuff to watch here, and as I mentioned, your tickets aren't restricted to any one site. The site claims to add 5 videos every week (we'll check back and let you know), and regardless of the uncertain update schedule, there is a lot of video to watch here in this large network. Dovarez does indeed explore dark themes and push boundaries, and who doesn't like being pushed a little?

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