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Crunchboy is a French gay porn studio that's a part of the Studio Presse network, bringing the number of sites up to 26 theaters, each covering a different studio or type of guy or action. My French is more than a little rusty, so I'm not sure what a crunch boy is, but after a bit of digging and consultation with a French friend, I think the site's name comes from the notion that the guys are so hot that you'd like to eat them up. We first reviewed the site two years ago, so let's head back and see how it's been growing.

The guys are a mix of French and other Europeans, most sporting uncut cocks, but that's where the similarities end. There are all kinds of men here from twinks to hairy muscle hunks and everything in between. You'll find lots of young guys in their early twenties with slim and smooth bodies, and these days everyone seems to call these guys "twinks" even though they're not. There are lots of guys with athletic bodies, some smooth and others hairy; there are also a variety of muscle hunks with sexy gym-fit bodies and even some daddies. There are really too many types of guys to give a precise who's who list, but I also saw jocks in sports uniforms, masked guys and thug types, scallies, skinheads, leather men, soldiers, and lots of regular guys who don't fit into a neat category.

The men here range through their twenties and thirties and are a mix of known and amateur porn performers from the European scene and newcomers or guys who made a few pornos and disappeared. I saw guys including Jordan Fox, Stany Falcone, Carlo Cox, Mike Tiger, Kameron Frost, Matt Kennedy, Riley Tess, and many more French, British and other European performers.

Just like the guys, the action here is a wide variety of activities. Of course you'll find lots of sucking and fucking with guys making out, eating ass, and gobbling cum, and they do it in duos, threeways and small groups. There are also a handful of masturbation sessions. You'll find a lot of kinky play here, too, with guys in rough sex, cruising public areas and going at it wherever they are. I saw a bit of fisting and some extreme anal, sneaker and foot worship, as well as guys fucking in public toilets, bars, basements, sex clubs, and other places both indoor and outdoor.

But there's also lot of action in homelike settings with guys blowing each other and fucking in bedrooms and livingrooms. There's also a fair amount of bareback sessions including guys cumming on well-fucked holes, but there are condom scenes, too.

There are two ways to enjoy the content at Crunchboy. You can buy a streaming membership that allows you to watch as much as you want for 30 days but doesn't include downloads. The site also lets you purchase packages of tickets that you redeem to watch or download movies. For instance, "Scally Worshiper" cost four tickets to watch online and eight tickets to download, but another called "Bear Orgy with Carlo Cox" only cost six tickets to download. But some of the movies can only be streamed with no download option at all.

Crunchboy offers 1,696 DRM-free videos, which is triple the number there were here two years ago when we last reviewed the site. The streaming videos play at 1026x576, but there may be some other sizes here and there, and the vids are compatible with newer mobiles. I also downloaded a couple of the videos: one displayed at 720x400 and the other at 960x540. I had a limited number of tickets so I wasn't able to download more; as a result, there could be additional sizes. The videos are average to good amateur quality, and some fared well at full screen while others didn't.

Each video comes with a small picture gallery to preview the action. The pics are screencaps sized at 480x270 at average to good amateur quality, and they're shown full-sized on the video pages. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save the pics you like individually. There are six photos per set.

The videos here are not dated, but the site has added a whopping 1,121 videos in the last two years, and that averages over 500 videos added per year. Since there are no dates, I can't confirm how Crunchboy adds new content - whether, for example, 10 videos are added on the same day each week or one or two videos are added per day.

The good news is that both your streaming membership and purchased tickets can be used on any of the network theaters; many of them have the same types of guys or action, and some of them feature much dirtier play, if you're into it.

Now let's talk about issues. I do wish the site and network was better organized and upfront about why some movies can be downloaded and others can't. Membership is pricey, costing more than most sites. The tour says there are 120 updates a month, but this refers to the entire 26-theater network, not just this one site. It also says there are 12,000 network videos, but I can't confirm that because the network isn't organized in such a way that I could count them. Also, not all of the content in the Crunchboy section actually belongs to this studio, but crisscrossing the content between multiple theaters is standard practice at Studio Press - it helps make theaters seem bigger than they actually are.

Crunchboy is a good addition to the Studio Presse network, and its content fits nicely with the other studios. I like European men, and I'm a real hound for foreskin, so I'm pretty turned on by the offering here. I like the variety of men from slim or athletic twenty-somethings to muscle daddies, and the network's pre-sorted categories will help you find lots more of what you like. With 1,696 videos, there's enough to keep you busy whether you try the monthly streaming membership or opt to use tickets. There's a lot of exciting content to enjoy here. And yes, many of the guys are good enough to eat.

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