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French gay porn studio Crunchboy is a part of the Studio Presse network of 27 theaters, each covering a different studio or type of guy or action. My French is rusty, so I'm not sure what a crunch boy is, but after a bit of digging and consultation with a French friend, I think the site's name comes from the notion that the guys are good enough to eat. It's been almost a year and a half since we last visited this site, so it's time to head back because the entire network has been redesigned there are some new features.

The performers are a mix of French and other European guys, most sporting uncut cocks, but that's where the similarities end. There are all kinds of men here from twinks to hairy muscle hunks and everything in between. You'll find lots of guys in their early twenties with slim and smooth bodies, and they call these guys "twinks" even though they're neither cute nor boyish. There are lots of guys with athletic bodies, some smooth and others hairy; there are also muscle hunks with sexy, gym-fit bodies and a selection of daddies and rough types with lots of ink. I also saw jocks in sports uniforms, masked guys and thug types, scallies, skinheads, leather men, soldiers, and lots of regular guys who don't fit into a neat category.

The men range through their twenties and thirties, a mix of known and amateur porn performers from the European scene as well as newcomers or guys who made a few pornos and disappeared. I saw guys including Jordan Fox, Stany Falcone, Carlo Cox, Mike Tiger, Kameron Frost, Matt Kennedy, Riley Tess, and many more French, British, and other European performers who I'm not familiar with.

Just like the guys, the action here includes a wide variety of activities. You'll find lots of sucking and fucking with guys making out, eating ass and gobbling cum in duos, threeways and small groups. There are also a handful of masturbation sessions. You'll find lots of kinky play here, too, with guys in rough sex, cruising public areas, and going at it wherever they are. I saw a bit of fisting and some extreme anal, sneaker and foot worship, as well as guys fucking in public toilets, bars, basements, sex clubs, and other places both indoor and outdoor. And a movie I downloaded was of two guys fucking in a live show inside a large gay club. I think they were the half-time entertainment.

But there's also lot of action in homelike settings with guys blowing each other and fucking in bedrooms and living rooms. There's also a fair amount of bareback sessions including guys cumming on well-fucked holes, but there are condom scenes, too.

There are two ways to enjoy the content at Crunchboy. You can buy a streaming membership that allows you to watch as much as you want from all 27 theaters for 30 days, but this option doesn't include downloads. The site also lets you purchase packages of tickets that you redeem to watch (four tickets) or download (eight tickets) movies. Some of the movies can only be streamed with no download option, and a few may cost a couple of tickets more to stream. With the Studio Presse sites, I recommend getting the unlimited streaming membership, then keeping track of anything you might want to download so you'll end up paying only for the videos you really want to keep.

The good news is that both your streaming membership and purchased tickets can be used on any of the network's 27 theaters; many of them have the same types of guys or action, and some of them feature much dirtier play, if you're into it.

I counted 1,886 videos on the site, 190 than there were 16 months ago. The streaming videos play at 1086x612, which is a little larger than before the redesign, but there may be some other sizes here and in other network theaters. The vids play well on the site's streaming server, and I was able to fast forward at will; also the vids are compatible with newer mobiles. I downloaded one of the newest videos and it was sized at 960x540; older ones we've downloaded in the past display at 720x400, so you should expect to see other sizes. The videos are average to good amateur quality, and some fare well at full screen while others didn't.

Each video comes with six pics to preview the action. The pictures are average to good amateur quality screencaps sized at 1080x607, but they're shown smaller on the site. They don't enlarge when you click them, however you can now right-click save them. There are still no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. While in the past the videos here were not dated, the site has started dating new videos. Today is March 21, and so far this month they have added nine new videos, one every second or third day; last month (February) there were 15 videos added. I'm very happy with the frequent updates, and I'm sure members are, as well.

With the retooling, the network is much better organized. There's a tagging system that lets you find more of the same content or from your favorite performers. There's a Tags section on the navbar that lets you access a dozen of the most popular ones, but every movie's page has tags listed along with the description. There's also a "you may like these" section on each episode's page, but be aware that these recommendations could be anywhere among the 27 theaters and not necessarily on Crunchboy. And there's a dropdown menu that places the theaters in five different categories: French porn, men of color, fetish and BDSM sex, muscle and jocks, young men, and twinks. Some theaters appear in more than one category.

Now let's talk about issues. As with all Studio Presse sites, some movies can be downloaded and others can't, and this can prove disappointing. The streaming membership is pricey, costing more than most sites, but it is unlimited. We counted 1,886 videos on the site, but Crunchboy's inventory lists 2,012 videos. I'm not sure why there's a difference, but even with the lower number, the theater has added 190 videos since our last review 16 months ago. The tour says there are 16,097 videos and 120 monthly updates, but this refers to the whole network and not any one site - on the join page they say there are 100 monthly updates, so there's a slight discrepancy.

Crunchboy is a jewel in the Studio Presse network with a wide variety of sexy French and other European guys from slim or athletic twenty-somethings to muscle daddies. I like European men, and I'm a real hound for foreskin, so I'm pretty turned on by the offering here. With 1,886 videos, there's enough to keep you busy whether you try the monthly streaming membership or opt to use tickets, and don't forget, there's over 16,000 videos in the network's 27 theaters that you can enjoy. There's a lot of exciting content to enjoy here. And yes, many of the guys are good enough to eat.

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