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Menoboy is a gay porn studio based in France that began producing videos in 2003, and the tour says that they like to present French boys and models in exciting stories directed by Ludovic Peltier. "Our movies are scripted and filmed like Hollywood movies," they say. Menoboy has just joined the Studio Presse network, which now has 25 theaters including a number of other French producers, so let's get cracking - we've got a lot to cover.

Menoboy specializes in French boys and twinks, so many of the guys are twenty-somethings with a range of body types from slim to athletic or gym fit. There are also some who are more mature into their late twenties as well as some who are a little muscular. Most of the guys are smooth, but I did see the odd hairy chest as well as a few men with facial hair. Most of the performers are French, and because the country has a strong Arabic population (mostly from North Africa), you can expect to see Moroccans and Algerians in these flicks; I also noticed a few Spanish names in the credits. Many of the performers aren't credited, but many are, however I'm not familiar with French gay porn performers, so I'm not sure if these guys are regulars in the porn scene or amateurs or a mix of both.

There are three solo sessions - the rest of the videos feature guys sucking and fucking in duos and there are also twenty threeways and groups. In "Zoro's Way of Combatting Crime," the famous folklore hero Zoro is chasing a Mexican bandit on foot through the countryside. He finds the outlaw hiding in a roofless and derelict home, and Zoro corners him with his sword. The villain pleads for his life in French and without subtitles, but I figure when Zoro unzips his pants the bandit must have said something like, "Please, don't kill me, I'll do anything." The Mexican sucks Zoro's cock until the masked hero bends him over and fucks him. "Fever in Bed" features a guy joining a couple already sucking dick, and the trio carries on blowing each other before they get into fucking. "Have a Break" features a couple of scruffy-faced executives getting together for one of their regular fuck sessions.

While the tour claims to have scripted movies, I didn't find that most of them lived up to this promise. I didn't have enough credits to watch dozens of movies, but the one with Zoro was the only scene with any kind of plot, and even so, it was pretty minimal. But we're here for the sex, right? And it was hot, with lots of dick sucking, rimming and fucking with guys getting off together in a variety of settings from bedrooms to dirty warehouses. There are some fetish and rough sex scenes, too, like one that sees five inmates ganging up on a new prisoner or four masked men playing in their leather and rubber gear or three cyclists pulling down their Lycra shorts and taking a cock-sucking break.

Before we get into specifics about the videos, let's talk about the set-up at Menoboy. This site is one of 25 theaters in the Studio Presse network; you can buy a streaming membership and watch as much as you want, and that includes Menoboy and all the other theaters. Or, if you prefer, you can buy packages of viewing credits and redeem them about four credits at a time to watch the movies. Downloads aren't included in the streaming membership, but you can also use credits to download available scenes. Most of the videos at Menoboy were available to download at around eight credits each, however throughout the other 24 theaters downloads are hit and miss in terms of availability.

There are 155 videos here that come from the Menoboy line of DVDs. You can stream them in MP4 format, and the player is sized at 1026x578. They're average quality, some better than others, but they play well with decent sound, but as I mentioned, there are no English subtitles. You can view the movies in full-screen mode and most fare pretty well, but there is some loss of clarity. If you pay for downloads, the movies are available in MP4 format; they're sized at 1280x720 and they're good quality. By the way, downloads and streaming are compatible for all but the oldest mobiles.

Each scene has six medium-sized preview screencaps. They're sized at 480x270, but they can't be enlarged, although they're pretty decent amateur quality. You can save them individually if you want, but they're not meant to be keepers so there are no downloadable zip files.

As I mentioned, you can use your membership or viewing credits in any of this network's 25 theaters where you'll find several other French producers featuring the same types of guys. There are also lots of fetish and rough sex videos in this network. The tour says there are 12,000 videos across 25 theaters, but some movies appear in multiple theaters, so there could be some inflation in video counts. Also, any claims on the tour regarding updates, like 120 videos per month, pertains to the whole network and not Menoboy.

There aren't any deal breakers here, but there are still a few things I want to warn you about. I don't know how often Menoboy actually adds new content because the videos aren't dated, but there are quite a few new videos added to the network every month. The tour says the videos are "high quality" but many of them miss that mark; they're enjoyable but they're not high quality. Like Menoboy, many of the other producers don't add English subtitles. And with Studio Presse there's no rhyme or reason around downloads - some theaters offer them, others don't, and even within individual theaters it can be hit and miss. What is certain is that they'll cost you extra.

Menoboy is a good addition to the Studio Presse network, and with it's twenty-something French guys, it fits right in. The action is almost all hardcore, including 20 threesomes and group scenes, and the sex can get pretty nasty. The 155 videos can be streamed on your desktop or mobiles if you're a member, and you can pay per video to download them, as well. And there's plenty of content in the network including heaps of the same types of guys. In fact, you'll have maybe as many as 12,000 videos to enjoy. I always recommend surfers buy a streaming membership first and keep notes on exactly how many videos they want to download as it makes choosing the right package of tokens easier and cheaper as there are discounts the more you buy. The sex gets a little dirty on Menoboy and certainly a lot filthier in some of those network theaters, so if you like French guys, why not check it out?

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