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MenoBoy is a gay porn studio based in France that began producing videos in 2003, and the tour says that they like to present handsome French twinks, policemen, firefighters, and mixed-race men in exciting stories directed by Ludovic Peltier. MenoBoy joined the Studio Presse network in 2017, which now has 27 theaters including a number from other French producers, and this particular theater has been updating quite often. There's also been a retooling of the whole network, so we've got a lot to cover.

MenoBoy specializes in French boys and twinks in their twenties with a range of body types from slim to athletic. There are also some performers who are more mature in their late twenties, as well as some who are a little more muscular. Most of the guys are smooth, but I did see the odd hairy chest as well as a few men with facial hair. Most of the performers are French, and because the country has a strong Arabic population (mostly from North Africa), you can expect to see Moroccans and Algerians in these flicks; I also noticed a few Spanish names in the credits. Many of the performers are credited, but many aren't, however I'm not familiar with French gay porn performers, so I'm not sure if these guys are regulars in the porn scene or amateurs or a mix of both.

There are nine solo jack-off sessions, and the rest of the videos feature guys sucking and fucking in duos as well as 72 threeways and small groups. So what happens in these action scenes? In "Afanasiy's Dark Side", Tybo arrives home from work to find his roommate lounging in bed; meanwhile the apartment is a mess. Tybo loses his temper and yells at his roomie, but rather than losing his cool, Afanasiy pulls back the covers and invites Tybo to join him for some fun. The guys suck each other's cocks and fuck one another. I have no idea what is so dark about Afanasiy's dark side is, because there's no kink, BDSM or anything more than suck and fuck action. As far as story lines go, this is about as complicated as it gets.

The action is horny guys in their twenties sucking cock and fucking, mostly with condoms, although I did find six bareback sessions. Most of the pairings are of guys of similar age; sometimes one of them is a few years older, but nothing one would consider as a daddy-boy scene. There are around 95 interracial sex scenes, but you'll also find men of color under several other category tags like Latino or black. As well, since the site mentions firefighters and police men, I looked them up and there are about 33 videos with mentions of firemen or cops, but most of these feature guys wearing a fireman or cop t-shirt rather than a full uniform, and most of the cops seemed to be undercover. There are, however, movies in other network sites featuring a variety of uniforms, and these are included.

The sex happens in a variety of places. Sometimes a couple of guys suck and fuck in bed, other times it's guys having it off in the woods or under a bridge, in a warehouse or a dirty basement, by the pool or in the back of a car, or maybe on the livingroom couch. And it was hot, with lots of dick sucking, rimming and fucking. I did find ten videos under "Rough Sex," but if you're into fetish or BDSM sex, you'll find heaps of it in other sites in the network. And here's a helpful hint - category tags first offer you videos within the MenoBoy theater, but at the bottom of the page there's a button that allows you to search the whole network for the same type of action. And "rough sex" is offered in over 940 videos in the Studio Presse network.

Before we get into specifics about the videos, let's talk about the set-up at MenoBoy. This site is one of 27 theaters in the Studio Presse network; you can buy a streaming membership and watch as much as you want, and that includes MenoBoy and all the other theaters. Or, if you prefer, you can buy packages of viewing credits and redeem them at about four credits at a time to watch the movies. Downloads aren't included in the streaming membership, but you can also use credits to download available scenes, again throughout the network. Most of the videos at MenoBoy were available to download at around eight credits each, however throughout the other 26 theaters downloads are hit and miss in terms of availability.

There are 487 videos here that come from the MenoBoy line of DVDs. You can stream them in MP4 format in a player sized at 1088x610. They're average quality or better and come in three speeds, some better than others, but they play well with decent sound. You can view the movies in full-screen mode and most fare pretty well with minimal quality loss. If you pay for downloads, the movies are available in MP4 format; they're sized at 1280x720 at good quality. By the way, downloads and streaming are compatible for all but the oldest mobiles.

Each scene has six medium-sized preview thumbs. These are good amtaeur quality screencaps shown on the page at 440x248, but in reality they're larger. And while you can't click these to enlarge them, if you right-click on a thumbnail and save, you'll find you have the full-sized version at 1080x607. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

The network has recently revamped, so there are some improvements to talk about. First, all of the videos that have been added since the upgrade are now dated, so it's easier to see how often a particular theater in the system adds new content. In December 2017, MenoBoy added 13 videos and in January 2019 they added 12, and since there have been 332 videos added in the past 20 months, it seems the site has always updated generously. Also, this network has improved usability by allowing you to search for certain kinds of action of guys within the MenoBoy theater first, and then in the network. Previously I believe this was all jumbled together.

I need to mention that many of the claims pertain to the whole network and not MenoBoy specifically; Studio Presse itself says says on the tour that they add 25 new scenes each week or 120 monthly, so as you can see, there's a bit of a discrepancy there. The tour also says the videos are "high quality", and while many of the videos are good quality, many of them miss the mark – they're enjoyable but I wouldn't say they're high quality. All of the MenoBoy videos I watched were in French, but the producers don't add English subtitles. And as I mentioned earlier, not all Studio Presse videos are available for download - some theaters offer them, others don't, and even within individual theaters it can be hit and miss. What is certain is that they'll cost you extra.

MenoBoy is a good addition to the Studio Presse network, and with it's twenty-something French guys, it fits right in. The action is almost all hardcore, including lots of threesomes and group scenes. The 487 videos can be streamed on your desktop or mobiles if you're a member, and you can pay per video to download them, as well. And there's plenty of content in the network of 16,000 videos including heaps of the same types of guys. I always recommend surfers buy a streaming membership first and keep notes on exactly how many videos they want to download as it makes choosing the right package of tokens easier and cheaper as there are discounts the more you buy. The sex is pretty hot on MenoBoy, and certainly a lot filthier in some of those network theaters, so if you like French guys, why not check it out?

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