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JNRC is a French porn studio that's part of the Studio Presse network, which now has 25 theaters in a variety of niches. In the JNRC theater you'll find an eclectic mix of Russians and other Eastern Europeans, French soldiers and foreign legion men, firemen, soccer players in jerk-off and hardcore suck and fuck scenes. It's been a couple of years since we've had a look at this site, so it's time to freshen up this review.

The guys on JNRC are a mix of various Europeans and more. JNRC is a French production company, so you'll find lots of Frenchmen and sexy Arab guys from former French territories like Algeria. But the site also hosts videos from Clair Production, which films a lot Eastern European men, mostly Czechs but Russians, Hungarians and Serbians too. The guys range from slender and athletic types to muscle hunks throughout their twenties, and maybe some in their early thirties, and you'll find both smooth and furry bodies. And because the performers are European, you'll find lots of juicy uncut cocks.

There are quite a few scenes with a military slant. You'll find guys in military gear sucking and fucking on sets with camouflage netting on the wall, or perhaps a few bunk beds to make it look like a barracks, or maybe the guys are getting off in the shower. But there are heaps of other scenarios, too. One movie I downloaded had a couple of soccer players going at it. Another video had two guys fucking on their living room floor and still another had two beefy Brazilians fucking outside on the grass. One final one had a Turkish man getting his big cock sucked by a guy for the first time.

One of the videos I watched had two bare-chested soldiers sitting side by side with their newly-issued uniform pants and hats sitting on their laps. Another soldier was giving one of these new recruits his army-issue hair cut. Then the soldier walks in front, pulls out his cock, and pushes the recruit's mouth onto his dick. And then the senior soldier proceeds to fuck both of these guys. Another video called "On Your Knees Boy!" seems to promise some verbal abuse with one soldier ordering another around, but the video opens with the soldier already on his knees with the other's dick in his mouth.

Don't get me wrong - the sex is generally pretty hot with lots of cock sucking, rimming, ass fucking, and of course, horny guys shooting their creamy loads all over each other, but if you're expecting boot camp sex or even sex beside a tank, you won't find that here. I was hoping for loud sergeants bellowing at the new recruits and making them suck dick because their bunk isn't made properly, but I didn't find any of that. On the other hand, I did find lots of variety and all those uncut cocks.

There are 517 videos in MP4 format in the JNRC members area. The downloadable videos play at 640x360 or 720x540, depending on the age of the scene. The streaming videos play at in a range of sizes from 640x480 to 850x480; two that I watched were around 768x578, and they're mobile compatible. The videos are generally pretty good amateur productions, some are a little better studio quality. While the videos can be viewed at full screen, quality varies from good to disappointing. What I liked is that the site has a robust streaming system which made watching the videos a pleasure. I could easily jump back and forth within the videos without waiting for buffering to catch up.

There aren't any real picture galleries here, but each episode has six medium-sized screencaps that let you preview the action. They're not enlargeable and there are no slideshows or zip files, but if you find some pics you like, you can download them individually.

JNRC offers a streaming membership that gives you unlimited viewing but no downloads. They also have a secondary method of viewing content that involves buying packages of tickets, then redeeming them a few at a time either to watch or download a scene. Streaming the videos generally costs around four or five tickets while downloading them costs six or eight tickets. The tickets don't expire, and you can use them on any of the network's 25 theaters, and the streaming membership gives you run of the entire network, not just JNRC.

Now let's talk about updates. The episodes aren't actually dated, but JNRC has added 124 videos in the past 22 months, which averages over five updates per month. The tour claims that there are 120 monthly updates, but this refers to the entire network and not just JNRC.

There are some minor issues worth talking about. When there is dialogue, it's not in English and there are no subtitles, so that doesn't help you figure out what's going on. Some of the videos - the ones with the Brazilian guys, among others - aren't actually JNRC studios productions. There is an option to sort videos and show JNRC productions only, but I didn't find this worked as I still found lots of other studios in the mix. I'd prefer that downloads were included for members, but that's not the way this network does things. And last, some of the videos - probably the oldest productions - could be better quality, although others look pretty good.

JNRC offers an odd mix of men including Russian military studs, soccer players, and French soldiers, as well as lots of other Eastern European and Middle Eastern men. While the site doesn't have a single theme, I really got off on the variety, and if you're a foreskin lover like I am, you'll be pretty happy with all of the uncut guys. And the sucking and fucking is hot and worth jacking your cock to. There's a good offering of over 500 videos on JNRC and you've got several thousand more on the entire network, so you've got plenty to watch here including lots of kinky and fetish action.

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