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SketBoy is packed with horny, dirty European guys who like nasty sex with lots of sneaker sniffing, smelly socks, and foot licking. Sket is British slang for a slut who puts sex above everything else, and the guys on this site definitely know how to get down and dirty. It's more than two years since we last visited, so it's time to head back and see what's new.

SketBoy is filled with European guys ranging from early to mid twenties, some a little older, and they're an eclectic mix. You'll find smooth and slender guys just emerging from their twink years as well as lots of athletic guys in sportswear, track pants, and sneakers. There are heaps of chavs, scallies, skinheads, skater boys, and other rough types who are mostly sporting uncut cocks, and I found some performers were smooth while others had hairy bodies. I saw lots of guys with close-cropped hair, scruffy faces, tattoos, and some body piercings. And there are plenty of regular guys who don't fit neatly into a category.

The action here is mainly hardcore sex, mostly in duos, although the newer videos have a few threesomes here and there. These are nasty sessions with guys licking and smelling sneakers, playing with sweaty and dirty socks, some armpit licking and licking bare feet before sucking and fucking, and sometimes the guys can get a little rough. A lot of the guys wear sports gear, but not all do, and there are plenty of scenes in dirty basements and warehouses, in cars, at the gym, in regular homelike settings, and there's some outdoor sex as well. It's also worth mentioning that there are a few dozen videos of guys in sports gear or naked and jacking their cocks.

One video is called "Scally Fuck in the Changing Room" and perfectly illustrates the type of horny sessions waiting for you. A lad named Seb is changing out of his clothes in the locker room when Nathan enters and gropes Seb's crotch, then he gives his buddy dry head through his track pants. Nathan slides his hand inside Seb's sneaker, which he's still wearing, and rubs his socked feet. The guys blow each other and snort on their sneakers. Then, after a long sucking session, Nathan bends Seb over and fucks him. Nathan also puts his sneaker on Seb's back and buries his face in it while pumping his buddy's ass.

SketBoy is one of 27 sites run by French gay porn company Studio Presse, and this theater not only contains videos produced by SketBoy but from 17 other companies like Sneaker Sex, Skaterboy, JNRC, and Kallamacka. The videos aren't exclusive to SketBoy, but the site does bring together lots of sneaker sex and foot fetish videos in one place. Some of these videos from other companies really don't have much to do with sneakers except that the guys are wearing them, but others are down and dirty.

There are two ways to enjoy the videos here: you can buy an unlimited streaming-only membership that gives you run of the house for 30 days or you can buy packages of tickets and redeem them to either watch or download the movies. The downloads are yours to keep and cost between six and eight tickets, and the streaming videos are rented for 24 hours and cost around four tickets each.

SketBoy has grown to offer 976 videos - 181 from SketBoy and 795 from the rest of the studios. The newer videos stream in a player sized at 1024x576, the older at around 720x546. They played smoothly, and I could easily jump around the player's time line without buffering issues. Generally the videos are pretty good, but some could be a little sharper, and they played well on my mobile devices. While the newer videos looked good when enlarged to full screen, some of the older vids were disappointing when enlarged. Some of the videos, but not all, are available to download if you don't mind paying per scene, and these play at 852x480 (newer) or 720x540 (older) in MP4 format.

Each video has a small gallery of six pictures. These are screencaps sized at 480x300, each decent quality, that display the guys and the action in the video. The pics are full-sized on each video's page, and while there are no zip files or slideshows, you can easily save any you'd like to keep.

SketBoy is part of a network of 28 theaters. The 27 bonus sites feature all sorts of men from twinks and black studs to leather men, Arabs and Latinos, and you can expect plenty of French and other European performers, which means lots of uncut cocks. Members can watch the videos in all the bonus sites, and if you buy credits, they can be used in any of the network sites. There are thousands of videos in the network and, there are frequent updates as well.

Now let's talk about SketBoy's updates. There are no dates on the scenes, so there's no way to know exactly when or how often the site adds new videos. That being said, there are 449 more videos than there were just over 27 months ago, and that averages about 16 new videos per month. On the other hand, only four of the new videos are from SketBoy's own studio - the rest of the updates are from other studios, and some are actually shared from some of the other network sites. But don't worry - many of the updates focus on the foot fetish action and guys in sports gear, which are the site themes, although there are some that are regular suck-and-fuck sessions as well.

There are some issues you may want to know about. Not only are there no update dates on the site; there are none in the network. The tour says there are more than 120 monthly updates, but that references the network, not this particular site. The network also exaggerates its total number of videos, and since some videos appear in multiple theaters, the number is on the high side, although there are thousands of network vids. When you click a model's name on a video's page, you aren't taken to his own page but rather to the model index where you then have to find him. And while some of the models have a description, although no profile, some of the models have no info at all - just a list of his videos.

I like SketBoy. It hits so many of the things that get me revved up - nasty sex, foot fetish, skinheads, chavs, rough-looking guys, Europeans, and uncut cocks. And men's bare feet is one of my dirty little secrets. With 976 videos - 181 from SketBoy - plus well over 5,000 on the whole network, you could easily get lost here. SketBoy offers lots of variety from skinny boys to athletic dudes, jocks and more muscular guys. And while I'm mostly into watching streaming videos these days, there is the option to download many of them for a higher ticket price. The bottom line: if you love guys in sneakers, socks and bare feet, it really doesn't get much hotter and dirtier than SketBoy.

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